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The Oddity of an Defect

Dib didn't say anything for the rest of the other classes he went to and not just because he didn't feel like it but because he was observing Zim. Zim today was not the regular Zim he knows and fights with. The Zim he knows would try to continue to study about humans, what they eat, drink, listen to and how they speak then blend in even though it's worthless to Dib since he already knew Zim is an alien. Zim would even corner Dib and taught his diabolical plans in front Dib like he was some type of dog begging for a bone which he is. He is practically begging with curiosity of why Zim is acting this way. And what's worse...Zim is quiet. Zim is never spoke, he never glared back at Dib when they battled with a staring contest to see who will break first or even randomly jump up in his seat to question about what the teacher is lecturing about. This Zim was not Dib's Zim as all. It was scary and a bit concerning. Not that he would admit to be concern for Zim but he just couldn't help it. Zim just

The Zim today only sat there, quietly, staring blankly at lab table he's sitting in with his arms listless at his sides, his body and shoulders slouch forward, his head hung low and his superiority appeal has vanished and replaced with darker and depressing emotions that Dib thought he'll never get to see from Zim.

Not again..., Zim thought with irritation and warily as he felt Dib's eyes focusing on him again. Zim rolled his fake eyes and tried to ignore them. He done it before but he always reply back with his own hard stare which then both parties starting a staring contest. Not this time. Zim doesn't feel like being bothered at the moment. The feeling of finding out that you're noting but an defect with no purpose to live is still burning within Zim. Oh how he wish this was all just an illusion and he would wake up from his dormant slumber in his room then continue on his regular schedule of planning to take over the earth. No, fate was cruel and apparently this was no illusion. It was real. All of it was real. The pain was real, the abandonment was real, helplessness, the lies...all of it And there was nothing he could do about it. Zim sighed and leaned further until his head hit the table with a muffle thump. Maybe he should have pressed that self-destruct button...

Dib watched on with now concerned eyes. What the hell is wrong with Zim? Dib thought with worry. He's never like this before..., then Dib paused for a moment to recalculate a memory, well, except for that one time when he looked exceedingly low when I gave up paranormal to work Real Science! with my dad. But still, I never seen him this...lifeless. That part was true, Zim looks lifeless, an empty shell of an alien menace Dib once fought. What has happened to you, Zim? Then the bell rang and science class is over.

All the students stood up, took hold of their bags and file out the room in a rush, not wanting to be left in same the room with teacher, knowing all too well she might call on somebody and it turns out today, that somebody was Dib.

"Dib Membrane," she called out to him which made Dib froze in his place. He watched as Zim shuffles slowly out from the class room with an dark aura about him. He didn't even acknowledge Dib at all when he was called to the front of the room. Dib sighed, gathered his books and went to the teacher who is named Mrs. Thirteen. No one knows why her last name was a number but they left it alone, not really caring to solve the mystery.

Mrs. Thirteen was a young women of forty years, fair skin and beautiful warm brown eyes which shimmer every time she talks about science. Dib's father and her can get along quite well. Her long mid back length blond hair was tied into a bun at the back of her head and where her temples are were black spots that stick out against her platinum blond hair, slight wrinkles at the corners of her eyes and mouth and a bit tall slender frame but is two inch shorter than Dib. She wears her white lab coat every time she teaches because she has other classes who are starting lab experiments so there's no point in taking it off, including her goggles which are settling on the top of her head. In her slender hands are a stack of papers that she tap on the lab table before her in front of the lab room.

Dib stood before her and the lab table while hefting his heavy books in one arm.

Yes, Mrs. Thirteen?" Dib said to her, trying hard to hide his irritated tone. Mrs. Thirteen looks up with those bright brown eyes and smiled or more like smirked at Dib.

"Ah, Dib," she said in her slight firm voice. It had to be firm, otherwise too idiots many will either loose limbs or end up dead when operating with highly dangerous chemicals. "I have an favor to ask of you," then she set the papers on top of the table and stood straight and tall, even though she was shorter than Dib by an inch. Dib didn't know his body was tensed until his shoulders sagged a bit.

"What is it, Mrs. Thirteen?" He asked as politely as possible.

"You know Zim very well, right?" She asked with an expected look. Dib wouldn't say he knows Zim like that but well enough.

"Yeesss...," Dib replied, already feeling uneasy of where she going with this.

"Well, Zim's been out for four days of skool, I want to know if you're willing to work with him for the next couple of days as his partner to caught up in work?" She requested and from the tone she said those words in, it was not an option. Dib knew that. Either he or Simon are the only ones who have higher GPA than anyone put together but since Simon is not in this class at all, Dib is and Dib was always responding to Zim that probably would say they're "friends". Dib sighed and nodded.

"Okay, I'll do it," he said in a light groan. Mrs. Thirteen smiled at him and hand him the packets of the lab they started last week before Zim stayed home from "sickness".

"Give these to Zim on your way out, will you? And let him know by next Monday, during lunch he needs to make them up by next Friday," she said then hands Dib a pass to his next class before walking towards the back of the lad room. That was Dib's cue to leave which he did in a flash. He rushed out before she requested him to do more than just simply help someone. Dib sighed again. Great, not only my greatest enemy is low and depressed but I'm also working with the same depressed idiot known to man, Dib thought with agitation. But suddenly, it hit him. This is the right excuse to figure out what's wrong with him. With that in mind, Dib straightens his back and strides towards his next class which is gym. Ugh, gym, Dib thought with disgust. Who's bright idea was to invent physical education in the first place?

He continue to walk towards gym when he found the boys locker room, being the last one from class, he was lucky that no other soul was in there with him to make fun of him or pull immature stunts like taking his clothes and hiding them somewhere. He opens his locker and exchange his regular clothes for gym clothes while holding the pass in his mouth which is a white t-shirt, black shorts and grip on running shoes. He place each item of his clothing and footwear into his locker with his books, shut it close and locked it securely with his pad lock. He took hold of the pass and ran out the locker room for gymnasium. It was a separate building that conjoins to the skool building and the most largest. Bleachers are folded up against the walls on either side of Dib as he ran towards the group of students across the large building as the gym teacher yells at them. Dib ran with big strides and stood next to the gym teacher which made her silent from yelling as she heard Dib's running feet.

The gym teacher was female but she was very well built from head to toe. Her warm tan toned skin glows intimidatingly at all her students, muscle toned, body frame, arms and legs and she stood about five foot and seven inches tall. Even though she's shorter than some of her students, she was tough enough to put them down a peg if one was to stir off from their place. She wore a blue tan top and tight fitted navy blue shorts that reaches above her knees and white sneakers. Her deep blond colored hair that reminds Dib of honey but slightly darker that hung above her ears and both of her dark colored hair and skin brought out her teal green eyes that shine fiercely at Dib as he pass her his pass.

She gazed at it then flung it at the floor and brought up her whistle that's around her neck and blew it hard which it screeched loud that echos in the gymnasium. Every student, Dib included, covered their ears and winced from the painful instrument.

"Alright class, listen up! Since all of you are here...," she emphasizes with a glare at Dib's back as he stroll to stand in line with the rest of the class, "we're going outside to do five laps around the whole block!" Ever kid whined or moaned in bitterly and several few blame Dib for it. Dib didn't care, he care about one thing and that's Zim who is standing at the end of the line at Dib's left.

Dib stood some where in the middle next to Simon on his right and on Simon's right is Fred who seems to be jittery than he already is. As the gym teacher talks or more like yelling at the students about the five laps and what other activities they do, Simon smirked and side glance at Dib.

"So the Mr. Mega Mind has finally shown up for gym," Simon whispered with a chuckle. Dib just wanted to ignore him but couldn't help realizing how tall he was.

Simon wears a fading light blue t-shirt and blue shorts that reach above his knees, low socks and black running shoes. His blue hair was tied into a tail at the base of his skull which made him appear more extravagant to any wondering eyes. A girl or a guy would fall head over heels for Simon's attention and made Dib a bit envious. Simon also is an inch or two taller than Dib from where he stood which made Dib feel slightly intimidated by him. Simon must of have mind reading powers or Dib just too easy to read because he smirked even more.

"What's the matter, Mega Mind? You like what you see?" Simon asked with a dry airy chuckle. That made Dib react and he narrow his amber eye to slits of annoyance.

"Not in the slightest chance," Dib whispered sorely. "And for the last time my head is not big!" Simon rolled his dark deep blue eyes.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Would you rather be called Big Head ot Titanic Cranium?" Si remarked with a smirk as the class begins to head out the doors. All stood in threes in a line. Of course Dib stood with Simon and Fred and Fred looks a bit jumpy and he ponders for a moment until he heard the whistle. All begin to jog off the skool's property and into the public sidewalk as they run.

Outside was a warm day and bright sunny day of the month of March, blue skys and white whimsy clouds that floated gently across the sky. Birds from a distant chirped, pigeons cooed, a few neighborhood dogs barked and cars occasionally come down on the streets near the skool. Dib could softly hear the bustling of the city near the more dense urban area.

The block that held the skool was about three blocks long so it'll probably take the whole class period to finish but teacher didn't care. Dib was not even breathless since he's done extra training on his own against his one foe which is Zim who unexpectedly is running in front of him.

Zim wore a light pink magenta t-shirt and black shorts but he kept his black boots as he runs in front of Dib without much difficulty. Although he a bit more lethargic in his steps but nonetheless kept running.

"Mmm...does this angle intrigues you?" Simon asked in a low voice which startled Dib out his stare to glare at Simon.

"Shut up," Dib hissed before returning his eyes back on Zim's back.

Dib watched Zim's back which was straight but slightly sagged a bit forward while Fred for some reason, mutters about random stuff like "how do they take pictures of flying airplanes in the sky without messing up?" Or "why they call the lil bumps in your skin 'goose bumps?" And Dib's least favorite, "why he's head so big?" Fred's voice is jittery and fast pace like someone fast forward his voice. Dib glanced to his right to noticed Simon laughing at Fred's odd behavior. Dib raised an eyebrow.

"Is something wrong with him?" Dib asked Simon. Simon turns to Dib with a chuckling smile.

"I might have a hand in this," Simon said snickering. "You could say I might have giving him something he shouldn't have which made him like this." He emphasized by backing a bit for Dib to see.

Fred is different compared to earlier. Fred is much easy to hand and in his terms calm but this Fred right now was trembling and his movements had a little spontaneous jerking at odd times as he runs and he kept muttering random things in that fast pace of his. Dib knows all too well that odd movement was. Fred's on a sugar rush. Dib glares at Simon, starting to get breathless as they turn a corner.

"You gave him sugar?" Dib asked in disgust and anger. Fred was his friend. Why he do such a thing? Simon just laughed breathlessly.

"I didn't gave him sugar," he replied then leans in close to Dib, in a light heaving whisper, "I gave him caffeine." Dib's amber eyes widen.

"Caffeine?!" Dib was shocked. Simon just gave his friend caffeine. No wonder his hyper right now.

"Yep, now the show begins," Simon said with a lopsided smirk. As if on cue, Fred went to overdrive and started screaming joyfully to the world. If the world could hear it, they would have stopped and covering their ears right now like the whole gym class is doing, including Zim who push down his wig on top of his head where his antenna are hidden, cringing with pain. Dib cracks an eye open to glace at Zim. Seriously? No one find that strange that Zim don't have ears to cover?! But that thought had to wait as Fred's screeching came to an end before he ran ahead of everybody who stood in bewildered awe at the boy who went hyper drive and zoomed past them like an race car. Dib wasn't mad at Simon for doing this to Fred, he would of either chuckled or be impressed of the speed the kid gave off. All remove their hands from their ears to watch Fred disappear from sight. The Gym teacher groaned.

"Not again," she muttered then pulled out her walkie talkie and pressed the button and started to run after Fred. "Code three, Code three, this is Nacy reporting a runaway child. I repeat, a runaway child...again." She ran after Fred while the other students watched in confusion or interest as more teachers or skool staff came out from the skool building to aid in capturing Fred.

Dib beyond baffled as he turns to look at Simon but Simon was already sitting down on the sidewalk, leaning against the metal chained fence with his arms clasped behind his head and legs crossed over another. He smiled contently as he stared at the scene before him. Dib raised an pierced eyebrow. Simon noticed.

"Relax, and enjoy the show," Simon said as he leans further into the fence. "It's going to be a while for them to capture Fred. So just sit back and relax." Dib did no such thing, only stared at Simon in disbelief before speaking.

"So you planned this the whole entire time?" Dib asked with a hint of outrage in his voice.

Simon shrugged. "I might have or I might have not but either way we'll be here for a while and we won't have to run," and with that he closed his eyes and enjoy the warm outside, ignoring the sounds of screaming skool staff and teachers trying to capture Fred who is laughing manically at them as he dodged or sidestepped from their reach. Even the some of the students join in to help while the rest begins to relax and recline against the fence like Simon. Dib shook his head. What have I gotten myself into? He thought in despair.

a a a

Dib walks out of skool as the final bell rang, shouldering his black back pack with alien, big foot and odd looking symbols key-chains hanging from the zipper. All the young teens and kids rushes out from the build and either ran on home, to one of the vehicles to get picked up from their parents, or took the skool bus home. They were excited that it's the weekends are coming and they finally still in bed to sleep in all day or hang out with friends. But there was no weekends for Dib, especially when he's out saving the world. Suddenly he was shoved roughly to the ground with an "oof" and landed on his hands and knees. He softly growled as he heard the familiar sound of his childhood bully even if his voice changed.

"Watch where ya going, freak!" Torque laughed and every joined and pointed at the helpless Dib the ground but Dib wasn't helpless. He stood on his feet and dusted himself off before staring down at Torque.

Torque, one of the bullies that still pick on Dib on occasions when Dib wasn't paying attention. He have grown considerably over the years; muscles more thicker than Dib's, his body frame much larger than Dib's and his voice much deeper than Dib's. He still that same short buzz cut when he was kid, saying it looked much cooler as an grown up, wearing his favorite football jersey, jeans and beige boots. Since he was the quarterback of the skool's football team, he was much more popular compared to back then. His pale blue eyes stare back in a smug superiority at Dib. But Dib didn't back down, instead he stood his ground. Torque only laughed which made the others join in and was about to say something but as quickly as he mouth opens, he quickly shuts it as his eyes widen in uncharacteristic fear. Dib looks back with an raised brow before everybody else followed pursuit. Then Dib realized. They weren't looking at him with terror in their faces, they were staring behind him. Dib turns, probably going to see Gaz since she has that effect on everybody and he has to walk home together with her.

Standing at the top of the stairs of the main door of the skool building was Simon, carrying his light blue satchel bag at his right hip as he stares at everyone with cold dead dark deep blue eyes. Dib could of sworn that they almost darken to black as he narrows them into daggers. That sent chills down Dib's spine as it did to the other teens around him. Torque only grit his teeth before strutting on from the skool property with a handful of kids or his clique following close behind. Then everything went back to silent murmurs and speed walk away from the skool as fast as they possible can. That stunned and bewildered Dib all at once, not noticing Simon coming down the stairs and walking towards him to stand directly next to Dib. Simon is curious of that expression but couldn't help but feeling smug of him being responsible of Dib's reaction.

"Well, ain't that something to see... Our great savior being push down by a mere human," Simon commented smugly.

Dib glared at him but he glared at air as Simon walked ahead of him towards the gates. Dib only looks at Simon's back until Simon turned with an raised pierced left brow.

"Well? Are you going to stand there and grow roots or are you coming?" Simon asked. That snapped Dib back to reality and remembered what he was doing.

"I have to wait for Gaz," Dib replied. "We always walk home together."

Simon rolled his dark blue eyes. "She already left and is waiting on the other side of the building," then turns before continue to walk. This shock Dib. How does he know that? And why would Gaz leave before me and not tell me? Dib thought but then shook his head with a sigh. Why do I even bother trying to figure her out? Then he caught up with Simon as they walked around he skool and met up with Gaz who is leaning against the fence, playing her Gameslayer. Dib's eyes rolled.

"You couldn't just wait, could you?" Dib said exasperatedly.

Gaz grunted. "You took too long. There's a Gameslayer Convention this weekend and I'm not letting my fun get ruined because of you. And since I know you well enough, I can probably guess what you about to do with your...," then she gaze at Simon who in turn just gaze back in a blank hard stare which made her shiver a little before gazing back at her game, "'friends'." Dib rolled his eyes as Simon smirked.

"Full of sentiment this one," he slightly chided. Dib's eyes widen from not only fear for Simon but being in the cross fire between the most dangerous people he knows on earth. Gaz opened her eyes and glares bright amber slits that promises of death in the future, freezing at her playing. When she freezes from her game with that much hate, that's one of the signs of impending doom to whom her scorching gaze set upon.

"What?" She said in a low harsh tone.

Simon smirked smugly. "You heard me." Simon has more daring demeanor than any person Dib know who would go against Gaz. Dib himself wouldn't even last long against her stare. Simon is definitely different.

Gaz only continue pause at her game so she could stare hard and coldly at Simon who stares back, not flinching a inch. Dib watched in both horror and admiration. No one can hold Gaz's stare like that without peeing in their pants, fainted or worse... explode where they stood, Dib thought with astonishment. All three stood like that for what seem like hours when in reality it was only five minutes until a familiar screech caught their ears.

"Fred's Glomp Attack!" Then Dib is suddenly side tackled by an unexpected weight that flung at his way which knocked him to the ground with a small yelp. Simon had to blink and look down while Gaz only went back to resume with her game.

Fred with his arms tightly about Dib's waist, he snuggled his face against Dib's right cheek. He hummed an gleeful sound with his legs wrapped comfortably around Dib's legs. Dib squirmed and thrashed about in Fred's iron grip hold, his arms trapped at his sides.

"Fred! Ngh! Let go!" Dib shouted at the littlest person in the group. Fred shook his head with a stupid grin on his face. Dib still couldn't see what color eyes he has because of that annoying wild hair that fell into his face.

"Aw, you know like it," Fred replied happily. Dib narrows his eyes.

"Let go of me, now!" Dib thrashed around a little more, trying to at least loosen Fred's hold. Simon rolled his eyes.

"Frederick, dul in iúl, anois! (1) " Simon called out. Fred then stiffen before instantly went to his feet as he let go of Dib. Dib sighed relief as he stood up and rub his arms from the light stinging pain of the tight iron grip. "Níl tú ceaptha a dhéanamh go, chuala tú dom? (2) " Went Simon again. Gaz raised an eyebrow as she gazes at her game.

"Ach Si! Tá sé an spraoi ag imirt le Dib! (3) " Replied Fred in a whiny voice as if a child wasn't getting what he wants. Dib just realized that they were talking Irish.

"Uimh! Droch Fred. Buachaill dona! (4) " Then Simon bopped Fred on the head with his closed fist. Fred winced and whines like a child when he is told what to do while he rubs his head from the stinging pain. Dib looks at Simon expectantly.

"What did you say to him?" Dib asked.

"There's no point in explaining to you," Simon said in a emotionless voice. Dib was taken back by the sudden change in Simon's demeanor. Gaz heard and almost smirked, almost.

Dib shook away the effect and regain his composure. As he shoulders his back pack he noticed a magenta and green from a distance at the corner of his eye. Zim, was walking down the black towards his home, looking around and about, making sure no one was following him home. Suspicious indeed, Dib bolted like lightning and rushed after him across the street before he was tackled again to the ground. His legs were tangle up by this sudden weight as he fell to the black asphalt and nearly hitting the edge of the sidewalk if he hadn't put his hands out from stop the impact. He grunted not only from the out of no where tackle but also from the scrap he got from where he right hand grazed the edge of the sidewalk. Dib looks down at his hand with grimace at the minor injury. Damn. That's going to sting for a while, He thought then looked over his shoulder to see who attacked him.

It's Fred as he held Dib's leg in that iron grip with that grin again and his goggles reflecting the sun's light. Dib rolled his eyes. Of course it's him, he thought tonelessly. Dib turns back to watch Zim walk further and further ahead until he couldn't see him no more. Dib sighed with frustration, hearing the distant of approaching foot steps of both Simon and Gaz. Dib looks at them both with a glare, mostly at Simon because he knows Fred couldn't do this on his own.

"For once I'm not the only one who can't stand his stupidity," Gaz said with an satisfied smirk. She looks at Simon with some admiration in her squinted eyes. "Not bad."

Simon shrugged his shoulders. "Eh, a simple thing to do." He looks at Fred. "Alright Fred, he stopped moving now. Let go." Fred obediently followed Simon's order and unwrapped his arms and got up. Dib isn't far behind. As soon as Fred let go, Dib shot to his feet, wincing at the sting from the cut in his hand. He hissed in pain but wiped it on his jeans to ignore it for now. He has a blue headed cretin to deal with.

"Why did you stop me?" Dib asked in low growl. "You agreed to help me expose Zim for who he really is, remember? You said that you'll will aid the save the world from the evil invader from conquering our planet. You shook on it and agreed. What the fuck?! Why you stopped me?!" Simon rolls his eyes.

"Because, dickwad, I said so," Simon remarked. "And I said I'll agree but didn't say on what terms."

Dib just looked at him like he spoke a different language. Simon sighed with frustration while shaking his head, Gaz actually chuckled and that scared Dib a little.

"See what I go through since childhood?" She said with a smirk.

Is he that stupid? Simon thought then looks at Dib. "I mean if we're going to figure out Zim's plan and thwart them, we're doing it my way." Simon turns from Dib and walks the opposite of Zim's base. He turns to Gaz, "You can come if you like." Gaz shook her head.

"Nah, I'm heading home. Don't wanna my title ruined for the Vampire Piggies convention this weekend and mostly I don't want your craziness rubbing off on me," and with that she turns and walks home, playing her game along the way. Simon just shrugged and continues walking the opposite direction with Fred loyally close behind. Dib only looks on with confusion and outrage then looks over his shoulder towards where Zim ran off to. He wanted to chase after Zim but his gut and years of experience was telling him to just do what Simon says. Dib sighs and follows soon after.

They took a taxi out out of town to another which then they were dropped off in front of a one story home that had a cream color which almost seem light yellow, two large windows in the front, brown front door and what seems to be a chimney with a short but equally medium size front yard. Simon walks up towards the front door and knocked three times. After no answer, Simon knocked again, his patience begins to dissipate. Fred next to Dib pulls out a tiny device from his fanny pack. He brought with him and tweaks around it a bit while he waits with his personal screwdriver. Dib couldn't help but lean in to look at it since it's going to be a while for anyone to answer door. But Simon got impatient and turns to Fred.

"Fred? Would you please?" Simon asked. Fred looks up and smiles the biggest grin Dib has ever seen. Dib then noticed Fred put his little device and screwdriver back into the fanny pack and pulls out an long metal pick and a thin wire with a hook. He quickly came to Simon's side and begins to, Dib's astonishment, pick the lock. Dib eyes widen and he quickly looks around to see if anyone was watching and ran to Simon's other side.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Dib hissed in a whisper. "You can't break into someone else's home! You'll go to jail!" Simon places a hand on Dib's shoulder which made Dib look and shoved him against the wall next to the door where Fred's picking the lock.

"Listen, Dib, you gotta do things that you wouldn't do in order to get what you want," Simon said serious tone. "That's the way how the world works nowadays. So if you wouldn't mind as to please be quiet. I think they're asleep." At that moment, they heard a soft click which meant that Fred finally picked the lock. Simon smirked. "Good job, Frederick." Fred just beamed at him before standing up and place the long thin metal pick and wire back into his fanny pack. Simon proceeded forward by opening the door and walked right in. Fred just grin an lopsided grin and walk right after Simon. Dib on the other hand, fall back a bit before entering the home with some hesitation.

All stood within a large living room with cream colored walls, a carpeted floor, a TV, a couch, a stand in the near corner of the room, a few chairs on both sides of the couch and min table before the couch that facing the TV. It was big and even with the furniture, it still felt empty. Dib looks around until he see two entrances leading to the kitchen and one to the rooms and bathrooms of the house. Who ever lives here must have it made or something because inside the house spacious and nice but it felt empty and cold. He has no idea why but it felt like something was watching them as Simon took off his satchel bag on the couch while Fred let out a gleeful shout and leaped at the couch and landed on the cushions with a muffled poof sound. Simon rolled his eyes then bends over to unzip his bag to pull out his laptop. Dib was in awe of how they got comfortable so quickly like they own the place. Dib could help but feel apprehensive about the situation. Not knowing what to do, Dib only stood in the large living room. Simon sat in one of the chairs, opens his laptop and pressed the power button. He noticed Dib isn't sitting.

"Dib, sit down will you? You making me irritated," Simon said and begins to press some keys as the laptop come on. Dib looks at Simon with wide eyes and narrows them in a instant. As he was about to response back, the front door slams shut behind him which made him jump a foot or two from where he stood then turn abruptly at the door. What just-?! No. It must have been the wind..., Dib thought, trying to ease his fast beating heart from the scare of a lifetime. Simon snickered, not only at Dib's reaction but at Dib's rational mind was trying to process.

"That wasn't the wind," Simon said with smirk written his voice. Dib just looked at him for any explanation until he felt than hear someone was near by. Dib froze. He could've sworn his heart stopped for only second. That feeling intensify as it get closer. Someone's behind me..., Dib thought then turn to look over his shoulder.

There stood a white figure near the front door, glaring at Dib with dark midnight blue eyes that almost similar to Simon's. But these were cold and fierce as Dib's widen of realization of what he's staring at.

"What are you doing in my house?" The figure asked in a smooth low yet slightly high male voice with loathe dripping from every word.

Dib jumped to make a full one-eighty turn to the figure with hands up in pure surrender. His heart beating from both fear and excitement. A ghost! An actual ghost right before me in full solid form! This is amazing! Dib thought as he stares at the phenomenon he was greatly interest in. A real ghost that stood before him. Stood? Now that Dib looks closely, the white figure stood perfectly on the carpet floor like he was an actual person but then most ghosts do that. This ghost must be very powerful to become in such of appearance. He looks solid to touch but he was still slightly transparent.

The ghost was obvious a male, a young teen about five foot six inches tall, probably sixteen to seventeen years old, very pale skin, paler than Dib's actually since he's a ghost, black messy hair that hangs in his face, dark blue eyes that closely identical to Simon's and body frame is slightly toned and slender. He wears a long sleeved black sweater, jeans and black converse. He glare harshly at them but mostly at Simon.

"We let ourselves in," Simon said in a drone voice as he begins to type something again on his laptop. That broke Dib's concentration on the ghost and more on Simon. Dib was very curious of what Simon could be typing on that laptop for so long.

"Obviously! But what I want to know is why the fuck you're here?" The figure asked in a agitated tone. He and Simon seem to know each other quite well since Simon didn't seem all that impressed by the ghosts sudden appearance.

Simon smirked. "Because I want to," he replied back in a light tone. Dib knows that tone pretty well, he is mocking the ghost.

The ghost growled in vexation before walking, that's right, walking towards Simon. Yes, walking, not floating. He stood before him while crossing his arms. "You know I can't stand your face, Siri." The ghost said in mocking tone.

Simon stopped and only smiled with no emotion what so ever. "As if I ever cared. And yours a Mona Lisa?" He replied back. Their hatred for each other was quite out in the open for Dib to read while, the little half wit, Fred laid on the couch, tweaking his device absentmindedly. Fred then noticed the temperature dropped in the room as the ghost grew angry and frustrated. Fred look up and smiled a wide grin.

"Hi, Jason!" He waved enthusiastically at the ghost. Both Simon and the ghost named Jason was a bit startled at Fred's screaming. Both looked his way. Jason's expression soften somewhat.

"Hey, Fred," he lightly mutters in a semi soft tone of annoyance and joy to see Fred. Fred just grinned before going back to his tinkering on his small device. Dib now really is curious of what Fred is working on.

Jason turns his gaze back on Simon, but more harsh than before. He must really hates him, Dib thought as he crosses the large room slowly next to the couch where Fred laid.

"Why are you in my home?" He asked again, growing very impatient.

Simon only smirks before answering, "Look, GhostBoy, I don't need to tell you why I'm here, all you should care about is the reason of the new guest in the house." He pointed off to Dib.

"Don't call me that!" Jason screamed but realized another "guest" was in his house. That made Dib flinch a step back as Jason twist towards him that would made anyone dizzy.

Dib froze, not knowing what to do. First impression counts..., Dib thought and lifts a hand to flick a wrist in a short nervous wave "hello" with an small smile to match. Jason only stared at him, concentrating on every detail on Dib with those dark blue eyes. This made Dib anxious and uneasy, he felt like he was being undressed by those eyes. They felt like Simon's when he's not in a good mood.

Quick as a flash, Jason disappeared and reappeared right before Dib in a matter of seconds. Dib had to blink to comprehend what happened. Jason literally blink on spot to the next which is right in front of Dib, staring at him indifferently. Dib slightly blushed, a bit embarrassed and nervous of this constant staring from the ghost. Dib tried to be as harmless as possible but with Jason so close, feeling his coldness emanating off of him, it had an different affect. After being around Zim for so long, he couldn't help but feel on edge.

Jason stared a bit longer to Dib's dismay before he steps back and looks over his shoulder to Simon. "His head is huge,"commented Jason. That made Simon bust a gut laughing.

"I know, right?!" Went Fred to Jason, grinning comically.

Dib only blushed from both embarrassment and anger. This situation only made Simon laugh even more, throwing his head back, roaring his laughter into the large room, echoing throughout the house. Simon tried his best to keep his laptop in one position on his lap but the lack of air and jerking of his laugh made it difficult. Jason raised at eyebrow at Simon, a bit shocked to him in a good mood or even laughing.

"My head's not big!" Dib shouted with his face redden even further from anger growing within him.

"Pfft! Yes it is! It's titanic!" Simon laughed and continue on this made Jason laugh. Dib glared at him.

"It's so fuckin' huge, it could eclipse the whole sun!" Jason laughed. Simon right then was dying from laughter. Fred only grinned then sat up and walk over to grab hold of Simon's laptop before it fell. Simon had tears forming at the corners of his eyes as he banged the arm of the comfy chair he's sitting in. Dib glowed bright red.

"More like clogging a black hole!" Both went into hysteria of laughter.

"How do you walk without falling over?"

"It's not funny!" Dib screamed.

"You're right. It's not's hilarious! Ahahahahahahahahah!" Simon laughed.

Dib growled. "Simon! Aren't we're here for a different reason besides making fun of my head?!"

That caught Jason's ears and made him stop mid way of his next fit of laughter before looking at Simon with a suspicious yet expecting glare.

"What does he mean by that?" Jason asked in a warning tone that meant "if you got me involve into something crazy again...". Simon's laughter died down slowly before he finally regains his composure and gaze up at Jason with those deep sapphire blue that darken violet or indigo which made Jason's cheeks tinged pink.

"Why, nothing dangerous of course, if that's what you're worrying," Si replied smoothly in his persuasive voice. Jason's eyes narrow into violent midnight blue slits that shimmer brightly in the sun lit room.

"What?" Jason said back in a low deadly tone which made Dib rethink on interrupting their fun so he quickly stepped in.

"I-I requested his assistance for my problem which is not a big deal if you count the end of our world as you know it but other than that it's really no big deal. I mean if you want you don't have to get involve at all, I mean, a ghost like yourself should really-" then a remote came flying Dib's way and hit it's destination which is Dib's head. The quick but painful short sting from the remote hitting his head made him abruptly cease talking. Dib wince at the new pain at the side of his head and looks at the person who threw it. Simon obviously threw it, still in that stance of his arm hanging low from when he thrown the projectile to his target. He had a annoyed expression etched on his face, teeth gritting. Dib raised one eyebrow while narrowing his other eye, still stinging from the sudden impact. That's twice that something is thrown at his head in one day.

"Will you quit rambling?! It's fucking annoying!" He growled before leaning back into the comfy chair to clear his throat. Jason would have laughed at the comical moment when Dib got hit by the remote but he remembered that this was his home and Simon was throwing around objects that are his.

He glared harshly at Simon. "Don't touch things that's isn't yours," Jason hissed which Simon ignored.

"What Titanic Cranium was trying to that we need extra assistance," Simon decipher Dib's rambling. Jason just looked at him for a moment before throwing his head to let out a roar of laughter, not caring if it wakes his roommates.

"Hahaha! Wait! Let me get this straight! Haha! You want me," Jason points to himself then points at Simon, "to help you?! Hahahaha! That's the best joke I've ever heard! Hahahaha!"

Dib stares at Simon for anything that can possible explain Jason's reaction, all he got was a shrug. Fred place the laptop back on Simon's lap with a grin then went back to his seat on the couch, not catching the inside joke.

Simon only stare at Jason for bit as the laughter slowly dies down, he could clearly hear other footsteps coming from the back of the house. It looks like they're awake..., Simon thought. "Jason," Simon said in a smug, sly tone that's mixed with a hint of seriousness. Jason looked at him, wiping any known tears from his eyes. "What makes you think that I would ever ask for your help? Besides, it's him who needs it." Simon nodded at Dib's direction, Jason turns to look at him.

"Well, yea, that is if you want to," Dib contribute in with a sheepishly spoken voice.

Jason narrow his eyes again before speaking, "What do you want?"

Simon smiles smoothly and coolly at Jason which intensifies his blue eyes that flicker with bright blue violet in the sun lit room as the other occupants joined in. This made Dib regret to ask his assistance. Simon continues to smile till he spoke casually with a tilt of his head, "Do you believe in aliens?"

A/N: From Irish to English:

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2)You are not supposed to do that, you hear me?

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