So...this is totally just something I started writing one day, and it's completely changed into the start of the final product you see here. This is in no way connected to my earlier story "Babysitting Willow" although the idea of Willow turning into a child is present's just Tara turns too...


So...enjoy :D

Notes: This takes place in an altered summer between Season 5 & 6. Buffy didn't die because they stopped the ritual before the portal could be opened. As such, everyone is alive.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or any of the other characters, they belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.


"Ok, ready?" Looking up from the candle that she had been lighting, Willow Rosenberg smiled at the girl sitting across from her in the circle. Giving a small nod in response to her girl's question, Tara Maclay returned the red-head's smile and closed her eyes as she raised her hands and waited for the other Witch to take hold of them. Taking the offer hands into her own gentle grasp, Willow closed her eyes and began to mentally recite the words to the spell that she and her girl had decided to cast. It had been a slow summer after the defeat of Glory, and as such, they had returned to doing spells for fun in order to stay on top of their connections. There had been slight trouble concerning the fact that she had absorbed a small amount of Dark Magick in order to combat the Hell God when she had been temporally enraged at the state that had been forced upon Tara, but with the other Witch's help, Willow had been able to safely work the Dark Magicks out of her system.

"Hecate, guide us in our efforts to cast this spell." Saying the beginning words of the spell aloud in her soft, but firm voice, Tara could already feel the usual spark that accompanied the beginning of any spell that she cast with the girl that she had been with for almost a year and a half now. "We ask only for your guidance and that you ensure our safety in our efforts."

Seemingly able to feel the charge that was beginning to circulate within the circle, the Witch fell silent as Willow began to speak her own half of the spell. The spell itself was short one, and as the red-head finished her sentence, Tara opened her eyes in order to see if that the object they had been trying to levitate was suspended in mid-air. As her blue eyes focused on the object, she frowned as she saw that it was laying still on the ground, having not moved a single inch. Opening her own green irises, Willow's lips formed a small pout.

"Why didn't it work? We did everything the book said, at least as far as we could translate it."

"Maybe we mistranslated one word?" Offering her own idea of what could have gone wrong, Tara sighed. "That's happened before."

"Guess we should have had Giles translate it for us after-all. Granted, my memory of the Latin dictionary is a little bit rus…" Stopping in mid-sentence, Willow looked down at her stomach. "Ok, I'm gonna take it that feeling like I'm gonna vomit is good sign…"

"Aww, do you want me to rub your tumm-" Repeating the exact same abrupt pause that her girl had done, Tara's blue eyes grew slightly wide. "W-Why does my head hurt?"

"I'm starting to get a bad feeling about th-OW!" As a sharp pain in her forehead forced her to stop in mid-sentence, the red-headed Witch let go of the other girl's hands in order to rest them against her now aching head. Pressing her own hands against her head, Tara hissed slightly from the sharp pain that was beginning to quickly build up into more and more pressure. Within moments of the Witches letting go of each other's hands, all of the candles that surrounded the circle extinguished themselves simultaneously. Still able to feel the charge that hung in every corner of the room, Willow opened her eyes amid her still aching head and looked at the other girl. Her mind fully prepared to see the other girl rising out of the circle, her eyes grew wide once she saw the sight that awaited her.

"Tara?!" Her green irises fully taking in every inch of the other girl, the red-headed Witch found not the fully-grown young adult that she had grown so used to seeing, but instead a child that bore an uncanny resemblance to the girl she loved.

"Willow, my head hurts…" Saying the complaint in a voice that complimented her child-like state, Tara's blue eyes looked up at the other girl with a small amount of pain in them. As she looked back at the girl with her mouth hanging open in astonishment, Willow finally forced her gaze away as she felt a small tingle beginning to cycle through her body as her head continued to rest admit a growing amount of pain. Closing her eyes for a moment, the red-headed Witch felt the world around her seemingly becoming smaller and smaller...until finally she opened her green eyes and looked at everything through a child's vision. As she looked around the room before refocusing her eyes' gaze on Tara, Willow frowned.

"Where is everyone, Tara?" She asked, her voice sounding unlike her normal self.

"I don't know. Maybe they're downstairs. Were we taking a nap?"

"I don't think so. We must have been playing a game." Shaking her head as gestured to the candles that surrounded them, the red-headed child expression went emotionless for a few moments. "Were we playing pretend instead?"

"Maybe." Shaking her head somewhat slowly, Tara looked at the thin fog of smoke rising from one of the candles near her. "We shouldn't have been playing with candles. Aunt Buffy said not to."

"Willow, I'm sorry for barging in, but I was wondering if you could…help…me…with…some…math-" Walking into the room with her eyes buried into the text book she held in her hands, Dawn felt the book fall from her grip as she looked up and saw the sight that awaited her. "!"

"Aunt Dawn!" Upon seeing the girl, Willow smiled and raised her arms as if she wanted the girl to pick her up. "We missed you!"

"Dawn, something wrong in there?" Just coming up the stairs, Buffy made her way down the hallway until she reached the room that the two Witches had shared together for the past months after electing to move in once the idea was offered to them. Coming to a stop in the doorway, the Slayer's eyes followed her sister's gaze until she saw the two children sitting on the floor. Her eyes growing wide with a mixture of shock and surprise, the blonde girl stared silently at the two children that were, undoubtedly, Willow and Tara.

"Dawn…why are Willow and Tara…kids?" Finally finding the words to the question that was all her mind could think of at that moment, Buffy's gaze never once flinched or traveled away from the two children sitting cross-legged on the floor amid extinguished candles with smiles on their faces.

"I don't know…" Her own eyes unable to look away from the two Witches, Dawn gave a small shrug of shoulders, the action seeming somewhat awkward. "I didn't do it though…"