I wrote this he day my grandpa died, it happened November 1, 2012. You guys have no idea how much he meant to me. I just wanted to share the speech I recited at his funeral.

I'm not posting this for your condolences, I'm posting it because I want the impact this man created on me to be known.

A Letter to Grandpa

Last year in my honors English class we spent a whole term learning about life and loss. It's funny because the whole time we were on that segment, I was thinking about my family. How my family gave me life. How they taught me to appreciate the little things in life. How they were always there for me in life. When I heard that my grandpa moved on to live with our father in heaven, sure I was devastated, but I was also relieved for him. Relieved that God was so loving and so good that he took away my grandpa's pain that he's had for years and gave him a new healthy life in the most holiest, perfect place in the universe.

When we were wrapping up our life and loss theme, my teacher instructed us to write about someone whom we love and care about deeply and write a letter to them. I wrote about my grandpa. I intended to give it to him a while ago but I never did. And now I'm too late. I regret never giving it to him because it said how much we appreciated him and just how much he meant to me and my cousins and even some friends of mine. Here's my letter:

Why I never let go of the electric fence, I'll never know. I'm just happy you were there to pry my bleeding hands off before I killed myself. I guess being younger than the age of five made me stupid enough to touch an electric fence in the first place. I remember my brother, Tyler, telling me this story. He said it was the first time he's ever seen you run. It came as a shock to him when he saw you run over to me as fast as your bad knee, sore back, and weak heart would allow you. You must really love me to ignore your own problems to save me. Although, I learned from my dad that you did not pick me off the fence but rather kicked me off. I found that funny. That's what makes you so special to me.

Once upon another time when my mom was very sick, I decided to be a naughty toddler and get into the medicine cabinet and eat everything I saw. My mom couldn't take me, so it was up to you. You and grandma brought me to the E.R. to get my stomach pumped, I vomited all over your shoe. Hey, sorry about that, but you didn't care as long as I was alright. Thank you. As for your shoes . . . I'm sure you wore them down enough by now that you can't even wear them anymore.

Thank you, Grandpa. You're the best!

~ Your granddaughter,
Mikki Mouse

Soon this adversity will pass and we'll embrace the fact that our beloved is in a much better place. I once learned from another minister that We shouldn't mourn for his loss, but rather to celebrate the life he lived.