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Hinata's Sacrifice

It was dark as a small shadow made its way through the night to the Hokage Tower. Naruto sped onwards keeping to the absolute shadows of the buildings, he ruthlessly suppressed his chakra to become nigh invisible. Training with Hidan Sensei had allowed him to open his eyes and use everything in his arsenals. It was Hidan who realized his penchant for stealth oriented battle and his ability to plan and enact said strategy on the spot. It was Hidan who realized and helped him develop his potential. He had Hidan to thank for all of his skills in deception and thanks to Anko no amount of torture or persuasion will make him talk. It was awesome to have an interrogation specialist as a surrogate sister.

That thought triggered his mind back to the matter at hand, tonight Hinata was going to do her ritual, Anko was going to supervise and waylay the others if needed. They had relayed their plan to her and she agreed with Naruto to use it as a test of their abilities. Naruto was going to steal the scroll and meet up with Hinata who was going to henge into him. She was going to go meet up with Mizuki while Naruto learned the jutsu and return the scroll to its rightful place. He paused as he reached the base of the tower. He quickly stalked around the edge of the tower running his hand along the base of it. He grinned as he felt the thin but strong wire he had concealed there the other day during his annual prank on the Hokage. The wire was tied to the window. He peeled the wire away form the side and secured it with a kunai in the ground.

He quickly scaled the wire and let himself in through the windows using a thin piece of string to maneuver the lock, something else he had installed prematurely from the last time he broke in. he was surprised the hokage hadn't found it yet. He wasn't going to curse his good luck though. Deftly he made his way to the scroll vault thanking Jashin he was forced to clean and organize it so many times that he was keyed into the lock seal. He quickly found the forbidden scroll and stealthily made his way out of the tower to meet with Hinata on a nearby roof top. She grinned as his dark countenance stood shrouded against the small amount of light from the crescent moon.

She quickly henged into him and took off for the designated meeting area. Naruto made his way back to the scroll room to read.

Jashin gazed silently at the panting figures in front of him, in the few weeks since he had given them knowledge of chakra they had grown. Blaise had the smallest pool of chakra but he trained hard working to expand his limited supply every day. The twins had a fairly average amount between them and were working on control he had to admit though if only to himself that he was proud of them.

He had chosen them and revealed to them lost knowledge and they had accepted willingly. He was going to have to explain more in depth what he was planning however and his roll in all of this. That was a conversation he was dreading, his thoughts meandered to Quirrellmort. The man was becoming more and more fidgety as the year came to a close. He had caught the man talking to Voldemort more than once when he just so "happened to be passing through (in his invisibility cloak and heavily silenced with spells of course.)"

He had heard them conversing about the philosophers stone which was apparently what was hidden on the third floor. He also heard about fluffy the Cerberus and the other protections surrounding the stone. It amused him to no end that the entire obstacle course was geared towards setting him up to find out about quirrellmort and confront him. Dumbledore's blatent lack of subtlety was amusing as hell and Jashin had bite his lip to avoid laughing aloud. He sighed aloud before motioning for the boys to come over and sit down with him. The sooner he let them know the better he guessed.

"Hey Jashin." George panted lightly.

"What's up my man?" Fred queried after his twin. Blaise just sat quietly and looked at the green eyed demi-god. Jashin looked at them each in turn before pinching the bridge of his nose with a sigh.

"I have something to tell you all, but before I do I need you to please hear me out before you interrupt. Can you promise me that?" he asked them all seriously. They looked at him questioningly before Blaise spoke.

"Is this something potentially life changing?"

"Yes, it is." Jashin said before turning to the twins.

"Does it have anything to do with what we are learning from you?" George asked after a quick look at his twin.

"Very much so." Jashin said quietly.

"Well we will hear you out. "Fred said after a moments thought.

"I as well." Blaise agreed.

"Thank you, now in order to understand this I need to tell you about my fifth birthday and the first time I wished for a friend…."

Hinata darted at high speed through the village towards the designated meeting place. Anko had headed of Mizuki and had him under the assumption that the alarm would be raised about "Naruto". Hinata chuckled darkly oh what Genjutsu could do. She landed next to the ramshackle little shed and sat against it to wait holding the log that served as a fake scroll. She didn't have long to wait as she activated the Byakugan under her henge. Mizuki was up in the tree in front of her getting ready to throw a fuuma shuriken at the "demon" brat.

"You may as well come out Mizuki!" she called out allowing the henge to drop on her but not the scroll. She smirked as Mizuki nearly fell out of the tree at the sight of her. He hopped down from where he was hiding an intrigued look on his face.

"Hyuuga Hinata how… unexpected." He sneered at her. "I was expecting the demon brat, tell me little Hyuuga why do you have the scroll instead of Uzumaki?" he asked coldly trying to intimidate her.

"Oh just a favor for a friend really, besides I got to learn a cool jutsu from it." She said non-chalantly shrugging as she did.

"I see…" he drawled as he stepped closer to her readying a kunai behind his back.

"Why don't you give me the scroll Hinata so I can take it back to Hokage-sama?" he said holding his hand out. Hinata just smirked at him.

"I don't believe you will really. Otherwise you would have known that you could view the forbidden scroll at anytime under Anbu supervision. Not to mention Naru-kun and I both figured out this whole extra test is a farce. We found the chakra disrupting tag you placed on him." She said smugly her arms crossed and her hands grasping the two hidden sickles she was planning on using. Mizuki's face was a mask of fury, his eyes shown with repressed malice.

"Theres something you should know about your little boyfriend Hyuuga…" he hissed before Hinata interrupted again.

"He has the Kyuubi no Kitsune sealed inside of him, yeah I already know, I've known for years." She said with a roll of her eyes before pointing to them. "I can see chakra remember."

Mizuki blushed lightly for overlooking that but ruthlessly squashed it as he rushed to attack the girl in front of him.

"In any case I can't leave you alive girl."

Hinata grinned insanely at her former instructor.

"I was hoping you would say that." She said hungrily as she unclipped her sickles.

Jashin sat drumming his fingers on the table in front of him languidly. A frown marred his normally amused face as he thought about how the subsequent conversation with Blaise and the twins just a few days prior went. They hadn't been adverse to the idea of what he really was. Just… skeptical, he could understand that easily. If someone told him that they were an ascending god he would be skeptical too. They had finally left him with a promise to come talk to him later when they had processed the information he had given them. He sighed these things were never simple and with Quirrellmort running around like a Squirrel on crack he had enough things to contend with.

He stood fluidly and made his way to dinner, it was hard to believe that they only had a week left before the summer holidays. He frowned as he looked down the corridor Draco was harassing a Hufflepuff girl with red hair. He glared at the boy and dug one of his sharpened nails into his side. He stifled a chuckle as Draco yelped loudly clutching his side making the girl laugh at him. He flushed loudly and made to pull his wand out when Jashin dug his nail into the back of his hand making the boy drop his wand with another yelp. The red haired girl slipped away taking advantage of his distraction.

Jashin smiled and ducked around the corner he walked the parallel hall before slipping into one of the many secret passages he had found while wandering. He stepped out into a shadowed corner of the Great Hall as the wall turned solid once more behind him. He moved silently to sit at the tables end closest to his corner, discreetly he observed the head table and noticed with a frown that neither Quirrell nor Dumbledore were there. He idly noted that his Head of house seemed extremely twitchy and kept shooting discreet glances and small sneers towards both place settings. Jashin smirked if that wasn't a give away he didn't know what was.

He served himself from the dishes available, the house-elves were always so thoughtful to keep the greasy crap away from him. As he ate his baked salmon he watched Quirrell arrive with a very self assured expression gracing his face, the glare on his Head of Houses face was second to none. Jashin smiled fully he finally had something interesting to amuse himself with.

Dinner swiftly gave way into evening as Jashin waited to make his move, as soon as the last warm body in the Slytherin Dorms had settled in Jashin slipped out once more. Smiling he left through the portrait hole door purposefully alerting Severus that someone was out and about. He quickly took to the ceiling and walked upside down to avoid the teachers on patrol.

Is it finally time?

Came the rumbling voice inside his head.

Yes Kurama it is, you will be able to feed tonight.

He thought back to the fox, he paused hiding in a swath of shadows as Peeves flew underneath cackling at something or another. He avoided the moving staircases entirely by running along the wall to the third floor landing. Lightly he stepped down and allowed his body a moment to orient itself. A magical signature appeared off to his left and a floor below him. He recognized it as Severus's own. He swiftly ducked into the corridor and moved to the only room at the end of it. There he found Hermione Granger unconscious, bound and bleeding on the floor. He frowned at the sight of how unnaturally pale she was in the moonlight. She had lost a lot of blood, he pulled out his wand and pointed it at her muttering the suspended animation spell dropping her into stasis so she wouldn't bleed out fully. There were no needs to involve innocents in his opinion, even if she was annoyingly stubborn.

"Alohamora." He muttered pointing his wand at the door willing it to unlock and open to him. The door did just that with a small creak of metal. Pulling out his light crystal he set it to hover in front of him like a witch-light and stepped into the room. Almost at once her was best by one very angry growling Cerberus. Jashin stood far enough back as he felt the energy of his teach finally making it to the third floor. He morphed his light into a knife and slashed open his palm.

"ADVOCO KURAMA!" He said strongly placing the bloody palm to the floor and infusing it with his Chakra and Magic. A large seal spiraled out glowing a blinding red as Kurama formed within. A second later in all his Nine Tailed Glory stood Kurama who was half again the size of the Hell hound. Kurama smiled showing off sharp fangs the size of Jashin.

"HELLO LUNCH!"He growled out before pouncing on the Hell hound ripping the first throat out as Jashin slipped into the open trap door.

Severus Snape had seen many things in his life time, all manner of atrocities and strange sights. However none of these compared to what he saw now. He had first been alerted to a student out of bed when the wards let him know one had left. After a cursory check he was unsurprised to find Potter as the one missing. He had followed the boys magical signature up to the third floor. What in Merlin's name did the boy want on the third floor? Unless he had somehow figured out about the stone, it seemed unlikely though. Still he went to retrieve his wayward snake, he still didn't know what to think about the boy.

His sharp eyes caught a soft red glow emmenating from the room where Hagrid kept his mutt. He figured Potter was sending stunners at the dog, he was however floored when a second later the underlying growling changed to high pitched yelps of terror after a particularly loud rumbling growl. What he saw next could not be described as anything less than terrifying carnage. Lying in the middle of the bloody and he did mean BLOODY room was the largest Kitsune he had ever lain eyes on. The beast was blood red with Nine tails swaying ominously in the shadows as it chowed down on the remains of the Hell-hound, the trap door lying open beside it.

The beast surveyed him boredly as one might view an insignificant worm before it growled at him.

You may pass wizard, I have no interest in you. Tell Jashin thanks for the meal.

Severus blinked before hurrying past and down into the plants below pondering on what the beast had said.

Hinata feinted left as her former Sensei tried to cut her with a fuuma shuriken. She swung one of her sickles at him but he blocked with the large bladed star. He jumped back as she spun low for a follow up sweep with the other. He threw kunai at her trying to stab her as she danced around the flying blades in a pattern that reminded him of swirling eddies in a river. Her Byakugan was activated and she was smirking evily. She snapped out a third longer pole and connected the two small sickles to either end turning them into a small dual bladed scythe that she spun expertly.

"Is this all you have, Sensei? Because I'm already bored, didn't you say you were going to kill me?" she taunted the Chunin.

"Little Hyuuga BITCH!" Mizuki yelled as he was goaded into attacking her. She laughed and parried his blade making him loose his grip on the overly large throwing star. It flew off into a nearby tree landing with a resounding THUNK into the wood. Mizuki cursed and pulled out a kunai and rushed his former student who parried him back expertly. Where had the meek little girl gone? How was she this strong? Were only a few of the questions running through his head. Hinata smirked at the man.

"I see you are confused as to why I am this strong Sensei! Am I right? Well allow me to explain, I have been training outside of normal training for several years now. All in order to serve my Lord as best I can. Naruto-Kun and I are both about the same level in skills. We've both had on masks this whole time so that people will underestimate us." She said laughing as she dodged and parried her opponents wild attacks.

"Your no name Lord can't help you here bitch!" Mizuki said as he dodged one end of her scythe. Hinata's eyes narrowed as she processed his comment.

"We'll see about that trash!" She said lashing out and catching Mizuki in his abdomen laying him open and exposing one of his lower ribs. She smiled as she pulled the blade to her face warm blood dripping from it. She smirked evily in his direction before running her tongue the length of the blade ingesting his blood.

"Let me show you the powers granted to me by my "No-Name" Lord, Mizuki. I want you to feel despair! Cursed Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood!" She growled out as she traced Jashin's Circle on the ground beneath her. Chakra whipped around her in a maelstrom as her normally pale skin became black outlining her skeletal structure in white blocks similar to Hidan sensei's. Her Byakugan seemed to glow from within her face like unholy fire.

"DEMON" Mizuki shrieked falling to the ground in terror, he tried to scramble away but froze when Hinata's demonic smile reached his line of sight.

"Now Now none of that, I'm sure Lord Jashin Likes spirited sacrifices but I for one don't like to clean the mess afterwards." She said with a frown. She pulled out a kunai and made a long slice in her arm, Mizuki cried out in pain as she moaned in pleasure. She repeated this several times before finally ending it driving the Kunai through her throat. Mizuki gurgled helplessly before flopping over dead. She pulled out the Kunai as her body healed itself. Finally she let go of the technique and let the power ebb away, her initiation was complete and it felt intoxicating!

Hidan frowned as he observed the man in front of him, Pain was not what he wished for in a leader especially because if he succeeded in his quest for peace Hidan could no longer slaughter in the name of his God. However, despite his reservations Jashin-Sama had said to infiltrate this group. He was unsure but followed his gods instructions regardless. Who knew maybe he could convert some of these useless heathens.

Sarutobi Hiruzen was an old man who had seen many things in his lifetime, he had seen wars come and go, he had mastered thousands of Jutsu and was known as the Kami no Shinobi and the Professor respectively. Due to these years of insight he could tell when something was up. And right now this notion was definitely confirmed. This was the first time he had seen something so extraordinary, as he gazed into the crystal orb that was linked to the security seals of Konoha. Senju Mito had been a genius for coming up with this. He watched as Hinata fought with the traitorous teacher on an even footing and frowned. He frowned even further as she spoke of how she knew of Kyuubi and of how Naruto did as well.

How had they known and why hadn't Naruto come to him? Who had taught them to fight because she spoke of outside training, horror crossed his face as she enacted the sacrificial ritual and transformed. Some how she, he or both of them had gotten into contact with one of Them! He summoned his Anbu. Three appeared in front of him instantly.

"Dog, Tora, Swallow bring me Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Hinata immediately." He said with urgency in his voice, he had to figure out how they had learned that.

Jashin smiled as he prowled around the edge of the room his eyes on the stuttering mess that was his Defense teacher. The man stood regally in the middle of the room staring at the mirror muttering to himself. Jashin hid in the shadows carefully constructing his scythe out of his crystal. The luminescent blade sparkled in the dim torch lighting of the room. Stepping out of the dark he leaned against the pillar and waited for Quirrellmort to notice him.

"How do I get the stone from the mirror, I can see myself handing it to you master but it will not come out of the Mirror."

"Think you buffoon for once in your miserable existence, there has to be a way to retrieve it." Voldemorts voice hissed out.

"Well that's not a very nice thing to say to your host body." An amused voice said catching their attentions. Quirrell whipped around his wand pointed at Jashin who yawned.

"You know if your trying to be intimidating lose the twig." He remarked casually.

"Well if it isn't Potter!" Voldemort hissed through Quirrells mouth.

"Well if it isn't my old pal Voldy, how's it hanging? Did you get over your fears of foxes yet?" He asked with a smirk.

"My name is Voldemort!" the possessed man hissed dangerously!

"And I'm Carmen Sandiego, Guess where I am!" Jashin snarked back.

"I'm trying to have a serious conversation here!" the pissed apparition hissed.

"Oh so am I! and I'm failing and I'm sorry about that!" Jashin smirked.

"ENOUGH, Potter why don't you join me, together we could be great." Voldemort offered, Jashin paused as if to consider the offer wrinkling his nose in thought.

"Seriously, as appealing as it sounds. I'm not really interested and not for the reasons your thinking either." He remarked casually seeing Quirrellmort Stiffen up to attack.

"Oh and why is that Potter?"

"You see, while the offer of power is tempting and all, I don't really need it. You see I already ascended to my place as a lord amongst the sheeple years ago. I even have my own followers though I don't brand mine like you do. Hell I don't even have to summon them to get them to obey." He said happily. "They follow me because they wish to and would do anything to please me, they even kill in my name." he boasted proudly.

"Oh then how come I haven't heard of this group what do they go by?" Voldemort asked derisively.

"Well we don't really have a name … they call themselves Jashinists though." Jashin added almost as an after thought.

"See I'm more curious as to who would win in a confrontation, my followers or yours. I wish to make you my rival of a sorts, the stakes of our contest is the fate of the wizarding world." Jashin offered grinning evilly.

"You are one seriously deranged little boy, very well I shall take you up on your offer. Now we shall do battle, ready yourself Potter!" Voldemort remarked as Jashin moved to stand before him. Jashin smiled brandishing his scythe.

"Lets Dance Voldy!" Jashin said as a link opened wide allowing power to flood through him…

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