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Chapter Seventeen-Inspired by "Sunday Bloody Sunday" by U2

It had been a few days after Starfire returned to the Tower. Jump City had been relatively quiet; only a few robberies had taken place. I should've been happy with that fact that the city was quiet, but in fact, I was quite the opposite.

I was extremely anxious. Where had Samu-sa fled to? Was she hiding and waiting for the right time to strike, or was she just playing mind games with me?

What made me even more on edge, were the freaky, ominous nightmares I was having. It wasn't just that reoccurring one that haunted my sleep, there were several others; in one of them, I was drowning in something as black as oil, but I knew it wasn't oil. I was being suffocated, and a psychotic cackle reverberated above my head. I would wake up to all my covers being strewn across the floor and my bed.

In another one, I was being restrained by a person. I never got a good look at them, but the person had been no taller than me. My vision was really strange; it looked as if I was in a pitch black movie theater, and my vision was the movie screen. On the screen, I saw my hand out in front of me. Correction, I thought I saw my hand out in front of me, but I knew that it couldn't be my hand, because I was being restrained. The hand that I thought was mine (because I could feel its movements just as of they were my own) raised a blade above its owner's head, and brought it down into a shadowed figure in front of it. A familiar voice shouted my name. I couldn't pinpoint exactly who it was, but a great wave of regret washed over me. From that, I woke with my hands clutched to the sides of head, curled up on myself.

I hadn't told anyone about these nightmares though, not even the Boy Wonder. I didn't want to attract attention that I didn't need, so I just went about my day as if I hadn't been scared out of my mind.

Pulling on my mask and buckling my katana's sheath around my waist, I exited my room. I was headed to the ops room to update my search for my has-been mentor. I passed Starfire in the hall, but didn't even glance her way as I walked past her.

The door to the ops room slid open as I approached it. The room was empty of people, even BB and Cyborg who usually were playing one of their video games. Shrugging a shoulder, I walked further into the room. The door closed behind me as I neared the computer.

Just as I was about to hit the keyboard, a voice I knew all too well sounded from behind me. "Give it a rest, Hiretsuna. She'll show up when she shows up."

I glanced over my shoulder at Robin who stood just in front of the door. Sighing, I turned my back to him. "Something just doesn't feel right. I know she's planning to do something-"

As I said this, I noticed out in the bay that the surface was starting to freeze. My eyes widened. "R-Robin," I motioned for the Boy Wonder to stand next to me. "Is the bay supposed to freeze like that?"

The Titans' leader shook his head, the whites of his mask widening. He slammed his fist down on the Tower's alarm, alerting the other four Titans of the impending trouble. In a span of five minutes, the rest of the Titans assembled in the ops room. By now, the ice was nearly halfway to the island on which the Tower stood. If I squinted, I could make out the figure of Samu-sa.

Without waiting for Robin's orders, I bolted out of the ops room. The Boy Wonder was calling me back, but I barely heard him. As soon as I got outside, I pulled my katana from its sheath, and jumped onto the bridge of ice that covered parts of the surface of the water. The ice crackled under my feet, but I wasn't afraid of it breaking.

I skidded to a stop barely two yards in front of my former mentor. In the distance, I heard the footsteps of my teammates testing out the ice. When they were sure it was safe, they joined me.

I stared up at the icy-eyed witch in front of me. A malicious smirk poisoned her features, and that's when I decided to attack. I was fed up with her; with all her tricks and lies.

In a flash of movement, I unsheathed my katana and lunged at Samu-sa. She parried with her staff, and I stumbled backwards. She was about to counter attack, but before she could move, Robin shouted.

"Titans, go!"

Starfire and Raven took to the air, and started attacking from above. Cyborg aimed his arm cannon at her feet, but Samu-sa jumped out of the way before it hit her. While she was airborne, Star hit her with her starbolts. Samu-sa hit the ice hard. While she was down, I leaped over her so that I could attack from behind. She got to her feet and took a swing at me with her staff. Violently, I swung the flat of my blade at her wrist. The staff flew from her hand and sunk into the unfrozen bay water.

This was a big opportunity. On silent command, Robin threw three disc grenades at her. Samu-sa slipped to the side on her own ice. With my katana, and Robin with his staff, we hit her until she neared the edge of her ice bridge. Raven encased the part of the bridge that my former mentor stood on in her black magic, and broke it off. Samu-sa tumbled into the freezing bay waters.

But she wasn't done yet.

Ice crackled and covered the part where Samu-sa had fallen into the water. Instinct told me to get away, but I was too late. The ice under my feet started to give way and I knew I was about to go for an icy plunge.

But it never came. I opened my eyes to see myself and Robin encased in black magic. Raven set us down on a much more stable part of the ice. My former mentor sprang from the water and attempted to knock me off of the ice. Instead, I slid to the side so that her fist completely missed me. Robin attempted to hit her with his staff from behind, but Samu-sa moved out of his range. Beast Boy swooped in as a falcon to unbalance her. Star kept throwing starbolt after starbolt at Samu-sa. Raven broke the ice bridge in several places with the help of Cyborg, to make it difficult to escape.

All the pain and suffering, all the anger that Samu-sa had put me through; it all came forward at once. This fight was for all the people she had hurt. This fight was for Koji.

Time seemed to slow down drastically. I shouted, and slowly swung my sword arm at my former mentor. The crack of metal rang in my ears, as if from a distance, and my katana wouldn't seem to go any farther. Crimson splattered across my vision. My eyes widened as my vision came back into focus. I looked at Samu-sa's face; her ice blue eyes started to go dull, and blood streaked her pale face.

I had stabbed straight through her armor, into her rib cage.

Time speed up to its normal pace. Blood stained what was left of the armor on her torso and her jumpsuit. I pulled my katana from her and stared with wide eyes as she fell to the ice with a thud. Shaking violently, I dropped my blood-stained katana. My breath came in short gasps. I slowly looked to each Titan in turn. Starfire looked extremely terrified of me. Raven's violet eyes were fixed on me, as if she didn't want to believe what happened. I looked to Beast Boy next. His forest green eyes were wide, and he reminded me of a horrified little kid. Cyborg's expression was nearly identical to Raven's. Lastly, I looked to the Boy Wonder. If I could've seen his eyes, they were most likely darting from me, to my katana, to Samu-sa, and back to me. After a moment or so, Robin and Raven went to my fallen former mentor.

After what seemed like an eternity to me, Raven looked up at me. She shook her head. Trembling, I fell to my knees on the ice.

I didn't want this. I never intended to kill her. She didn't deserve to die; no one does. But I went and killed her. I was blind with rage, and I couldn't control myself.

With shaking hands, I covered my face. Don't look at me, I thought. I'm a monster.

Vaguely, I felt Robin's hand on my shoulder. I didn't want to look at him, and I didn't want to look at the others. Robin's voice fell upon my ears. In a shaking whisper, he said to me, "You promised me that you wouldn't snap."

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