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Warnings: AU (I'm not taking any chances here), Violence and Torture in later chapters

Aragorn is in his mid twenties and Legolas is well... a young elf. :)

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story, no matter how much I want to... I don't... They all belong to the wonderful man Tolkien, other than a few baddies but hey, who wants those guys when you could be Tolkien!


A cloaked figure looked around intently, from afar he seemed as if he were prey hiding from the hunter, but up close anyone could tell no hunter would want this meal. Seemingly appeased with his findings, the figure hobbled into the cave entrance, protecting something small in a cloth in between his hands.

The darkness consumed the figure and he let out a shudder. Even he could feel the cold tendrils of death swirl about him as he journeyed further in the cave. At last he had come to the back of the cave. The figure hobbled in a strange formation as he avoided the traps he knew were waiting. His hands shook as he uncovered the small gemstone from the cloth. It was an emerald green color, but it looked as if a fire was alight within.

The figure drew back his cloak to stare at the sight of the small gem in his hands. A smirk graced the old man's lips. He would be young again. He began to run his hands along the wall searching for the hole he knew was there. His fingers ran across something rough and as he drew his fingers past it once again, he knew this to be the keyhole. The old man's shaking hands quickly put the gemstone in the hole and gave it a small press.

The cave began shaking as if it was going to cave in and the old man put his hands over his head on instinct. However, when the shaking stopped, a doorway was open in the back wall just in front of where he stood. He grabbed the gem out of the wall and began hobbling further into darkness. At long last he walked into a room bathed in a strange blue light located at the center point. The closer he approached the blue light he saw it was a man, a man in his mid 30s he assumed.

Fear began to grip the man in an icy vice as he slowly approached the blue shrouded man. There at the nape of the neck was an empty hole almost seemingly set into the skin. It was the exact shape of the gem he held in his hand. His shaking hands placed the gem into the spot and suddenly there was a great blast of air that pushed the old man back to land on his rear. As his old bones protested the movement of getting up a hand was reached out towards him, a hand bathed in a blue light.

"Stand mortal." The man said to the figure on the ground. "Rise and tell your Master what has happened the past many years I've slept." The old man sat motionless, fear going through his eyes. Power beamed off the man, even a blind one could have felt the power this man held. "Come, I have not got all day. You will get your reward, so tell me what has happened." He boomed.

The old man grasped his hand and got to his feet. "I apologize... Master... I uh.." The old man found his courage, or his greed, he WAS going to become young again and he needed this locked-away-soul to get that for him. "I am from a small town down the mountains and I'm the scroll keeper there. I read about your defea- I mean your saddened fate and thought I could help you in return for something I need. I scoured Middle Earth in search of that gemstone and I finally have got it to you. All I ask is for youth again."

The other man smiled evily. He knew mankind's greed and he was going to get back his immortality with this man's help, though he knew the old man would not get what he desired. "That can be arranged. But as you can see I am slowly loosing my power." Even as he stated this his blue glow was fading. "All I need are two ingredients, an immortal and a mortal who can bleed." His smile widened at the thought of it. "Now what can I call you?"

"K-Kowan sir- I mean Master."

The blue man smirked, "Well, time to go out in this world and find those cruel enough to help me. Though, I hope you do understand Kowan that we need to lead my two ingredients to this cave. I do apologize beforehand." He advanced upon the man an evil sneer plastered to his face. "This will only hurt for a little bit."

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