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Chapter One

"A truck was found in a ditch in the early hours of this morning, the truck was severely damaged with what is thought to be an explosion. Three bodies have been found all dead with a possibility of a fourth that may have gotten away, as of yet we have no names as to who the bodies belong to but we will find out in due course. Stay tuned for more news" Christian broke down in tears as the news report played, Carla sat and held her daughter's boyfriend tight for the sake of Ana they all needed to be strong. It was the least they could do for her whilst she was out there injured and alone.

"Taylor, I need you to find out the names of those people. After the trap they set last night it's got to be them, Ana is still out there with probably some psychopath right now and we need to find out where" Christian speaks with a calm tone, this was one of the most nerve racking times for Christian. He has never experienced something like this, he was worried and on edge for Ana. He needed her to be okay.

"Already on it Sir, I'll contact some people and get them on the scene so we can pick up some DNA of our own" Taylor replies, in his hand is Ana's blackberry, the one that Christian gave her. The phone was dead and unharmed; Christian hoped that something was on the phone for him once the phone came back to life.

Hours later a knock sounded at the door, Christian stood immediately and watched as Taylor opened the door and stepped aside as two men entered the house. In their hands they both held brief cases; they were dressed in black suits matched with crisp white shirts and plain black ties. They looked official; they looked like people who had information.

"Jason, still working for Mr Grey I see" the dark haired man spoke as he took off his aviators and nodded at Taylor and then to Christian

"Of course, I'm sorry to call in a favour like this but... well you already know, did you manage to get anything?" the second man, who had grey hair nodded and they both placed their brief cases on the table and opened them up. Inside were various clear bags that held official evidence for their newest case.

"We understand, we'd do the same thing for someone we loved too. We picked up a piece of paper that has a note on it, we won't take it in we'll let you keep that it will be more use to you than it will us. We have blood samples, hair, other bits and pieces that may help you but we need to hand these in for DNA we're going to speed the pace up on these ones and we'll let you know in 8 hours" The dark haired man picked up the paper and passed it to Christian as the grey haired man finished speaking, Jason understood that he was unable to keep the evidence but it helped that he was able to see it.

"Thanks, boys I owe you. Please let it get to us who they are before the press find out, Miss Steele's parents are in the next room and we need to get a head start on them before the vultures start pushing them and Christian for information" the two guys nod and close their briefcases, they leave the house leaving Taylor and his men to continue working. Christian needed to open the note, but he was scared on what he'd find inside.

"Open it, Christian we need to know what's inside" Taylor encourages him; eventually Christian unfolds the paper and reads the note inside.

I have her now

- Jack Hyde.

"Taylor find out who Jack Hyde is, now" Christian demands, he begins to pace with the note still in his hand whoever Jack Hyde was, he was going to die for laying a hand on Ana. Fragile Christian was gone and replaced with angry, bitter and dominant Christian. Once he got his hands on this bastard he wasn't going to stop.

"Got him, Sir we have a problem on our hands, Jack Hyde has been missing since a week after his Graduation. He attended the same College as Miss Steele" Taylor replies, Christian takes a look at the picture and growls. This fucker would have a lot coming for him.


Ana wasn't out of danger, she hadn't regained her consciousness, and her injuries seemed to be getting worse. All she could do was lay there, helpless. Jack stood over Ana's body, watching over her as the monitors beeped every other second. She was alive, that's all that mattered to Jack he needed her alive so that they could see the world together just like he had told her about. This was his chance to make her better and take her away before they were hunted down by Christian Grey and his posse of guys with guns.

Jack had an agenda, and he needed one more person for that. He was going to get the one person who ruined everything for him; he was going to make her suffer make sure she never saw daylight again. Kate was next on his agenda but first he needed to make sure Ana got the care she needed whilst she recovered from her injuries.

"Check her vitals, I need her awake by morning. We need to get moving" Jack told the young female, she nodded her head her whole body shaking; she was scared for this girl's life as well as her own. Jack had taken her from the hospital and threatened her life, she had no choice she didn't want to die, and she had a whole life ahead of her.

"O-okay" the girl speaks her voice fragile and scared.

Jack heads out of the makeshift room, the house that he stood outside of he had spent three years making perfect for Ana and himself all the way down to the hospital room. He never wanted her to leave his side, he wanted her to have everything she ever needed or wanted right in the comfort of her home. Jack smiled as he thought of Ana and him spending life together in this house, it was going to happen.

In the room where Ana lay helpless the girl frantically checked her vitals, she made sure that Ana was comfortable as well as healthy. Although it wasn't looking good, she wanted to make her better so that she was able to fight this man and get them both away from him. She knew that he was unhinged; she knew that he had taken her and she knew that she was the fourth body from the van explosion. Ana is suffering with broken bones, and brain swelling. The young female knew that Ana may never recover from this mentally; she was only able to imagine the ordeal that she went through at the hands of this man.

Jack walks back into the room, ready to listen to Ana's vitals. Though, he was not ready for what the female was going to tell him.

"She needs a hospital, this make shift room you have here will never cover her needs. She needs scans, x-rays, tests that I'm unable to run here. Take her to a hospital, she'll have a better chance of surviving there" The girl tells Jack with certainty, although he didn't like her answer he knew she was right. If he wanted Ana to survive then she would need to go to a hospital, but he didn't know how to make that happen without revealing her real identity. He couldn't risk that.

"You need to get her in under a false identity, she needs the best care. If you double cross me, I will kill you and everyone in the hospital. Do you understand me?" the girl nods, understanding exactly how serious he was. Jack turns on his heel and heads for his men, he needed them on watch constantly in his absence. He had other things to deal with, he needed to find Kate.

That night Ana had been moved to hospital, she received what she needed and already there were improvements. However, the female did not want Ana awake yet she needed her to stay as she was for as long as she could allow her to. Lucky enough, Ana was not ready to wake up she had no intentions of doing so she knew exactly what was on the other end of her eyesight and she was not ready to see it yet. Ana didn't want to believe that this was real; she wasn't ready to face it yet.


"Elena Lincoln, Vivian Blanc and a Harrison Fowler were pronounced dead at the scene of the explosion. The suspected fourth person is known to be Multi-Billionaire's Christian Grey's girlfriend Anastasia Steele, it is not known if she is dead or alive, a police search will begin to search for Miss Steele" Christian, Carla and Ray watched as the news report showed the scene as well as pictures of the three dead people and Ana. The picture was enough to make Christian and Ana's parents break down, Christian had Kate and his family flown down to Montesano in his jet.

Kate offered her services on Jack Hyde; she wanted to fill everyone in on what had happened at college. She needed Christian to know, she needed him to know that it was important for him to find her whilst she was at the hands of this man.

"Katherine, Mom sit down are the others on their way?" Grace nods and takes a seat beside Kate, taking a hold of her hand. This was a tough time for everyone, a friend, daughter, loved one was missing and there were no leads.

"He's bat shit crazy Christian, he stalked Ana for two years he gave her so much shit that I forced her to humiliate him, she wasn't going to do it she didn't want to but I made her. It's my fault that he has her now, it's my entire fault" Kate begins to sob, but she is soon cut off by Christian demanding orders on a full back ground check. "Christian, I got a weird call this afternoon. I think he's going to come for me too, Christian I think he may try and find me" Kate finishes; Grace takes Kate into her arms and holds her whilst she continues to sob. She missed her best friend.

"He won't get you too; I'll make sure of that" Christian reassures Kate whilst he frantically types emails on his Blackberry.

No one had slept yet; countless rounds of caffeine had been supplied to each and every single person in the Steele household. Although Christian had ordered everyone to at least get an hour sleep in, no one gave up. They couldn't, no one wanted to miss a moment, Taylor and his men promised to never sleep on the job even though, a shift change was put in place to allow rest but no one took up the opportunity. They were all running on empty and they would not give up.

Hours of silence and hard work passed by, Carla and Ray had given in and decided to sleep for an hour or two as well as Grace and Carrick. All that remained was Kate and Elliot, determined to stay awake until Ana was found.

"Mr Grey we may have a lead" Taylor speaks up, Christian heads straight for the temporary set up and awaits the information. "A neighbour to a house forty miles from here has reported sightings on Miss Steele, we may have found her" Christian nods and Taylor makes the necessary instructions to each of their men, each and every one of them were going to ambush the house that may hold Ana inside.

"Let's go" Christian, Taylor and Sawyer left the house leaving Collins and Carl behind to protect the Steele household. The three of them disappeared, not giving a chance for Kate or Elliot's protest to join them they both knew that it was impossible for them to go.

Kate turned on the news, waiting for updates. She had more than enough contacts to find out information from her news buddies but she had no energy to do so, she decided to give in to her slumber. She wanted to be energized and ready for Ana's return, she had every faith in Christian she knew that he would bring her back; she would be alive and ready to go again. She was strong.


"There are no signs of movements from her yet, there is no time scale on when she will wake up. You need to be patient" The female known as Jane spoke, she spoke with confidence this time. She had every faith that Ana would wake up, but she wouldn't allow Jack to know this. She needed to stall him for as long as she could, Jane knew what was at stake here and she was prepared to lose her life. With each moment that passed, her mind began to fill with ways of double crossing Jack Hyde and his band of idiots.

"She needs a speedy recovery; I need her to wake up now!" Jack demanded, his patience was beginning to run out he was unable to wait any longer.

"You're not going to get a speedy recovery from her when she has severe injuries, now sit down and wait like a normal person would" Jane replied, she left the room and headed down the corridor towards the nurses station. She wasn't being followed. Jane decided to replace the files with Ana's false name with her real name; once they were filed they became public property. She would be found.

Jack began to pace the room, his eyes trained on Ana as the monitors kept her alive. In truth, her injuries were less severe than Jane told them. Minor brain swelling that was sure to be gone in the next three days, with a broken leg and three broken ribs were Ana's real injuries. Jane was taking no chances, she secretly vowed that Ana would stay in her slumber for as long as possible, once she was awake Jack would take her away and she couldn't allow that to happen.

"Jack, Christian Grey has found the house. All our men are dead" A tall dark haired man says as he pulls up the security feed on his device, Jack watches as Taylor, Sawyer and Christian shoot all six of jack's men.

"Did they give information?" Jack asks as he watches the security feed, the cameras began to lose signal. It was clear to Jack that they had found the source of the cameras; they were going to be here soon. Christian was going to come for the woman he loved.

"Negative Jack, but I think they'll get all the information they need from the cameras" the man replies, Jack nods knowing that Jack had little time left.


"Sir, look at this" Taylor calls to Christian, he points to the security feed. The feed dated back to three years ago.

"Take them all, we don't want to miss anything" Christian says walking away from the cameras; sawyer enters with a device in his hand. He would be able to store each and every day recorded on this device.

Christian and two of his men check the house, not caring for the bodies they had killed. First, the three men come across a room painted deep red it was clear that the room was yet to be finished as no furniture had been placed into the room. Christian moved on and entered a room that he could only describe as disturbing, pictures of Ana plastered across the wall. Ana at her graduation, Ana in Africa whilst she volunteered, Ana in Seattle, Ana at the Coping Together Gala – the night that Christian and Ana met. Christian's eyes moved over the pictures, each magazine article and newspaper article that featured Ana was placed on the wall with Christian's face crossed out in red pen. Jack had some sort of plan, and his plan was in big letters on the wall.

'Save Ana from Christian grey

Kill Christian Grey

Kill Katherine Kavanagh

Give Ana everything she deserves'

"Take these pictures and take pictures of these, we need everything" Christian says, leaving the room. He couldn't take much more of this; he needed to find Jack Hyde before more harm came to Ana.

Thirty minutes passed and Christian and his men were ready to go, they were ready to start searching for where Ana could be. Christian had already begun watching through the surveillance, as was Sawyer both taking on different times of the day to find what they needed quicker. Suddenly Sawyer broke the silence, Christian and Taylor looked to him.

"I know where she is"