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Months passed and the whole Pride healed, both mentally and physically. Alex and Kovu had both recovered completely. Simba had trained Kovu to be King shortly after he and Kiara has become mates. Kopa had taken Jasiri as his mate. Danyssa and Haru were mates. Sahil had taken Anjani as his mate. Chumvi's younger sister, Zawadi was now mates with Nala's brother, Hofu. The whole Pride was doing well and everyone seemed to be happy.
Simba had also taught Ari a bit about being King. Not as much as he had taught Kovu and Kopa, but a good amount. Kopa and Kovu had agreed to let Ari be there second in command; someone who would help them if they ever needed help.
A few weeks after, Simba and Nala stepped down and gave the throne to Jasiri, Kopa, Kiara and Kovu.

A few months passed as Kiara, Kovu, Jasiri and Kopa the rulers. Simba and Nala couldn't have been happier. The only thing Nala wished was that her parents could have been here to share this happiness with her along with Malaika.
Simba also wished that his brother; his real brother was here with them as well. He could tell that his parents were getting old and Simba knew that they only has a short time left. But he knew no matter what happened, Sarabi and Mufasa would always be with him in one way or another.
Nala found Simba by the meadow one night, a few months later. She went up and nuzzled her mate as she settled down next to him.
Simba looked her with a smile," Everything worked out perfectly."
Nala smiled back, "You're right, it did."
With that, Nala rested against Simba, both of them hopeful and happy for the future.

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