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Clarent Blood Arthur: A Fate/Stay Night Fanfiction

Two Months before the 5th Grail War.

It was a cold winter's day in the desolate mountains. No, that was putting it mildly; it was the kind of winter that would bring even the toughest man to his knees. The frigid temperatures, the harsh winds, and the constant danger of frostbite while trying to survive a frozen wasteland. There was also the dangerous elements that lurked in every turn; be they ravenous wolves or fierce bears, they would want nothing more than to devour your warm flesh to fill their hungering bellies to survive this cruel wilderness.

This was the kind of day one Ilyasviel Von Einzbern was experiencing.

It was no fault of her own though; For the Einzbern family, this was a rite of passage. After years of losing the Holy Grail Wars (their most recent defeat the most stinging), they would want nothing more than to final earn a victory and reclaim the fabled Third Magic. So saying that everything was at stake would be quite the understatement.

Young Ilya had her own reasons for joining the war, however; Her mother, Irisviel, had been brutally murdered and became the Grail. Kiritsugu, on the other hand, ordered his servant Saber to destroy the Grail, dashing the hopes and dreams of the Einzberns concerning the Grail. Oh, if only it stopped there; the man never returned to the family estate, opting to remain in Japan and adopt a son named Shirou.

It was this knowledge that Ilya had grown a festering hatred deep within. She hated Kiritsugu for leaving her, her mother for dying on her and, most important of all, she hated the boy Shirou for stealing her father away from her. As such, she had one goal in mind:

Kill Emiya Shirou.

She knew that she wasn't going to live long; after the 5th War, she'll only have a year to live at best. Such was the curse of being a homuculus. Still, that meant that all she had to do was win the Grail War. Odds are Kiritsugu taught the boy at least some of the basics of magecraft. The fact that Avalon, the fabled sheath to King Arthur's Excalibur, was missing meant that it was still in Kiritsugu's possession.

After adding all the facts up, Ilya concluded that Shirou would end up summoning a Saber Class Spirit. To be precise, the spirit of Arturia Pendragon, who she saw before the 4th War started.

This leads us back to now, the young, pale-skinned homunculus in a tattered white dress running for her dear life from a pack of wolves with naught but a wooden splinter. Looking back, maybe she should have gone with the stone slab...

"What's this?" Jubstacheit von Einzbern, patriarch of the Einzbern clan, looked shocked, if not disappointed "You do not wish to use the great slab of Heracles?"

"That's right!" Ilya affirmed cheerfully over a cup of tea.

"But why child?" The ancient man wondered "Having Heracles at your side should give you an edge in the coming war! He's perfect for the Berserker class!"

"That's true." Ilya placed finger on her chin and looked up in thought "But I don't wanna just win..."

"Oh?" The patriarch raised his eyebrow "Tell me then, little homunculus, why choose a little splinter of wood over a mighty stone slab?"

"Because, grandpa," Ilya put down her tea and looked at "Old Acht" in the eye, her red orbs narrowing in a determined glare though her childlike voice remained "This 'little splinter of wood' came from the Round Table itself. I just know that the Saber who appeared before will come back. That's why I wanna summon Lancelot; we both want to make Shirou Emiya and his Servant pay for what they've done. I want a Servant who knows my pain, who knows what it feels like to be abandoned."

"Acht" had to admit; he was impressed with his granddaughter's ruthlessness. He also thought of the sweet irony; That once again, A Knight of the Round Table will fell Arturia Pendragon, while Ilya would vanquish Emiya's adopted son, and win the Grail for the Einzbern family.

Things would indeed go full circle.

"Very well." Jubstacheit grinned "If that is what you want, little Ilya. Summon your Servant and kill that Emiya boy, then win the Grail for our clan."

She looked back at him with those burning red eyes while a small yet confident smile formed on her little face. All in all, she was looking forward to the 5th Grail War.

"I will."

The wolves believe that they had trapped a scared, pale-skinned little girl the snow clearing. The snarling beasts circled around their prey, licking their chops in anticipation of an easy meal. Woe, indeed, to this unfortunate young girl who lost herself in the forest only for her to end as their meal.

Little did they know that this was no ordinary girl, and they stumbled into Ilya's summoning circle.

The silver-hair homunculus smirked as she extended her arm, which held her catalyst, while the Summoning Circle began to glow ominously. The ravenous wolves suddenly became wary and for good reason; their prey never glowed like a light bulb. Having gathered enough prana, Ilya began the incantation:

Silver and iron to the origin. Gem and the archduke of contracts to the cornerstone. The ancestor is my great master Schweinorg.
The alighted wind becomes a wall. The gates in the four directions close, coming from the crown, the three-forked road that leads to the kingdom circulate.
Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill).
Repeat every five times.
Simply, shatter once filled.

――――I announce.
Your self is under me, my fate(doom) is in your sword.

Yet, thou serves with thine eyes clouded in chaos.
Thou, bound in the cage of madness. I am he who command those chains.
In accordance with the resort of the Holy Grail, if you abide by this feeling, this reason, then answer.
Here is my oath. I am the one who becomes all the good of the world of the dead, I am the one who lays out all the evil of the world of the dead.
You, seven heavens clad in three words of power, arrive from the ring of deterrence, O keeper of the balance ―――

A blinding flash engulfed the area, a pale light bathing the already white landscape, the brilliance forcing Ilya to look away.

When the light faded, Ilya looked in disbelief; There stood a warrior clad in red, wearing plate armor compelte with a breastplate, spaulders, gauntlets, and greaves. A helmet was also worn to cover the entire face, thus masking the warrior's identity. While the Servant was short in stature, it still had this imposing aura that made it seem larger than it really was. The Servant Beserker had appeared to fight and defend the Master who summoned it.

Needless to say, Ilya pouted, a little disappointed that she did not summon Lancelot like she intended.

The wolves, on the other hand, did not seem deterred by the presence of the armored Servant. One of them, eager and starving, lunged at the mysterious individual thinking that it'll be easy prey.

It was a huge mistake on the wolf's part, as it was immediately sliced in half by the stranger's intricately decorated silver sword held in the left hand.

The rest of the pack, as if insulted by the prey's insolence to kill one of their own, jumped in eager to sink their fangs into Berserker. However, that proved to be in vain. With each swing of the sword a wolf fell, it's crimson blood staining the white snow that blanketed the wilderness, their yelps echoing through the barren wasteland.

Eventually, the yelping stopped. The entire pack lay there slain, their blood splattered all over the place. Satisfied with the results, the Servant sheathed it's sword and turned to Ilya, gazing at her as if measuring the young girl up. Instinctively, Berserker knelt on on one knee, as if it was a knight before a princess, and inquired:

"I ask of you, little girl; are you my Master?"

At the lounge, Einzbern Manor, a few hours later.

Jubstacheit Von Einzbern was impressed.

The fact that Ilya had managed to summon the Servant Berserker a full two months before the Grail Wars was no small feat. Though she did not get Lancelot like she wanted, but this Servant seemed impressive enough to help the girl survive.

Ilya herself was a bit astonished. She recalled the earlier conversation she had with her Servant while they were back in the wilderness

"You can talk?" The young homunculus looked astonished

"Yes I can, Master." Berserker replied, a little apprehensive of the little girl before her "Is that going to be a problem?"

"N-no! It's just that..." Ilya furrowed her brow in thought "The Mad Enhancement should easily rob you of your sanity..."

"You mean that unexplainable bloodlust I felt earlier?" The Servant inquired in a female voice that was muffled by the helmet "I did seem to rob me of my reason, but it wore off as soon the battle ended. I kind of enjoyed it, though."

Ilya took all this in silently, amazed that her Servant could seemingly control her madness at will. "This will be fun" she thought to herself, a little over her disappointment of not summoning Lancelot.

"So, uhm..." began Ilya nervously "Do you have a wish you want granted by the Grail?"

At that, Berserker grew quiet with her head down. Ilya feared that she might have struck a nerve.

"I-it's okay if you don't want to tell me!" She waved her arms in a panic, not wanting to start off on the wrong foot.

"It's fine." The knight sighed "It is but a simple wish. All I want..." While the helmet hid it well, there was sorrow in her eyes "Is to be he who pulls the sword. To earn my father's acknowledgement."

Ilya's heart stopped upon hearing her Servant's wish. She could not see her eyes, but she knew that the memories of her father caused Berserker pain.

"Just like me..." thought the pale-skinned girl, who immediately thought of her father. To this day, she wondered why he never came back. Did he not love her?

Ilya immediately shook her head to snap out of it. She decided to shift the subject for now, knowing that there will be time to ask later.

"What's with your helmet?" asked the little homunculus, her voice returning to it's jolly tone "It looks funny."

"Oh, you mean this?" Berserker, shaking herself out of her reverie, tapped her horned helm "It's one of my Noble Phantasms, Secret of Pedigree. It hides everything about me from the enemy; my name, my personal skills, and even my other Noble Phantasm."

"You have another one?!" Ilya exclaimed in childlike glee, her crimson eye widening in wonder "Ooh! Ooh! Can I see? Can I see?"

Underneath that helm, Berserker's lips curled up into a smile. She found the joy in Ilyasviel Von Einzbern's eyes to be infectious.

"You'll get your chance, milady." the knight chuckled "We still have to finalize our contract first. What is your name, young Master?"

"Ilyasviel von Einzbern, but you can call me Ilya if you like." The little girl giggled.

"That will do."

She planted her weapon on the ground, then bent on one knee.

"I, Servant Berserker, pledge to serve thee, Lady Ilyasviel von Einzbern, as your loyal Servant from this day forth. Do you accept?"

Ilya smiled genuinely when she saw Berserker do what she did. While she wanted to know the identity of her new Servant, that will have to wait later. Right now, she placed a hand on Berserker, a warm soft touch in contrast to the cold hard steel, and smiled at her warmly.

"I accept. Rise, Servant Berserker." She gently took her hand "Let's go home."

"Yes, Master."

Ilya had just finished explaining the details to "Acht". While he did seem impressed with the Servant's capability, he wanted to know more about this new Berserker.

"So, you tell me that you are one of the Knights of the Round table?" he probed.

"That is correct." Berserker answered, sitting on the couch while tousling Ilya's hair.

"Were you a famous member?"

Berserker paused to consider her words, before saying "More or less."

"I see..." Acht was fairly impressed with the Servant's parameters. For all intents and purposes, she was also eligible for the Saber class. Then again, most of the Knights of the Round were, even Lancelot. The fact that she can turn her Madness Enhancement on and off at will made her all the more enticing.

"My granddaughter mentioned that you bear another Noble Phantasm." continued the ancient Einzbern "Perhaps you would care to demonstrate it?"

"Yes, Berserker!" Ilya squeaked with delight, hugging her Servant "I wanna see that other Noble Phantasm of yours!"

While she wished not to reveal her trump card to the old man, Berserker found it hard to refuse the request of her master. Even without a Command Seal, the red knight felt compelled to obey the little girl's whims.

"Very well." Berserker sighed, standing upright. "We'll need to take this outside. Oh, and one more more thing," She turned to the old man, the helmet hiding a manic, battle hungry grin.

"Give me something to hit."

So, they found themselves outside, by an open field the size of a football field within the mansion grounds. This place was meant to train Ilya and her Servant once the summoning was successful. It was fitting that it would be used right now to test Berserker's capabilities.

To the side stood Ilya, clad in her signature purple winter coat and hat, standing beside her grandfather while watching Berserker face off against three giant golems, each as big as a small house.

"Just say the word, Master." Berserker turned to Ilya, who gave the Servant a nod of approval. She felt the effects of the Madness Enhancement kicking, but found that it was not in a level that takes away her ability to speak nor the ability to use her Noble Phantasm and some of her personal skills. It did take away her ability to think in any line other than "Kill, kill, kill." Not that she minded, though.

As if by instinct, Berserker began to charge prana around her armor, manifesting itself as an eerie red glow. Moments later, she propelled herself with the force of a jet turbine, dashing to her opponents in a speed the human eye can hardly follow.

"Prana Burst?!" thought Jubstacheit while Ilya watched in awe. He had only heard of one Servant who manifested that skill. The fact that a Berserker used the same skill was pretty amazing.

"Go Berserker! You can do it!" cheered Ilya from the sidelines, which seemed to have the same empowering effect on the Servant akin to a Command Spell.

Using Prana Burst, she reinforced her sword and raised it to defend against three very large fists coming at her. To her delight, the prana she used shattered the each if the golem's fists effotlessly, leaving them with one good arm apiece.

The solid constructs continued their assault, swinging wildly and stomping the ground in an attempt to get her while they had the chance. Alas, the Servant was simply beyond their reach; she thrust her sword up at one unfortunate golem, her prana powering her blade so that the leg shattered at impact. As soon as it toppled on it's back, Berserker leaped into the air drove her sword into into it's chest, destroying it's core and giving the Servant one less opponent to deal with.

Her instincts on overdrive, Berserker sensed one golem trying to strike her from behind. Using Prana Burst to give her a boost in speed, she jumped to the before he could land a blow strong enough to shatter the deactivated golem she was standing on. She somersaulted in the air and, after landing behind it, hacked at the construct relentlessly. The sound of metal breaking stone was heard with each slice, taking the giant piece by piece until only it's head remained. Berserker capped it off with one final stomp, shattering the head into tiny little pieces.

She then turned her attention to that one last golem, who lost an arm earlier in the fight. She expected it to charge at her, raise that log of an arm to try and smash her, but it didn't. Instead, it edged away from it's opponent. As if it was cautious.

As if it was afraid.

Berserker sensed it and grinned under her helmet. "Time to finish this." She raised her sword and, soon after that, her helmet vanished into thin air. The face under it was that of a fair maiden; blonde hair, tied in braid and a ponytail, that shimmered in the sun; a complexion as white as snow; cheeks as smooth as silk and eyes as green as emeralds (though they were glowing red as an effect of the Madness Enhancement).

To Acht and Ilya, seeing that face was akin to seeing a ghost. It reminded them both of the Saber Kiritsugu Emiya summoned ten years ago. Yet this one was different somehow, they just couldn't point it out yet.

As Berserker raised her blade, it began to glow with an ominous blood-red light. Whilst this was reminiscent of Arturia's Excalibur, this was different; while the "Sword of Promised Victory" was a holy sword, this sword was something akin to a demonic weapon. Which fit, as Berserker looked like creature straight from Hell as the blood-red mists of prana swirled around her weapon.

"You wanted to see my Noble Phantasm?!" She roared as she raised her sword to strike after gathering the sufficient amount of prana required "Well here it is! CLARENT-"

She saw the golem twitch ever so slightly. In her vision, though, she saw that one person she adored and hated at the same time, the one who defined her existence as a knight and a person.

Arturia Pendragon.

"BLOOD ARTHUR!" She swing down the bloodied blade, the mass of red light released in a destructive wave that spared nothing in it's path. This golem was no exception; it was completely obliterated when the surge of energy crashed it's form, leaving not even a speck of dust to sweep.

With the battle over, the Madness Enhancement subsided and Berserker returned to normal, her thoughts clear and her eyes back to their green color. At that moment, agonizing pain coursed through her petite frame and rooted her where she stood. She did well to hide it, however, in front of the old man.

She then turned to the Einzberns and saw varying reactions; while the old man stood silent in awe, her young Master was simply full of delight.

"That was so cool!" Ilya squealed, her hands making animated gestures while her crimson eyes twinkled like stars "You were like, BAM! Then BOOM! It was so amazing!"

"I'm glad that you enjoyed the show, milady." Berserker bowed, then turned to the old man, who still remained silent and wide-eyed. "What say you, Lord Einzbern?"

"Who are you?" Old Man Acht finally spoke, though he already had his suspicions.

"Please tell us your name, Berserker." Ilya spoke in a soft, innocent tone beside her "I want to know as well."

Berserker paused to consider this for a moment. She really didn't want to at this point, but didn't have the heart to refuse her Master's request. After a deep sigh, she faced them both with confident grin as she declared her true name.

"My name is Mordred, Son of Arturia Pendragon and Morgan Le Fay."

End Chapter 1

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