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Lelouch of Pendragon 2

To See a C.C.

"Suzaku!" Lelouch giggled as his lover kissed his neck. He tossed his head back, letting Suzaku kiss and nip at the pale flesh. His long legs wrapped around Suzaku's waist as his lover continued to fuck him slowly.

"Hmm. Lelouch, you're so soft." Suzaku purred, licking at the tender flesh exposed to him.

"And you forgot to shave." Lelouch returned, trying to sound miffed, but failing utterly. The truth of the matter was, Lelouch liked the light tickle from the faint stubble on Suzaku's chin, though he'd never admit it to his older lover.

Suzaku paused a moment, halting his motions within his lover's ass. He looked lovingly at the pale boy below him, bending over and kissing Lelouch's already kiss-swollen lips. There was a shout outside the room, and both lovers glared at the door.

"Well, that spoiled the mood." said Lelouch as he heard his mother opening the door. He pulled the blanket over the two of them as she came in.

"Still asleep?" Maryanne asked. She marched over, and before either young man could say anything, she'd torn the sheets from the bed.

"MOTHER!" Lelouch shouted as he snatched the closest pillow to cover his nether-regions and pushed Suzaku off the bed in hopes of sparing his dignity. "HAVE YOU ANY ITEA WHAT YOU JUST RUINED!?"

"You were still in bed, and it shouldn't be my duty to wake you, young man. You are almost nineteen for heaven's sake!" She spotted Suzaku pulling over a dressing gown. "And you, Sir Kururugi, should not be encouraging his lazy nature!"

Lelouch facepalmed. "Mother, get out." he snapped, tossing one of the other pillows at her as if to emphasize his order. This, sadly, shifted the pillow in his lap, and his mother gasped.

"Lelouch!" she shouted, tossing the blanket back over him. "For a prince, you certainly have no idea about what time you're supposed to be doing that." With that, Maryanne turned and left the room.

"Well, that was . . . entertaining." said Suzaku. He began to put on his uniform.

"She and father are still under the impression that I'm the one doing you." Lelouch returned casually as he dressed in his royal attire. He sighed, looking saddened. "Schniziel and Clovis are both under watch right now."

"Your older brothers? Why is that?"

Lelouch's shoulders drooped. "Because their wives are pregnant, and it's hoped that one of them will have a son to be my heir."

"Oh." Suzaku knew the topic of an heir was a sore one for Lelouch. Just six months ago he'd managed to convince his parents that he didn't and wouldn't take a wife, but he still remained the crown prince, so long as one of his brother's produced a son to take the throne after him. He reached a hand over and gently touched Lelouch's shoulder.

Lelouch turned to look at Suzaku, and the knight could see the unshed tears. As much as they loved each other, there would never be anything to show for it, and it hurt. They would never have an heir of their own.

"We should go visit the knights-in-training." Lelouch said softly. He wiped the tears from his eyes. "I need to select an honor guard before my next birthday, or my mother's going to choose them."

Suzaku winced. The last time Maryanne had selected something for Lelouch it had held . . . interesting results. If he remembered right, it had ended with Weinberg being thrown out of the palace and several panes of glass in need of replacing. "Well then, shall we go?"

Lelouch nodded, and Suzaku suddenly realized that while it was indeed royal attire, Lelouch was wearing his riding gear. Oh, no. Please, not the horses, he prayed.

. . . Suzaku clung to the back of his horse with everything he had as Lelouch raced the pair of mares out past the knights that were supposed to be accompanying them. "Lelouch, this is insane!"

The prince only laughed. "Relax, Suzaku." he said, pulling the two horses to a gentle canter. He smiled at him. "This is better than taking the stuffy carriage, anyway. And it takes less space going through town."

Suzaku sighed. He didn't mind riding horseback, it was when Lelouch rode at a suicide gallop that bothered him. And the prince was right. Horseback was better than the carriage, which often used a team of four to six horses, plus the entourage of knights, and the herald and footman. It was far less gaudy, for one, and Lelouch seemed calmer and more easygoing for another.

Lelouch sighed. "Suzaku?"

The knight knew what was coming. At the pace they were going, they would arrive at the town no earlier than had they taken the dumb old carriage. He nodded. "Just, don't leave me behind, alright?"

The prince smiled. "Alright, I won't race you." He leaned over a little and swatted Suzaku's horse with his crop, making it take off. "Too much." he added as he urged his horse faster to keep up. By the time they reached the town, Suzaku had managed to rein his horse in, only to have to urge it faster again as Lelouch jumped the wall into the yard of the training area for the hopeful knights.

"You did it again?" asked Gino, pausing from his sword training. He looked over as Suzaku rode his horse in through the gate.

Lelouch laughed and dismounted, walking his horse over to the hitching post and gently rubbing the animal's neck and sides. "I was having fun." he replied. "I don't get to do this very often, and I miss practicing with you guys."

Suzaku finished caring for his horse and waved Kallen and Rivalz over. The group went and sat on a few bales of hay not that far away, where Lelouch could watch the newest group of students practice.

"So, what brings you?" asked Kallen.

"Mostly a social call." Lelouch replied. "That and I need to pick my honor guard before my mother does."

"Yeah." said Gino. "I wouldn't want to be chucked out by you again." They laughed.

"How many windows were broken during that?" Rivalz asked, a grin on his face.

Lelouch closed his eyes for a moment, tapping his knee like he was counting.

"He still does that?" asked Gino.

"All the time." Suzaku answered. "You should see him playing chess. Last time, he beat Schnizel in fifteen minutes and with just his king."

"Seventeen." Lelouch said suddenly.

"Huh?" asked Kallen.

"Panes of glass. Sixteen on the doors and one on the window the left one hit when it snapped past the lock." He sighed and dropped off the hay bales, choosing to lie in the loose hay like he'd done back when he was Lelouch Lamperouge; curled slightly, and with one hand close to his sword, like he was hiding something or insecure.

"Lelouch?" Suzaku looked over the hay bale and saw the sad, lost look on the prince's face. He sighed, unsure of what to do.

"Is something wrong?" asked Rivalz.

Lelouch shook his head, coming out of his revere, and sat up. "Do you know where Sir Toudo is?"

"He'd probably be in the barracks." Kallen replied. "Going over his notes for the students."

Lelouch nodded, but motioned for Suzaku to remain where he was when the knight made to follow. He walked into the barracks and immediately spotted the man he'd come to know as his mentor.

"Your highness." said Toudo, standing and bowing at the waist.

"Stand. I don't like the formality. At least while I'm here, I'm still just Lelouch, your student."

"Very well." Toudo said. "What is the nature of your visit, Lelouch?"

"I'm here to name my honor guard." Lelouch replied. "Has Weinberg gotten any better?"

"You throwing him out of the castle made him realize he was still leaning on his family's name and ranking to get where he wanted to be. He's redoubled his efforts and is shaping up quite well."

"And Kallen? I never did get her last name."

"That's because she's riding on her father's last name to not be judged."

"How's that?"

"She's half-Japanese, but chose to use her Britanian name while training. She's doing remarkably well, and if she continues to improve, will make a fine knight."

"I see. And what about Rivalz?"

"Still a bit of a clown, but when push comes to shove, he will defend what he believes is right."

Lelouch nodded. "Then I choose them." he said, handing Toudo a letter. "These are their instructions. Once I name the captain of the honor guard, they are to be transferred to the palace. I'll send you another letter just before then."

Toudo nodded. He turned his head at the same time Lelouch did, and both sighed.

"Sounds like Cornelia came to fetch me." Lelouch grumbled. "Too bad for her. I still have things I need to do."

Cornelia walked in just then. "Lelouch, what are you doing here?" she asked.

"Asking the opinion of my former mentor for three prospective members of my honor guard." Lelouch replied, walking right past her. "And now Suzaku and I are heading on towards the Research and Development campus." He unhitched his horse, and Suzaku did the same. "I will return when my work is done."

"Lelouch, you don't have to luxury of doing whatever you want anymore." Cornelia snapped.

Lelouch mounted his horse, looking down at his sister. "Why not? I get to see the people I will one day rule over, and I get a chance to actually interact with some of them." He urged his horse to walk. "Besides, I'm not king yet."

Suzaku kept pace with Lelouch as they calmly rode through the city towards the R & D campus. "Why are we heading here?" he asked as they handed their horses off to the stable hand.

"There is someone that works here that I want you to meet." Lelouch replied. "She was a bit older than me, but she's probably the closest thing I can call a childhood friend."

"She?" Suzaku asked as Lelouch pushed open a door. There was strong waft of welding and natural oils, and the odd smell of food.

"C.C." Lelouch called out into the seemingly person-less room.

"Lulu!" A young woman with bright green hair seeming appeared out of nowhere and gave the prince a hug. "Oh, is this your knight?" She circled around Suzaku, checking him over. "So, I'm guessing you know Lulu's gay, right?"

"Yeah." Suzaku replied. "I'm his lover."

"Oh, you naughty thing." the woman said, pinching Lelouch's cheek. "So, anything else new? Schniezel loose at chess yet?"

"Yes, the last time we played." Lelouch replied. "He's not anywhere nearly as interesting as when Suzaku plays, though." He looked at the strange woman. "So, how's Project Orange?"

C.C. grinned in an almost evil way. "It's ready."