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Chapter Seventeen

"She definitely said Seven?" Christian asks as he and Ana sit in the front of the SUV waiting patiently at the airport for Mia to appear from the exit

"Yes, Christian. She definitely said seven; don't you think she'd be calling us going crazy if we were late? She's probably just collecting her luggage" Ana replies with a smile, she turns her attention back to the busy entrance and watches as Taylor makes his way over. Mia must be making her way out.

Christian jumps out of the SUV and makes his way to his little sister, who seems to be struggling with her luggage. The trunk opens and at least four suitcases are thrown in, Mia then jumps into the back of the SUV and throws her arms around Ana and hugs her tight. Christian finally slides back into the drivers seat and pulls away from the busy airport, he hated that Mia had flown commercially and not privately like he had suggested when she first flew out to Paris.

"So, have you both missed me?" Mia asks with a grin

"Well… not really" Christian smirks; Mia playfully punches Christian in the back and mouths the word 'jerk' to him.

"of course we've missed you Mia, everyone has. Besides I need you to help me plan my wedding!" Ana watches as Mia squeals with excitement, nodding her head in agreement.

"I thought you'd never ask, what sort of wedding are you guys thinking. Big and flashy or small and intimate?" It was clear that Mia had already begun brainstorming ideas into her head, she pulled out her phone ready to take notes whilst Ana talked about how she wanted her wedding.

"Well, I think small and intimate would be best. Right, Christian?" He nods with a smile. "We're not sure about a date yet but It'd be nice to be married when the house is done so that we can move right in" Ana continues, she looked to Christian who seemed to be deep in thought.

"House? You bought a house?" Mia gasps and looks at her brother who is concentrating on the road as he drives at high speed.

"Yes, we did. It's on the sound, a real family home"

"Aw, I'm really happy for you guys"

The conversation falls silent as Christian pulls into the Bellevue mansion, Mia's home. Stepping inside to the warm, cosy family home was something that Mia needed. Instantly she ran inside leaving Christian with her luggage and didn't stop running through the house until she found her parents in the garden enjoying the last of the warm nights before autumn rolls in. Both nursing a glass of wine as they watch the sun set over the scenery before them, Ana walks out to see Mia chatting happily to her parents telling them the stories of her travels and her new love interest, Ethan.

Grace was more than happy to listen to the story of how her only daughter and Ethan had met, Carrick however decided to join his son at the boat house where they would probably have a manly talk and forget that Mia is falling in love. Mia wore a smile on her face whilst she told the story; she was genuinely happy and glad that she had found someone. She thought it was fate that brought her and Ethan together, and I thought so too. It was a happy fate.

"I was just roaming the city, looking for something to do before my master class later in the afternoon so I sat outside of a café and ordered my usual when Ethan tripped over my chair as he was exiting. I helped him, of course and then I looked into his eyes. He smiled his thanks and tried to hurry off but I told him he couldn't leave until I got his a coffee to make up for the one he had just lost. Then, we spent the whole day together he came to master class with me and watched as I created a feast fit for a king.

That evening we went to dinner and then visited the Eiffel tower before parting ways with a promise to meet at the café the next day. And we met, planned to travel Europe and get to know each other. Our trip ended in London, it was wonderful. I'm thinking of surprising him in Japan whilst he's there for a week" Mia finishes, the smile still on her face. She sipped her wine and looked to Ana who had focussed on the boat house.

"You okay Ana?" Mia asks, Ana turns to face Mia and nods happily.

"Of course, I was just deep in thought" Ana admits as she looks over to the garden.

"What are you thinking about?" Grace looks to Ana.

"The wedding, how about we have it here?" Ana speaks with a smile; she had just envisioned the garden with trellises and a gazebo full of flowers. She imagined her close friends and family sitting on white wooden chairs as she walked down the aisle with her father on her arm and her mother on the other arm.

"Oh, Ana I'd be honoured to host the wedding here. Mia and I could turn this into whatever you like, you vision it and we'll do it. Oh this is going to be wonderful" Grace replies, she turns to Mia who squeals and writes notes in her phone.

Suddenly the men appear with grins on their faces, they had been gone for at least an hour whilst the ladies spoke about Mia's vacation and Ana's wedding to Christian. Carrick sat beside his wife whilst Christian sat beside his fiancé, his hand reaching for hers and his arm snaking around her shoulder. He pulls her close as Grace and Carrick talk quietly, no doubt sharing plans of the wedding venue.

It's past eleven when Ana and Christian leave, and the couple are exhausted. Their oversized bed sounded perfect to them as they quickly made their way to the bedroom, Christian had been happy to see his sister and Ana was happy to have her friend back in town for a while. She knew that Mia would be dedicating herself to the wedding which made her think about who was going to be her bridesmaids, it seemed fitting to have Kate as her maid of honour and Mia standing beside Kate wearing the most beautiful dresses. Whilst changing into comfy pyjama's Ana's head began to fill with ideas of colours, flowers, and of course her wedding dress. She didn't want to have a big dress but she did want it to be elegant.

"You're so perfect Anastasia" Christian whispers as the couple lay beside each other staring into each others eyes.

"As are you, Mr Grey, I can't wait to be your wife" Ana replies as she leans in to kiss Christian with force, she was madly in love with this man and she'd be a fool to let him slip from her grasp.

"And I can't wait to be your husband; we need to set a date" Christian states, Ana nods in agreement.

"I'll marry you any day you choose" She grins and kisses Christian once more

"Okay, then let's get married in December, the 20th. I know it'll be cold, and very short notice but we didn't want it to be fancy" Christian says as he props himself up on his elbow.

"Mia is going to be thrilled at how long she has, but I think she'll make it work. Oh Christian, I love you so much"

"I love you too, Ana"

The next morning, Elliot was found waiting for the happy couple to drag themselves out of bed. Today was the day that Ana and Christian would set their plan in motion for the house, it was going to take a while to renovate but the couple were more than happy to wait for their dream house to be ready. Beside Elliot was architect and interior decorator, Gia. She was the best in Seattle and maybe the best in the world, and she just happened to be good friends with Elliot.

The first to arrive was Ana; she looked fresh in her jeans and t-shirt with her messy bun up-do and minimal make-up. She offered her guests tea before heading to make herself a mug; it was Gail's weekend off so she was left alone to do everything which she always found fun. Gesturing for Elliot and Gia to join her in the kitchen, she quickly prepares four bowls of fruit salad, warmed up waffles that Gail had left in the fridge from the previous morning drizzled in syrup and four glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice. Finally Christian made an appearance dressed in slacks and a polo shirt, his eyes lit up at breakfast and his fiancée who was stood with a smirk on her face.

"Shall we take this to the dining table?" Christian says as he picks up his tray of food, Ana collects hers and so does Elliot and Gia.

"Hello, Brother. I assume this is your architect friend?" Christian asks with a polite nod towards Gia.

"Yes, this is Gia she'll draw up the blue prints and when we're done renovating she'll help design the interior" Elliot explains as Gia pulls out her mocked blue prints after being given a rough idea of what the couple had wanted by Elliot.

"I mocked some blue prints already after speaking with Elliot; we can change whatever you like before I turn this into a 3D model, I understand Mr Grey that you want to tear down all of the guest accommodations?" Gia turns to Christian with a small smile on her face; she lays out the blue prints in front of him so that he can get a better look of what she had created.

"My Fiancée and I decided that we would place them elsewhere, across the street in fact" Christian looks to Ana who raises a brow

"Across the street? But we don't own that property Christian" Ana cuts in before taking chewing on a piece of her waffle.

"I bought the whole street baby, it's all ours. We can call it whatever we like" Christian smiles, and then turns his attentions back to the blue prints.

After a morning and half of the deciding and altering the blue prints, a clear plan had been set. The renovations would take six months, eight months at the most and the designs of the staff accommodations were designed to be luxury sized apartment complexes with plenty of garden space and scenery for the staff to enjoy. Renovating was to begin in two weeks whilst 3d models were being made and demolishing of unwanted buildings underwent. The house on the sound would be perfect by summer 2014 and Christian and Ana couldn't wait.

"I still can't believe you bought the whole fucking street" Ana comments as the pair slurp on the homemade potatoes and leek soup with croutons that Ana had made.

"We're going to need privacy, Ana. Having a private street will be perfect; those pesky paparazzi will never be able to bother us whilst we're in our little haven. I was thinking of us and our future as Mr and Mrs Grey" Christian explains, truth be told Ana wasn't really surprised at Christian's actions. In fact she thought it was adorable that he would go through these lengths just for some privacy.

"I guess, I just wasn't expecting you to buy a whole street" Ana smirks and kisses her fiancée.

"Are you happy with the designs Ana?" Christian asks before sipping on his glass of fresh lemon flavoured water.

"Of course, if I wasn't I wouldn't have allowed your brother and his slutty friend leave the apartment" Ana replies with a grin, Christian chuckles at Ana. She wasn't sure she liked Gia's behaviour, but she was very talented and Ana loved her work.

"You don't like her?" Christian questions with a raised brow.

"Too handsy" Ana says as she walks off into the living area, she drops onto the over sized sofa her head resting on a plump cushion. She was exhausted.

Christian makes Ana aware of a phone call in his office and the apartment falls silent, Ana stared at the pale walls in hopes for sleep to come but instead she was plagued by a mind full of unwanted thoughts. She thought she had gotten rid of the horrible thoughts in her head but they had made a return, the anxiety set in and soon Ana found herself trying to catch her breath. The thought of losing everything she had was too much to handle, she couldn't bare the thought of Christian and his loving family not in her life. She saw her life flash right before her eyes as she collapsed taking a picture frame from the coffee table with her.

"Ana!" Christian yells from his office door, he had heard the smash and hoped that Ana wasn't in trouble. When she didn't respond, he immediately ran for the living room where he found her laying on the floor the frame a few feet away from her as Christian kicked it out of the way.

Ana's eyes fluttered open, a look of confusion on her face before the realisation set in. She had had a panic attack, Christian held Ana in his arms. Her face close to his as he made sure that she hadn't injured herself, Ana took deep breaths as she wrapped her arms around Christian allowing him to comfort her. The couple said no words as Christian lifted Ana and placed her on the sofa before running for a glass of water, once he returned he sat beside Ana and watched as she sipped on the water with shaky hands. She was able to piece together what had happened, but she wasn't able to understand why it had happened. She thought her doubts had long gone with the pain that had been forced into her life but she thought wrong, it was just hiding.

"Are you okay baby?" Christian asks as he takes the glass from Ana's hand.

"I'm not sure, everything's happened so quickly that I'm not sure if I'm okay" Ana replies, she felt like this was the sign that she needed to see Flynn as soon as she could.

"What happened?" Christian needed to know what had happened for Ana to collapse the way she did.

"I was trying to sleep and I was just, I don't know my mind was over thinking things and I began to panic because I didn't want to lose anyone in my life. I never want to lose you or my family, or your family. You all mean too much to me and my life would be worthless without you all" Ana admits as a tear falls down her cheek, Christian wiped the tear away and wrapped his arms around her.

"Baby you'll never lose me; even if I die I will still be here. Nothing can separate us and our families, please don't ever think that way baby because it pains me so much to see you like this" Christian smiles to his fiancé in hopes for a smile in return but instead she breaks down crying, the emotions are too much for her as she wraps herself around Christian whilst he continues to comfort her.

"I love you so much Christian, I just can't imagine life without you" the couple spend a few moments in each others arms before Christian clears his throat.

He had suggested having a couple's session with Flynn, together they would be able to work out their doubts and issues so that everything is out in the open. No secrets, no hiding. Ana was relieved to hear that Christian had suggested seeing Flynn, she appreciated that Christian was prepared to go with her and support her as well as talk about his issues too. Things like this are what made them stronger, ensuring that their future was bright and full of happiness and love.

Later that day, Ana and Christian decided on ordering pizza from their local papa johns. It was time for some relaxation after an exhausting and stressful day, having Christian beside Ana made her feel better the anxiety she felt this afternoon had disappeared after spending the rest of the day together in each others arms. An appointment to see Flynn had been made; they would meet with him on Monday morning with a spot of breakfast in their own home. Flynn seemed happy and sad that they needed a session; however he was curious to see how the couple were getting on in their day to day life.

"Pizza's here" Christian announces, he races to Sawyer who holds it in his hands along with other boxes for the security guys.

Once the food had been eaten, the couple settle on the sofa in front of the television. Nothing special was playing and they didn't care as long as they were in each others arms and in each others company. Christian kissed his fiancées cheek and watched as she smiled and then pulled him closer.

"I could lay here forever with you" Ana whispers softly to Christian who grins at her.

"Let's go to bed, baby I think we both need some sleep" Christian scoops Ana up into his arms and watches as she rests her head on his shoulder, she was already out like a light.

Once in the bedroom, Christian carefully places Ana into bed and then places himself next to her. Ana instantly snuggles into Christian and sighs at her comfort. The couple drift into a deep sleep that sends them into the next morning, family day. Sunday's was a day where Grace would cook up a feast and invite everyone over, it hadn't happened in a while but she thought it was fitting as Ana's parents were back for the day for a spot of fishing and girly chats. Ana loved that Carla and Grace were becoming good friends, she also appreciated that Ray made an effort with Carrick. It was turning out to be perfect and soon it would be even more perfect when Ana and Christian were married.

Ana opened her eyes and found the bed was empty; Christian was nowhere to be seen or heard. Jumping out of Bed, Ana opened the bathroom door and found it empty, she tried the closets and both were empty. Quickly, Ana threw a fluffy robe around her and exited the bedroom in hopes of finding Christian in one of the other rooms. Still, Christian was nowhere to be found and no note or message was left to notify Ana of his absence. Running to Gail's quarters, Ana was panicking she banged on the door and fell into Gail's arms in tears as she tried to tell her that Christian had gone. Before being able to tell Gail, the panic set in once more and she found herself unable to breathe. It was happening again and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Darkness covered her as her eyes closed; the panic had won once again but this time she wasn't waking up. Gail carefully laid Ana on the floor before calling for Sawyer; he arrived in under a minute and scooped Ana up into his arms. Gail notified Grace on Ana's condition and made their way to the hospital where Grace would meet them. Christian couldn't be reached, neither could Taylor. He had decided to join his father and Ray on a fishing trip; he didn't think to let Ana know. Not telling her and just sent her into this state and once he knew, it would bring on a ton of guilt.

"Ana, Ana wake up. Grace is on her way, we're trying to reach Christian. Please" Sawyer yells at Ana as he speeds along the freeway.

"Oh god, this is so horrible for her" Gail comments as she holds Ana tight.

Ana was breathing, but she couldn't bring herself to open her eyes. The darkness had swallowed her and it wasn't about to let her go just yet.