Summary: Months after the rest of the Cullens' return, and during the her senior year, Bella finds herself content but wary. With her future to think about and Victoria out to get her- tension is no stranger. And what happens when Edward finally returns- but his presence only complicates things?

" We'll get through this Bella, because we have each other."

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Emmett turned around as the door opened slowly. A middle-aged woman appeared, carrying a travel bag in one arm and a coat in the other. Her olive-toned skin seemed to have paled considerably, her eyes bloodshot and puffy from crying. Her long dark brown hair swayed as streaks of tears clung to her face as she sniffed. She struggled with her belongings as she entered.

It had to be Angela's mother. Mrs. Weber.

It took her a few seconds to realize Emmett had been standing there, so when she finally did she gasped in surprise.

" Let me help you with that." Emmett offered with soft smile as he hurriedly approached her. She silently observed him with wide eyes, but still, she accepted Emmett's help. He placed the bag against the floor near the window and hung the coat behind the chair nearest Angela's hospital bed. When he finished, he turned around to find Mrs. Weber wiping her eyes with the back of her hand as she stared at the resting form that was her daughter.

Stiffly, she turned towards Emmett. " Who are you?"

" A friend of Angela's from school ma'am. Emmett Cullen." Emmett replied gently, outstretching his hand. Mrs. Weber slowly met his hand, gasping at first at how cold it was before pulling away with a puzzled look on her face. She shivered then, rubbing the back of her arm as her gaze softened at Emmett.

" Guess it's... colder than I thought in here." She said then with a sigh, glancing around the room. She spotted the air conditioning unit and walked over to change it. A few seconds later, Emmett could feel the room starting to warm up a little. When she was finished, she smiled at Emmett, though it seemed a little forced, considering her situation.

"I'm Norma. Angela's mother." She introduced, sniffing as she wiped her eyes once more.

Emmett nodded, feeling as though it was an appropriate response. Norma still seemed rather tense, which of course was normal for a situation like this, but he felt good knowing he was able to help her feel at ease, even if it was just a little. Emmett rubbed his hands together- something he had often seen human do- as if he were adjusting to the warmth now radiating in the room.

" Bella should be back soon. She.. left to the restroom shortly after we arrived." Emmett explained, and Mrs. Weber nodded with a sad smile.

" I see." She replied sadly." It's hard for me to keep it together myself. It was sudden. And she was..bleeding so poor baby." Mrs. Weber trailed off as her voice began to crack. She sobbed then, covering her mouth with her hand, trying to muffle the sound as best as she could.

Emmett swallowed. " I'm so sorry this happened." He told her, wanting to hug the older woman to comfort her, but decide against it- not wanting to alarm her any further of his arctic body temperature.

" My poor baby... who would.. do this to you?" She repeated, walking over to Angela's side. He watched her as she placed her hand against Angela's forehead, rubbing it soothingly as she cried. It was difficult for Emmett to observe the scene before him, especially when he knew who was responsible for it. He felt his hand ball into a fist once more at the thought of finding Edward for this.

These people didn't deserve this. They were innocent in all of it.

Bella entered the room then slowly, meeting Emmett's eyes as she closed the door gently behind her. Her eyes were red and puffy, just like Norma's, and she still looked as if she would bawl again at any moment. His eyes softened as he met the sad eyes of the girl he loved and walked over to embrace her gently. She sighed and wrapped her arms around him, resting her head against his chest for a few moments before turning to Mrs. Weber.

They greeted each other with tight hugs, sniffing as they did so.

There was a knock on the door, and they both pulled away. The door opened slowly and Emmett readied himself, realizing it was probably Dr. Chambers here to check up on Angela.

To Emmett's surprise, it was Carlisle instead. His expression was calm and humane as usual, though Emmett could sense his uneasiness. He made eye contact with Carlisle for a brief few seconds, and that was enough for him to realize that he had been informed of Edward's involvement with Angela from Jasper. He greeted a distraught Mrs. Weber with a kind smile, after nodding to Bella who seemed shocked at his arrival as well.

" Dr. Carlisle Cullen." He introduced. "I took it upon myself to take over for Dr. Chambers, seeing as Angela is a dear friend of Bella's and my son's." He explained, gesturing to Emmett briefly. " I hope you don't mind Mrs. Weber."

Mrs. Weber blinked and shook her head, her face growing even more pink than before. " O-Oh no, not at all." She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and sniffed, turning towards Angela, who was still resting soundly at her bed. Carlisle walked over to Angela's side, after setting the chart down on the counter beside the bed, and began examining Angela carefully.

When he was finished, he began briefing Mrs. Weber on Angela's condition. " Well, her ribs are bruised, but there is no sign of any broken bones. She's lost quite a bit of blood from her neck wound, and that itself will take some time to replace and heal. but once she receives the proper treatment from us she'll be able to return home in a couple of weeks. You'll be able to stay for a couple of nights, but due to the hospital policy I cannot guarantee more than that, though you are more than welcome of course to visit whenever you'd like."

Mrs. Weber nodded, sniffing. " Thank you doctor."

Carlisle nodded apologetically. " Of course . And I sympathize for you and your daughter. No mother should have to go through something like this."

He then turned to Emmett. " Emmett can I speak to you for a brief moment outside?" Emmett nodded, gripping Bella's hand gently before leaving her to walk out of the door.

Carlisle sighed as he closed the door behind him. " I can't believe he would do something like this."

Emmett folded his arms over his chest, snorting a little. " You can't say this is completely out of the blue. He's been batshit crazy ever since he came back to Forks, and now it's gotten to the point where I feel like I can't even let Bella out of my sight anymore. As if we weren't dealing with enough already, with Victoria lurking around somewhere."

" Not to mention he nearly killed that poor girl in a rage after taking her blood. A neck wound like that would have killed her if she hadn't of alerted her mother and Bella like she had. Bella told me she had even seen Edward inside the house before. And after the paramedics came and went? Edward approached her Carlisle- flat out confessed to her that Angela wasn't the first human he had drank from, and you know what I think he's even drained other girls dry."

Emmett could feel anger building up inside him again, even more so at Carlisle's silence. It stayed like that for a good minute before Carlisle responded, his voice now stern and authoritative.

" Jasper's gathered Alice and Rosalie to find Edward. Esme heard as soon as I did and left to follow them. I think we should alert the wolves to keep an eye out in case he's spotted. He is no longer one of us, and as far as I am aware, has decided to become an entirely different vampire with vile practices. And for that, he is no longer welcome in our family."

It was rare to see Carlisle so serious as he was now, but Emmett understood it was because he valued his family so much that he would do anything to protect it.

Edward had indeed crossed then line, and it seemed like there was no turning back from this.

It was as Edward had stated before, things will never be the same as they were. And what an understatement that had been.

He was completely and utterly dangerous. A threat. Much like Victoria is, and Laurent and James had been.

Emmett nodded, glad Carlisle realized just what situation they were in right now. He felt bad for Carlisle and Esme in particular, having raised Edward from the moment he was turned, and to watch him turn his back on them completely had to hurt them considerably, but what they had to do- it was fitting for a vampire that proved to be a threat to not only the community but their own family as well.

" As far as Victoria goes, we'll have to keep an eye out for her too. We can't let our guard down Emmett, now even for a second."

" I wasn't planning on it."

" And I'd like to deal with all of this before word reaches the Volturi."

Emmett nodded, agreeing.

The one thing they despised the most was cleaning up other people's messes.

If they found out what was going on around here- with a rogue Edward on the loose and Victoria- both after the one person he cared about the most- there was no telling what they would do once they took it upon themselves to resolve the matter. It could mean an end to their entire family if that's what they decided.

They were a handful of nut jobs with the utmost power and control over the vampire community.

And for that they were feared greatly.

But Emmett would have die by their hand before he let anything happen to the girl he loved so deeply.

He watched Bella go inside of her house from his truck and greet her father, who had been sitting on the couch at Bella's return. He watched Charlie hurriedly get up from his seat to hug her, muttering about how he was relieved that she was alright, after having learned of Angela's attack at her home just a few hours before.

After they finished talking, Bella told Charlie she was tired and going to sleep. It was then that Emmett got out of his truck and headed towards Bella's window. He was a blur as he jumped from the tall tree to the ledge of the window, that had opened as soon as he neared it. He spotted Bella backing away to let him inside, and he did so, quietly closing it back down after his feet touched the floor.

He sighed then as Bella nearly jumped into his arms, and he tightened his arms around her, breathing in her heavenly scent.

"I'm so sorry Bella, really. But she's with Carlisle now, and I promise he's not gonna let anything happen to her."

" I know." Bella cried, sniffing, and the sound of her voice nearly broke Emmett's undead heart; at the same time he was relieved that she started talking again.

" Hey." He muttered, causing her to lift her head up to meet his eyes. " I'm not letting you out of my sight either alright?"

Bella nodded brokenly, and Emmett took a step back to really look at her. She was wiping her eyes then, and left Emmett momentarily to shrug off her coat and tossed it onto the chair by her desk. She sighed, raking a hand through her hair and sniffed as she sat onto her bed, her gaze not at Emmett's but at the first beneath them.

Emmett walked over and sat down beside her. It was then that he noticed the marks on her neck that had been concealed by her jacket before.

He growled, lifting his hand to touch the bruises that had become clear was made by someone's hands. He traced the skin lightly with the back of his index finger and Bella flinched in pain at the contact. He leaned closer to her as she wouldn't even look at him after he did that and squeezed his eyes shut to momentarily calm himself down for what he was about to ask.

Because he already knew the answer. " Did.. Edward do that to you?"

Her eyes started to water and she nodded.

The thought of Bella in Edward's grip, completely defenseless..

He leaned in and instead of letting Bella see how angry he really was, placed a soft kiss on her neck.

He kissed it again. And again. All while inhaling the sweet scent that radiated from her naturally.

He felt her shiver as he continued, until finally he buried his face at the crook of her neck, sighing sadly.

" I'm so sorry I couldn't be there to protect you Bella. I want to kill that bastard, over and over again for all the pain and suffering he's dealt you. He has no fucking right to treat you like this. I swear I don't know how I would have went on living if something..worse had of happened while I was away. There's no telling how far he will go now, to prove a point- and I... I love you so much Bella."

He heard her swallow then, and he relaxed as he felt her hands wrap around his head, bringing him closer.

" Then turn me."

He froze, and lifted his head to meet her eyes. " Bella.."

Tears streamed down her face then, as her eyes widened in sadness. " I'm tired of living like this Emmett. Afraid for my life and for the people I care about. Being completely defenseless and weak. I don't want something like this to happen again. And I don't want to ever be away from you... because I-I love you so much it hurts. I can't see myself living any other way than with you."

" Bella I-" Emmett replied, still a little stunned at her proposal to find the words. " There is.. so much you have to consider before you decide something like th-"

"Emmett I have never been more sure about anything. I know it's what I want. I want to be able to protect myself and my family. And I want to be with you."

" Bella that's... that's not enough." Emmett said then, the frustration he felt becoming evident in his voice. " You need to understand what you'll be giving up. If you become a vampire, there's no telling if you'll ever get to see your family again, let alone your friends- even if you do want to protect them. You'll have to live off of blood for the rest of your life, and it'll take time for you to get used to having to choose animals over humans alone. And you won't even be able to bear children Bella-"

" Emmett.. please." She begged. She buried her head into his chest as she sobbed, and he wrapped his arms around her, completely overwhelmed by her broken form. " I can't... I-I can't continue to live like this. I don't understand- things were going so well before he came back. E-Even if Victoria hadn't shown up yet..I-I finally had my life back somewhat... A-And I was so happy with you."

Emmett leaned back and forced Bella's head up gently to look at him. He wiped away her tears with his thumb and rested his forehead on hers, sighing deeply. He moved his face closer then, capturing her lips in a soft kiss, to which she returned almost immediately. Her arms moved from his chest to the back of his neck to bring him closer, and he continued to kiss her slowly, feeling every bit as frustrated as she did.

He trailed his kisses from her lips, to the side of her jaw, and finally to her neck, tracing every bruise that was made.

He felt her growing hot under his touch and her heart start to race.

The intoxicating smell she emitted was strong there, of course it being the smell of her blood and not of her body alone.

Once his lips traced the spot near her jugular he felt her freeze, and he placed a lingering kiss there.

He would do anything for her, even turn her into an immortal bloodsucker if that's what she wanted.

He closed his eyes, realizing how much he wanted to grant her her request.


" Not...yet.." He muttered with a sigh, earning a slight groan from the brunette. He lifted head to meet her eyes again and noticed her face was flushed considerably.

He smirked a little, causing her to blush again. He loved having that effect on her.

" Is it illegal?" Bella questioned him.

Emmett averted his eyes for a second. " Well.. not completely, because for one thing you're not a child. As a matter of fact, as it stands, the fact that you're a human and are aware that we are vampires and that such thing exists in the world makes you a liability. Which means yes, I could turn you into a vampire right now and would become fully responsible for your well-being from here on out."

He could hear her heart thumping loudly in her chest again, and he chuckled at the thought of her actually getting excited at this bit of information.

" Well then what are you waiting for? Turn me this instant." She asked him with wide eyes, grabbing his face with either of her hands.

Emmett laughed this time at her eagerness and held her by the waist, drawing her closer again.

" Not so fast Bella Swan." He muttered teasingly, his eyes sweeping over her face- drinking in the beautiful girl before him. At his response, she pressed her lips on his again, and this time they were eager and demanding. The weight of her body shifted, so that he had no choice but to fall back onto her bed as he gripped her waist. She continued to toy with him with her lips, mimicking the trail of kisses he had given her earlier, down his jawline, and then back to his lips again.

One of his hands moved from her waist to the back of her hair, and he gripped it gently, bringing her as close as they could possibly be to one another. She ground her front against his- the friction of their clothes causing her to moan and Emmett to growl. He realized what she was doing- using her body, her womanly assets to get what she wanted.

It was bold, for the shy and clumsy Bella he had come to know.

But she played the part well, and Emmett was enjoying every second of it.

" Why no-" She muttered breathlessly as they pulled away, only to have Emmett flip over on her backside in the blink of an eye.

He smirked, pinning her gently by her forearms. " I want you to make a list first. "

This genuinely shocked Bella, to the point where she actually snorted in annoyance, and that only made Emmett grin wider.

" Like I said, there are consequences to becoming a vampire. But since you still want that... I don't want you to leave this life so offhandedly. A list of things you want to do as a human, and that includes spending time with your family and friends. And I don't want it to be a list of random things that come to mind... I want the list to really be of things you value, Bella."

" But-"

" And I want you to graduate high school. That in itself is a milestone that should be cherished and I won't take no on that."

" So like... a bucket list." She muttered in a slightly amused tone.

" Yeah," Emmett replied with a soft chuckle. "Something like that."

She sighed. " Fine... If you're really serious about this, then... I-I'll wait." She reached up as his grip loosened on her and rested her hand on his cheek. He leaned into her warm touch and sighed, closing his eyes.

" That's all... I ask in return."

He opened his eyes to see her smiling up at him, her eyes glistening with tears again. " I love you so much Emmett."

He swallowed with a lump in his throat, looking down at the girl he had come to care so deeply about.

He couldn't imagine a life without her.

And now.. it seemed like.. he wouldn't have to.

" I love you too."

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