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Cece's POV

James' house was HUGE!

"Woah," I gasped as I entered his two story house. It was so pretty. It was all Victorian decorated with ivory everywhere!

"What? You've never seen a house?" he rolled his eyes.

"Actually... I live in an apartment," I said. James patted my head.

"You poor thing," he sighed. I moved a step back, and James put his hand down. "Follow me." We went into this room. It was like a library! Shelves with books, everywhere!

"Oh my gosh," I gasped,"it's the setting of that nightmare I had with yo- Never mind."

"Am I hearing right?" James questioned with a grin as he got a few inches in front of my face,"does Cece dream about me?"

"I said nightmare you jerk," I stuck out my tongue. James just tapped the top of my nose, and we sat down on a table.

"So what part don't you understand?" he asked me.

"The first step, second step, fourth step, and last one," I said.

"Wait, if you don't understand the other steps, how could you understand step five and three?" he wondered.

"I know what to do after the steps before, but I always get those steps wrong," I said.

"You confused me," James said.

"Just teach me from the start."T

After an hour or so, I could do the math better! James and I were sitting across from each other. It was a small table. There was an empty chair next James, and there was an empty chair next to me. Which means... there are four chairs minus James and I. There are two available chairs! Man I'm getting good at this.

"Like this?" I asked him. James got up from his chair and sat next to me. He checked my work.

"You just added wrong right here," James got up, put his arms around my shoulder, and started correcting my work. This is one weird guy. Who wraps their arm around a girl and started working on the worksheet? Wait a second... HIS ARM IS AROUND ME! Okay Cece, calm down. Calm down.

"Thanks," I said. I checked my watch. "I probably should get going."

"Okay." We both got up at the same time. We bumped into each other, and I ended up on James' lap. Joy. Wait a second... OH FUCKITY FUCK FUCK! I quickly got up and so did James. We both coughed and cleared our throats.

"W-well, I think I'll get going!"

"Y-yeah, you do that." We both awkwardly made our way to the front door. I was about the open the door, but I don't know what came over me. I turned around, grabbed James, and kissed him.

"YOU WHAT?!" Rocky yelled as I listened to her scream on the couch. Poor couch.

"I grabbed him, and I kissed him!" I yelled for the hundredth time.

"YOU WHAT?!" Rocky yelled again.

"Okay Rocky, we're not getting anywhere," I groaned and shoved my face in my hands. Rocky patted me back.

"It's okay, Cece. It's okay to admit you like him."


"Mhm. But what about him. He seems into her."

"Into her? Who the heck is her?! Do I know her?"

"Cece, by her I meant you. Gosh, you and a smart guy... OH MY GOSH! You and a smart guy?! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?!"

"Gee, Rocky. You're supportive. But either way, I don't like him."

"Then why'd you kiss him? Huh?" Rocky started waving her finger around in my face,"Why'd you kiss him? Huh? Huh? Huh?!"

"Stop it," I whined and buried my face in a cushion,"I kissed him because..."

"Because you like him? Because he drives you all cray cray?"

"Yes, Rocky. He actually drive me all cray cray."

"I KN-"

"IN THE BAD WAY, BLUE! IN A BAD WAY!" There was a knock at the door. "I'LL GET IT, MOOOMMM!" I opened the door, and my mom was there.

"Cece," she looked at me. Well, more like glared at me.

"What's wrong Mom?" I asked her as she came in.

"So. Who was your friend again? The one who helped you study." Rocky coughed and got up.

"I better get go-" Rocky was interrupted by my mom.

"Nope. Rocky, you never lie. You're going to stay here," Mom said.

"Mom, what's wrong?" I asked her.

"Answer my question. Who was your friend?"

"Jaime," I said clearly. Man, I'm such a good actress.

"You sure? Does the name JAMES ring a bell?" she said as she held up her phone that had Facebook opened on it. Let's just say that some people like ROCKY AND TINKA posted to the whole entire internet world that I was on a "study date" with James.

"Rocky," I turned around to glare at Rocky.

"I'm sorry! Tinka and I couldn't help ourselves! Plus, everyone knows you two have a thing going on! Let's face-" Rocky blabbed on until my mom interrupted her.

"Rocky," Mom said and faced her,"you can leave now." Rocky literally ran out the window. She got up and gave us a thumbs up.

"I-I'm okay!" she smiled as she got up and started climbing up the fire escapes.

"Cece, you-" I interrupted her.

"Are grounded."


"Two weeks."


"No TV."


"Here's my phone," I sighed and gave it to her. I started to walk down the hallway, to my room.

"Don't forget-"

"To wash the dishes, I know! Geeze, woman."


"Another three days."

I was bored. No TV. No phone. No James. Okay, maybe I liked James a little bit. JUST A LITTLE BIT! Seriously though. I'm too dumb for him. He's too smart for me. Sure, I was improving thanks to him. But still. We could never be. OH MY GOSH!? What am I thinking?! I feel stupid. I've been in denial long enough! I'm going to face my fears! I will wear that shirt and those boots tomorrow!

Seriously though. Imagine the feud that would go on between the nerds and the averages. Maybe we could get along? Like Rocky and I. Sure we have problems. But look were we have gotten. Maybe James and I can make it that far. James. His small smile. His uber cute glasses. The way he dresses. His hair.

You know what? I've been mixing love and life together. Love and life. The things NOBODY should mix together besides in a word phrase. They're two different things. Maybe I can now create another different world. Just for love. Population: James.

So yes. I'm out of denial. I like James.

I knew it!

Shut up, Concha!

Well, isn't that a great and friendly way to welcome your conscious home after vacation.

Go on another vacation!

But this is going to be fun! I want to help you with Jamsey wamesy.


Ugh, fine. I'll go to Paris. Au revoir! Maybe those naps in French will somehow pay off.

Bye! Ugh, stupid conscious.



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