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It was late afternoon in Ba Sing Se, especially at the Jasmine Dragon tea shop. But right now, everyone was at work to repair the broken city. All except for a certain person already sipping tea while thinking of what had happened.

Katara sat at an outside table on the balcony, watching the sun start to set over the horizon. She was once again all dressed up in her warm-weather Water Tribe robes, and her hair had been let loose until it became a bushy mane of hair. Right now, she was thinking of all that had happened today, patting Momo absentmindedly. She had been through quite an adventure by growing to giant size, yet she was happy she was small again.

"What about my body, though?" she wondered aloud to herself, looking down at her body and feeling it. Katara had just noticed that certain parts of her had started to get a bit bigger.

But as she finished speaking, she heard a gentle knock at the door and turned around. Standing at the doorway was Aang, dressed up once again in his formal Air Nomad robes with his glider staff connected to a strap on the back. Just as usual, the AirBending Avatar looked very dashing, his lean yet powerful frame silhouetted against the reddish sunlight.

"I saw the sunset already...and it's beautiful," Aang told her with that gentle goofy smile on his face. "Just like you, sweetheart."

Katara gave him a smile, saying, "Hey, sweetie." She got up from her seat and walked over to him, looking up at him and into his eyes as she remarked, "I'm not feeling any jealousy now."

Aang replied, "That's good to hear. And by the way...can you tell me more about what all happened about this growing thing?"

"I can," Katara answered, looking to the side. She closed her eyes as she sighed, opening them again and saying, "You see...women in my tribe aren't as tall as other women in the world. Living in the South Pole for almost all of your life can get tiresome when you don't reach up to your brother's chin. And when I saw your new height...I was reminded very much of Sokka. You saw how tall he is now."

"Oh...I never thought of that until just now," Aang said, a humbled look on his face. "I'm sorry I didn't know about your problem. You know what?" He sighed. "Katara, this entire thing today was my fault. If I hadn't shown off my new height, then you wouldn't have grown and almost been killed."

Katara smiled up at him and caressed his cheek with her hand. "Aang, don't say that. Everyone deserves to show off their skills or some other thing. For example, you got those arrows of yours for being an excellent AirBender, right?"

Aang nodded. "Yeah."

"And I got to be a master WaterBender thanks to Master Pakku," Katara went on. "But I must've forgotten all of that yesterday when I bought that potion."

"Well, I won't argue with that." Then Aang asked in a rather sly tone, a crafty grin on his face, "So...nothing could've hurt you while you were a giantess?"

Confused, Katara replied, "No, not much except for those rocks...and they DID hurt. Why?"

Aang shrugged and said, "Nothing. Just...this." And to her great surprise, he reached around her hips and gave her behind a whole-hearted slap.

"Hey!" Katara yelped, jumping back and smoothing a hand over her smacked rear. She stalked towards him, snapping, "Aang, that was really uncalled for?! Why did you do that?!"

"Miroku told me good-luck on saving you," Aang explained hastily, backing away from her. "And...he said that once we're done with it, he said I could...well, give your butt a slap," he added with a big blush on his sheepishly grinning face. "It's getting bigger, by the way."

Katara's brief anger faded away when she heard of the dealer. At this, she recalled Miroku eying her behind with a slightly perverted look in his eyes and then groping her behind. She was very thankful for him helping her out, but it was time for him to learn a lesson about being a pervert.

So she said slyly, "Well...my hips did get a bit bigger too, so you can feel them. But in return for that...I'm gonna give you some payback."

Thus, she held her boyfriend's hands in hers, hoisted them above their heads, and froze them to the wall. Katara gave Aang a crafty grin in return and started tickling him all over, making him laugh and squirm. She knew he was a skilled WaterBender like her thanks to being the Avatar, so anytime she saw him try to unfreeze himself, she would kiss him on the lips to distract him. Finally, when he yelped and laughed "Okay, I give!", she pulled back and unfroze his arms with WaterBending while he rubbed his free yet cold wrists.

"There. That's what Miroku will be expecting next time if he gropes my butt again...and you when we're alone," Katara said with a wink. "NOW you can wrap your arms around my waist."


Katara quivered a bit with desire as Aang wrapped his arms around her waist before resting his hands on her hips. And when he even gently gripped her behind, she didn't mind this time as long as it was him groping her like that. To seal that she was fine with what he was doing, she leaned up the best she could and captured his mouth with hers into a kiss. It felt like the world around them had become a giant beacon as they embraced and kissed in the dying sunlight.

"You know what we can use?" Aang asked breathlessly once they broke this kiss, his girlfriend's arms still wrapped around his neck. "We could use a vacation. You know, to get away from the politics and stuff. Not to be lazy or anything," he added with a chuckle.

This made Katara laugh with him. "Yeah. And you know where I'd like to spend a vacation at? I was thinking of a tropical island, and I'd like to see some of that."

Aang raised an eyebrow at her. "What about the Fire Nation? Surely they've got plenty of tropical islands there?"

"I know," Katara said, backing up what she was saying. "I was just saying that maybe we can find a lone island. Just to ourselves."

"Just to ourselves?"


Katara smiled up at him, splitting apart from him. "I'm getting hungry; being a giant for a day can really make your appetite grow. Get it?" she finished with a laugh.

Aang laughed with her. "Yep. And I'm getting hungry too. Let's go inside."

"Sounds like a plan." Katara got onto her toes and kissed him again, saying, "You sure were cute when I was taller than you. And now...you're even more handsome. I love you, Aang."

"I love you too," Aang replied with a smile, kissing her back. "With all my heart and soul. Now let's go eat."

Katara let him go ahead back to the Jasmine Dragon before looking back at the sunset. Come to think of it, a vacation really was nice to have. Due to all the politics and meetings so far, it was high time they took a small break for it all. But growing to fifty feet tall and fighting Earth Kingdom soldiers was enough adventure for her for one day, so she wasn't too very adventurous at the moment.

Where one adventure ended, another would be around the corner. And Katara would join Aang in meeting it all the way.

The End!


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