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"So what's the surprise Uncle Scar?" Simba asked. Scar growled under his breath, this little brat was so annoying.

"You'll see. I'll tell your father that you are ready." Scar replied.

"Is it big? Is it small?" Simba asked.

"Simba," Scar sighed, "It is to die for."

Simba nodded as his Uncle walked away. Scar walked out of the gorge and towards Priderock where he knew Mufasa would be. He gave the hyenas the signal, and ran to Priderock. When he reached the top, he saw Mufasa.

"Mufasa!" Scar cried, "Stampede in the gorge. Simba's down there!"

Mufasa's eyes went wide with horror.

"Show me where he is!" Mufasa shouted as they tore across the Pridelands, and reached the gorge. Zazu dived in and looked around for Simba. He came back screaming frantically.

"Down there!" he screeched. "There!"

Mufasa and Scar looked down to see Simba clinging onto a small tree hanging on for his dear life.

"Hold on Simba!" Mufasa called, and jumped in the stampede to save his cub.

"Scar what do we do?" Zazu fretted. "Help! I'll go get Runju, Sarabi, Ishan and—"

Zazu never got to finish because Scar hit him with his paw, knocking him out cold.

"I have been waiting for this moment." Scar thought gleefully.

He saw Mufasa putting Simba on a ledge but he fell back into the stampede. Scar climbed onto a higher ledge. Mufasa burst out of the stampede, and forced himself up to where Scar stood, seeking help from his brother.

"Scar," he gasped out, "brother help me."

Scar bent down as if he was going to give him his paw, but then drove him claws into the King's paws, causing Mufasa to roar in pain.

"Long live the King." Scar sneered and through Mufasa off. The stampede wasn't as fierce anymore, but the fall would probably kill him.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" Scar head Simba cry as he watched his father falling.

Scar waited a while until the stampede was over, and the dust had settled before going down to look for Simba and Mufasa. He found Simba weeping by Mufasa's body.

"Simba," Scar asked in a cold voice, "What have you done?"

Simba looked up at him, his voice shaking, "I didn't mean to, I mean there was a stampede, and he tried to save me, and..." Simba never got to finish his sentence because he broke down in tears.

"There, there." Scar said, pulling him in closer. "No one ever means for these things to happen. But the King is dead, and it is your fault. What's your mother going to say? She will hate you."

Scar looked at Mufasa's body. Was he breathing? There seemed to be a light breathing in his chest, but Scar told himself he was seeing things.

"What do I do?" Simba asked.

"Run away Simba." Scar snarled, "Never, ever come back."

Simba nodded and ran. Shenzi, Ed, and Banzai came up to him.

"Kill him," Scar growled, and the hyenas ran after Simba.

Scar watched as the hyenas ran after Simba. He looked over at Mufasa's body. Suddenly Mufasa coughed, and Scar gasped.

"No," Scar breathed. "You couldn't have survived that fall."

Mufasa opened his eyes. When he saw Scar, his eyes went wide.

"You," Mufasa snarled.

"I thought that fall would have killed you." Scar growled and advanced on Mufasa.

"How could you do this to me? I'm your brother, blood of your blood." Mufasa asked, struggling to his feet. He sounded angry yet hurt at the same time.

"You took my rightful throne. It belongs to me!" Scar roared and pinned Mufasa down. Mufasa was too weak to fight back. Scar raised his paw to kill him, but he heard a voice.

"Mufasa!" It was Runju, along with many other Pride members.

Runju and another lion, Ishan slammed into Scar and pinned him down. Scar struggled trying to get up, but he couldn't. The weight of both of them was too much.

Runju and Ishan had also brought, Shireen, Kudeka, Rojo, Danya, Afiya, Penda, Sarina, and Nishan.

"What happened? Zazu came back and said that there was a stampede in the gorge?" Rojo asked.

Mufasa's breathing was heavy. "Simba was in the gorge and there was a stampede. I put Simba on a ledge but when I tried to climb back up, Scar pushed me down."

"How did you survive a fall like that?" Shireen asked.

"When he pushed me down, I landed on antelope and then hit the ground. The antelope broke my fall." Mufasa answered. He heard Scar growling in anger.

"Why would you do such a thing?" Sarina asked her eyes wide.

"He took my rightful throne. My plan failed, but his son is dead." Scar sneered.

Mufasa's eyes went wide with horror. He turned to the lionesses.

"Go find Simba!" He ordered, and the lionesses took off.

"Scar you committed treason by trying to murder the King and tried to kill his son." Runju snarled.

"His son is dead!" Scar roared and jumped shoving Runju and Ishan off him. He whirled to Mufasa and was about to strike his throat when Runju jumped in front of him, and slashed Scar's throat with his claws. Scar fell on his side, not moving, dead.

Mufasa stared at his brother's body.

"Mufasa I'm sorry, but-" Runju began but Mufasa stopped him.

"It's okay. He would have never stopped." Mufasa said, gently.

"You have to get back to Priderock, so Rafiki can check you." Nishan said.

"I can't leave without Simba." Mufasa said, and managed to get on his feet.

Just then, the lionesses came running back.

"Did you find him?" Mufasa asked.

"No, I'm sorry." Danya answered, her voice sounding choked. "We saw three hyenas, we killed them, but there was blood on them. It might be..."

Mufasa closed his eyes. No, he couldn't lose his only son. His pride and joy, he couldn't lose him.

"Let's go back to Priderock. The whole Pride will search for him and we can get Zazu to organize search parties in the air." Penda said.

Mufasa looked like he was about to object, but before he could Ishan spoke. "Mufasa I understand how you feel. I would feel the same way with Chumvi, but it's the best thing we can do. If we delay any further, it might be too late to save Simba if he is alive."

Mufasa nodded, and with the support of his Pride mates, he made it back to Priderock.


Sarabi was in the den, waiting for Simba to come back. Scar had taken him out, and he still wasn't back. She decided to go look for them. When she walked out of the den, she was shocked at the sight.

The whole Pride was standing in a circle listening for a big announcement. She saw her mate standing in the front, looking injured.

"Mufasa, what happened? Where's Simba?" Sarabi asked.

Mufasa couldn't bring himself to answer, so Runju told her and the whole Pride what had happened.

"No!" Sarabi cried when she heard the whole story. "We have to keep on looking!"

"I know we do. I already got Zazu to organize search parties. We have to find him before it's too late." Mufasa ordered his Pride. Immediately, the lions and lionesses got up and headed toward the gorge hoping that they could find their Prince before it was too late.


"Mom! I want to come with you! I want to find Simba!" Nala begged her mother.

"No, Nala. Only adults are going." Sarafina said firmly.

"Your mother's right Nala. Stay here while the adults go." Runju said coming towards them.

"I have to go!" Nala cried, her sapphire blue eyes filled with tears. "I need to find Simba!" She had to find him, he was her best friend.

Sarafina's eyes softened. "It's alright my sweet one." She pulled Nala in closer and nuzzled her. Nala buried her tears into her mother's front leg.

"Sweetheart, it's going to be okay. Stay here until the adults come back, alright?" Runju asked, licking the top of her head. Nala nodded tearfully, and went and joined her aunt and cousins.

"It's alright Nala, we'll find him." Kudeka said, nuzzling her niece. Shinda lay down next to Nala.

"You're sure that Simba's alive, right Mom?" Tojo asked. Kudeka didn't answer.

"Mom!" Shani pulled on her ear. Shani was younger than the rest of them.

"Why didn't you go?" Shinda asked, nudging her mother.

Kudeka nuzzled her daughter, "I wish I could, but a few lionesses have to stay back and watch the cubs. Why don't you four go play with Tama and Kula?"

Shani got up and trotted over to where Tama and Kula were, but Nala, Shinda and Tojo stayed where they were.

"I can't do anything, until I know Simba's okay." Nala thought, and another tear rolled down her eye.


A few days passed, and there was no sign of Simba. The Pride continued searching, until one day Mufasa, with a heavy heart, and choked voice, made the announcement that he was dead. Nala stood in between her mother's feet, crying into her legs, mourning for her best friend.

"It's alright Nala." Sarafina said, trying to soothe her daughter, in the den.

"No it isn't!" Nala wailed. Simba's dead!" She buried her face into Sarafina's chest crying. A red eyed Runju walked into the den, and settled next to his family.

"I'm sorry sweetie." Runju said nuzzling Nala.

"Sorry isn't going to bring him back." Nala mumbled. She didn't want anything, but Simba to be back.


Simba felt someone splashing water on him, and he slowly opened his eyes. A moan escaped his mouth.

"Hey the kids awake!" came a voice. It was a meerkat, and beside him stood a warthog.

"You okay kid?" the warthog asked.

"Yeah." Simba mumbled, but really, he knew nothing would be okay again.

"I saved you. Pumbaa helped. My names Timon by the way." The meerkat asked.

'Simba" Simba muttered.

"Well where do you come from?" Timon asked.

"Doesn't matter," Simba replied getting up, "I'll never be able to go back."

"He looks blue." He heard Timon say.

"I say he's golden brown." Pumbaa whispered back.

"No, I mean he's depressed." Timon said and walked up to Simba.

"Kid, you should live with this rule." Timon said looking at Pumbaa.

"Hakuna Matata!" Both of them said at the same time.


Months passed by, and slowly the Pride began to recover from the grief of losing their Prince. Sarabi finally walked out of the den one day, and the whole Pride was glad to see their Queen healthy. Nala was back to normal, but she still thought about Simba a lot. He missed her best friend more than anything and she knew Simba would always be her best friend even if he was gone.

One day Nala, her mother and Sarabi were resting under the fallen trees. Sarafina had given Nala a bath, and thought she had fallen asleep in her paws, but really she was listening to her conversation with Sarabi.

"I actually have something to tell you." Sarabi said.

"What is it?" Sarafina asked giving Sarabi her full attention.

"Well," Sarabi said, "I'm pregnant."

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