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Normal POV

"Admit it, Cece, you like James," Rocky told her best friend.

"No I don't!" Cece said for the hundredth time.

"Denial and it's not just a river in Egypt."

"Duh. It's a river in China." Face palms. Face palms everywhere.

"Seriously Cece, you always talk about him, stare at him, touch him, and do stuff we would do to celebrities."

"I would never, ever touch a celbs' hair without permission."


"Find. If it came to Harry St-"

"Don't change the subject on me!"

"What was the subject? Math? Ugh, don't even get me started on my new teacher. But James always helps me out." Cece was smiling like an idiot now.

"See! You always seem to bring him into a conversation."

"What! No I don't."


"Ooo, aren't seals the cutest thing ever? So is James. But I'm not saying I like him, I'm just saying he's cute. You kn-"

"I don't need anymore proof. You like James."

"No. I. Don't. I'm going to history!"

"Where James is at?"

"Screw you!"

"We have the same classes, you know?"

"Can somebody please tell me what was Maria Antoinette majorly accused of in the jury?" Mr. Polk asked.

"She was accused of incest with her son," James and Cece spoke in unison. (Star: I was shocked. The things the teacher was saying was the exact same thing we learned in the episode "Brain it Up!")

"Please raise your hand when you speak, Ms. Jones and Mr. Flinter," said Mr. Polk. Cece and James gave each other evil glares, and then paid attention to the French Revolution. Cece never knew how fun learning could be. Man, these people were weird.

Is he looking at me? I think he is. Wait... he sits behind me! Duuur! Cece had an odd ball of thoughts running through her mind about James. She was too stubborn to admit it. Admit that she had a huge crush. She actually just wanted to deny it. She wanted the guy to be someone she could tell everything to. James reaction if he found out Cece had dyslexia. Cece had nightmares of it.

After history, they had lunch. James was in the corner with his geek friends while Cece was in a table with Tinka and Rocky.

"If she stares any longer, I'm afraid her pupils are gonna explode and cause a chemical reaction in our hearts. Mine, it will be over joyed," Tinka spoke as her and Rocky observes as Cece stared at James.

"Huh?" Cece snapped out of her gaze.

"Oh, common, you're in love with the boy," Tinka flicked a grape at Cece. Cece went back into gaze before Tinka finished talking, so the grape bounced off.

"I think she's in love," Rocky whispered to Tinka.

"You don't say?" Tinka replied,"Has she admit it yet?"

"Nope. She's in denial," Rocky replied.

"Cece!" Tinka slammed her fists on the table.

"I don't like James!" Cece said as she snapped out of her thoughts.

"You totally like the boy," Tinka rolled her eyes.

"No I don't," Cece whined and kicked Tinka from under the chair, missing.

"You're more stubborn than a goat in a catilac triumph on the Olympics," Tinka said.

"I swear for his cute ass glasses I don't!" Cece said.

"Mhm," Tinka and Rocky nodded in unison.

"I still believe you like him," Tinka said.

"I still believe you like Ty," Cece stuck out her tongue.

"It was only one date," Tinka rolled her eyes.

"Yeah... but lately you two have been closer," Rocky nudged Tinka lightly with her elbow. Tinka roughly schooted over and Rocky fell on the floor.

"Awe," Cece teased,"Tinka is in denial."

"Oh, look who's talking," Tinka blushed.

"Don't worry," Rocky huffed,"I'm okay." Once Rocky sat down, Tinka shoved her down again. Rocky galred at Tinka from down on the floor.

"What? You have cafeteria floor germs," Tinka shrugged and took a sip from her drink.

"Cece," James greeted Cece when she was applying lip gloss.

"James," Cece made a 'plop' sound with her lips as she closed her lip gloss.

"I see you have been having trouble on the math assignment."

"Ugh, don't get me started."

"Want me to help you? You can come over to my house?"

"Are you asking me out on a study date," Cece made a troll face.

"W-w-what are you talking about," James stumbled in his words.

"You're such a geek," Cece smiled and poked him on the shoulder.

"So you want my help or not."

"Sure. Let me call my mother first." After Cece called her mom who approved, she told James. "She said yes. If she asks, you're a girl and your name is Jaime. Deal?"

"According to the human reproductive system, I think I'm the male."

"Just help me save our lives. If she finds out I'm at a boy's house, she'll taze both of us."

"Don't you need-"

"She's a police officer."

James made a squeaky little girl voice,"Is this good enough?"

"If you can make it through my mom's life story with that voice, you're good."

"What do you mean?"

"If you're gonna ever encounter my mom, I'm gonna dress you up as a girl."

"I only sighed up to tutor you."

"Well you need to be alive to do that. Welcome to the world of being nice!"

"Woah, woah, woah, wait a second," Rocky came out from behind a trash can," you two. On a study date."

"It's not a date," James and Cece said in unison.

"You're gonna lie to your mom?!" Rocky gasped.

"Not lie... trick. I'm gonna trick my mom," Cece explained.

"Same difference!" Rocky said.

"Keep it a secret," Cece said and she started walking off with James.

"What's the commotion?" Tinka said as she came from behind a recycling bin.

"Cece and James are on a study date!" Rocky squealed.

"I have to post this online!" Tinka gasped and she quickly posted it online. So did Rocky.

Little did they know that Georgia had access to social networks.

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