This is another story in my abbreviated style. I've been adding to it slowly/randomly for about half a year. I finished it last night and thought I'd post it. (Plus I miss my Aro/Bella pairing)

Third Person's POV

"I rather like it." Marcus said, his hand propped under his chin. Aro looked up from his book and shrugged. "You must see it, Aro, all the beauty."

"It's very nice." Caius mused and Aro snorted. "Obvious you've lost your eye for art, Aro." There was a loud snap as Aro closed his book. He took a moment to stare at the painting of nymphs lacing in and out of a waterfall and trees.

"Is this an original?" Aro asked.

"Yes, Heidi bought it on an online auction from some American artist about a week ago." Marcus adjusted the painting on the library wall, even though it wasn't crooked.

"Shipping has become that quick?"

"You're showing your age." Marcus said as he chuckled. Caius hid behind a book to cover up his grin. Aro frowned.

"So I assume you want this artist to join the ranks of the few to paint us?" Aro's voice was monotone.

"Of course."

So this will be Bella/Aro eventually and it's a pretty cute story. I hope you all will enjoy it. (Bella has no knowledge of vampires btw)

What do you think of the first chapter?