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Bargaining with the Defect

Dib rushed to his first class which is Mr. Bitters's class where the said alien will be. He wants to get there before the teacher and for a good reason too. He need to find a way to get Zim alone to study his strange behavior this past week and what better way than to "help" Zim with his lab assignments. Dib is rather curious then worried about Zim's behavior: Missing schools for several days, coming back with a new yet odd attitude, not arguing like they us too... After the talk with Simon yesterday, he wondered what's been bugging his annoying green bug... Dib paused at that and realized he said his...again. As if Zim was his property. Dib had to mentally kick himself for even thinking that.

Dib finally reached the classroom as he reached for the door and with a large exhale of breath from running down the hall, he opened the door a bit more dramatically than he should. All chattering and gossiping went silent and still as all heads of each classmate turns to the door, expecting the teacher but when they found Dib instead they went back to chatting with their clique again like nothing happened. Dib did not mind that, the only one person, the one being that really matters was the green and pink alien sitting in the front desk a foot from where he stands, glaring at him with those fake indigo blue eyes. Dib glared back as he walked past Zim. Their glare show down last for only a few more seconds until Zim was the first to turn away, back to staring off into space. Dib lightly snorted with a smug. Yes! Victory for Earth! Dib thought as he walked in before he stood at his desk. He place his backpack on the floor beside him then straightening up. But that's not important...right now I need to talk the alien about his assignment so.., he give a long exasperated sigh. Here's goes nothing... Then slightly marched up towards Zim's desk. All chatting begins to die down as Dib reaches Zim's desk. Zim stare off into space facing the doorway of the classroom, not bothering to notice Dib's presence. Dib gave another sigh but only in his mind as Zim finally acknowledges Dib's presence and turns his head slightly to gave Dib a side glare which Dib replies back with a glare of his own. Silence. Everyone watches and waits for the fight to unfold before them again. Some rolled their eyes with a groan while muttering a few insults like "weirdo" or "crazy" but the two adversaries ignored them as they glared hard at each other. This lasted for only a second more before Dib took a breath and opens his mouth which Zim narrows his eyes at him.

"Alright, my pathetic studentsssss, return to your seatssss...," Mr. Bitters's hissing voice spoke as he walks into the classroom. "Classssss will now begin..." Then he notices Dib standing. "What are you doing up, Misssster Membrane? Do you want to go to the Underground Classsroom?" Dib blinked and with a fright he quickly returned to his seat which made whole class including Zim laugh at his expense. "SSSILENCSSE!" The whole class went instantly quiet as Mr. Bitters went to his seat and sat with a dark vibe about him. "Now classsss, letsss begin talking about how doomed you are in life..."

Dib sighed and rested his cheek on his palm of his hand as he listens to Mr. Bitters's ranting about how pathetic and doomed each of his students are. They gotta be related somehow..., Dib thought then slipped his gaze at Zim's desk as the green alien space off again into his own little world, whatever that world is. Dib sighed again.

Suddenly there is a knock on the classroom door which made Mr. Bitters stop mid way of his sentence and growled at the door's direction. "Come in!" He growled with a hiss. The doors open to reveal Simon as he walks into the classroom with no care in the world as if not bother to apologize why he came in late and interrupted Mr. Bitters's teachings.

Mr. Bitters glared at the boy. If looks can kill, Simon would be burn to the crisp and trampled on until there was no more of his existence. That's how deadly Mr. Bitters's glares are. "Isss there a reasssson why you came in late, Missssster Mitchelssss?" Asked Mr. Bitters. Simon just turned to look his way with an unimpressed face before answering.

"My friend has lost his mind a moment ago and I had to...attend his needs...," Simon replied with a slight suggestion in his voice. This made shivers went down Dib's or on any kids spine as they listened to his words.

Mr. Bitters glared harder with one eye slightly raised in question before speaking,"Very well... Go to your sssseat then at once! Don't let thisss happen again."

Simon just nodded and returned to his seat behind Dib with a light sigh. Dib slightly jumped from that. He could never get use of this teen no matter how hard he tried. Simon noticed and chuckled lowly before returning his gaze to the front of the class. Dib mentally sighed again. This is going to be a long miserable day..., he thought as he listens to Mr. Bitters's ranting.

a a a

Finally, three long periods in Mr. Bitters's class and the bell rang which Dib took with gratitude as he shrugs on his backpack and rushed out of the classroom to his next one. But he has one more thing to do before going to class. Dib ran out into the hallway and found the one person he was looking for. The pink and green figure marching down the hall with a slight shag in his shoulders and head. Dib took this in with a raised brow but he'll get into that when he finally studies him during lunch today. Dib ran towards the figure then past him before stopping dead before the alien who gave a slight jump in fright or panic with a scream.

"AAAHHAHHHHAHHHHHH!" Then Zim stopped when he realized it was only Dib and glared lasers at him. "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!"

"Zim I-"




Dib glared an unimpressed look at Zim for a moment, waiting for him to stop screaming and when Zim finally calmed down he spoke again. "Okay, Zim, look... Mrs. Thirteen wants you to finish your lab assignments-"

My what?" Zim asked. Dib blinked before continuing again.

"Your lab know, from Chemistry?" Dib tried to emphasize it with a roll of his left wrist. Zim gaze back with one narrow while the other is enlarged to emphasize his confusion. Dib sighed and say it again in a drone tone, "You know...the female pig-beast with the most annoying voice ever that got you slaving childish activities..."

Then recognition dawned on Zim with a nod with a "ahh".

Dib nodded. " she wants you to finish the lab assignments that you missed several days ago..."

Zim stared at Dib for a long moment before shrugging his shoulders in nonchalant way. "Eh...why should Zim care about those useless assignments?"

"'Cause if you don't, you fail...," Dib said as a matter fact tone.

Zim blinked at Dib then laughed. "Hahahaaahhhhaaahhahahahahahaaaahhahahahhahhahahah ahaha!" Dib raised an eyebrow as Zim continues to laugh before he finally calmed down and gaze back at Dib, still chuckling, "Oh, ho, ho, Dib...hahaha..Do you not understand? The ALMIGHTY ZIM! Doesn't fail, he succeeds and I don't need your petty pig-beast of a teacher telling me otherwise..." Dib was speechless, not surprised, just speechless as Zim marched past him as the second bell rings.

Oh crap the bell! I have to think of something but what? Dib thought in a slight panic. Then it hit him and he smirked as he turns to look at Zim causally.

"I guess you're right, Zim.. A highly intelligent alien like yourself doesn't need to be dealt with these useless lessons but if you don't do this...they'll get suspicious..," Dib said in a light tone which made Zim froze in his place on mid march with a foot in the air. Zim then use that same foot to spin about and face Dib with narrow eyes.

"What do you mean, Dib-thing?" Zim asked with some interest in his voice. Dib inwardly smirked as he hook the alien like the sucker he is.

"Oh, ya know...if you don't do this, people will start wondering and asking if you're human or not...," Dib continued as he turns away.

This really pique Zim's interest even more as he grabbed hold of Dib and swung him around to face him. "Speak, pig-beast! What do you mean by that?"

Dib tried his best to keep a straight face as he explained, "Well, spaceboy, if you don't do your work and stay in school, people will get suspicious and start wondering if I'm right that you're an alien..." Zim's eyes widen in shock with a mixed hint of fear which made Dib smirked. "And if you're not passing, you're an alien by default. " Then Dib looks about, pretending to be searching for anyone near by. "I wonder if they know right now..."

Zim quickly released Dib as he scream and scrambled about the hall in sheer panic. "Ahhhhh! WhatdoIdo?! What is Zim to do?! I can't let anyone know I'm-," then froze as he noticed many stares of the students about them as they rushed past to their next class. Zim smiled brightly at them, his usual facade. "That a puppy! Yes! A PUPPY I SAY! Heh, heh, heh... Don't mind me, I'm just a regular, normal hyooman worm baby.." He ends with a sheepish laugh then screams, "NORMAL!" Most either grinned brightly as they heard he was getting a puppy but others just shook their heads, muttering, "Freak..." Then went off their merry way, ignoring Dib and Zim completely. Dib shook his head. Wow...Simon was right... Ignorance can be the most foggiest of windows..., Dib thought then really think. I wonder if that's an actual quote... But his thoughts was interrupted by Zim grabbing the collar of his shirt which he gave out a yelp of surprise.

"Tell me, pathetic worm baby, how to fix this. TELL ZIM!" Zim demanded Dib as he shook him a bit.

"Okay, first of all, let go..," Dib requested which Zim did just not so kindly, almost shoving Dib to the floor but Dib instantly regain his footing and stood straight or taller as it seems to Zim which infuriates him to no end. Dib mentally laughed as he stood taller than Zim but even for a short alien, he's very strong. "And second...," Dib continued, " you're going to have to do the work during lunch at the Chemistry lab today and finish it before Monday.." Zim narrow his eyes at Dib but nods anyways. "And once you're one will suspect a thing.."

Zim nods as he considers this but a quick realization hits him and glared at Dib through dangerous slits. "And why are you telling this to Zim? Hm?! Aren't you trying to expose me for who I am?"

Dib gave a smug which send little shivers down Zim's spine. "I'm telling you this because of that and mostly because Mrs. Thirteen told me to. I don't want Mr. Bitters failing me. So anyways, if you do this, I won't pester you for the next...three days..."

Zim then began really consider this but something was up. Dib is up to something so he gaze at Dib with suspicious glare. "What's the catch?"

Dib smiled all knowingly. "The catch is that I have to work with you as your lab partner..."

Zim stares on with wide eyes of both bewilderment and shock. "WHAT?!"

"You heard me...," Dib said with a smug. Zim growled and pulled at the side of his wig as he mutters and grumbles under his breath of how ridiculous this is but then had to agree on the terms if he doesn't want to be found out, not to mention, he didn't want Dib to get suspicious of his true position on this planet. He glared hard at Dib.

"Fine...," Zim growled. "I'll do this pathetic lab assignment but you better not bother Zim ever again! Or I'll place you as one of my experiments. And Zim will personally see how limited you pathetic hyooomans can last under my choice of torture... And I will continue this process...long and agonizing..." And with that he left Dib with a huff and marched heatedly down the hall to his next class. Dib smirked and turned before running down the opposite end of the hall. Dib maybe late to class but it was all worth it.

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