A/N: Everyone always portrays Harukas parents as either mean or evil or sometimes both ^_^ I decided to make them – for once – nice people, who love their daughter for whom she is :-D

Epilogue: A New Home

"We'll be there soon." Haruka spoke when her eyes fell on the sign that pointed the way into the town where her parents lived. Next to her, Michiru nodded, her nervousness showing through her voice. "Hey, calm down." Haruka gently spoke, patting her lover's leg. "My parents will love you." Michiru smiled at her, though still a little nervous, and nodded. "We'll see, love." She then replied, looking back on the road. Haruka drove on until she reached the village, and after five minutes of driving through various streets and side-alleys (once against an one-way-street, luckily no policeman was around), the blonde stopped her car in front of a big, nice looking house. The two of them got out of the car and walked over to the front door. "Haruka, it's four in the morning. Maybe we should…" Michiru wanted to end the sentence with the word "wait", but before she could, Haruka had already rang the doorbell. After a few moments of silence, a female voice could be heard: "Who's coming at such an ungodly time?", then the door opened. The woman who had opened it was obviously Harukas mother; she was nearly as tall as her daughter, and her face was a spitting image of Harukas, only that her hair was gray and not blonde. But Michiru was sure that it had been blonde some time ago. "Haruka!" the woman now called out, a wide smile appearing on her face. Her eyes fell on Michiru, and her smile grew, although this hardly seemed possible. "And who are you?" she then asked. "Michiru Kaioh." Michiru replied politely, bowing to the mother of her girlfriend. „Mom, Michiru and I need a place to stay for a while." Haruka now spoke. Her mom simply nodded and stepped to the side. "Please, enter and make yourself a home." She spoke, smiling.

~*~ Two weeks later ~*~

"Honey! I'm home!" Haruka called out while she walked in through the front door. Michiru already waited for her in the kitchen, wearing an apron and preparing dinner – which was somehow odd to people who didn't know about the two of them, since Haruka always come home in the early morning hours. "I'm here!" Michiru now called out. One second later, two strong arms wrapped around her waist, and a gentle kiss was placed on her neck. "How was your shift?" the aqua haired girl now asked, turning around in Harukas embrace to face her. "Calm as always." Haruka replied. "Being the night watchman in such a small, calm town is fun." Michiru chuckled, and the couple kissed briefly. "I love you." Haruka then whispered. Michiru closed her eyes and leaned her head against Harukas chest. "I love you, too." She whispered, her heart filling with happiness. Her lover and she had found a new home – and they had found each other.