"Come on KarKar, we're moirails! I should know how to shoosh you! You know how to shoosh me...and what am I supposed to do when the time comes that I need to and have no idea how? Besides, we can never be true moirials until I shoosh you atleast once." I grimaced slightly at this...I knew he had a good point. True moirails had to know how to shoosh eachother, incase the time did ever come when it was neccisary. And I did know how to do his, infact I'd already done it once when he'd gone on that rampage a while ago...and he would need to shoosh me alteast once to make it official moirailship, but...my shoosh was just so...'different' than everyone else's. No one knew what it was, and I hadn't really planned on letting anyone find out. Besides, I'd always been afriad Gamzee'd abuse it...well, not neccisarily 'afraid', but I did think he would use it to his advantage. Part of me did, however, kind of want him to...wait, no, don't think that shit Karkat! I was completely unaware that I'd spaced out again in my internal arguement with myself until two fingers were snapped infront of my face, "KarKaaaar? You motherfuckin there?" I brought myself back to reality, blinking at him for a few moments of silence before answering, "I don't know Gamzee...I don't really want you to know..I don't want anyone to know.."
"Oh come on bestfriend, motherfuckin pleeeeease?" Ugh, that look. I hated when he gave me that fucking look. It always managed to make me give in and, once again, I'm pretty sure he knew it. I crossed my arms and looked away, "Gamzee..." It became extremely silent again, and after about two minutes I finally looked back over to him, a sad, slightly pouty look on his face. "Fine...I understand.." He said as he slumped, looking down at the ground. Gog I fucking hated when he did that...
I sighed, grabbing his hand and bringing it up as I caught his attention, looking sternly into his eyes as I spoke, "Now, I'm just gonna SHOW you. I don't want you to actually do it." His face lit up and he nodded in excitement, a large goofy grin spread across his face. I used his hand, moving it slowly up and resting it on my chest, motioning with a nod of my head that this was the first spot. He nodded happily in agreement, so I continued. I brought it next to my lower stomach and rested it there for a few seconds, a slight blush spreading across my cheeks as I did so. I then grabbed his other hand and moved them both to rest on either of my shoulders before taking them away and letting go of one. I made him stick out his index finger as I moved it infront of my lips, symbolizing the 'shooshing' motion without the actual noise, before bringing both of his hands back up to my hair. I made a motion trying to show that he was supposed to run his fingers through it, but didn't actually make him do so, my hair (and horns) being an extremely sensitive spot. Letting go of one hand again, I moved the other down and put it under my chin in a way that someone would normally do to tilt a persons head up. I repeated the 'shooshing motion' once again, before resting all of his fingers on my lips, showing that to be the last spot. I quickly dropped his hand, my face completely red at this point, but he obviously wasn't done with me. "Wait," he put his fingers back to my lips, "Here as in touch them or...?" He trailed off, knowing that I'd know what he was trying to say. My face heated up even more as I looked to the side, scratching the back of my head awkwardly, "Th-the other.." I glanced back at him after a few seconds to see he was smiling softly, "Oh, so that's why you didn't want me to motherfuckin know..I get it now." I rolled my eyes and scoffed, crossing my arms once again, "Yeah, now will you fucking leave me alone about it now that you know how?"
"Can I try it out?" My eyes widened and I looked at him in slight shock, "W-what?! Of course not! Why the fuck would I let you do that?!"
"Well how am I supposed to know your telling me the motherfuckin truth unless I actually test it?" He shrugged and smirked slyly, "You could just be saying random motherfuckin shit to shut me up, for all I know."
"Gamzee, no! It's not gonna happen! The only way I'd ever allow you to actually do it is if it were a dire situation where it were actually, hmm I don't know, NECCISARY, you fucktard!"
"Well...what if I make you mad?" I blinked in confusion, not quite understanding what he meant by that, "Huh?"
"What if I make you so mad that you flipped the fuck out and I HAD to shoosh you, then could I do it?"
"W-wha-...NO! Gamzee, fuck no! It's not gonna fucking happen!" I stared at him in disbelief, eyes wide. Was he really saying this? There's no way I'd let that happen!
"Come on KarKar, don't be such a motherfuckin hardass all the time," He smirked when he spoke, his eyes filled with mischief as if he'd just concocted up some sinister plan.
"It's not gonna work Gamzee."
"Seriously KarKar, losen the motherfuck up every once in a while. Stop being such an ass all the motherfuckin time."
"Gamzee, I know you don't mean that." I crossed my arms once more, trying to stay collected but his words obviously beginning to strike something within me.
"Oh, but I motherfuckin do, bro. Your such a fuckin ass, riding around on your motherfucking high horse and thinking your better than everyone else just because your a motherfuckin redblood which, by the way, doesn't mean shit."
"Oh, me?! I'm the one who thinks they're fucking better?! YOU'RE the one who went on a fucking killing rampage because we were all so fucking insuperior to you, your gog damn fucking highness!"
"You're just mad because of your motherfucking shitty-ass excuse for horns, fucknubs."
At the mention of my horns, and the name that asshole Sollux normally calls me, I felt something just completely snap. I screamed in anger, lunging at him and slamming him back against the wall, "FUCK THE FUCK OFF GAMZEE YOU DON'T KNOW FUCKING SHIT!" That grin on his face just fueled the fire in me so much fucking more, and I completely lost all control over everything. Before I knew what was happening, I felt a hand softly papping at my chest. My hands slowly started to unclench. It was shortly replaced by soft paps on my lower stomach. My body started to feel heavy.
Next came the paps on my shoulders, and a finger to my lips followed by a soft "Shoooooosh". My breathing started to calm.
My body shook slightly at the feeling of fingers running through my hair, my eyes beginning to close as I let this strange and enticing feeling begin to run through me.
Then was the hand under my chin, gently lifting my face so my half lidded eyes met those of my moirial. I felt the fire begin to fuel again as I got ready to attack, but it was quickly subdued by another soft "Shoooooooosh" in my ear. I shivered at the warm breath, my mind completely fogged over as I closed my eyes completely, feeling warm, soft lips brush against mine, before being gently pressed together. Everything went white, a feeling I'd never felt before completely washing over me as I collapsed into my moirial, wrapping my arms losely around his neck in an attempt to stay up. When I came to my face was in his chest and my entire body felt completely limp, his arms around my waist in a strong embrace to keep me from falling. I blinked, still in a complete blissful daze as I felt my legs being swept out from under me. From what I could tell I was being carried, where to I wasn't sure however, but I really didn't care at the moment. I just wanted to revel in this feeling..it felt so..nice. No, nice didn't even fit, it was much more than that. It was so hard to explain...imagine the most calm feeling you could ever have in the world mixed with complete happiness and the feeling of being loved, and times that by one hundred. That's what it felt like...pure bliss. I felt warm and fuzzy, safe and calm...I'd never felt anything like it in my life before. Was this all from being shooshed..? No..it wasn't just that...that was a large part of it, yes, but there was..something else..
It felt like forever and a day before I could finally use my senses coherently again, and I realized that we were now in my room, sitting on my bed as I stay laying in Gamzee's arms. I was still a little dazzed from the experience, but atleast I could see and speak properly now. I glanced up at him, my eyes still half-lidded as I looked at him soft, careing smile. "W-what...what just..h-happened..?"
"That's the motherfucking miracle power of shooshing, hun.." I blinked slowly...hun? Did he just call me hun...? Gog, I still must be more dazzed out than I thought. "B-but...y-you didn't react this way..d-did you..?" He chuckled softly, "Almost, but not near as motherfuckin intensly as you do. Everyone reacts to it differently..I wanted to see how you would.."
"I-I...I'm so gonna..kill you when I get..back to normal...but we can worry about that..l-later.." I smiled slightly, my eyes feeling heavier by the second, "Nnn...I feel..tired...? W-why..?" He chuckled again, "The more motherfucking intense the reaction, the calmer it makes you and the more motherfucking energy it drains..plus you told me the other day you havent been motherfuckin sleeping well, right? Take a nap, KarKar." A sudden worry started to slowly creep it's way into the back of my mind, but I wasn't sure why, "..W-will you-..?" As if he inticipated what I was going to say, he smiled sweetly and answered before I could finish, "Don't worry KarKar. I'll still be here when you wake up."
I smiled back sleepily before closing my eyes, welcoming the much-needed sleep with open arms.