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Chapter 14

"Derek," Amy asked as she and Isaac sat listlessly in their abandoned hideout, "what does a werewolf's eye color mean?" This question had been weighing heavily on her mind for some time now, and she figured their present, idle situation was opportunity enough to finally voice her inquiry.

"What do you mean?" he countered impassively.

"You know, why do some have different eye colors than others?" Isaac's ears perked up, and he looked to his leader with unfettered curiosity.

"Well, it's an Alpha/Beta thing," Derek said slowly, as if it were obvious.

"I understand that part," she replied, "but why do say, I dunno, Isaac and I, have different eye colors? I used to think it was just based on what our natural color was, but that clearly isn't the case. We both have blue eyes, but when we change mine stay blue and his turn yellow."

"It's complicated," the Alpha replied dismissively, in a tone that betrayed the fact that he did not want to get into the nitty-gritty of werewolf physiology at the moment.

"I wanna know too," Isaac chimed in.

Derek sighed, feeling oddly professorial. These conversations – compounded with the one they'd had about Nathan Hale – gave him an uncharacteristically sagacious role, one he'd never expected he would occupy. "No one really knows exactly. What we do know is that it has something to do with heredity. I don't understand it completely, but some people say that certain werewolves have blue eyes because they are next in the line of succession. It doesn't guarantee anything, though – it's just a theory."

Amy was stunned. "Succession to what?" she asked, even though she already knew the answer.

"To be an Alpha," he stated. "But like I said – it doesn't guarantee anything. I've seen werewolves with blue eyes that stay like that their entire lives, and I've seen werewolves with yellow eyes become Alphas. Theoretically, you probably have blue eyes because you are the oldest child in your family, which has a long history of werewolf lineage."

"So, if everything had gone properly like it might have in the olden days, when my father died I would have become the leader of the pack?"


"And you had blue eyes because you were next in succession after Peter?" she continued to press.

"Maybe. But it was my sister who was supposed to be the Alpha before me because she was older, so that theory gets kind of sketchy. No one really knows for sure why some werewolves have different eye colors, but non-genetic werewolves – as far as I know – always have yellow eyes. So the blue is definitely an inherited trait."

"My brother has yellow eyes," she murmured.

"That's probably because he's younger. Genetic werewolves can definitely be born with yellow eyes, and sometimes there can be two blue-eyed werewolves within the same family, which is why it's so hard to pinpoint what the difference is," Derek said. "It's easy to get into the mindset that becoming an Alpha is a male/female thing, but that's really not the case. It's not like becoming a king or something, and our history isn't like human history, where leaders are usually male. The werewolf gene doesn't care about gender, and if anything female werewolves are stronger because they can withstand more pain. Both my parents were Alphas…"

"That's possible? To have more than one Alpha in the same pack?" Isaac questioned.

"It's rare, but it's possible. Just like in real wolf packs, there can be an Alpha male and an Alpha female – like the case with my parents. There have even been legends about entire packs that are made up solely of Alphas, but I've never come across one in real life."

A pensive silence blanketed the dank and barren room. The more Amy learned about her heritage and the new culture she had been plunged into, the gladder she became that she enjoyed history. She'd had no idea that the past was so ingrained in current werewolf society, mostly because Derek hadn't ever spoken about it until recently. It made her wonder about her own bloodline, especially since she was allegedly from an important family that she knew next to nothing about.

"We should probably call Scott and Stiles," Derek said finally, changing the topic of conversation.

"To tell them about Lyssa?" asked Isaac, who had just been filled in about their new, potential packmember.


"I'll do it," Amy volunteered, her phone at the ready. Stiles answered quickly, as he tended to do.


"Hey, can we meet you guys at the apartment in like twenty minutes? We need to talk."

"Yeah, okay. Is you-know-who gonna be there?" he added in a hushed tone, likely because he didn't want his father to hear.

"Yeah, I think it should be safe? The cops have kind of let their guard down, haven't they? And they've already searched our apartment for him."

"I think it should be okay," he said tentatively. "I'll pick up Scott and meet you guys there."

"Okay, awesome." She hung up. "They're meeting us at our apartment in twenty."

"I know," Derek and Isaac replied in unison, looking at one another in mild surprise in the aftermath.

"… Hearing," Isaac justified sheepishly with a shrug.

Amy, unnerved by how easily they could all eavesdrop on one another, merely rolled her eyes. "Let's go."

. . .

"You're telling me some random werewolf lady showed up at your house asking to join the pack and you're actually considering letting her?!" Stiles exclaimed, the pitch of his voice fluctuating exaggeratedly to convey his incredulity.

"THANK YOU!" Amy burst out, gesturing to him wildly as if he were the only sane person in the entire apartment.

Derek did not look amused. "We already went over this, Amy," he deadpanned.

"Well, you're gonna have to go over it again," Stile snorted, "Because I'm not getting it." Scott conspicuously withheld any verbal judgment, and Isaac looked like he didn't know what to think.

"Whatever her true intentions are, I think we can agree that we have to keep an eye on her," Derek started.

"Yeah, I guess…"

"So why not let her think we're going to let her join the pack? She more than likely has useful information, and we already told her that she would have to prove herself. We can easily withhold anything crucial from her and tell her later, if and when we deem her trustworthy."

Stiles' expression conveyed that he was slightly more convinced, as did Scott's. Amy, on the other hand, wasn't making eye contact with any of them because, although Derek's strategy was logical, she didn't want to have anything more to do with this strange woman. Something about her didn't sit right. She would have expected Derek – like her – to be equally wary of the possibility of betrayal, given his past, but this seemed not to be the case. Perhaps she just didn't understand the concept of werewolf kinship and loyalty well enough yet. Scott and Stiles were in a similar boat; Isaac presented a bit of different case, as he was more unwavering in his compliance to Derek's will than even Amy. Granted, though, he already had a lot more on his mind than any of the others – he had lost his only remaining family mere days earlier, so it made sense that he was not in the mood to discuss the logistics of their plan.

Amy kept reminding herself of this and tried to remain sympathetic to it. With all that was going on, it was easy to forget each of their more personal hardships. She endeavored to move past her own grief, but Isaac's pain was too fresh for him to do the same.

"So, what's the next move then?" Scott inquired, breaking the pensive silence.

"Yeah, what do we do? Just call her up?" Stiles added.

"Yeah, I guess," Derek said, echoing Stiles' earlier comment. "I have her phone number," he informed them as he dug through his pockets in search of the scrap of paper she had given him.

Stiles sent a curious, sidelong glance to a perturbed-looking Amy, and was suddenly able to piece everything together. He knew exactly why she was so adamant about this girl not joining the pack, and it had nothing to do with distrusting her and everything to do with being jealous. With more difficulty than he cared to admit, he swallowed the urge to grin and tease her. This 'Lyssa' had to be something special to threaten Amy to such an extent, he thought, and he was now quite intent on meeting her.

Derek dialed the numbers into his phone, and she picked up very quickly.


"Hey, this is Derek."

"Oh! Hi! I'm so glad you called! What's up?"

Straight-faced, Amy looked at Stiles and made a gagging motion, causing him to let out a bark of laughter and the other two boys the smirk. Derek did not see the humor in her pantomime, but he seemed completely unfazed that she was so possessive over him.

"We would like to meet with you as a group. How soon can you come over?"

"I can leave right now, so maybe like fifteen minutes?"

"Okay. See you then." He hung up without waiting for her to respond.

"She sounds nice enough," Scott observed.

"Like that means anything," Amy scoffed. "It could easily just be an act." She was trying to rein in her blatant and seemingly unmerited resentment, but it was proving difficult.

Lyssa arrived at the building well within the time she'd specified; the four heard her coming before she rang the bell and Stiles, as always, couldn't help but feel left out. It was like everyone was in on some grand, cosmic joke and he perpetually remained in the dark. It was frustrating, to say the least.

As soon as the three boys saw her, they understood immediately why Amy had been acting so hostile: Lyssa was gorgeous. Isaac grinned broadly upon seeing her walk into the house, as did Stiles. Scott, who was in the presence of his girlfriend's best friend, struggled to keep his expression neutral.

"She's hot," Isaac said bluntly, voicing what was on everyone's mind.

The first thing she said when she walked through the door was "Thank you," which was directed at Isaac. His cheeks heated up in embarrassment, as she had obviously heard his remark.

"Gotta be careful with that super hearing," Stiles whispered to him mischievously.

"I'm Lyssa," she greeted, sticking her hand out first to Scott.

He shook it reluctantly, and replied, "Scott."

The other two introduced themselves similarly, and when she got to Amy she said, "Good to see you again." She seemed to be able to sense that the other brunette had already decided she didn't like her and that it would be futile to try to alter this opinion. So instead, she resolved to be as pleasant as she possibly could just to irritate her further. It was always more infuriating to hate someone nice than it was to hate someone unlikeable.

"We've decided we're going to give you a test run, so to speak," Derek informed. "We will give you the opportunity to prove that you can be an asset to this pack. For starters, do you have any other information that we would find valuable?"

"Yeah, actually," she said eagerly. "I think I know what happened to your friend."

Everyone in the room wore the same furrowed expression. "What friend?" Scott questioned.

She looked taken aback. "Oh – um. The werewolf that was killed – I presumed he was your friend."

"Jackson?" Isaac supplied.

"Yeah, that's who I mean. While you guys were deliberating on whether you were going to give me a shot or not, I took the time to get caught up on what's been happening in Beacon Hills. I read in the paper that a kid from the high school named Jackson Whittemore was killed, is that right?"

"Yeah, he was killed by hunters," Scott said.

"Oh, I know," she replied. "He was killed by the Grimms, I'm sure of it. That news was all over our town, too – they never said who it was that was killed, but it has to be the same person. He must have wandered to the next town during the night. Was he a new werewolf?"

"Yeah, actually," Derek admitted as things began to come together. "He must have wandered there in his sleep…"

"I used to do that a lot," Scott added. "It makes sense…"

"So, what else do you know about the Grimms?" Amy demanded.

"Not much. Just that they're patrolling this region and it looks like they're going to join forces with the Argents soon."

"You think we can stop two groups of hunters?" Isaac asked Derek, shocked.

"We have no other choice but to try, and we're going to need all the help we can get."

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