Henry burst into the hospital doors, his heart pounding painfully against his chest. He kept replaying the phone call over and over again, trying to figure out what went wrong, wondering if he should have just stopped trying to teach Shawn how to be the perfect investigator. If he hadn't, would Shawn have ended up in the hospital?

Most likely, but it would probably be for something stupid and not a potential gunshot wound; if that's what had happened, and Henry hoped that's not what had happened.

He headed towards the nurse's station, trying hard to keep from panicking, wondering just how much crap he'd get into if he screamed, when he heard a familiar voice call, "Dad? You're here!"

Henry whirled around, eyes landing on Shawn moving towards him on crutches. He had only hurt his leg. Thank God.

"What happened?" Henry demanded.

"Dad, it's the most awful thing. Lassie finally did it."

"He shot you?"

"No, he got a dog and it bit me."

This is probably set in the earlier seasons, and it goes a bit off canon since Lassiter doesn't have a dog (unless Shawn finally gave him Little Lassie then maybe he does have a dog, but he didn't in the early seasons so... yeah).

Anyway, thanks for reading. I wanted to write something funny after that depressing finale (if you haven't seen it... just... it was sad), and leave me a comment if you can.