A Mover's Secret:

He was in love! The kind of love that made your heart skip a beat whenever they looked at you! The kind of love that made you feel weak in the knees, whenever you're around them! Being in love was like everything he had ever read about it, or seen in movies! Being in love sucked!

He should have been working, but like always his focus was on something else…actually it was someone else! That someone had no clue that he was in love with them, so deeply in love that they were all he thought about, and dreamed about at night when he was alone! When he tried to think back to when he had fallen in love, or what happened to cause it he couldn't! All he knew was that he had been in love for along time, and only in the last few month's it become this strong! He watched them get up from the couch and go to the fridge and second's later return with a bottle of water. They sat down and opened it taking a long drink before returning to the conversation. He looked away unable to stop himself from thinking of their lip's on his after that, he was beginning to sweat a little from the image. He was about to make some kind of excuse to leave the room, when a knock on the front door saved him. He rushed to the door and opened it to find a smiling young woman standing there; he let her in and was beyond grateful for a distraction!

The last of the cleaning up was done; he was tired from a busy, but always fun day at work solving people's problems. He worked with his three best friend's as the 'Imagination Movers', out of their huge warehouse full of many awesome room's. As he sat down he sighed realizing he wasn't tired enough to stop himself from fantasizing about his secret love once again.

"Hey buddy you with us?" Came the concerned voice of his friend Scott.

"What? Sorry Scott, I guess I zoned out!"

"You've been doing that a lot lately!" His other friend Smitty asked just as concerned. "It's not like you!"

"Guy's I'm fine really, just tired! We've been busy lately, I promise."

"Come on guys, give Rich some space! He's our best friend, if something was wrong he'd tell us!" Their friend Dave said smiling as he sat beside Rich on the couch and patted his back. "Right?"

"Right!" Rich answered smiling.

"I'm going to head home; I'll see you guy's tomorrow!" Dave said getting up; he headed to his locker to grab his jacket before turning to wave to them as he left.

"I'm going to head home too! See you tomorrow!" Rich said leaving too.

As he headed for his car he noticed Dave's car still beside his and sighed, why couldn't catch a break? He walked over and saw Dave sitting in the front seat his head on the steering wheel, Rich knocked on the window.


"Yeah?" Dave said sitting up quickly. "Hey Rich!" He smiled rubbing his hand's over his face to wake up; Rich smiled back as he spoke teasing him.

"You know most people wait to fall asleep until they're home!"

"Ha, ha Rich! You know if this Mover job doesn't work out then you could always be a comedian!" Dave said smiling.

"Seriously though, you okay to drive?" Rich asked.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. I'll see you tomorrow, night Rich." Dave said as he started his car and waved before he pulled out of the parking lot. Rich watched until he was gone before he got into his car and sat there both hand's on the wheel. He leaned back and closed his eyes and instantly one face came to him like it always did…Dave's! Yep, there was no doubt in his mind he was going to go crazy if he couldn't get control over his feelings. The only way to end this torture would be to tell Dave, one of his best friend's that he was in love with him…yeah that would go well! Nope, he was too chicken to tell him, not willing to risk losing him completely if he didn't feel the same!


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