A/N: Hey, guys! The Doctor's Wife was totally my favorite DW episode ever and I cried rivers when Idris died. Ever since then I've wondered how desperate the Doctor actually was to have his human Sexy back and, well, it got a bit dark.

This is my first ever DW fanfic so I would greatly appreciate helpful criticism and please, no flames, but honest opinions.


The Doctor sat in a chair in front of the TARDIS console, staring forlornly at his feet. He had sent Amy and Rory off to bed. Their very own boring and dull one person bed, he thought with a sour face. Despite feeling her in his head through their psychic connection, he desperately missed his Sexy in her human form; his affections for his spaceship could then be returned, unlike the cold metal against his warm hands stroking it lovingly.

"If only there were a way," The Doctor whispered to the air as he laid back in his seat. Eyes closed, he pictured Idris hoping about the control room; her dark, wild hair flying as she rushed about, her tattered dress tripping her every other step, and the brightest grin on her pale face. Oh, the adventures we would have, he thought; his eternal companion and himself, never again alone. The Doctor felt a sob work its way up his suddenly dry throat and he fought against it.

"It's just not fair," he muttered, burying his face in his hands. The TARDIS nudged his mind gently, then pushed against his mind full force, causing the Timelord to cry out in pain. He looked up to see the monitor setting up coordinates and the dials flashing.

The Doctor shot up and looked around wildly, gripping his forehead. "What is it, old girl?" he crashed to the glass floor as the TARDIS thrashed about in flight in response. He held tight to the railing and looked to the ceiling, silently begging her to tell her intended destination. That's when he felt it, an emotion the TARDIS was trying to push into the Doctor.

Want. Need. Determination.

His eye widened as he began to see the plan the TARDIS had given him to carry out. He shuffled through the details and instructions and grimaced. "Are you sure there's no other way? Sexy, I think that might be going a bit far-" suddenly he was hit with every memory of every companion he had ever lost.

Centuries of sorrow and loneliness crashed down upon him in waves. The Doctor fell to the ground from the girth of them all and gasped; Rose, Martha, Donna, faint glimpses of the Ponds' tear streaked face flashed before him and he let out a heart-broken cry.

Then, images of Idris and her mad babbling and face poking self flashed before him. The Doctor understood: The TARDIS missed herself being a human just as much as he did.

"No more," he growled; no more loneliness, no more pain of losing another companion, and no more box.

The TARDIS settled and made the noise signaling their landing. The Doctor saw an old house in his head.

Straightening his bow tie, he smirked. Skipping to the doors, he looked back at the console and winked. "Don't worry, Sexy; I'll get her for us." and walked out.