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I saw that there were a few FanFics with a certain person growing into a giant, and I've even seen cartoons like that when I was a kid. So I thought to myself, "What if I did one myself? What if I did that for Avatar: The Last AirBender?" I am really sure that there's one already called Attack Of The Giant Suki. And I've read one FanFic that has Katara slightly jealous of Aang being taller than her...and that's what inspired me.

So anyways, here's the disclaimer.

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Summary: Katara gets jealous that Aang's taller than her, so she gets a potion from a secret market that lets her grow to his height. But the potion gets out of control, and she finds herself growing taller than Aang...and everyone else at that. Soon enough, she grows to a 50 foot tall giantess! Can Aang and the rest of Team Avatar find a way to shrink her before she accidentally destroys the city?

Publishing Date: June 3, 2013

Rated T for: Mild language (if any), sensual references, and other stuff I can't think of.



Jealousy And A Potion

Months had passed since Republic City was going to start being built. But for right now, let's focus on Ba Sing Se for this story, okay? Anyways, ever since the Hundred Year War came to an end, Avatar Aang and his friends had worked for peace and harmony among the four nations while resuming their normal war-free lives. Other than a few rebellions here and there, things were slowly turning for the better...but certain tension could come along.

It was another warm summer in Ba Sing Se, especially at the Jasmine Dragon, Iroh's tea shop. And there was going to be a meeting some time in a few more weeks, so Avatar Aang and his friends could relax for a while. But as of right now...everyone was asleep except for a certain person already up and sipping tea while observing the scenery of the city.

Katara of the Southern Water Tribe sat at an outside table on the balcony, watching the sun start to rise over the horizon. She was all dressed up in her warm-weather Water Tribe robes, and her hair had been fixed to become her usual mane with the topknot. Right now, she was thinking on what to do with her boyfriend for the day, patting Momo the lemur absentmindedly. But in case he needed anything done for the day, she would wait until he was finished.

"You think Aang might like the sunrise, Momo?" she asked the lemur, calmly sipping the tea while patting his head. Momo gave a chirp, making Katara smile and say, "Oh, I think he'll like it too. Just you wait."

But as she finished speaking, she heard a gentle knock at the door and turned around. Standing at the doorway was Avatar Aang himself, dressed up in his formal Air Nomad robes with his glider staff connected to a strap on the back. Just as usual, the AirBending Avatar looked very dashing this morning, his lean yet powerful frame silhouetted against the sunlight.

"I saw the sunrise already...and it's beautiful," Aang told her with that gentle goofy smile on his face. "Just like you."

Katara gave him a smile, saying, "Good morning to you too, sweetie. And didn't Sokka say to knock to come inside?" she added with a playful smirk.

Aang shrugged back, still smiling. "Sorry about that."

"It's fine," Katara replied as she got up from her seat and walked over to him. "So what do you think we should do...today...?"

Now that she was close to Aang, she was now looking up to him in shock...up to him. Just hours ago, before they fell asleep, they had been both the same height at five feet. But now, she only reached up to his chin now, so she had to strain her neck a bit to look up. Katara never guessed her boyfriend would grow taller than her one day...this was an unexpected turn of events.

Aang was looking down at her in confusion, asking, "What? Did Appa sneeze on me again?"

"Oh...no, you're fine," Katara stammered, stepping back. "It's...you're...taller than me now."

"I am?" Aang asked as he tilted his head to one side.

Katara nodded. "Well, of course you are! I mean...look at you!"

He stepped over towards her and looked down at her, his dark gray eyes widening at the sudden realization. But then...Katara noticed a bit of a smile come across Aang's face, making her a bit irritated now. A small seed of jealousy must have planted itself into her mind, for she felt like it wasn't fair he was leaving her in the dust thanks to his new height. If she could just grow to his height, then she wouldn't be feeling jealous right now.

"Katara?" Aang's voice made her snap back to reality. "You got bumble-maggot gut or something? You're pulling some really weird faces."

(Author's Note: Warriors reference!)

"Huh? Oh...I just have a bit of a mild stomachache," she lied. "It's nothing bad. Just a bit of warm tea, and I'll be feeling fine."

To her surprise, Aang seemed to buy this, for he said, "Okay. So what should we do today?"

Keeping her mind off the resentment, Katara suggested, "How about we go for a walk around the city? All of us, I mean."

"Great idea," the Avatar agreed, kissing her cheek lightly.


So Team Avatar had gotten prepared for their day out, ready to spend time having fun before going to the serious stuff. Yet even though Katara tried to enjoy the day, she felt the same kind of jealousy from before...but it got worse at the others' reactions. Her brother Sokka had even congratulated Aang on getting to be as tall as him and Zuko, the current Fire Lord, and even made a joke about him being taller than Appa one day. The more she thought about it, the worse she was starting to feel.

But the master WaterBender wanted to clear her head of these jealous thoughts since it was a day for relaxing. Perhaps a day out in the city could keep her mind clear.

As they walked down the main streets and onwards, the heroes of the war began looking around the shops and stuff, browsing around. People around them were greeting them occasionally, even commenting on Aang's new height and how much he had grown. Hearing all this made Katara feel the same seed of envy take root into her mind again, disliking the way he wasn't minding people noticing how tall he was now. For some odd reason, she wondered if they would notice her if she was as tall as he was.

Around her, her friends were checking out several stores together. Sokka and Suki were checking out the weapons market, Toph was just drifting around, and Aang was looking through many shops and checking them out. Only Zuko and Katara were the only ones who didn't browse at the moment, but for different reasons. Zuko wasn't shopping because he said he wasn't much of a shopper, but Katara wasn't shopping either because of her mind being occupied.

Why can't I be tall like Aang or Sokka? Or even Zuko? I just wish I can be as tall as them.

"Psst! Young lady...over here!"

Katara looked around, trying to find the speaker. The voice, which sounded middle-aged and male, said, "Didn't you hear me? Get your sexy behind over here! I got somethin' to show ya!"

She looked around until she finally noticed the man whispering to her. He was a seedy yet quite good-looking young man with short black hair with light brown stripes among it, and he was hiding behind a barrel filled with cabbages. Plus, he was wearing a long black coat that reached down to his ankles, and he had his hands in the pockets of the coat. To Katara, he looked like one of the pirates she had come across just four years back...only slightly.

"Hey there," she greeted the man. Then, more warily, she added, "And if you want to say anything about my butt, then keep it to yourself."

The man shrugged. "Sorry, miss, but I just needed to get your attention. Listen...just call me the Dealer, and I heard your problem. I heard that you're jealous of your Avatar boyfriend's new height, and I think I got a solution."

Katara blinked twice before processing on what this man said. He could help me with my new problem? But how?

"I bet I know what you're thinking," the Dealer said with a wink. "I bet you're wondering how I can help you. But I can...for twenty gold pieces, that is."

"Twenty gold pieces?" Katara asked with widened eyes. But despite this, she knew he could help her out, so she started digging into her bag and said, "Okay, just let me get the money out."

She pulled out the money and handed it to the Dealer, who took the money and said, "Good. Now that the money's here, I got just the thing for you. Just let me get it outta my coat." He dug into it and pulled out a small green bottle, saying, "Here we go. A growth potion!"

Katara stared down at it, doubtful. She recalled when she and her friends were in the Fire Nation and they had come across the same singing nomads that led them to the Cave of Two Lovers. They had given them a potion that made them experience all kinds of love, and Toph Bei Fong herself, the blind EarthBender with the tough-as-nails personality, had found love. Fortunately, the potion's effects didn't last long, and they were back to their normal selves.

But as for this potion, she was starting to doubt it. She didn't know why, but she felt like asking for a refund; this just looked like a drink you could carry around.

"Growth potion?" she asked.

"Yep," the Dealer replied with a wink. "I'll tell you how it works. Take a spoonful for your kind of size once a day, and results will appear an inch every two weeks."

Stunned at this, Katara yelped, "An inch every two weeks?! But...what if I wanted to be taller right now?"

The Dealer shrugged. "Don't ask me. Just do what the instructions say, and you'll be fine."

"But what'll happen if I just drink the whole thing?"

But as soon as Katara said this, she nearly regretted it. The Dealer was gazing at her with a mix of shock and doubt, and she wondered what he would say next.

"I...don't think that's a good idea, miss," he told her. "I wouldn't try it if I were you. That's why instructions are written: to be followed out, you know? But you better go; the Fire Lord's in the city, and he'll have my head if I'm caught selling my wares."

Katara smiled to herself at what her friend would do. "Zuko won't try and behead you. He's my friend, and he's trying to not become his father. But anyways, thanks for the potion."

The Dealer nodded with a sly smile. "No problem. And by the way..." he added, his grin getting even craftier as he eyed her rear. "...you DO have a sexy behind...and quite a big one too. Has your boyfriend been tapping it lately?"


Katara had felt so shocked and mortified at this that she slapped the man hard in the face before taking the potion and walking off. She thought, How dare he say something like that? If there's anyone who can talk about my butt, then it'll be Aang!

Despite this, though, she felt happy that her new problem was going to be solved. Now she would be as tall as Aang and not worry at being the shortest person in Team Avatar. But just as she walked off, she turned to see the Dealer looking dizzy after being slapped in the face.

"Don't care..." he was muttering, swaying before he hit the ground. "...it was worth it."


Once the day was done, Team Avatar headed back to the Jasmine Dragon tea shop, where it was also an inn for travelling people. Dinner that night consisted of ex-general Iroh's famous roast turkey duck along with potatoes and mixed vegetables (the last two the only things Aang chose to get because of his diet), and they talked about many things that was going on in the world at the moment. But one person had not joined in the conversation.

After she helped Iroh and his assistant Jin clean the dishes, Katara quickly said her good-night and walked over to her room. Since she and Aang weren't going to get married right away, they were sleeping in other rooms...that were next to each other. But she had no time to worry about it now; now was the time for her to put her new plan into action.

I really wish there was another way; I mean, I don't know where that potion would've come from, she suddenly thought. But I just want to be as tall as Aang. Just that height.

Once she made it to the bedroom, Katara quickly locked the door and took out the green potion bottle the Dealer had given her. She didn't want to waste any time growing a few inches or even a foot, so she pulled the cork off the bottle and took a brief sniff. It smelled rather sweet like the scent of fresh fruit after a rainy day while being sliced open. Inhaling and then exhaling, she used WaterBending to pull the entire liquid out of the bottle and swallowed it whole, and it did taste of fruit. The feeling of the potion down her throat was enough to make her shiver, but she shook it off. It would be worth it if the magic worked.

Once she was finished, Katara placed the bottle on the nightstand, got undressed until she was in her nightclothes, and got into bed, thinking over what would happen in the next few weeks. She would get to be as tall as her boyfriend, and the jealous feeling could go away.

"Better get ready, Aang," Katara murmured slightly to herself. "We'll be the same height soon."

Little did she know...that she would be careful what she wished for.

To be continued...


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