Author's Notes: The following story came up to me when it was night and I couldn't sleep. Too much caffeine at work. The disease used in this story, Xerodermia Pigmentosa (short XP) really exists, and I do not want to make fun of anyone who suffers from this genetic defect. So, if the way I use this disease offends anyone, let me know. I do not want to harm anyone.

Disclaimer: I do not own Haruka or Michiru, but I own the plot.

Dedication: I dedicate this story to my Mom, the best!

Nightly Lovers

Prologue: When The Night Has Come

Slowly, steadily, the last daylight vanished from the sky, and twilight came. The inhabitants of the small town Daisuka (A/N: Yes, the same one like in Woman Without A Face. I was too lazy to think up a new one, so there =P) all were either on their way home or already with their loving family. Soon, the whole village would sleep…all the people who lived there, except for one. The "outsider", the "vampire", the "freak". She would wake up when others went to bed, and she would go outside when others locked their doors. To her, night meant life; she wasn't a vampire like so many said, but still daylight meant death for her. Of course, not a sudden, fast death; more likely a slow, creeping death that would take years to come. The one who lived up when the night came was Michiru Kaioh, a twenty-five year old girl who had been born with a genetic defect, called Xerodermia Pigmentosa, shortly called XP. Sometimes, Michiru would curse her luck; only one person out of twenty thousand suffered from this rare disease. XP caused the skin of the patient to be multiple times more sensitive when it came to light than those of people who don't suffer from it; thus, Michiru couldn't go outside during the day, and the lights in her house were always dim. The only time she could take the risk of going outside was during the night; that made her an outsider in the pretty close-minded town Daisuka. Michiru didn't really care about that, though; ever since her childhood, she was used to being alone. Right now, she didn't know that her loneliness should come to an end when Daisuka employed a new night watchman.

"Just walk around in the city and make sure that no one tries anything." The mayor of Daisuka, a fat, baldy man named Ishikawa Taroshi, spoke to the new night watchman. The new one, a handsome blonde woman named Haruka Tenoh, smiled and nodded. "Of course. I've already been a night watchman in Tokyo, so being one here shouldn't be a problem." The mayor grinned and nodded, before a thought crossed his mind. "Oh, and one more thing…we have a freak living here in Daisuka, her name's Michiru Kaioh. She has some weird disease, so she can only leave her house in the night. So, when you see her wander around, don't arrest her." Haruka nodded, but inside, she was angered about the mayor calling this Michiru person a "freak". And she was pretty keen on meeting her…maybe the nightshift wouldn't be as boring as she thought when there was someone else who walked through the city at night.