Shining the light

Shining the light

I do not own Digimon. This is a sequel to "Light Meets Darkness."

Kari was walking home from school one day and she felt someone grab her from behind and spin her around. "Ken!" she gasped. "Hi."

"Hi Kari," he said with a smile. "Can we talk?"


He took her to the park and they sat in a picnic bench.

"What's up?" she asked, "something that I can help you with?"

"Kari, you've arleady done enough."

Kari blushed, "Ken."

"I never got the chance to really thank you for what you did. You changed my heart."

Kari smiled, "Ken, I--"

He silenced her by taking her hand, "shhh, I'm not finished. You left before I could say something. Before I saw for sure you were okay."

"I was fine," she said. "And you told me why you saved me. Then I went home. What did you do when we left?"

Ken smigled, "I destroyed the remains of my castle and the control spires. I even rebuilt some of the lost buildings in the digiworld."

"You, did that?" she gasped.

He nodded, "yes. I tried to destroy the digiworld and I almost succeeded. It was my job to rebuild it after what I did."

"Can we go there?" she asked, her heart thudding.

He stood up and took her hand. "If that's what you want." (I loved how he said that to his coach!) He told her they could use the computer in his room. "My parents aren't home right now," he told her as he opened his room.

Kari put her digivice in front of the computer and they went through it. Kari saw a new and improved digiworld. "How, how did you do this? It must've taken you a long time!"

"Just a day or two," he said.

Kari laughed and threw hear arms around him. She hugged him for awhile and she realized what she was doing. She stepped back, "oh, sorry,"

"What for?" he asked, confused.

Kari blushed, "I didn't mean to…"

"Oh," he said, "Kari, that's okay." He held her hand, "I kind of liked it. No one ever hugged me before."

That must explain everything, he's been so lonely. Kari thought No friends. Kari hugged him again, longer. He reached his hands around her and they continued to hug each other. Ken didn't want to let go. It felt good to have someone hold him after being so alone. Putting a wall between himself and the world. Kari was like the light in his dark, lonely world. Their hug developed into a kiss as Kari pulled her head back to look in his eyes, which were now warm. Ken was surprised by the kiss, but didn't pull back. The kiss only lasted a few seconds and Kari pulled back to look in his eyes again. How could they have changed so quickly, she wasn't sure. It felt wonderful though to now look in the eyes that were once cold and dark with hatred, now warm and welcoming with kindness.

Kari laid her head on his shoulder as they continued to hold each other. She pecked his cheek as he tightened his arms around her. He felt so warm, like a fireplace. Kari didn't want to move from the spot.

"Thank you," he said again, "thank you."

"Don't say anything, Ken," Kari told him. She raised her head up and put a finger to his lips. "No need to thank me. I'm just glad that the digimon aren't hurting anymore."

Ken cupped her pretty face and stared in her pretty crimson eyes. She stared back into his. Kari brought her finger down and kissed his cheek as she hugged him again. He returned the kiss, holding her tight. Ken didn't want to let go. She had shined the light on him and he saw what he was doing. Because of her, he was no longer in the dark.