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Chapter One

"You packed enough underwear?"

"Yes, yes, you know I have! You checked my bag six times!"

"Oh, but I know all about your weak rectum, I don't want you having a crisis!"

"NOT SO LOUD. Honestly, woman, you know that I'll be fine - and for Christ sake, get off my leg Petey!"

Well , yes, I dare say we were causing a scene, the four Kirklands all gathered in a fussy huddle in the middle of Heathrow airport.

"I'll miss you Artiiiieeeeeeee!" A high pitched whine rung up from around my leg, my little brother clung to my jeans.

"I'll come visit, promise." Leaning down to Peter's height, I wiped the tears off the eight year olds snivelling face.

Little boys were meant to look cute when crying at this age. Peter was not. Especially now that I had managed to come away from his face with my finger covered in snot. Not nice. The offending goo was discreetly wiped back onto the owner's sleeve.

"Oh... My boy, my baby boy..." And now mother was crying. Excellent. Not.

I was starting to feel scared to leave them but yet looking at them, scared not to leave them.

I looked to the grim faced man in our group; surely my father would have some manly advice to offer me instead of bursting into fits of gross sobbing like the other unhelpful wusses to my right.


The manly encouraging speech was a bit shorter than hoped for but none the less, this was better than the other two.

"I do not entirely approve of this and as a man I feel obliged to say your reasons for travelling to America are ridiculous and disgusting."

Then again, on second thought, the gross sobbing did look almost sweet if you squinted hard enough...

"But as a parent, I wish you luck and hope you find happiness." The man's face broke into a small smile. "We'll miss you, keep up with your studies and remember to eat. Don't do drugs."

"U-Uh, yeah. Thanks dad, you too."

The three wankers that I had come to call family lined up in front of me, each one looked sorry to see my go in their own little way... That was nice. Sort of.

"Bye, I guess..." I gave a little awkward wave. How exactly does one say goodbye to the people he's lived with for 17 years? I could sense a wave of mushy sentimental feelings on their way.

"You packed enough underwear?"

The mushy, sentimental feeling did a 180 degree turn and walked right back to the sappy abyss of which they came. I think that was a good thing

"Oh, for goodness sake, yes! We've been through this!"

"Oh..." The bubbly woman looked down. Maybe I was too cold and short... This was a bit of a big thing for us both.

"I'll write. And you and you can come see me over in the states some time." I hugged her; this was going to be goodbye for a long while after all.

"Bye bye, Artie." She gave me a squeeze. This was her telling me it was time to go.

I smiled at them all and turned away dramatically. America, here I come!


"The emergency exits are, here, here and here. In case of an emergency please move in an orderly fashion..."

I was going to school now. I was going to school in America. I felt like a school boy Columbus. For the ninth time this morning I flicked through the book about Oak View High. Each page greeted me with the usual words that I had long ago memorised.

I would be lying to say that I wasn't nervous. I was getting to the stage where I really was worried about the number of pairs of underwear sitting in my case.

No no no no no no no noooooooo. I take that one right back. I had almost every set of panties in the whole of England sitting in that bag, I refused to feel worried over this.

Besides, American shops sold underwear, didn't they? Or did they all go commando?

If that was the case then did I really have enough?

... This was going to be a long flight.

"Vrooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" The plane began making its merry way along the run way. Oh here we go. This was it. This was really it, on to sunny California I go!

There was now only eight hours of sitting tight in a lumpy blue seat between me and my dream, between me and that spacey apartment that night after night of trawling through the internet had found me, between me and a new life.


I suppose now would be a good time to expand on my dream, the motive that inspired this whole expedition.

I was off to live out the American dream. The dream of becoming a cheerleader.

You bloody bastard, of course this is a good idea! I've wanted this for years, years I tell you!

I can't even count the times that I've jumped around with two mop ends as make shift pom poms shouting 'U-G-L-Y, YOU AINT GOT NO ALABI, YOU UGLY, HEY, HEY, YOU UGLY' ... I wasn't even always home alone while doing this ... I would like to apologise to Peter for doing this at 1 am.

But now I wanted more, I had to take my hobby, or as some like to call it, obsession, to a place where I felt it belonged. And that was an American high school. I had searched far and wide for a school with a half decent cheerleading team, most of them were just prostitute like young ladies who only did the sport for an excuse to wear skimpy dresses. Oak View's team were by far of the best standard. I took only one video of them on Youtube before I knew that I had to join them. They had grace, style, rhythm... All essential qualities to a team. I was a tough judge too. It was going to be me on top of that pyramid of girls, waving balls of blue and yellow tassels like there's no tomorrow! I was going to be so effing beautiful it kills me.

It was maybe a tiny bit camp and slightly gayish but, you know what? I was past caring.

There were no rules against it, and the students could say what they liked. I was going to join this team. Thirteen years of waiting had been long enough.