Chapter 7: Redemption

"Now I will kill you devil!" Hiro yelled. He lunged at Tai-Lung and the fight began. Shifu couldn't believe his eyes Tai-Lung; his son was alive and fighting to protect him and Miracle. He blinked his eyes and rubbed them but he still couldn't believe it.

"I am no longer the one you think I am but I will not allow you to kill two innocent lives. If anyone will die today it will be me for saving my family," Tai-Lung growled. He punched Hiro in the jaw and head butted him in the chest. Hiro let out a moan as he kicked Tai-Lung in the ribs,

"You know nothing of family. My only son is dead because of you!" Hiro shouted. He swung his sword at Tai-Lung and the agile leopard avoided it quickly.

"I do know about family and how I gave it all away for something as stupid as power. Please forgive me I did a horrible thing by killing your son. If you must kill me but spare my wife and child and my other family," Tai-Lung said as he gazed into Hiro's eyes. The gorilla glared at him and watched as Tai-Lung knelt on his knees. He would rather himself die then have Angel or Miracle pay the price for his evil deeds.

"Very well for my son I kill you evil one!" Hiro yelled. He raised up his sword about to cut Tai-Lung's head off.

"No!" Miracle roared and before Shifu could grab her, the little leopard got in between the blade and her father. The sword was swung down and Tai-Lung watched in horror as time slowed down. Miracle held the sword's blade in her paws as they began to bleed. "Please don't take my daddy from me, please" she begged but the blood from her paws made her dizzy and she fainted.

"Miracle!" Tai-Lung yelled as he caught her in his arms. Hiro blinked as he saw the blood on his blade. That look Miracle gave him reminded him of his son before he died.

"What have I done?" he asked as Tai-Lung moaned over Miracle.

You fool this is what happens when you become soft. That gorilla would have been dead by now if you were stronger. Leave the child to die she is weakness as is her mother, said the darkness trying to control Tai-Lung.

"No, they are my redemption and I will never trade them for power," Tai-Lung cried as he ran at top speed towards a healer's hut. The healer was scared to see Tai-Lung and was about to run in fright but when Tai-Lung presented Miracle to him the healer's face changed. "Please save my daughter," he begged. The healer placed Miracle on a mat and began to work on her. Tai-Lung sat quietly just watching Miracle praying that the Great Spirit would not take her from him.

"Tai-Lung!" a voice cried. It was Angel as she rushed into his arms. "I missed you so much and how is Miracle?" Angel asked. "Shifu told Crane to send a message and I heard what happened while I was at work. How is she?" she repeated.

"She will live mam but her paws will have to be bandaged up for about a week and use this ointment on it so they won't get infected," the healer said. Within the hour the other members of the Five and Po with Shifu and Drake had come to see Miracle.

"Is Miracle okay?" Drake asked poking his head in through the hut. He never seen Tai-Lung before but once he saw Miracle waking up he smiled. "Miracle, you are okay!" Drake said happily as he hugged her.

"Hey Drake what happened?" Miracle asked. Then she saw her father and a smile came to her face. "Daddy, you came back!" she shouted happily rushing into his arms.

"I came back baby and I am never leaving again" Tai-Lung said with tears in his eyes. He wrapped one arm around Angel's waist and hugged Miracle with the other. Shifu approached Tai-Lung and the snow leopard put Miracle down.

"I see you have changed," he said.

"Yes, thanks to Angel and Miracle I was able to fight off the darkness that threatened to overcome me. But fear not now that Hiro is gone I am taking Angel and Miracle home," Tai-Lung assured.

"Sure you don't want to stay?' Shifu asked.

"I don't think I will be welcome here anymore," Tai-Lung said softly. Hiro stepped in through the tent and faced Tai-Lung.

"I am sorry for what I did I was just so angry that I forgot to let go of my hate. I see now that you were telling the truth and I will tell others that you are no longer the monster but a loving father and husband," Hiro said and bowed to Tai-Lung.

"Thank you," Tai-Lung said and bowed back. Hiro left and Tai-Lung turned to Angel and they paid the healer and scooped up Miracle and turned to leave.

"Son wait," Shifu said. Tai-Lung was shocked Shifu said that as was everyone else. He turned to meet Shifu as the old red panda spoke. "This is still your home and I would like to get to know my granddaughter and my daughter-in-law. It won't be easy but you can stay here and make a new life with us. Miracle told us you have changed and I didn't believe it at first but now I see she was right," Shifu said. Tai-Lung was speechless.

"Please Daddy can we stay?" Miracle asked.

"I don't know" he said.

"If Shifu is willingly to give you a second chance then so can I "Po said and Tigress held his paw in agreement. The others exchanged uncertain glances but soon agreed to what Po said.

"Thank you I will earn all of your respect and show everyone here and this Valley I can be a hero again," Tai-Lung said.

"Well then welcome home son," Shifu said as they all headed towards the Jade Palace.


In time people of the Valley saw Tai-Lung as a hero. Thanks to Miracle and Angel's confidence in him. He became part of the Furious Five and helped them along with Po defend the Valley. Drake and Miracle were trained by Shifu to be Kung Fu Masters and Miracle was happy she had a family that loved her. Tai-Lung was happy to be back with his wife and child and knew he would not blow this second chance he was given. And they all lived happily ever after.