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"The Truth"

"BWAHAHAHHHAAAAA! I have done it! Now you will witness my greatness! HAHAHAHHAAA!"

"Witness what now, Zim-"

"My greatest achievement, my Great Leaders! To rule over this pathetic planet!"

"Zim, we don't have time-"

"As you can see, my Tallest, my plans of conquering this filthy planet is working well under way...," said the familiar small green Irken with large magenta pupil less eyes who isn't small anymore.

The two taller Irkens on the large screen of his monitor of his under ground lab only rolled their large pupil less eyes with frustration and annoyance. One with red or crimson colored eyes and robes to match seemed to be most annoyed of the two of them of all as he crossed his thin spindly gauntlet arms over his armored chest and tapping with one of his long slender fingers on his left arm while his long thin black antennas occasionally twitched irritably. The one with purple or violet colored eyes and robes who is only interested in his soft drink in his gauntlet hands as he sucked lazily on the straw but he's annoyed with the talking Irken as much as his counterpart.

"Because I, the Almighty Zim, shall do this for our great empire in the matter of minutes...," he said gleefully while wringing his black gloved wrists.

The tall Irken in robes and armor grew more agitated at the annoying Irken. He wanted to shoot a laser at the talking Irken's head and be done with it. He ground his sharpen teeth against one another as he stood there or more like hovering there in front of the screen, listening to this Irken's annoying voice. The other tall Irken in purple robes and armor only suck on the straw a little more until he ran out of his favorite soft drink. Both of his black thin antenna perked forward in short of alarm as he looked at the cup curiously in his gauntlet hand, as if wondering something was wrong before looking through the straw, hoping to see the problem with one antenna raised above his head but truthfully, he was only doing this so he could ignore the Irken on the screen.

"My Tallest, you'll be happy to know that Zim's report on this matter phenomenal," he continues which of course the tall red Irken couldn't take it anymore and growled with seer anger, frustration and irritation. His counterpart turned with wide large purple eyes in shock with both antennas stood straight up of seeing his red twin just snap before him. The other smaller Irkens within the room all turned to their Tallest with fear in their large pupil less eyes.

"Argh! I can't take it anymore!" The tall Irken in red screamed which made the Irken with dark magenta eyes shocked into silence as he watches his Tallest with concern and interest. "Can't take anymore of your constant talking! I just can't take it! Ahhh!" The tall Irken in purple reached out and took hold of his partner's clad right shoulder with a strong grip, even if he has two fingers.

"Easy, Red..," he said gently but Red wouldn't hear it and slap his twin's hold away.

"No," Red shook his head. "No longer will I hear his annoying voice ever again! It's time we told him the truth, Purple! Thoroughly!"

"But Red-"

"Now!" Purple sighed in defeat. He is annoyed with Zim as much as Red and really can't stand the little thing but can they take that chance? Zim is practically close to their height now. Can they really take that chance of not monitoring him anymore? Could Zim then find a way to go against them and take over their power to rule the Irken Empire in revenge? Purple sighed again. It is a risk they're willing to take.

Zim only stares at the both of his Tallest with now great curiosity with one of his antenna cocked up while the other sat on his head. What are they going to tell him? That's he's the greatest Invader they ever have and is now promoting him general to an army? Or are they going to-

"Zim!" Tallest Purple screamed which broke Zim's wandering thoughts as he instantly straightens himself with pride and saluted to them both with his hand raised above his large eyes. Both of his antenna stood erect as well.

"Yes, my Tallest!" He replied with a joyful smiled on his face, still holding his hands up.

Both rolled their colored eyes then look back at Zim with irritation written on their faces. Zim is oblivious to those expressions, of course.

"Zim, we have something to tell you," Tallest Purple said in a stern tone, "and you better listen." Zim nodded with earnest then listened. He couldn't keep the grin off his face. "Now, we, the Tallest, has ask of you to go to this unknown planet called Err-tthh, to gather information that could be useful to us...," Zim nodded to that, "...and then conquer without hesitation...," Zim nodded but slowly this time, not getting what his Tallest Purple is trying to say, "...but truthfully, we send there," then Purple tried to find the right words to say it without encouraging the Ikren before them.

"Oh for the love of Irk!" Screamed Red which Zim turn his attention to Tallest Red. Red glared at Zim with such hate in those burning bright crimson eyes that it made the other Irkens near by flinch and shrank away. "We banished you!"

Zim only stood there with a blank expression, not getting what they meant. Red noticed this and growled with frustration. "You know! Banished! Exiled! Never to return to Ikren again!" Zim now had an confused expression this time. Red roared with beyond frustration. Why was this Ikren even born?! He thought with great distastes. That's when Purple jumped in.

"What Red is trying to say is that you're no longer an Irken of this Empire. You're forever banished to the dirt ball of a planet you call Eerr-thh," Purple explained to the simple minded Irken before them.

At first it really didn't hit Zim hard, in fact, he thought it was a joke and laughed. He laughed and laughed until he's in a hysteria of laughs. Both tall Ikrens looked on with one raised antenna then turned to each other with the same face mixed with a little fear. The other Ikrens around them looked at them then at the laughing Ikren on the screen. Did Zim finally snapped?

Zim laughed and laughed while hold his sides from the growing pain of laughing so much. He then finally cooled off from so much laughing which ended into snickering. He snickered and giggled then took a breather and wiped his eyes from imaginary tears.

"Ha! Ha. Haah. You jest Zim quite well, my Tallest," Zim said now slightly snickering. "It was very very funny how you fooled Zim. Haha. Good one, my Tallest. As they say on this planet, April Fools! Haha! I really know you send me on this secret special mission for the good of the Empire." This infuriate Tallest Red which Purple have no longer control over. Those crimson eyes glowed bright with fury. He back away from his red counterpart before he was caught into the cross fire.

"ZIM! By the order of the Tallest Red and Purple, we banished you to this dirt planet to the very end of your life-span of your Pak!" Red screeched at the screen. All around him shrank away from his fury. "We banished you! BANISHED! B-A-N-I-S-H-E-D! EXILED! YOU'ER NO LONGER IKREN! Blortch-we HATE YOU! We send you away on your "special mission" to get RID of you! We can't stand you! I rather send you to the depths of a black hole but we felt pity for you, so we sent you on this stupid false mission in hopes that either you get lost in space or died on that planet!"

Zim only stared at his Tallest for a bit longer as his Tallest stood on waiting for him to understand before it finally hits him. His eyes widen then contract as if lost their pride and power in that gaze which is true. His arms fell limply to his sides with no energy in them at all and his antennas then sunken to the top of his head listlessly. Both Tallest watched as Zim turned from a prideful, confident Irken to a fragile, lifeless, weak and empty being before them. Red only smirked in victory of his words finally hitting the Irken home where it hurts while Purple looks on with pity and terror, mostly terror, fearing that this might cause something in the future that will end the Irken Empire as they know it.

Zim only stood there with dull dark magenta eyes now darken to almost a ruby color and his stance no longer have that arrogant pride he had earlier but a defeated slightly slouching of disbelief.

"," is all Zim could muster before he lost his voice in total shock. He no longer could form words of any kind, only stare dumbfounded at his two Tallest. Eerie silence followed Zim's distorted sentence which Red took the opportunity to rub more salt in the wound.

"Yes, Zim, you're banished," Red repeated, his crimson eyes glazed with satisfaction. "No longer an Invader or an Irken. You now forever a, what those pig-things, a hyuu-man." Zim's dull eyes widen with fear of being exiled and try to persuade his Tallest.

"But, my Tallest,...please reconsider," Zim try to coax. "Zim...I will do everything you ask. Anything!"

Both Red and Purple shook their heads. "That's just it, Zim," Red said in a toneless voice. "You would go to such lengths to please us which is very irritating. Not only did you ruin the plans of Impending Doom I, but also killed the two Tallest before us! Deactivating you was too good for you so we thought banishing you to another planet will settle a more proper punishment. We hoped Foodcourtia will straighten you out but, of course, that didn't work." Both Tallest shook their heads in annoyance of Zim's return. Zim was shocked. So going to Foodcourtia was a banishment, not to help influence his Invader's strength and wisdom? How could he be such an idiot?! Red read Zim's expression and smirked gloatingly at him. "So it finally hit home, didn't it Zim?" He asked Zim.

Zim didn't even look or heard his Tallest's words, he seemed lost into his thoughts for while which Purple grew concern about. Could Zim be thinking of revenge? He maybe a simple minded Irken but he's not stupid. He was once a scientist on Irk while helping building in the Massive and weaponry for some time before becoming a Invader. Zim then looks up at his Tallests with large pleading eyes that bright and glistened with suspicion of tearing.

"Please, my Tallest," Zim begged in a small voice that didn't sound anything like Zim at all which brought joy to Red and a sadistic glee. "Please...please give me another chance-"

"You've already had your chance, Zim! More times than we can count!" Red screamed at the screen which made Zim flinch and shrank back from the screen. The other Irkens within the room about their Tallest almost felt sorry for the Irken, almost. "This time you're staying where you are and never return to Irk for the rest of your life-span! Understand?" Zim didn't say anything only cower from fear and sadness which Red took as his answer. "Good," Red sneered. "Now, you'll be left on that planet with no Irken technology-," this Zim made jump and looked at his Tallest to plead again. "NOT. ANOTHER. WORD." Zim instantly went quiet. "As I was saying, your Irken Technology will be terminated in the next two minutes after this transmission is over. Your Pak will still be functional but for how long without Irken Technology to help repair or recharge it, I don't know and I don't care. Your S.I.R. Unit will continue to function because it wasn't an "Advance" Technology, it was actually a defective unit that me and Purple put together at the last minute with scrap and garbage. I'm shocked that it actually worked."

Zim's eyes widen even further with this new information. No wonder GIR was stupid. He thought it was part of an act to make his enemies believe that GIR was insanely retarded but in reality, GIR is really stupid. Zim's now feeling even lower than before as he sank to his knees with a stunned blank expression. Why? Why is this happening to me? Zim thought weakly.

As if hearing Zim's thoughts Red sneered, "Because you're an defect." Zim's body went tense, stilled as he heard those words from his Tallest, the rulers he looks up to, the one's he send loyalty towards...calling him a defect. Zim was no longer Zim then Almighty Invader but now Zim, the Defect. A broken Irken that shouldn't be born. A mishap. A mistake. His life was a complete lie from the very beginning of his birth.

Zim's head fell forward with his arms lay listlessly at his sides, his breathing shorten, his squeedly spooch sunk like he swallowed stones, his mind went blank and his very personality was no longer there. He was a defect. A defect. He repeated these words in his head over and over again.

"Now that's settled, we will end this transmission and erase it from the Massive's connections," Red said calmly as if finally getting rid the weight off his armored chest. Purple only looks on with an blank expression, not bothering to help ease the Irken's pain. He really should be happy but all he could feel is fear and he doesn't want to show it to either Red, Zim or any other Irken near by. "You will not contact us ever again and if you even try to leave that solar system, which I highly doubt since your ship will self-destruct on our command, we'll shoot you from where you hover without even a single thought."

Zim only stayed on floor in silence, defeated, lifeless, not mentally there any more as his eyes glazed over, staring at nothing. Red smirked one more time. "Have a great long solitary life of being human." And with that the link then cut off and the upon the screen are numbers counting down from not two minutes but fifteen seconds.


He doesn't care.


He couldn't care.


Because he isn't an Irken anymore...


...or an Invader...


...he's now...nothing.


Zim only sat there in deep depression, not even bother moving to cover and protect himself.


He only sat in cold harsh defeat of finding out the truth from his trusted Tallest.


His mission was a lie.


His title was a lie.


His life was a lie.


He wasn't a perfect Irken.


He is...


..and forever will be...


...a DEFECT.

With that his Irken technology from his home planet short circuit and blow before his very eyes, launching him against the wall, hard, in the process. But it seemed to not fazed him at all as he blocked everything sound and all out.


His Pak made contact with a loud metallic clang against the hard wall of his lab.


He then slide back down on the floor with a muffled thump while his lab erupt in flames and small electrical explosions.


He could no longer keep consciousness any more as the lab caved in on him all around and his vision faded into a blur.

DEFEC- then everything around him went black and silent.

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