Twi Trek

Chapter 1


Captain's Log

Stardate: 3034

As per our orders from Starfleet, I've directed our navigator, Carlislov, to set a course to Rimjob, a planet on the cusp of annihilation. During our travels, we will boldly go where no man has gone before.

"Dude, if you're talking about anal...I'm totally down with that."

"Damn it, Whitspock," I growled, putting my arm across the screen of my tablet to hide the ship's notes from my first officer's prying eyes. I glared at him over my shoulder, noticing the tips of his pointy ears were pink, a sign that his Vulcan libido had been activated.

A/N: Yep...we're BACK! And we're STAR TREK! I have no idea who or what will show up. Tribbles? Insanity? WHO KNOWS!

We let our Sweet Potato off the hook for this one since we're heading back into the hetero world. Not that she CAN'T do hetero...I mean...The Breakers was a work of art! But it's back to the three original taters, I da Ho, Hot Tot and Momma Russett.

Stay tuned for more!