Meet You There by Simple Plan

I'll meet you there,
No matter where life takes me to

Coryn DuPont, Capitol- Victor of the 89th Hunger Games

"Each day it seems you become even more stunning, my dear."

The voice makes shivers run down my spine and my skin goes frigid despite the comfortable temperature of the room. I feel an icy fingertip lace the sensitive skin of my ear as he tucks a strand of raven-black hair behind it. No matter the many months it has been I still do not find any familiarity or comfort in his frozen touch. All I find is coldness; coldness and maybe the tiniest ounce of fear.

"Thank you, sir," I say obediently and his lips curl up into a tight grin.

"How many times have I asked, call me Cyrus," he chuckles, placing one hand on my shoulder and squeezing it lightly. "Do you not think we are past all of these formalities, Coryn?"

"Yes of course, Cyrus, please forgive me."

"Such a polite girl, and pretty as well," he hums, moving his hand down to lightly caress my knee as he takes a seat in the chair across from me. "I've never been more glad of a tribute leaving that arena."

The venom in his voice is evident even to me. I have come to the understanding that despite his role in bringing the Hunger Games back he hates them. For the sole reason that each year a strong teenager will leave the arena, and that means that each year there is work to be done. Every child that leaves the arena must be able to be controlled. That has become his duty to ensure.

"You know, it has occurred to me that perhaps the many of you are not happy when you return," he hisses into my ear but I do not turn to face him. There is no part of me that wishes to see any part of him, not after what he has taken from me. Not only my morality and my free-will, no he couldn't stop at that. He took my freedom, my voice, my heart, mind, and strength. He has taken things from me that I have never told anyone of. Through his cold fingertips and endless power, he has made me his pet. And that I have no choice in.

"What can I do to make you happy, Coryn?"

This time I do turn, I do let him see the blankness that has taken over my eyes. Where my soul once lay, in answer to his question this is all he will have, a look at the girl he has taken from me.

"Is that what you want? I can give you any request. I want you to be happy. I want my beautiful Victor to be happy."

The sincerity in his voice is like poison to me. As if it might really be possible for him to think that one simple gift could make me happy after all of this. For some odd reason though, I feel a stupid sense of hope. Hope that maybe I could learn to forget, that maybe someday it might even be possible for me to be happy in this place. It's no use to even think that it might work out, though, because I know the only thing that could ever make me happy would be the ability to go back to before my name was called at the Reaping and make the Escort have picked someone else.

"I don't want anything from you," I try to say with all the strength still in me but my voice gives me away. He knows I am scared of him, and that is the very reason why I have come to despise him.

"Nothing?" he chuckles, choosing to ignore the stammer in my voice. "I find that difficult to believe, my dear."

"Unless you can bring my old life back, there is nothing else I want."

"I could give you wonders, Coryn," he whispers as his breath puffs in my face with a mixture of smoke and alcohol odour. "If only you would let me."

"I just want to go back home, to my home before this. There is nothing here I want," I say, my voice wavering with emotion so raw that I can trace it back to the feelings I had when the news of my family's deaths managed to reach me. "I don't want the luxury of your mansion; I just want the streets I know."

As promised this is a special shout out to Jake for typing up this chapter for me as I sent him blurry pictures from my notebook where it was written :D

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This is an extension of canon that I have created in which President Cyrus has taken over and reinstated the Hunger Games after the death of President Paylor. I would advise you to read the prologue for Written In Ice before submitting your tribute but in case you are still confused, here is the rundown.

- This is the 90th Hunger Games

- District Twelve has been destroyed, so they nor District Thirteen will have tributes in the Hunger Games

- Due to acts of Rebellion in the Capitol, the Capitol will now also send in two tributes to the Hunger Games

- All previous rules regarding age, industry, etc are back in place.

- Careers are back! But only for Districts One and Two!

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