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The Depressed Defect

"And that, my ssstudentssss, issss how you die in sssslow and agonizing death," recite the teacher between hisses in front of the class.

A tall boy or teen with bright speculative tawny colored eyes sat at his desk as he attends his class whilst the teacher taught before him.

His other classmates sat in their individual desks with either back packs or hand purses sitting by their feet. All sat there either listening, taking notes or sleeping during the teacher taught in front of the class. Mrs. Bitters was no longer a teacher in this skool anymore but she became the principal of the Hi Skool near by since teenagers seemed to be harder to contain than the preteens. He could imagine the horrors he will face in the up coming years.

He sat there quietly as he gave sideways glance at the empty desk three desks across the classroom. He frown. Where is he? He thought in wonder.

This tall teen is named Dib Membrane. He's now a thirteen year old teen in Middel Skool of seventh grade and next year will be his last year in this hell house of a skool.

He's pretty tall for his age by human standards, about six foot to six foot one, slight muscle tone and lean body frame with long graceful arms and legs for agility against a certain alien who is much faster and stronger than any human, alabaster skin that glows faintly in the sun light from the open shaded windows of the classroom, light handsome features if you put it that way thanks to his huge size huge that shrunk a good size smaller to somewhat fit his tall frame and last but not least his black ivory hair that's been the same for some years although with some changes; the infamous hair of that single lock that forms into a scythe curling over his head now lightly flattens itself into the rest of his hair but still defies gravity. He let the hair at the back of his head grow back which gave a more appealing look but he's going to shave that off soon.

On his face, he wears new frame glasses which are more oval shaped than round like his old pair, piercings on his right eyebrow, left nostril, both ears and lower lip. He even have one on his tongue which clanked against his teeth as he thinks about the missing student from his class.

He wears his favorite black trench although he had to have tailored to fit his growing frame now since he's still with his fellow Swollen Eye Ball group. He constantly change his t-shirts with different emotions; today was a grinning smiley face on a black shirt, slightly baggy black jeans and black boots with straps and silver buckles on both sides and metal plates at the heels and toes of the boots. The boots look menacing enough to give anyone a heart attack as the imagination of any human mind can wonder, especially if you watch too many horror movies.

Dib glanced at the empty seat again, knowing who use to sit there. Where is he? He thought again but have a hint of desperate panic mixed into it. Where's Zim? As his bright golden amber light brown gaze shift back to the black board and the talking teacher. He's been out for four days! Where is that lil annoying green bug?! Dib couldn't help but grit his teeth and sit back in a huff as he crossed his arms. He leans back in his seat and stretched out his long lean legs, since he's in the front row, he didn't have to worry about any body complaining about his feet touching their desk but what he really can't stand is...

"Can you bend your neck or something? Your head's too big! It's like covering half the black broad," said a harsh whisper behind him. Some of his classmates who heard the whisper over the teacher's ramblings had chuckled or snickered behind their hands or arms, the rest just followed along, if not, still asleep. Dib gave out a hiss of annoyance and turns in his seat towards the owner of that whisper behind him.

The kid was about Dib's age or maybe older, he doesn't know, with long blue hair that might have been black once that reached to his chest and some of it hung over the right of his face, concealing half of his right eye, fair skin, slightly angular chin, a firm mouth that always seems to frown, powerful piercing blue eyes but they so deeply blue that they're almost sapphire or violet and a sterling silver round stud piercing just above his left eye brow which is raised in question. Upon his young intellect face are thin blue square frame glasses as he gaze drolly at Dib, a light blue long sleeve shirt that reaches mid way of his fore arms and a black watch on his left wrist. This young man is Simon Mitchels, the top rated genius, besides Dib, in this whole skool.

"How about you move back or better yet, move to another seat to get a better view?! And my head's not big!" Dib whispered back just as harsh as Simon had. Simon rolled his dark blue eyes. Those eyes can swoon any girl to their knees which Dib have witness countless of times.

Simon never moved from his spot as he leans with his chin resting on both of his hands which are clasped together and his elbows placed comfortably on his desk as he gazed pointedly at Dib. "And why, pray tell, would I want to do that? And even if I do, your enormous head will still be in the way," he said in his smooth low rich voice which almost sound like an seductive whisper that sent shivers through a few girls spines near by, nearly swooning from their seats. For a nerd who knows it all, he sure can get a mighty attention from the opposite sex.

Now Dib rolled his amber eyes at the question. "If you have any problems with my head then move! I'm not going to waste my time to help you get comfortable! Again, my head is not big!"

"Oh please! I know I was going to have issues with that annoying head of yours from the moment I saw you which wasn't that hard considering how big it is," Simon replied back which send the whole class in a snickering and chuckling fit. Dib grind his teeth and was about to say something else when a piece of chalk hit him squarely at the back of his head which made him flinched of the sudden sting. He quickly turns with his hand raised to rub the pain away to see the teacher standing before him.

A male teacher that is similar to Mrs. Bitters in very way. That's because his name is Mr. Bitters. He wasn't Mrs. Bitters's husband but Dib and a few others student within this class knows they're related somehow. He was young for a teacher, about twenty-nine to be precise, black combed back hair which gave off that mystery appeal which some girls who find it fascinating, dead cold gray eyes which change color to teal when he shifts them, pale skin, a foot taller than Dib, wearing a black trench coat that somewhat similar to Dib's but sadly he's not an paranormal enthusiast, black shirt under neath it, black slacks and black shoes. His long narrow nose scrunched up as he stared down menacingly at Dib. Dib flinched at the sight of him. Mr. Bitters reminds Dib of a vampire only this one stood against the day light (without the sparkle). Mr. Bitter sneered as he curled his pale lips up to reveal his white teeth and oddly very sharp canines. Again, reminded a little too much of vampire.

"Do you find ssssomething more interesssssting than my teachingsssss, Misssster Membrane?" He asked in a hiss. Simon behind Dib snickered. Dib wished he could turn around and glare but right now, he had an very upset teacher before him.

Dib shook his head quickly. "No, Mr. Bitters. I apologize for my behavior and pay attention better," he replied in a slight shake voice. No one could blame him. Mr. Bitters seem much more terrifying than Mrs. Bitters.

Mr. Bitters narrowed his gray eyes which gave out a quick glint of teal and red before darken back to gray again. "Sssee that you do or I'll ssssend you to the Underground Classsssroom," and with that he turned and went back to the black, his back facing the class, arms crossed behind him. "Now back to my teachingssss. I wassss on the verge on telling you how dreadful and pathetic you lot are..."

Dib gave out a sigh of relief before turning just a bit to give Simon a cold hard glare from the corner of his eyes. Simon caught the motion but fully ignored him and continued listening to Mr. Bitters with that bored look on his face. Dib turned back to the front in his seat and listened again to Mr. Bitters constant talking of how useless his students can really be. Yep, definitely related to Mrs. Bitters, Dib thought then side glancing the empty seat one more time. Where can that lil annoying bug be? Before returning back to listening to the annoying and boring drawl of Mr. Bitters's voice.

Suddenly outside the door to the hallway of the school, someone interrupted with a scream, "This. Is. SPAAAARTTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Then kicked the door open with great force which woke half the class in the their seats as they look on with wide eyes of shock and panic as it slammed against the wall, making it crack and slightly crumble on impact then footsteps of the culprit ran down the hall, leaving the door wide open to an empty hallway.

All heads swerve left to right as each student gaze at each other for explanation before chuckling and laughing uncontrollably. Dib only stared at the door as if expecting the culprit to reappear before his eyes with a single word that left his lips, "Dafuq?" Only the teacher Mr. Bitters sneered at the door like it was the real reason why he was rudely intercepted while the rest class laughed. Simon included, half falling out of his chair, banging his fist on the desk, dying from laughter.

a a a

After homeroom with Mr. Bitters, a history class and Math class, all students went to lunch as soon as the bell rang. Dib sighed as he sat in his usual spot during lunch with his little sister Gaz who's playing her infamous Gameslayer. Her well know beeping and clicking sounds emanating from her hand held game was muffled by the large cafeteria of loud, giggling, chatting, shouting of both Middel and Elementory Skool students.

Skool system had issues with money budgets so the town agreed to have all grades from kindergarten to eighth grade share one building and use other building for Hi Skool. As annoying and stupid as that is to Dib, the idea worked and they have more money for not only the town but the skool system as well. So Dib and other older students have to deal with irritating younger brats that came in their way but luckily, there's still that playground outside the building where most of the little children to go to play. Which leaves the older kids to have the cafeteria all to themselves. Even though the table that Dib sitting in is slightly crowded with students, it was still feel empty from where he sat.

Dib sighed again but more louder than before, wondering about the missing green menace and the unexpected encounter with an ghost that screaming in the halls.

Gaz sitting next to her older brother only replied back with her fast punch of buttons on her game. She's changed too only slightly; her dark purple hair is the same but a bit longer to her shoulders, her famous black sleeveless dress as well but had a silver studded black belt about her waist with a sterling silver skull as the buckle, no longer wearing stockings like she use to but black silver buckle boot with spikes at the tips and heels that reach below her knees and on her right hand is a black lace finger less gloves which reach mid way of her fore arm and on her left wrist is a black band. She even painted her nails black and wearing both skull and barb wired rings on two of her fingers. She kept her bone crafted skull necklace about her neck as it grimace at anyone who lays their eyes upon it. She had the typical Gothic look which slightly matched her personality. She's just...dark. She's also in the same grade as Dib just in different classes.

"Missing your boyfriend?" She asked in her slightly husked voice, low and menacing. She was very irritated by her brother already, especially when hearing him sigh, again, before he spoke.

"He's not my boyfriend," Dib replied exasperatedly with an eye roll. "I'm just wondering where he is... He's never gone from school this long...he always come to keep his appearance up as a "normal" human." Dib leans his right cheek on the palm of his right hand. "He's gotta be up to something but what?" Dib then gazed absentmindedly at the crowded cafeteria of students of different grades, chatting idly with each other or laughing at one another jokes. A thought distracted him from his real purpose for a moment. It must be nice to have friends..., Dib thought ruefully. To talk to, the hang out anyone would want to talk to me?

Even with her squinting eyes on her game, she noticed how depressed Dib is and gave out a loud vexing sigh and paused her game. This caught the ears of Dib which he turns to Gaz with a questioning gaze.

"If you really want friends that badly, why not just go up to someone and talk to them?" She suggested. Dib's golden amber eyes widen.

"Are you suggesting that I go hang out with a bunch of idiots who couldn't even see an alien sitting in their own class?" Dib asked with some outrage in his voice which made it hitched an octave higher than usual. Gaz gave him a side glare from the corners of her eyes which glint of certain murder intent in those bright amber eyes. That made Dib flinch in fear, regretting for even talking back to her. She maybe his little sister that is one year younger than him but she can be one mean bitch when you press the right keys.

Gaz glared daggers at him a minute longer to make sure that stare took effect till she spoke in a harsh tone, "Look, I only suggested you to find some idiots to call "friends" so your depressing ass won't ruin my game but if you want to cry in your lil corner 'cause your boyfriend's not here then fine by me. Just don't ruin my concentration." With that she resume her game. Dib only gaped at her for what it felt like a full two minutes until he blinked and leered at her.

"Sheesh, thanks for the concern," he said, dripping with sarcasm then placed his face in between his hands as he leans his elbows on the table. Gaz grunted an reply. "I really don't want friends, at least not these people," Dib muttered loudly for Gaz to hear. "But I wouldn't mind having some."

Gaz growled, "Your voice makes me want to punch a wall." Dib rolled his eyes.

"Yea, love you too," he mumbled back which made her growl again and punch more furiously at her game. Dib only sat there, already ate his lunch he bought from home, not really trusting the cafeteria's food. He doesn't how the other students eat that horrid gruel on a tray, it just...eww! He continues to sit there by his sister the whole time thinking. Where's Zim? What's he doing? Could he be thinking of another plan to rule the world? His mind wondered so many questions in one drone thought then he frowned. Why am I not very assertive today? When ever I think of Zim, I always do. What's going on with me? Am I changing? With that his frown increased.'re going up, a little thought popped at the back of his head. Dib shook that thought away. Is that it? He couldn't quite comprehend of what's happening to him right now as he shivered from head to toe. Hmmm, maybe I give Zim a little visit today after school, Dib thought suggestively and once he was secure of his final thought, he sat much straighter in his seat with a smirk. His determination was back which made his tawny colored eyes glowed bright amber. Gaz felt her brother returning back to his old annoying self which she admit in her thoughts that she missed instead of a depressed one earlier but continues to play her game, not saying a word. That's right! I'll go to Zim's base and find out what's he up too, Dib thought with a nod.

"SPAAAAARTTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Dib gave a short jump from his seat in total surprise of that familiar voice while Gaz only raised an eyebrow, not at the loud scream but her brother jumping in his seat. She darkly snickered. There's goes that loud ghost again, Dib thought as he tries to calm his fast beating heart. Then he froze. Wait a minute...the ghost is here?! Dib leaped to his feet and look around the crowded cafeteria full of kids of every age but found nothing. When he couldn't find anyone that screaming or laughing from that random shout, he sat with a sigh. I really need some sleep..., Dib thought as he pulled his hand down over his face to his chin. He sighed once more which Gaz ignored this time. Now, back to Zim...

a a a

He sat there in his personal quarters of his base located in the lower part of his labs. He worked vigorously on a small part of the upper part of the "house" in order to keep the holographic appearance of a pale green house to the outside world as much as possible even though the humans on this planet is stupid as rocks. Then he quickly returned back deep down into the unrecognizable labs towards his personal quarters.

The lower part of the lab was completely dismantled. Wires hung dangerously low, sparking every few seconds or occasionally minutes making them slither and squirm like live snakes, metallic tubes or pips were either burnt, ripped apart from the blast, melted or fused into another machine and pipe, dangerous sharp debris scattered or completely covered the floor, the ceiling of ever so proud wires of his base was now caved in by the shock wave of the powerful blast.

His large computer screen was in no better shape; the screen itself was gone leaving the inside bare to for anyone to see the small microchips, wires, pipes and such of the large advance technology of the Irken race which short circuit every minute. The control panel below it was crushed and destroyed by the blast and chemicals and little trinkets from his inventions were spilled on the floor or debris of this destruction.

Zim only sat there in his personal quarters where he rest or recharge his Pak, absentmindedly working on a little part of the computer that survive this mess with a glazed expression. He was lost in his dark thoughts as he twisted the Irken screwdriver into the screw that helps keep hold of the metal object within his hands and his antennas continue to limp on top of his head.

Zim's invader uniform that was bright with pride of pink and magenta is now dirty and soiled by the destruction about him after he miraculously survive the cave in of his lab, his black boots that reached to his knees and black skin hugging pants were covered in filth instead of being polished and clean and his once powerful ego of himself was now lost and destroyed just like his lab. His large pupil less magenta eyes were darken to a ruby color as if his once bright narcissistic, self-esteem, prideful ego was now dead into a dark abyss of depression, self loath, abandonment and a bit of despair.

He's now alone...

"WWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! We blew up! We blew up!" A high pitch metallic scream pierced the air of the destroyed base which made Zim's antennas shot up from the sound. "We're dooooooooooomed! Hahaha!" That annoying high pitched voice laughed madly about the crumbling walls of the lab.

Well, not entirely alone as GIR raced within sight of Zim which he saw the bright teal blue eyes flashing joy fulling in the dark whilst his metal feet slap the debris written floor. GIR ran around for a moment before he tripped over a large part of the ceiling and fell face first with a loud metallic clank. He laid there for a second as if stunned of what happened before giggling like a maniac and instantly sprung back to his feet and run in circles before Zim's eyes. Zim sighed and his antenna went limp again. He found out he harsh way that his "advance" SIR
Unit was nothing but a piece of junk that his ex Tallest put together at the last minute. No wonder GIR's so stupid but then again... Zim gazed back up at the now bouncing Unit about the lab. Zim smiled, a rare sight to see on his green face. GIR has his moments where he proved to be a good minion, if not a great companion to have on this dirt ball of a planet, Zim thought softly as he continues with the last adjustments before letting the screwdriver drop with a loud tink. He finally finished it; a cubical object in that is a size smaller than his gloved hands. On top, in the center, is the a bright red button that glowed ominously in the dark. Zim nodded and reach around his back towards his Pak, pushed one of the circular magenta buttons in to enter the inside of his Pak and when he finally found what he's been looking for after a short thorough search, he pulled out a small, thin, rectangle chip and held up before his large dark magenta eyes.

The chip was Irken made and very built and very sensitive. It's still in good condition thanks to Zim's quick thinking before the ceiling really did cave in from the blast. It's Zim's Computer that runs the whole base from top to bottom and he didn't want this damaged at all.

Zim then turn the cubical object in his hand where a thin open slot is made, insert the chip in which the object is swallowed whole and waited for about a second before the red button glowed more brightly than usual. Zim pushed the button with his third finger and the pressed button turned bright blue. The small object lightly hummed before it floated into the air in front of Zim and then bright pink etchings glowed brightly in the darken room which turned the bright blue button pink as well. The cubical object there floated there for a moment before it gave out disgruntle sigh.

"Rebooting," the glowing pink cube said in a familiar drone tone. It flash and dim on every word it spoke like the light themselves were talking. "Systems online. Processing damage...wait a minute...," the cube turned left and right as if looking around for something, "where am I? How did I get here?" It finally dawned onto the Computer that its no longer connected to base anymore. Zim rolled his large eyes which swivel upwards then around before focusing back at the cubical object.

"It's obvious you lack a good sense of your memory banks to actually recall what happen," Zim stated with a groan exasperation. The cube swivel towards Zim with the pink button aiming at him like it was looking pointedly at Zim, growing a little brighter like as if it was mad. Zim raised one antenna in question.

"Well excuse me," the cube replied with sarcasm dripping from its metallic voice. "But I would recall quite well if weren't for a certain someone who turned me off before everything went dark." Zim's antennas were pressed flat on top of his skull.

"If it wasn't for me, you'll be part of the debris right now," Zim stated acidly back. "Maybe I should have left you in the rubble," he added with a mumble and turns towards the destruction that explosion caused. He sighed. It's going to be a while, Zim thought in dread with a slouch of his head, once again his antenna went limp listlessly. Not only is he trapped on this dirt ball of a planet, he's also vulnerable to any outsiders, including Dib. Dib! Both antenna remain on his head but more a different reason. Oh, if Dib were to find out about this then he'll know for sure Dib will be able to capture him easily while he's down. Or worse...he could ignore Zim like he done before! Zim shook his head. No! I'm a soldier! I can handle this! I fought my way with Din before and I can do it again! Zim thought with determination, antennas relaxed somewhat. I'll just have to keep this quiet from him. Not to let him know a thing until I get my base up and running again. And then what? Live out the rest his life as a human? Why continue to live when you don't have anything to live for? Zim's mood then begins to dampen into depression again which includes his antennas. He could always self-destruct... Zim looks down at his clothed arm. Under the black glove, underneath pink sleeve, is a hidden button embedded into his skin. One push of the button then it's curtains for the Irken. He was sure he was thinking of ending everything right now with his base but his stubborn streak fought back against his dark emotions and told otherwise. You're stronger than this, Zim! You can live and prove those Tallest wrong that you're not a defect! A thought screamed into his head. It was right. He wasn't a defect and was going to prove his ex Tallest wrong. And maybe I could get revenge on them as well... He smirked. His ego was returning to its once formal glory which is the same with his antennas as they shot up proudly before he turns to GIR.

"GIR!" He shouted which the cube floated to his right made a whiny noise of distaste. The little insane robot stopped in his tracks and looks at Zim with pure innocence in his bright teal blue eyes that glow warmly in the dark. "GIR, Zim wants you, Computer and...," then realized something. "Wait, where's Mini Moose?"

GIR smiled stupidly with his tongue sticking out from the side then pointed upwards. "He says he was going to keep any intruders from entering the house while yous fixes the base." GIR, the Computer and Zim are the only few who understand Mini Moose since it only squeaks when it speaks. Zim nodded with approval. At least somebody is useful around here, Zim thought with satisfaction. The cube next to him yawned not only from boredom but also to break its master's thoughts to focus on the situation at hand which it worked.

"Good. Then I order you and Computer to clean this mess up," he commanded. GIR's eyes turn red as he saluted at Zim and replied, "Yes, my Lord!" Before returning blue again as he screech with uncontrollable laughter and ran about the lab, picking heavy objects and throwing them across the lab which made a loud thunderous boom. He then left for the elevator but he didn't go far when the cube zipped by him to float in front of his face.

"You mean to tell me that I have to clean all of this...," it emphasizes with a spine, brighten its light to shine on the many damaged and destruction all about them, "...with that annoying tin can other there while you run off and entertain your human?" Zim flatten his antennas on his head. He was a bit furious at the cube for going against its master but then realizing what it said and his large eyes widen even more with a light blue tint on his cheeks and his antennas shot up in shock.

"Wh-what are you talking about?" Zim screamed back with outraged. "I wasn't going to Dib, if that's what you're referring to! And for your information, that hyooo-man is entertaining me, the ALMIGHTY Zim! Not the other way around!" If the cube had eyes, it would of rolled them by now but the only thing it could so was swerve its cube form to make the glowing button appear to be rolling. "And besides," he continued, "Mini Moose is here, so he can assist in any way he can. Zim has to return to school to let teachers know that I was sick so no one will get suspicious of my absence. It's probably lunch right now which is perfect time to give a perfect excuse. So I must go." With that, he marched around the now silent floating cube and took the elevator up. If anyone could notice the change of air about Zim as he left. Even though he has his annoying ego back, there was a darker part about him that should make anyone worried but no one did. Or at least, to Zim's knowledge, no one did.

The cube could only stare at Zim's retreating back before it was carried up to the upper floor of the house. It was quite shocking that it still work after the explosion. The cube swerve the button back and forth as if shaking its head in disbelief but also a bit sadden at the sudden slight change in Zim's demeanor. It the turned and became face to face with a happy looking GIR. Both stared at each other for another second before GIR spoke with pure curiosity in his voice, "Are you a Core?" If the cube could, it would have blink the sudden, random question from GIR but it shouldn't be that surprised.

"A what?" The Computer cube asked back in confusion. Then GIR smiled gleefully.

"Is GlaDOS real?" He asked with insane laughter before running around the floating cube. "We're Doooooooomed! Hahahaha!"

"Oh dear Irk help me," the Computer cube muttered with great groan.

"The cake is a lie!" GIR screamed before his laughter died down and he stopped running the cube then return back his work was throwing large debris across lab which made a loud bang or boom in impact of what ever it hit. GIR let out occasional screech of giggles as he threw more objects across the darken area like it was a game to him.

The cube let out a sigh. "No more Portal for you, mister," it said then contracted cables from its cube from before connecting them throughout any working circuit it could find to control any metal claws that are still functional. Lucky for it, there were still some as they extend themselves from the ceiling towards the ground. "Now, let's fix this place up."

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