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The Behavior of the Defect

"What?" Jason asked in a drone tone.

"You heard me...," Simon said dryly. He leans back into the comfy chair, folding his legs under him and place the laptop more comfortable on his shin before continuing to type.

Jason looks at Si then at Dib and back again. Did he just say aliens? Jason thought and gave Simon a look.

"Okay, let me get this straight, you broke into my home, made yourselves comfortable then asking for my help to ask me if I believe in aliens..," Jason said in disbelief. "Okay, this is just weird and annoying, even for you."

Simon only shrugged and pointed to Dib without looking up. "Hey, he wanted help, not me."

"What the hell's going on?" A new voice asked sternly which made Dib and Jason jump to turn towards the entrance of the hallway at the back of the house to the bedrooms.

There stood a tall young man with blond hair and blue eyes like the sky on a clear sunny day, he wears a white tang top and light blue pajama pants. His slightly muscle toned and very well tanned body frame stood intimidatingly at the archway. Dib took an involuntary step back before realizing, he's not the one at fault, Simon is. Dib then glared at Simon who didn't even acknowledge it as he stares at the new face in the group.

"Ah, Caleb, good afternoon," Simon said coolly. The other teen dubbed Caleb, his face twitched at the calm collected Simon in the comfy chair then sighed and place a hand on his face before dragging it downward.

"Okay, Simon, what are you doing here?" Caleb asked the blue haired teen in a tired voice. He must be the true owner of this house, Dib thought. Caleb sounded mature yet still young, he must be the true owner of the house. So how does he explain Jason? Is he just haunting the place? Can Caleb see him too?

Simon just smiled but before he could answer, Fred popped up from his seat and waved his hands while screaming, "Hi, Caleb!" Caleb blinked for a moment at the surprised shout and snickered.

"Hey, Fred," Caleb waved back with a smile on his face.

"Hey, where's Kayden?" Fred asked, happily. Caleb sighed and shook his head.

"He's probably still asleep...again," Caleb said tiredly with a smile. Fred only pouted for a moment then grinned and went back to his seat in silent, humming a tone. Simon just sighed.

"Back to the question...," Jason encouraged Caleb made the tanned teen narrow his eyes at him.

"Yea, yea, don't get so uptight Casper," Caleb said which indicated to Did that he can see Jason. Jason hated that nickname. Caleb calls him that on certain occasions when he's not calling Jason GhostBoy. Jason just huffed and turns away from Caleb while Simon snickered at the childish act.

"You're such a girl," Simon chuckled. That made Jason turn red from only embarrassment but also anger from the insult.

"I am not!" Jason hollered almost a whine at Simon who only shrugs the reply off.

"Take it easy, Jase," Caleb called out to him as he now walks further into the living room. "You are a bit touchy, I give you that but you need to chill a bit." Jason only glares daggers at Caleb's way and looks away with a huff. Caleb sighed and looks at Simon expectantly. "Okay, Simon, why are you here?"

Simon thumbed Dib not too far off. "Once again, he wanted aid, not me." Dib blushed from the insult and narrow his bright amber eyes at Simon.

"We're on a mission to help Dib understand what's makes his boyfriend so sad," Fred answered Caleb without a hitch. Dib turned red in the face and looks at Fred like he was the enemy. Caleb nodded at Fred as a thanks before turning to Dib fully.

"Okay, kid, you wanted help from us because of that?" Caleb asked with a brow raised a bit.

Dib struggled a bit to find the right words before he spoke, "N-no. I-I needed assistants to aid me in defeating my archenemy before he conquers our planet!" Caleb stares at Dib for a bit before turning to Simon for aid.

Simon just shrugged. "What he means is that he was worried about a certain alien that was acting a bit weird today." Dib blushed again.

"I'm not worried about a stupid bug!" Dib shouted with a growl.

Simon chuckled. "You so are.."

Fred nodded with a smile. "Yes, he's very worried."

Dib blushes deepens as he heighten his glare at the two talking about him. Caleb and Jason just shared a look with one another before looking back at the three.

"Okay, kid, I don't know what's going on but it sounds like you really care about this...uh, person a lot so you need help to found out what's wrong...correct?" Caleb stated. Jason rolled his dark blue eyes with a sigh.

Simon nodded and answered for Dib, "Yes, that is correct..." Dib apparently as no say in this and just crossed his arms with a annoyed huff. Why did I even bother?! Dib thought with some disdain.

Caleb nodded and looks towards Jason's way then at Simon. "But why are you here in our house?" He asked Simon which Jason gave a "thank you" look at Caleb's way.

Simon smirked and said smoothly, "Well, you see, Jason here can faze in and out of buildings and turn invisible, correct?"

"I don't like where you're going with this, Simon...," Caleb said warily and anxious.

"Well, we need a good spy to help Dib without being detected so who better than a ghost to actually do it?" Simon pointed out with a clever smile. Dib only stare at him like he grown another head. He can be serious..., Dib thought. But...can this actually work?

Caleb gave Simon a wary stare and shook his head. "No, Simon, Jase is not going with you to aid your...uh, mission or whatever you call it."

Jason nodded with a smug on his face. "Yea and that's vandalism and I am not committing that," he said sternly.

Dib was slightly disappointed but he understood Jason well where he stands. If only a certain blue haired cretin is like that..., Dib thought and glared at Simon which was ignored.

Simon shrugged and sat up in his chair and begins typing like no tomorrow. "Whatever, I thought maybe if you did this, it might help you in return...," he said nonchalantly. Both Jason and Caleb narrow their eyes at him.

"What do you mean by that?" Jason asked with suspicion in his voice.

Simon lifted one shoulder. "Oh, you know, since you guys want to bring peace into this world, I thought that maybe you use this as an advantage to your problem...," he said with an all knowing smirk.

Caleb blinked then narrow his eyes dangerously at Simon while this inhuman sound emanating from his throat. It sounded like a low gurgling yet rumbling sound that resembles to a dog. Dib blinked and took an involuntary step back further from Caleb, as if afraid he might turn into something. Is that sound coming from him? It sounds so inhuman..., Dib thought, a bit scared.

Caleb kept that sound going until he realized that there's another guest here who doesn't know who he really is and cleared his throat in order to stop growling at Simon but kept his narrow glare.

"Why would you mention that?" Caleb growled.

Simon's smirk grew larger into a satisfied grin. "Because I can...," then went serious in a flash. "Now, are you going to help or not?" This was more towards Caleb's way than Jason's. Both Simon and Caleb did stare down at each other; dark sapphire and sky blue. Both calculating and seizing one another with their gaze. Each person in the room with them sense the tension grew thicker and thicker that you have to cut it with a chain saw. Finally Caleb sighed and place his face into his open palm.

"Why do you need our help?" Caleb asked warily.

"Because Dib needs it," Simon pointed out with a light shrug.

"No, I mean why would you want to us succeed?" Caleb asked again with a bit more tone in his voice. Fred blinked and looks over at Simon with some concern in in his half hidden face. Simon let out a tired sigh and shut his laptop closed and lay his hands on it as if the sign of giving up. Simon tilt his head a bit to the right, his blue bangs fell into half of his face, glancing away from their stares. The other three were confused of what's going on with Simon until he muttered quietly that even Caleb can hear.

"Because I can...," Simon then reopened his laptop and continue typing away in an inhuman speed. Both Caleb and Jason blinked at that then their faces went dark but mostly Jason's. Dib is very lost at this.

"It's not your fault...," Jason said quietly but loud enough to only Simon to hear. "It's not your fault that I..." Simon bit inside of his cheek before shutting close his laptop and stood up quickly. He grabbed his gear and walked towards the door, face hidden from view from everyone as Fred get up and instantly follows behind like a loyal dog to his master. Jason and Caleb only watched with grim faces but one was mixed with pity towards Simon's way. Dib is still in the dark, looks on with confusion.

"I'll call you when we're ready... See you this weekend...," Simon said with a toneless voice which made Jason flinched visibly but nodded nonetheless. "Lets go, Dib..," then opens the front door and left the house with Fred in tow. Dib only blinks in confusion but follows anyways. He get a respectable goodbye to Jason and Caleb then left with Si and Fred.

As he and the others walked from Caleb's house, Simon kept that odd cold aura about him that says "don't approach me" which Fred is obviously ignoring is constantly nagging him to speak to him. Simon only gave no response as a reply. Fred took the hint and left him alone with a sad gaze in his half hidden face. Dib raised an eyebrow. What's wrong with him? Dib thought as he follows them quietly behind.

a a a

The next day which was a Thursday, Dib got up like any normal person would for school but knowing that he will be observing Zim more closely today than before by Simon's standards, he felt more wary than usual. He doesn't understand why but he felt like he was more a guinea pig than a paranormal investigator because he was under the supervision of Simon Mitchels. Dib sighed. Oh well, time get up and face the day... He found another shirt which is black with an emotion face that shows no emotion at all because he doesn't know whether to feel anxious, wary, annoyed or angry out of his mind. He sighed once again as he put on black jeans and plain black boots. He just have to deal with it for now until this weekend. That's when Simon's allies suppose to come in aid them. Dib sighed for the third time. I guess I shouldn't be so uptight about it since after all, I'm getting what I want, right? Dib thought to himself as he puts on his backpack and walked out of his room.

He met his little sister, Gaz, who is playing her Gameslayer once again, not knowing when to put it down for even second, wearing her black dress but with a different belt with spikes and a silver Vampire Piggy buckle. Dib just rolled his eyes heavenward before greeting in a light tone, "Mornin', Gaz..."

Gaz only grunted as her response then proceed going down stairs. Dib only sighed, and followed his sister. They ate their breakfast with the constant supervision of their father's personal robots while he's away at the labs, again. When they are finished, they left the house and walked to school. They always walked to and from school together, to ease their father's worry even though they know he doesn't really acknowledge them as his children but just seem to be subject of one of his experiments. Dib and Gaz walked in comfortable silence until the top structure of one of the conjoined buildings of the school. Gaz then sped up her pace a bit more towards the outer boundaries of the school property when they see the school buses that stopped and dropped off kids that didn't live close by. Good thing the school is located from Dib's home which is not far away like the Elementary Skool he went to years back. Maybe the distance of the Middel Skool is a little bit further from their home but it was still walkable distance.

They are at least a few feet from the school when suddenly a loud boom that shook the ground that the students and Dib and Gaz stand. All look about, as if hoping for an explanation but none came when they saw black smoke emanating from one the school buildings. All were confused, shock and fear while mixed into those emotions held hope that they won't be going to school today. Dib and Gaz, well mostly Dib, look on with wide eyes of intense astonishment. What the...? Dib thought then gaze about, searching for the green menace who might be the cause of this sudden disaster when a hand is place firmly on his right shoulder. Dib jumped and turn abruptly to see the one of the humans he despise more than Zim himself.

Simon Mitchels, a very intelligent teen of the Middel Skool, who looks like he should be in Hi Skool by now, with his blue beyond shoulder length hair which is now tied into a tail today, wearing a teal blue long sleeved shirt underneath a dark blue t-shirt with a design skull at the upper right of his chest, black jeans and blue sneakers. He gaze pensively at Dib with those powerful sapphire blue eyes that darkens somewhat into a cold emotionless gaze and his mouth set into a firm line. Dib wondered what got the slightly taller teen gaze at him like that when Simon smirked all knowing at him which made Dib inwardly cringe. What's he up to now? Dib thought with great suspicion as he slant a narrow glance at Simon.

Simon chuckled lowly and walks about the stationary Dib who is following Simon's every move with his gaze. Simon then stopped and sigh while shaking his head.

"He did it again...," Simon sighed. Dib blinked at that and went instantly to Simon's side, very curious and confused of what Simon said.

"What you mean 'he did it again'?" Dib asked.

Simon gave Dib a side glance before answering, "Fred...he must of found some chemicals from the Science labs and brought for his workshop in technology class. Apparently he was using for one of his great inventions which sometimes go into flames."

Dib went in stunned silence. He never know Fred is capable to do such a thing, let alone invent... Then gaze at Simon with great questioning which Simon didn't have to look to know and smirked again.

"Fred is the son of the well known Inventor, Mr. Cliffhanger..," Simon replied. Dib's eyes blinked in total shock. C-C-C-Cliffhanger?! Dib thought with wide eyes. The CLIFFHANGER?!

Simon chuckled at the expression on Dib's and nodded. "Yes, the Cliffhanger of the Invention Society. He's well known for many inventions that help many, including your father, Mr. Membrane himself.."

"Whoa...," Dib exclaimed quietly, his mouth a gaped. He thought it's a coincidence that Fred has the same last name but didn't really brother to connect them since Fred is odd and Mr. Cliffhanger is more a prestige man. Simon smirked and place an finger under Dib's chin and pushed up, shutting Dib's mouth completely.

"You're attracting flies," Simon said, chuckling lightly before walking ahead of Dib and Gaz. Dib awoke from his daze and looked at Simon with a raised eyebrow.

"Where you going?" Dib asked.

"Going towards the smoke and clean up Fred's mess...again...,"Simon sighed exasperatedly. Dib only blinked at that. Simon then turned and look over his right shoulder with a raised eyebrow. "Oh, and don't get ahead of yourself, there still will be school today. This only happened in one of the workshop classrooms so if I were you, I would get going..," then the bell ring as the signal of the first bell. Dib blinked before he turns to his sister but instead meet open air, Gaz's already ahead of Dib to her first class. How does she do that? Dib thought and ran after her.

"Oh! And good luck with that boyfriend of yours during lunch today!" Simon screamed with a laugh behind him. Dib froze before turning to look at Simon like he grew two heads. How does he know that?! Dib thought in slight panic but shook it away and ran towards the main doors of the building. Whatever! I will finally get to reveal Zim for who he really is! Then Dib paused at the thought as well at the main doors of the school and turns around towards Simon's back and shouted,"And he's not my boyfriend!" Earning some stares along the way as he rush right through the twin doors, getting a laugh as a reply behind him.

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