The Problem With Religions is…

Freak was a small boy who lived in a small cupboard, now he knew freak wasn't his real name. Though he didn't know his real name either; his relatives never called him by his real name. He knew he was five years old and that today was his birthday, his Uncle made sure to beat him harder on his birthdays. He aslo knew he could make weird things happen like the magicians on the telly. So as Freak lay in his cupboard after his yearly massive beating he prayed, to god, to the devil, to anyone who was willing to listen he prayed, all his soul for a friend. A friend, someone who would praise him, who would love him. Someone who would protect him and let him protect and cherish them in return. Someone who wouldn't leave him alone, not even in death. He wished to become someone who was able to live with the pain inflicted on him, to be able to rise above it. He wanted to become something more, but above all he wished for his friend.

He felt something building up inside his small body, it built and built and built. Then the dam burst and the feeling surged through him, it healed him and a splitting pain came from his head. He felt something sticky seep from his forhead and spill down his face, in the back of his head he heard an eerie wail that sounded like a dying animal. He felt a snap and then he heard it a small voice echoing in the back of his mind calling to him.


"This… acrifice is for you … in Sama."

"Ha Ha Ha Ha Jashin Sama will give me power you fools!"

The mans voice trickled through the link sporadically over the next several months as the connection seemed to stablilize. On his chest and back two symbols formed as his magic reached out. On his chest was a circle with an equilateral triangle upside down inside it, on his back an equilateral triangle with a circle inside bisected by a clean line down the center. By his next birthday his life had changed, he no longer recognized his name to be freak, it was just a word to him anymore. No he now called himself Jashin, after all it's what the voice said. Whenever the other would make a sacrifice his body seemed to hum with power and Jashin who had since discovered the intricacies of the link sent some of that power back along to the kind man who did this for him. His power raged withing him and he smiled Jashin had awakened to the world.

He was sitting in class as he listened to his devoted follower it was the first day. The day he would finally learn his real name.

"Harry Potter?"

When nobody spoke up he raised his hand seeing as it was a full classroom with no one missing. The teacher checked him off as present and he went back to contemplating. Rolling his name over in his mind he decided he really didn't like it. He decided he would continue to go by Jashin. Weeks passed and Jashin did well though that only served to earn him another beating. He didn't mind however, the pain had long since become pleasureable to him and he used the seemingly semi sentient force with in to heal himself anyway. He toyed with his powers whenever he was alone and found he could create things or bring them to him with a glance. He was ecstatic when he found he could unlock doors and move just by thinking of a place. He found this out when running from Dudley one day. The more he practiced the better he seemed to become. He absorbed information like a sponge and excelled in math and science. His reading was off the charts and he picked up on languages quickly. It was over the years that whenever his Aunt and Uncle were not beating him or using him like a slave that he took refuge in the library. He read hundreds or maybe thousands of books retaining them and using the information to his advantage.

He was seven when he discovered he could create crystals. They had been learning about rocks and the earth in science class. Harry hadd been toying with his powers that evening in the garden and had picked up a rock. His power molded itself around the dirty garden stone and formed into a clear blue crystal. Since that discovery he studied crystals and gems in his free time in the library at school. He worked his power to the point where he could form Crystals out of thin air.

He was nine he when finally ran away, Jashin had had enough, enough of the starvation and the beatings as little as he minded them and enough of the verbal abuse. He had learned all he could from where he was it was time to move on. So at the start of summer Harry went through his Aunt and Uncles things found the only things he could that pretained to him, a letter and a trunk in the attic. He used his force to shrink the trunk. Then he hitched a ride into London on the tram. Jashin wandered around the big city for the first time in his life in awe. The buildings seemed to loom over him and gave him the impression of a big grey and black jungle. For how long he walked he didn't know, he finally came upon an abandoned building. It seemed like an old appartment complex, it was off the main street and was out of direct sight. Jashin smiled yes this would do quite nicely.

Jashin sat down that night after cleaning a small area for himself, he fell into the familiar trance like state he used when traveling along the link. He slid down to contact his friend as the link opened to full compacity. He wanted to know what made his follower tick. The last time he had tried he had been assaulted by a ton of information, way to much for him to handle at once. He was in luck it seemed his friend was asleep, time to find out how much he could learn. He found himself in the middle of a cave, with golden bubbles floating around him glowing slightly.

He touched a bubble and found himself immersed in a memory.

A young Hidan dodged out of the way of another fist. His training was brutal, the ninjas of Yu-Gakure believed strength came from brutality. They instilled their beliefs at a young age to anyone who wanted to become a ninja.

Jashin watched memory after memory as Hidan grew up and was forced to slaughter, how he grew to love and depend on the bloodshed. He watched as Hidan saw his village decline and become nothing more than a tourist destination. He watched as the man at 15 slaughtered his neighbors in cold blood before leaving, how he turned to Jashinism. He learned how through the rituals Hidan became immortal (though he might have had something to do with that to.) How Hidan was the only person that was so gifted. He watched the various slaughters in his name.

Jashin watched and Jashin smiled. Here was the strength of character he had wished for that lonely evening four years ago. Now to set about doing it on his own, he didn't want to have a follower that was stronger than he was now. That just wouldn't do at all.

The first thing that Jashin realized when he awoke was that he was hungry, extremely hungry. He also needed a change of clothes, he pulled out the trunk from the attic and made it grow to fullsize again. He opened the trunk and looked inside, inside there was a note, several books and some clothing. He pulled the clothing out first and found they were robe like garments. There were also some shorts and shirts as well a bit big perhaps but much better fitting than the whale like clothing he was normally forced to wear. He quickly stripped and cleaned himself the best he could with the rags he had been wearing. He dressed again and gasped in surprise as the clothes he had just put on adjusted to fit him almost perfectly. Tossing the rags out into another room he picked up the letter and sat down to read.

Dear Harry,

If you find this it means you are at the dursley's and I sincerely hope this is not the case. My name is Lily Potter, I am your mother and I am most likely dead. I don't know if Petunia told you or not, or whether she did to you as she did to me and called you a freak. That is not what you are! You are a wizard Harry plain and simple, I grew up a witch. Your father is named James potter, he is who I married. However you are not his biological son, we found out late after we married that he was rendered infertile in his youth. Most likely when he was experimenting with prank potions. Your real father was a man by the name of Julietta Sakamoto. He was a Japanese friend of mine from my youth before I began Hogwarts. James blood adopted you and named you his heir in name and magic. We are to go into hiding shortly there is a war going on here in the wizarding world. A prohecy has been made and it seems you are a likely target of it. I forget the exact wording at this point in time but it boils down to the one who has been marked by the dark lord is the only one who can defeat him. it is a kill or be killed situation.

Oh dear I went off on a tangent, anyway back to the trunk. In this trunk you will find several things, some photos of me and your father. Some photos of your biological dad, my notes from school and all my school books. There are also a few books on ettiquette in there as well. Study them, then go find Diagon Alley. That is the entrance to the wizarding world, it is through a bar on Charing Cross Rd in London called The Leaky Cauldron. We left you some emancipation papers in the Potter Vault in Gringotts the wizarding bank. It is up to you if you wish to use them or not. I love you son and I wish you the best of luck.

Your mother,

Lily Potter

Jashin sat there until his stomach grumbled angrily at him reminding him of his need for food. He stood up and walked outside to the alley. Quietly he summoned any loose money in the area knowing that he would need it to buy food. He ended up with a tidy sum that he picked up and tucked away in the building. He walked out and down the street sorting through the hail of information he had been hit with.

He walked into a small café and sat down. Ordering his food he sat back and decide he had better come up with a workable plan. The first thing on the agenda, read the books left to him, the second was to find Diagon Alley, the third was to see if he could assimilate and use the same thing Hidan used, what was it called … chakra? The fourth and arguably most important on the list was to learn how to fight, he had passed a martial arts Dojo on the way felt another surge of power from Hidan and smiled at the warmth that seeped through him. He sent the normal power reward through the link accompanied this time with a feeling of amused gratitude. He giggled a bit at a feeling of shock from the other end.

His food had arrived and he ate with gusto chowing down on the best food he had ever tasted. He paid his bill and left walking back and keeping an eye out for the Dojo he had passed, maybe he could offer to work there in exchange for lessons. He stopped in front of the large building the sign above it caught his attention immeadiately.

Sakamoto School of Ninjutsu

'It couldn't be! No way could I be that damned lucky!' Jashin thought to himself. Making up his mind he walked inside, a bell rang as the door opened. The secretary didn't even look up as she greeted him. He walked through to the viewing area and stood awkwardly watching the class. One of the instructors called break a little while later and the class went off to get water. Looking around Jashin was in awe of the size of the place, ther were blue mats on the floor and mirrors on the wall. The rest of the floor was a beautiful hardwood pine that smelled lightly of a lemon scented polish.

"Hello?" Jashin jumped slightly cursing internally about allowing someone that close without realizing. He plastered a friendly smile on his face and turned to face the man who addressed him.

"Hello." He replied getting an easy smile from the man.

"My name is Thomas what's yours?" the man now positively identified of having a name said.

"Harry, "Jashin said simply giving his normal name.

"No last name?" Thomas chuckled.

"You didn't ask, however if you must know it is Potter."

"Are you really?" came the incredulous answer. Jashin shrugged.

"That's what I have been called all my life so I suppose that is my name. Why do you ask?"

"Do you know what you are?" came the reply and Jashin looked at the man who was scrutinizing him.

"If you mean a wizard then yes I do know." He answered positively earning a nod and a shushing motion from the man.

"Are you here to learn?" Thomas asked him motioning to the floor where the class was assembling again.

"I might be, I actually came in to find out who runs the place the name is familiar to me."

"Sakamoto Julietta, why?" Thomas asked when Jashin let out a brilliant smile.

"Is he here?" Thomas nodded before pointing to the corner office.

"Would you like me to introduce you?" Thomas asked him, Jashin shook his head no.

"I'll do it myself thanks." Jashin said before heading over. Another flood of warmth almost sent him stumbling as he walked over. Jashin knocked on the door before hearing a muffled reply.

"Come in."

He entered the dimly lit office to see a man at a computer. He had long black Hair that matched Jashin's unruly mop, he was wearing glsses and typing away on the keyboard.

"Just a minute." said Jullietta in a silken voice. He finally looked up and noticed Jashin standing there observing him with great intrest.


"Hello Mr. Sakamoto, my name is Harry, Harry Potter." Jashin smiled.

Five minutes of shocked silence later, there was a sigh from the elder man.

"How is Lily, Harry? I assume you know about me then."

"My mother is dead sir, and so is James. To respond to your other claim yes I know about you and it was only this morning actually that I found out. Ironically enough."

Jullietta's face registered shock when he heard of Lily's death, it quickly turned to a frown however as he puzzled over something.

"So who are you staying with then? I told Lily I didn't want any responsibility, I never wanted any kids."

"I was with the Dursley family but I ran away, they were abusive and didn't offer much for me. I am currently housing myself in an abandoned apartment complex seven blocks away. I honestly don't care if you want me or not. The school name had caught my eye and it was familiar. Right now I am just confirming my hunch, I had origionally wanted to offer my services in return for learning how to fight." Jashin said smiling.

Jullietta frowned for a moment looking the boy over.

"I suppose we could work something out, I suppose you know what you are then?"

"If you mean a wizard yes I know, funnily enough your instructor Thomas asked me the same thing. Apparently my name is known in the Wizarding faction for some reason. I guess I shall find out why when I go to Diagon Alley." Jashin said playing with his shorts leg. Jullietta leaned back in his chair and placed his hand behind his head.

"I'll tell you what Harry, let me set you up with a legitament appartment and get you back into school. Since you are technically my son I will be able to. I will escort you to Diagon Alley and set you up with a part time job here, your payment will be to learn the art. However, that is as far as my fatherly tendancies will go. Do we have a deal?"

Jashin smiled widely.

"Yes that will work out just fine."

Jashin was officially on his way. His plans were set into action much more quickly with Jullietta's help. The fortuitous coincidence had set him ahead much quicker than he thought possible. He ended up in an appartment a block away from the Dojo, and instead of going to regular school he convinced Jullietta to let him Homeschool himself. His trip to Diagon Alley had been the best though.


Jullietta led him to the Leaky Cauldron and sent him inside, Tom the barkeep led him to the entrance when asked. The hat on his head hid what remained of his scar, it had faded over the years but had never really disappeared.

He walked through the crowded alley and made his way with his mothers papers to the big marble building labled Gringotts Bank. The creature guarding the door looked at him as he walked in, Jashin assumed that was one of the Goblins the muggleborn pamphlet his mother had left him talked about. He walked up to one of the free teller's and cleared his throat.

"Excuse me please?"

The goblin peered over the counter and looked at him.

"May I help you?..."

"Potter, Harry Potter." Jashin said tilting his hat so his scar was visible. He mentally promised a big thank you to Thomas who had sat down and explained why he had recognized him by name.

"Mr. Potter then." the Goblin said quietly.

"I was hoping you could help me with accessing my family vault, I am not really acclimated with the wizarding world you see and I am not sure what I need in way of money. My mothers letter doesn't explain much." He said handing up the document. The Goblin scrutinized it for a minute.

"Indeed it doesn't, hold on for a minute while I call your account manager, he should be able to explain far more than I can." The Goblin replied in it's gravelly voice. He hopped down from the teller stand and went to talk to the guard who disappeared momentarily. The teller returned and let Jashin know that it would only take a moment. Sure enough five minutes later another Goblin approached him.

"Mr. Harry Potter?" he asked. Harry turned to the Goblin.

"Yes that is me, to whom am I speaking may I ask?" he inquired politely. The goblin quirked a small smile.

"My name if Bloodneck Mr. Potter, and I am your account manager. Follow me please." Bloodneck turned and led the way back to his office, Jashin followed closely with guarded indifference. Bloodneck noticed and let slip a small smile of approval. They arrived in the office and Bloodneck bade him to sit down. The goblin grinned ferally at him.

"Now Mr. Potter, since there have been many other people to come in claiming to be you I am going to need a blood test in order to verify your identity. Please take this and cut your finger, allow five drops of blood to spill onto the parchment please."

Bloodneck was surprised when Jashin did as asked without even a flinch.

Curiously he watched as the blood was sucked in and moved to form words.


Hadrian James Sakamoto- Potter



Jullietta Roudolpus Sakamoto- Sire by Blood

James Charlus Potter- Sire by Blood and Magic

Lillyann Marie Evans- Sire by Blood and Magic Matternal

Heirships and Titles:

Potter Heir by Blood and Magic

Slytherin Heir by Magic (right of conquest)

Peverell Heir by Blood and Magic (Active)

Jashin Kami Sama (God of Destruction and Blood-Active)

Black Heir Secondary by ruling of current Heir


Runeology Magics- Potter's

Transformation Magics- Black

Death Magics-Peverell

Parsel Magics- Slytherin

Blood, Crystal, Wind and Chakra abilities- Jashinism

Active Blocks:


Bloodneck looked at the parchment and raised an eyebrow.

"It seems Mr. Potter that you are a quite powerful and wealthy young man. So what can we do for you here today?"

Jashin gave the parchment a once over when Bloodneck handed it to him.

"My mothers letter said I have an emancipation notice in my vault is there anyway to activate that and claim my heirships?" He asked. Blood neck nodded and smiled at the mature young boy in front of him.

"Of course, if you will give me ten minutes I can have everything ready for you."

Jashin smiled at Bloodneck remembering not to show his teeth like the pamphlet advised. Bloodneck walked off, returning ten minutes later with the available Heir rings and the emancipation document. An hour later a very happy Jashin left the bank with several books, a cloak, a wand and a stone and the knowledge that he had just royally screwed several people over.

Jashin walked through the alley and proceded to go on his first ever shopping spree. He bought himself a five compartment trunk with a password that he was able to shrink with just a touch, a snowy owl and a snake. Several dozen books that seemed interesting. He stopped at the occulists and was able to find a cure for his bad eyesight in the form of several foul tasting potions. He bought several every day robes and a wand holster. Black dragonhide boots and a belt. Walking out into London he hailed a cab after setting the owl free with instructions to find him when he got home. The snake was tucked away in a feather light terrarium in a compartment in his trunk. He paid the driver to take him to a shopping mall where he proceeded to go clothes shopping. It was a certain crowd that caught Jashin's intrest, he had heard about Goth's from eaves dropping on Piers, whose cousin was goth. When he first laid eyes on the teens the only thought running through his mind was.

'Where the hell can I find clothes like that?'

He discreetly followed the crowd of teens into a shop called the Tatooed Angel. He looked around and decided that this was now his heaven. Several hundred pounds later and a completely remade Jashin walked out of the mall tired and ready to go home.

A taxi ride later and he arrived at his appartment, after pulling out the terrarium and equipment he set it up on his dresser. He opened the window for his new owl Hedwig setting her up on a perch with a newspaper tray and food and water bowls.

He hissed good night to the snake and fell asleep not even noticing as he flowed away along the link.

~Flashback end~

Hidan was asleep and dreaming of slaughter, he would admit it he was obsessed. The blood was so beautiful and Jashin always rewarded him with a power boost. Lately though his god had been communing with him, he the lowly servant. It made him giddy, so he was damned surprised when a laughing green eyed man in the strangest clothes he had ever seen showed up in his dreams and watched him slaughter innocent villagers.

The man was floating there off to the side of his field of vision, his long legs were crossed and he was leaning an elbow on his knee with his head in his hand. The other hand was idly twirling a long thin stick of wood. He had long black hair that was pulled up in a ponytail that looked a lot like that fool Deidara's. He had already run into the looney missing Iwa nin once and that was once to many in his mind already.

"Just who the fuck are you?!" he demanded of the strange man.

"You know me Hidan my friend after all you talk to me all the time now." The man responded in a silky voice. Hidan's eyes widened.

"Jashin-Sama." He breathed.

"That is my name my dear friend at least the one you know me by." Jashin answered smirking.

"I hope I have pleased you my lord." Hidan said dropping to bended knee.

Jashin laughed a clear bell like sound.

"Immensely my faithful Hidan, you never dissapoint. That is why I always reward you when you do so well." Jashin said as he stood in the air and walked his way over to Hidan.

"None of my other followers are able to hear my voice like you can, my ever faithful. I have picked you to bring my message to the world."

"I shall serve you faithfully Jashin-Sama." Hidan pledged without a second thought in awe that his god chose him out of all his followers.

"Hidan my faithful, never hesitate to ask for me and my help you have more than earned it in your unwavering faith. In the time of your greatest need I shall appear by your side, either in this form or in the form of a young boy."

"As you wish Jashin-Sama." Hidan said smiling his feral smile.

"I have to go now Hidan, I shall visit again soon." Jashin said as he faded from Hidan's mind back along the link.

~Flashback end~

Jashin was kept very busy the next two years in between earning his A-Levels and learning about the wizarding world. It was during his martial arts practice that he discovered and started messing with his chakra. He was an aspiring brown belt by the time his Hogwarts letter came. Along with an extremely interesting visitor, one Severus Tobias Snape.

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