This Isn't Me


Natalie Elizabeth

Chapter 1

Spike sat in his favorite bar staring at the glass of beer in front of him. Every couple of weeks he came to the same place to think about his life, or unlife in his case. After the Adam ordeal and the fact that the initiative had closed down Spike saw no need to stay in Sunnydale. The place only brought everyone who stayed there heart ache. Once leaving Sunnydale his life began to change. No longer was the Hellmouth sucking the unlife out of him.

After a year scouring the continent Spike finally found a quite little town that suited him just fine. It wasn't really little compared to Sunnydale but it was compared to some of the towns he had stayed in. The vamp count wasn't high like in Sunnydale, so he was free to do what he pleased at night without being hassled. The people in the town were friendly and trustworthy and seemed to accept Spike even though he was kind of strange.

This didn't effect him as he was easily able to obtain an apartment. Most of the apartments in his block were filled with single mothers or old people who liked the idea of a man around to protect them. He had been there for four years now, living in an apartment like a human.

Spike picked up his glass and quickly drained it before throwing down some money and walking out. He didn't notice the couple in the corner arguing.

"What do you mean you like this town better than the other ones I told you we weren't staying, were are only here for a couple of months"

"Oh come on Riley please I like this town. I have seen more of this town than any of the others, and it seems nice. Cant we just stay put for once"

"What do you mean you have seen more of this town have you been sneaking out" he yelled angrily.

Buffy looked at him scared.

"No Riley I swear I haven't I just meant that you have taken me out twice now"

"You have been sneaking out you liar" he said standing up and grabbing her arm.

"Riley I swear I haven't" she said as she was dragged out of the bar.

Riley pulled Buffy outside and yanked her close to him.

"You have been a disobedient wife you must apologize now"

Buffy sighed and stepped back. "No please Riley my bones still haven't healed properly"

Spike watched the couple from a distance. He had started to walk to his car when he heard the couple arguing. He knew that they were human but he thought it would be a laugh to stay and watch them. Spike only started to get worried when he saw the male take off his belt and inch closer to the girl. Spike went to walk over to the couple but quickened his place when he saw the girl get knocked to the floor.

"Get up you stupid slut" Riley screamed kicking Buffy in her mid section.

"Hey leave her alone" Spike yelled pulling Riley away and receiving a headache for his troubles.

"Fuck off" Riley said turning around. He was startled when he saw Spike "Well if it isn't the chipped vampire himself"

"Well captain cardboard I see you have to beat your women in order to get any"

"Oh I get plenty from the tart without beating, its just sometimes she needs to be kept in line" he said walking closer to Buffy.

"Hey wanker stay away from the girl"

"Or you will do what" he said turning around to face spike.

Spike prepared himself for the extreme pain as he hit Riley in the jaw. Riley flew back and hit the wall. Spike ignored the pain and ran over to the girl who was laying on the ground, a mass of hair covering her body.

"Hey girl get up," Spike said shaking her hoping the chip wouldn't go off.

The girl didn't move so Spike shook her again. This time her hair fell away from her face. Spike looked at Buffys pale and bloodied face in shock. Spike turned and looked at Riley who was trying to get up off the floor.

"You did this to Buffy" he yelled in full vampire mode.

"She is my wife and I can do what I want"

"She is the slayer and no you bloody cant"

Spike turned around to Buffy and began to shake her a little harder. Buffy finally came to and looked at Spike surprised and scared at the same time.

"Spike what are you doing here"

Spike looked between Riley and Buffy.

"Saving your bloody ass that's what now come on" he said helping her to her feet.

"Stay away from her you freak" Riley said stalking over to them.

Buffy saw Riley's enraged face and hid behind spike holding on to his arm

"Riley please calm down"

"What you going for another vampire lover, our little games weren't rough enough for you huh," he said getting even closer to them.

"Stay away from her" Spike warned

"She's my wife I'll do what I want"

"Now you wont" Spike growled kneeing Riley in the groin.

Riley doubled over and Spike hit him in the back of the head before grabbing his own head in pain. Spike regained focus when he saw Buffy faint.

"Oh shit" spike mumbled.

Spike stumbled over to Buffy and began to shake her again. Buffys eyes opened and they were full of fear.

"Its ok pet, ill get you away from him, I am going to pick you up ok"

Buffy nodded and allowed Spike to pick her up. Spike walked around the blacked out Riley and began to walk to his car.

"Where are you taking me" she inquired.

"To my car, then to my place to clean you up, is that ok?. Would you like me to take you to a friends, you don't want to go to your home do you?"

"No, no not tonight please" she pleaded with him now holding on to him for dear life.


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