This story will probably crash and burn. I have no idea where I'm gonna go with it. It's one that'll only be fueled on suggestions. XD

I suppose I should send credit to the things that gave me this idea.

1) There's a Facebook page called "Let's Put 'Em on Blast Network." I don't necessarily agree with it – they post stories and rumors about people, either by request or because the people tried to report the page. I think it's still up, actually. This one girl I know got a story about her written…

2) I wrote it in Blog style because of polomints63, who has a story called [Orange Lover] that you should check out if you haven't already. I thought that doing it like a blog wasn't too common, so…heh. I'm not trying to copy you, but if you feel it's too similar, I'll remove it, m'kay?(:

Please Enjoy~!

Little Red's Blast 'Em Blog

UGHHHH! Life is so boring! You'd think that, living in the Vocaloid mansion, there would be lots of fun stuff going on. Nope. Well…yea, but it's the same thing EVERY SINGLE DAY. Kaito loses his ice cream and throws a fit, or Tako Luka tries to eat someone's face off. I really want some spice in my life, but I haven't found anyone who can give that to me yet.

Okay…Not like that.

By 'spice', I mean that I want something interesting to happen. Something unexpected. Something wild.

So I'm starting this blog. I shall simply go as the name 'Lil Red', for reasons that I shan't be explaining, because there's no doubt that the others in the mansion will find this blog not twenty minutes after I start it. They'll probably kill me. Well, if they know who 'me' is. Muahaha!

Ahem…so anyway. I've decided what I'll be doing to make things interesting. Most fans want to know what we Vocaloids do in our spare time, yes? I think I'll be spilling some of my friends' secrets for the sheer pleasure of letting the fans go wild over knowing the crazy things about them. For instance, did you know that Len has a banana squeaky toy? Who would've thought? That boy is like a dog. And when he takes a bath, you can just hear him squeaking it. Seriously, it's like he's five.

Mmmm….well that's just the beginning. There are so many other dark things I can tell you. Some people think Len is loyal to Rin…do you have any idea how many girls he screws when she's not around? Don't you just wish you could be clued in to the behind-the-scenes drama that the tabloids don't cover?

Ahh, I bet you do.

I'm going for now. But, please leave a comment and tell me who you think I should spy on. And please, give me someone good. Make my life a bit more interesting.



Well, you heard Lil Red. Tell her who to spy on! Or maybe…what she can catch them doing. But please, keep it T rated.

Who is Little Red, anyway?;)