Imperial Palace, Korhal…

Marines with gun mounted lights step cautiously into Mengk's chamber. He's lying there naked, hairy chested and all, eyes feebly trying to open. Raynor flipped open his visor and stoops closer to cradle Mengsk's head in his arms.

Kerrigan stood behind Raynor silently watching. Moments later she spoke into her psionic communicator, "Amon, are you reading this?"

"You have your orders, Ms. Kerrigan. Carry them out," came the reply. She then reluctantly throws her hand out and a laser sight appeared on Mengsk's forehead.

A realization suddenly dawned upon Raynor that everything that he saw wasn't always meant to be. Anger boiled up inside him as he whispered, "Kerrigan, what have you done?"

Kerrigan, not a moment her eyes left Mengsk replied, "I made a deal with the devil, Jim. He dies, I go free."

Raynor looked deeply into Mengsk's eyes as the later laid in his arm, weak and all. Softly he said, "We all have our choices to make."

"Damn shame," replied Kerrigan as she began to power up and prepared to execute Mengsk.

*Raynor suddenly unholstered his pistol and whips around, and the sound of a gunshot is heard*

Raynor walked out of the Imperial Palace, carrying a naked Arcturus Mengsk in his arms, as battle cruisers fell from the sky symbolizing his forgiveness towards every nefarious sins & crimes against humanity Acturus Mengsk had committed.

The evening sun lay low casting a soft warm light that shined upon both of them. "Jimmy?" Mengsk mumbles as he laid his eyes upon his hero.

"Shhh. It's ok, I got ya", Jim breathily whispers, as they walk off into the sunset together, a world of dreams & possibilities awaiting them.

A/n: How's that for an alternative to HoTS ending? Bwarghahahaha! Seriously, I'll punch my computer monitor if the ending really had gone that way.

This was inspired by a battlenet forum post titled 'Rewrite the Ending Scene from HoTS!" written by someone by the name/ID of Damastes. I copied it bit by bit and add some words of my own.