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One either loved it or loathed it.

Bella Cullen was in the latter group, "We've been to ten stores already!" She said in exasperation, eyeing her petite sister with pleading eyes, "Do we have to go to anymore?" She whined, but only received an amused look in response.

"You're officially a part of the Cullen family!" Alice stated with an appraising look, obviously not too impressed with her outfit, "I won't have you wearing those drab rags you call clothes anymore."

"But I like my jeans," Bella sighed, fisting her hands in the stiff fabric, "You know I'm not much of a fashion buff."

"Oh, I'm well aware," Alice rolled her golden eyes, perking up once she noticed another one of her favourite clothing stores, "Come on, Bella. The clothes won't try themselves on." She grasped her sister's hand, pulling Bella with ease, despite being quite a bit smaller than the other female vampire.

It was then that something smashed into Alice.

"Itai..." Both Cullens' blinked, glancing down to see what had bumped into Alice (she was completely fine and was concerned for the human that had run into her. She was also surprised she hadn't seen it coming), "Felt like I just ran into a wall." Alice recognised the language as Japanese, though didn't understand the words.

The scent was absolutely incredible.

Bella stiffened, feeling venom flooding in her mouth and her eyes flickered between black and gold, "Alice." She said through grit teeth, backing away from the fallen girl while Alice looked at her with sympathy before looking back.

"Are you all right?" Alice asked, offering her hand to the girl and made sure she didn't let herself inhale the scent.

Beautiful blue eyes blinked up at her and Alice internally marvelled at the soft colour, "Ariga– oh, umm, thanks." She said sheepishly, grabbing Alice's hand to pull herself up.

And it triggered the most wonderful vision Alice had ever seen...