Well i made this story for minecraft mob talker fans well if you like pls commet with good commets so if i spell somthing wrong pls dont blame me.

Chapter 1 the girls. one day a man went into the woods to get some wood for his friend allen and nathan they all were very poor so we made our houses were made out of nature. The man we are talking about is cahill7800 well for short it is cahill his last name is 7800. "ehhhhh... i cant find any berch trees why did i have to go loo-"
suddenly he was stopped by a 3 girls one in a big black jacket, the second in a small white top with a really small skirt, lastly the third she was just like my friend allen infact we all looked like each other I looked like the girl with a big black jacket and nathan looked like the girl with white clothes. so I asked "who are you"
But then the girl with white raised her bow but i wasent paying attention the girl with a black jacket was giving me a look, the sort of look that means omg your my sole mate. Then i said its ok im friendly so she trusted me i said "is the green girl (wich i forgot to mecion the 3 girl is green) ok."she said"no a hunter stabed her so were looking for first aid.

Sorry so short