The Wedding

Suzaku fixed his dress uniform and stepped into the Main Hall. Somehow, the four members of the Honor Guard had . . . persuaded Charles vi Britannia to not only honor the existing marriage, but to allow Lelouch and Suzaku to declare it to the world by renewing said vows publicly.

The hall was decorated according to their specifications; the rows were lined with white bows that had small sprays of red and pink roses with white lilies and baby's breath sticking out, with the ribbons acting as a barrier between rows to keep anyone from stepping into the aisle where Lelouch would be walking. Along the walls were rows of white Japanese lanterns marked with the words for 'love', 'respect', 'honor', and 'family' painted to them in red and pink. The aisle itself had a red carpet along it, coming up eleven steps to the podium where the priest was making the final preparations for the ceremony. An archway stood over where he and Lelouch would stand to renew their vows, woven with the same red and pink roses as what decorated the aisle.

People were filing in, and Suzaku smiled when he saw that his father, the Japanese Minister, was there to witness this. Seeing the old man's face nearly fall off was going to be priceless. Several members of Lelouch's family were present as well, and Maryanne sat with C.C. and Sayoko, who in turn had the babies.

The clock chimed, ringing in the ninth hour, and everything fell silent.

The music began to play, and two young girls came walking up the aisle letting flutter red, pink, and white petals from their baskets. Behind them, looking a little stiff in the uniform, was Rolo, carrying the white satin pillow upon which rested the rings.

The four-member Honor Guard followed, taking their place at either side of the first two rows at the front, swords drawn and held perfectly straight in front of them. Not one moved as first Cornelia and Gilbert (her knight/husband), Clovis and Lauretta, Euphemia and Jitan (yeah, she got stuck with the page), and Shirley and Lloyd walked up as the wedding entourage.

And then, Lelouch stepped in. His outfit was most befitting his role in their marriage, but still, it nearly stole everyone's breath.

A white silk gown fit to his torso like a corset, while the skirt flared tastefully to the floor and trailed slightly behind. The left edge of the front was pinned up slightly with a small collection of rosettes, same as what lined his waist. The skirt was loosely covered over by a shimmering veil-like fabric, same as the chenille that aided in the flair and showed from under the pinning. Fingerless gloves rose up on his slender arms, ending with a small spray of rosettes again. In his hair, pinning the veil in place, were two lovely trailing sprays of roses and baby's breath, which allowed the veil to hang slightly behind him and flutter back like it were sheer silken wings.

Charles nearly died at the sight.

As he walked up the aisle, the Honor Guard raised their arms and crossed their swords, letting Lelouch pass underneath.

The prince turned and handed his bouquet to Euphemia, then turned to Suzaku and placed his hand in his lovers.

That was when the Japanese Minister nearly died. His son was the one marrying the prince? Princess? What was going on?

The two lovers walked up the steps together, ready to renew their vows and declare to the world that Lelouch vi Britannia was not only a gay prince, but the woman of the relationship.

Lelouch looked at the letter that had come in. It had been about three months since his renewal of vows with Suzaku, five since the birth of his twins. Ruben was starting to roll over, and Reimi was pushing herself up on her cute chubby little arms. Glancing back at Sayoko, he smiled and opened the letter. With a sigh, he got up and walked over to Suzaku, who was holding Reimi.

"What is it, love?" Suzaku asked.

Lelouch handed him the letter with a bit of a grin. "Good aim, Suzaku." he said, resting his hand on his lower stomach yet again.

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