Bella's POV

Years passed slowly as I lived in the Volturi castle with my mate, in almost complete isolation. My mate kept close tabs on the Cullen Coven, especially Edward. From what Dora told me Edward wouldn't even visit Europe after the way Aro threatened him. I could only imagine what my soul said to scare him that badly.

To Aro's chagrin every nomad that came through our territory politely requested to meet me. Caius and Marcus had to calm him down each time, reminding him that the nomads were no threat to me or the Volturi. It didn't take long for stories of his possessiveness to spread. I was referred to as The Jewel of the Volturi, since none of them knew my name.

I found it funny, yet exhausting. I hated the idea of so many people wondering about me. Just knowing that so many vampires' thoughts were centered around me made me uncomfortable, a fact that Aro was well aware of.

For our tenth anniversary Aro gave me a twisted, yet sweet gift. He had some of the guards spread the rumor that he'd killed me in a fit of rage when he thought I'd been cheating on him. When he first broached the idea I was sickened by it, until I thought it through. It solved all of our problems.

My soul and I felt much more comfortable with everyone outside of the Volturi thinking I was dead. According to Dora it made the vampire world more fearful of my mate, which of course thrilled him.

He was always so close and his presence warmed me, but I could tell that at times there was anxiety in his eyes. Aro feared that this isolated life would grow boring for me, but it never did. I had my mate, best friend, and paintings. Aro even became comfortable enough to finally let me talk to Caius and Marcus, so my little perfect world expanded.

It was wonderful.

With measured movements I painted a large canvas with the colors of the sky and ocean. It was soothing, yet I was feeling restless waiting for my mate to finish with his meeting with his brothers. They were sentencing a foolish vampire who had broken the rules.

My stress started to lessen and I knew Aro was getting closer to me. I cleaned off my paintbrush and stood by the door, feeling impatient to see him. A second later I was in his arms.

"Aro." I whispered, feeling our halves of soul melt back into one. This all encompassing peace and love made me sigh in relief.

"My Bella." He whispered back before lifting me up and sitting us on his chair with me on his lap. I nuzzled against him and he started purring.

We fell into our usual routine of him reading over reports as I sat on his lap, just enjoying being in his arms.

I glanced up at him. His brow was furrowed in concentration, yet his hand lazily traced the contours of my skin, filling his mind with my colors. We both knew that he'd read twice as fast if he didn't have to see all the colors that swirled from my mind to his, yet he never did.

My Aro… my soul, my everything.

Without thinking I leaned up and kissed him.

"What was that for?" He asked, both surprised and pleased.

"That's my way of thanking you."

"Thanking me for what?" Aro said while putting down the report.

"For giving me more than I could have ever imagined, for being the other half of my soul, for completing me, for letting me live the way I want to, for always loving me." I said, feeling a bit embarrassed at my forwardness. Aro was smiling widely before he gave me a searing kiss.

"You've given me all that and more." He whispered before kissing me again. "I love you, Bella."

"I love you too, Aro."

So this is the end of my short story. I hope you liked it! What do you think of Aro's 'gift' to her? Was it twisted in a romantic way or just twisted?

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