Hey there all, so I was browsing Tumblr and I saw a wonderful mini comic thing that inspired me to write this story. This is the first chapter and there will be more to come. Anywho, enjoy ^^

Also, trigger warning for this story, if Suicide or self harm is a trigger for you you may want to steer clear.

Hiccup walked into the brightly lit school bathroom, the florescent lights glaring off the polished linoleum floor; one in the corner of the room flickered, on the verge of going out. The thin teen smirked at the irony of that thought as he stepped into the large corner stall with the handicap rail that some kid had torn from the wall and locked the door behind him. Walking over to the corner he leaned his back against the cold tile and slowly slid into a sitting position. He set het his book bag in-between his knees and unzipped it, removing two bottles; one clear and full of water the other a solid white. Twisting the childproof cap, Hiccup emptied a handful of the little red pills into his palm; he didn't bother to count, after all what did it matter? Tossing them into his mouth like a kid would candy he downed them with a swig from the water bottle.

As Hiccup sat there, giving the aspirin time to spread through his system he found his mind going over everything, checking one last time he hadn't forgotten anything. He'd given his dad a hug goodbye as he left for school, left the apology in his best (and only if truth be told) friend's locker and burnt the various angry letters he'd written to his father over the last few months, he didn't want them to be found after. He'd put on a good show that day, smiling to his father and Astrid, laughing at the stupid jokes made at the lunch table, cheering along with the other kids when their biology professor had announced that she was canceling the midterm in favor of an interactive lab; he'd done so well Astrid had commented on his performance, saying it was good to see him acting more like his old self. Of course that made him feel guilty, but then Hiccup was no stranger to guilt these days, not by a long shot, so what was a little more thrown onto the heaping pile of remorse that tormented his every waking moment?

Hiccup put those thoughts out of his head as he removed the iPod from his pack and started wrestling with the knot that had appeared in his headphone's cord. Soon there wouldn't be any more guilt, no more sadness, no more trying to see the point of…everything and failing, no more going through every day trying to convince everyone (including, no, especially himself) that his life was worth something just to wake up the next day and do it all over again. No, soon all that would be over. Soon he would be able to rest without his traitorous mind replaying every mistake he had ever made in vivid detail. Soon it would be over.

Hiccup felt a sad smile cross his face as he hit play on his iPod and the soft country-esque rock melody started playing. The razor stung as he drew it up his arm, cutting with the vein, but he continued, repeating the motion twice more before leaning back and closing his eyes as the words started.

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder

You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger

May you never take one single breath for granted

Hiccup felt tears stinging the corners of his eyes as the voice in his ears shifted to that of his mothers, singing to him like she had when he was little.

God forbid love ever leave you empty handed

I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean

Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens

They hadn't though, every door had closed on him and none had opened, leaving him stranded and alone in the darkness; now he was making his own door and kicking it in.

Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance

He had, he had so many times and every time he had even the smallest bit of hope the world would dash it, smother it out and leaving him lower than he had been. A sense of peace drifted over Hiccup as he felt his mind slowing; soon all over that would be over.

I hope you daaaaaaance

I hope you dance…


Jack tossed the hall pass into the trash as soon as he was clear of his 6th hour English class and set his feet for the first floor men's bathroom; from there all he had to do was jimmy open the lock on the window and he was home free. As he walked through the empty hallways he slid his phone from his hoodie pocked and slid it open, fingers typing quickly send sent got 2 get out of here, u free 2 hang 2day? He had barely put the phone into his pocket when it buzzed quietly and he pulled it out again, seeing the name "Sandy" on the screen he slid his finger across the screen and read You know Jack, one of these days your skipping school is going to catch up with you. Yes I'm free, I'll be seeing you in a bit then? Jack shook his head with a small chuckle at his mute friend's texting speed. As he entered the bathroom he started typing I will nvr get how u can txt so fast in perfect sentences like-

"Ah shit." Jack cursed as his fingers slipped in his attempt to match Sandy's speed and the phone slid from his grasp, bouncing across the floor and under the wall of the corner stall. Walked over Jack tried the door and found it locked. Feeling slightly awkward he called out.

"Hey, uh, dude? Mind sliding my phone out to me? Is the screen cracked? No, don't tell me, I'll let it be a surprise." He said dryly. After several moments of silence he called again "Hello? Dude in the stall, you there?" Still getting no response Jack drew in an exasperated breath through his knows and was about to let it out when he hesitates, breathing in deeper. He got the usual smells one would expect from a high school bathroom, but overriding that was a coppery, tangy smell that he couldn't quite place though it gave him an uneasy feeling in his stomach. Kneeling down slowly Jack called.

"Hey dude, I'm just grabbing my phone real fast, not trying to peep or en-" Jack's voice caught in his throat and his eyes went wide as his head lowered far enough that he could see under the door of the stall. Sitting there against the wall was a boy about his age with brown hair that hung down to about his shoulders and freckles dotting his face and neck. Jack didn't notice that though, his eyes were drawn to the pool of blood that was slowly spreading from several long gashed in his arm.

"Holy shit holy shit holy shit" Jack repeated as he fought down the panic that was growing in his chest. He took a deep breath to try and calm himself and then took a step back and kicked the door, relief flaring briefly in his chest when the lock gave on the first try and the flimsy panel swung inward. Jack grabbed his phone he dialed 911 as looked down at the deathly pale face of the teen. "Sorry about this, you'll thank me some day I promise."

"911, what's your emergency?"

"There's a guy here, can't be more then like 17, real skinny and, and I think he's trying to kill himself, there's blood all over and his arm's all cut up and-"

"Sir, I'm going to need you to take a deep breath and calm down alright?"

Jack did just that, sucking in a deep breath before letting it out, and while his heart was still hammering, his voice was calmer as he spoke "Alright."

"Good, does he appear to breathing?" Jack looked and saw the faint rise and fall of the boys thins chest under his shirt.

"Yes, but it's really shallow."

"Alright sir, help is on the way, stay on the phone with me until they get there and tell me if his condition changes at all." Jack swallowed and nodded before remembering he was on the phone and said.

"Alright." He wasn't going anywhere.

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