Hey all, Happy Late Christmas! Finally, a new chapter of Guardian! If has been way to long and if you would like the update as to why check the end of the chapter but TL;DR, I've been super depressed and I'm finally feeling better! Hope this 10k chapter helps make up for it a little. The next chapter is like, half way written right now so expect it pretty soon (I hope) and for now, hope you enjoy this one!

Hiccup awoke the next morning and went straight to the bathroom to shower and clean away the remains of last night's activities. The warm water felt incredibly good and Hiccup found himself zoning out and nearly falling back asleep several times. It helped that his arm no longer stung when it got wet. In fact, the cuts seemed to be healing very well, all of them closed up now with fresh tender looking skin.

Finishing his shower Hiccup dried himself off and re-wrapped his arm, something that had quickly become such a part of his daily routine that he barely noticed it. The combination of the attention from Jack and Astrid, and even his father, and the shift it had caused in his outlook combined with the ease of caring for his injured arm made it so he could almost forget about the event a month ago that had caused it all. Looking back Hiccup saw the stark contrast between himself then and now. Were it not for the nightmares that still invaded his dreams and woke him crying he would have said they were two completely different people.

By the time Hiccup was clean and dressed the aroma of cooking bacon and pancakes was wafting through the house from the kitchen. Grabbing his phone as he made his way to the kitchen for breakfast Hiccup saw a text from Jack.

Jack: Goodmorning sexy ;P You know you never answered about being busy today or not.

Hiccup: Goodmorning to you too. I think me and my dad are going to do that model today, and then I've got to work on my homework.

Jack: :( fine, be 'responsible'

Hiccup: I will, you should try it sometime

Jack: I did, didn't think much of it

Hiccup chuckled as he sat down at the kitchen table.

"Mooooooorning dad." Hiccup yawned.

"Goodmorning son." Stoick seemed to be in a very good mood as he placed a large plate of pancakes, bacon, and hasbrowns in front of Hiccup. An similar but larger plate joined it across the table a moment later and Stoick took his seat. "Sooo…" Stoick fiddled with his cup of coffee as he clearly tried to work up to saying something. Hiccup suddenly felt nervous as he poked at his eggs, not looking at his father. "How are things?"

"Things are…fine?" Hiccup glanced quizzically at his father as he looked up to take a drink from his orange juice.

"Has school been alright? Caught up on all of you classes?"

"Oh. Yeah school is fine and I'm all caught up with the work I missed."

"Good. Good." Breakfast continued in silence for several minutes more until Stoick finally broke it. "I got a call from the doctor's. They'd like you to come in on Tuesday to, uh, check on your arm, probably take the stitches out."

"Oh!" A relived grin spread across Hiccup's face at his father's words. Apparently taking his smile for excitement at the idea of having his stitches out Stoick smiled as well and was noticeably less tense as he spoke again.

"I've taken the afternoon off of work so we can go right after you finish school and get you a clean bill of health eh?"

"Uh, yeah, that sounds good." Hiccup said in surprise. Stoick grinned and tucked into his food in earnest, talking about Hiccup's experience at school since getting back and about his work and other topics of general parental concern.

"Did you still want to put together that model today?" Stoick asked as he got up from the table with his empty plate and carried it to the sink.

"Uh, sure."

"You go get it then and I'll clear off the table." Hiccup smiled as he got up from the table and brought his own plate to the sink and then went to his room to retrieve the little box now thankfully devoid of its damning contents. When he returned to the kitchen he found his father drying the table with a damp towel.

Hiccup opened the box and dumped the contents on the table, separating the pieces out to get an idea of how they might fit together properly. "Alrighty, lets have a look at this." Stoick said as he returned to the table, his hands now dry and towel free.

It turned out to be far more simple then most of the models that Hiccup purchased, clearly meant for either younger children or parents who just wanted a toy for their child and not a weekend project. Still, it took them the better part of an hour to piece together all of the little bits of plastic and secure them with super glue which Hiccup had retrieved from his room after seeing and scoffing at the atrociously cheap little tube of the stuff that had come with the model. Hiccup could have easily put it together himself, probably in a bit less time if he were being honest, but he enjoyed the activity with his dad. It had been a long time since they had done something like this, both of them laughing in victory as two particularly stubborn pieces finally came together and grinning as the dragon, which was considerably larger than Hiccup would have guessed from the box, started to take shape. When they set the final piece into place, the wing joint, and had it properly set they both leaned heavily on the table.

"Quite the sight aint he?" Stoick motioned to the dragon. Hiccup nodded in agreement. "This was nice," Stoick continued "we haven't done something like this since…" he let the sentence trail off and Hiccup felt his whole body go tense as he pointedly looked anywhere but his father as the silence stretched between them. "Look Hiccup," when his father finally spoke it was hesitant but forceful "I know that I haven't been great at talking lately. I never have been, it was always your mother who was good at that… I just want you to know that, if you ever want to talk. About her, or anything, I'm here." Hiccup glanced up at his father and found him starting back earnestly, though clearly uncomfortable.

"Thanks dad." Hiccup said after a long moment. His father's speech had genuinely taken him by surprise. His father had hardly mentioned his mother at all since the day of her funeral, and had actually shouted at Hiccup the one time he'd tried to talk about her not long after. After that Hiccup had just packed away all his feeling about his mother and ignored them, not really willing to talk about them himself. It wasn't as if he could talk to his father about what he'd really want to anyway, so he'd never seen much of a point. He'd thought about talking to Astrid but she was always practical about things and at the time he hadn't wanted a practical response. After a while it had just been easier to ignore it all, at least until it hadn't been.

Hiccup was spared having to figure out something else to say by the ring of their house phone which made both of the jump in surprise. "I'll get it." Stoick said, already moving toward the kitchen to grab the receiver.

"Hello, Haddock residence." Stoik's voice came from the kitchen a moment later. "Oh hello Anna. Fine, just having a little father son time actually. Oh no its alright. Oh is he really? Perhaps he can rub some of that off on Hiccup? Oh haha did you? Well whatever works sometimes hmm? Oh? I don't see why not, let me ask him." Stoick raised his voice a bit and looked at Hiccup who had been watching his expressions throughout the conversation. "Anna would like to invite you to spend the weekend at their home. Is that something you'd like?"

"Sure." Hiccup said, keeping his voice controlled as he answered, despite his excitement.

"He says he'd be happy to. Alright, Hiccup can you work out the details with Jack?" Hiccup nodded his agreement. "Alright that sounds good then. We'll have to have Jack over one weekend soon too." Stoick said with a earnest look that Hiccup knew meant he meant it. Hiccup was both excited at the idea of having Jack over for a weekend, and terrified at the thought of Jack being around his father for such an extended period of time. He wasn't given too long to worry though as Stoick finished up the conversation and hung up the phone.

"I don't think I've ever met someone over the age of twenty with as much energy as she's got." Stoick said good naturedly as he returned to the table with Hiccup.

Hiccup smiled, sharing his father's bemusement with someone as peppy and excitable as Anna North. "Jack uses passionate." Stoick chuckled at that.

"I suppose thats an apt description. So you'll work out the details with Jack and let me know?"

"Yeah, we'll work it out."

"Let me know if you need a ride. I feel rude letting them drive you around all the time."

"I'm sure they don't mind dad."

"Still, let me know."

"Will do dad."

Hiccup was right about not needing a ride from his father as it turned out. Jack made that clear when Hiccup text him later that day, after shifting over several of the models on his shelves to make room for his newest one. When Hiccup called Jack before he went to bed that night he could hear the excitement in Jack's voice when they confirmed their plans for the weekend; Jack and Hiccup would get a ride from school to Jack's house and Hiccup would stay there until Sunday if his dad would let him.

"Oh that reminds me!" Hiccup said when Jack asked what he was doing the rest of the week. "I'm going in to get my stitches out Tuesday. If they think they're ready."

"Really?" Jack's excitement was contagious even over the phone and Hiccup was glad he was in his room with the door closed so his dad didn't see him grinning like an idiot. "Thats great! Must be glad to put that whole thing behind you huh?"

"Mostly," Hiccup agreed "there was some good that came out of it though."

"Really? Like what?"


Jack's voice was a touch deeper when he replied "Hey now, I'm supposed to be the sappy sweet one. You're stealing my stick."

"I mean it Jack, I-" Hiccup clamped his mouth shut as again the words caught in his throat. At this point he was almost completely sure he felt them, so why was is so hard to just say them? "I'm really glad I met you." He finished after a brief pause.

"I'm really glad I met you too." Jack said. Neither of them spoke for so long that Hiccup chuckled at the ridiculousness of it, which Jack answered, and then they devolved into fits of laughter on Jack's part and poorly stifled giggling on Hiccup's. When they finally got control of themselves they continued discussing their week and Hiccup was dismayed to learn that between his doctor visit and previous engagements on Jack's part they wouldn't be able to really see on another until Friday.

Hiccup was surprised by how much that fact upset him, after all it was only going to be four days, and it wasn't like he couldn't just call or text Jack if he really needed to. Still, he had gotten used to having Jack around and seeing him more or less every day. "I'm going to miss you." He said quietly, careful that his dad couldn't overhear him.

"I'll miss you too, but we'll get to see each other all weekend."

"I suppose."

"Without your dad around."

"Mmm, sounding better and better."

"We can kiss as much as you want."

"No that sounds very nice."

"Clothings optional."

"Alright alright, thats enough you perv." Hiccup laughed.

"Hah, pot kettle Hiccup."

"Yeah yeah whatever. That reminds me you should delete those if you haven't yet."

"Why? Its not like your dad's going to snoop through my phone."

"First of all, not everything is about my dad." Hiccup snapped. "Second of all, I don't want anybody snooping through your phone and seeing my dick." He whispered the last words in a low hiss. "And thirdly, neither of us is eighteen so technically that was all kinds of illegal." There was a brief pause before Jack responded.

"I suppose you're right. Such a shame though, they were really hot." Jack's voice grew softer and more distant as he spoke "There, deleted forever." He said, his voice back to its normal volume "Happy?"

"Yes I am. Thank you." Hiccup replied tersely.

They talked for a few minutes longer then said goodnight and hung up, Hiccup regretting the tone he'd used with Jack even if he felt justified in using it. He resigned to apologize for snapping at him the next time they spoke. Much to Hiccup's dismay that chance didn't come around until late the following evening after slogging through a day at school and a pile of homework at home without anybody to keep him company. Jack had said that he would be practicing violin for most of the night and he tried to text back sporadically, but Hiccup quickly found that when he was practicing he was basically unreachable. Jack called that evening but their call was cut short when Stoick came in to say goodnight and Hiccup quickly hug up the phone on Jack. They said goodnight over text and Hiccup could tell Jack was not to happy about being hung up on by the brief responses he sent for the rest of the night.

Tuesday Hiccup was already feeling bad for having been rude to Jack twice without being able to properly apologize and the pop quiz they had in physics did nothing to improve his mood, even if he was pretty sure he'd aced it. He was in such a bad mood that he only remembered he was going to get his stitches out today when he arrived home to fine his father there waiting for him. The ride to the hospital was short and quiet, just like the wait in the hospital lobby. After just a few minutes of waiting Hiccup was shown into a small room while Stoick waited outside. A doctor came in and removed his bandages, asked him a few questions, and examined the pink lines that ran up and down Hiccup's arm. Apparently they looked good because he declared Hiccup ready to have the stitches removed. A nurse with a pair of tiny scissors made short work of them and washed his arm with something out of a bottle that stung a little bit on the new skin. In total he was in the room less than ten minutes before he was back with his dad, the lines along his arm thankfully covered by his shirt sleeves.

Stoick suggested that they stop for food on the way home to celebrate and they got take out which they ate while watching reruns of America's Funniest Home Videos, another things that they hadn't done since before Hiccup's mother died. When Stoick hugged him goodnight that night it still had the underlying awkwardness that his father always had with displays of affection, but perhaps a bit less so.

Wednesday and Thursday passed both slowly because of Hiccup's excitement over the weekend, and quickly do to how busy he was with homework. Jack was mostly unreachable for the two days as he was "catching up on all the practice I've not been doing lately" and Hiccup spent most of the evenings doing homework and talking with Astrid. Hiccup was surprised by just how much he was missing Jack by the time Thursday evening rolled around and he laughed at himself for acting like a lovestruck teenager, even if that was what he was. The fact that he didn't really get to talk with Jack properly didn't help either. He had known Jack for a month and it already felt weird, wrong even, not to see him for days at a time like this and seeing him briefly in hallways or across classrooms at school only made it worse.

When Hiccup's alarm went off on Friday morning he practically jumped out of bed, already super excited for that evening. He got ready quickly, packed a coupled of changes of clothes and his toiletries into his backpack, and headed off to school feeling so giddy he was surprised he didn't catch himself skipping at some point. God, he seemed determined to play the lovestruck teenager to the tee. His phone buzzed as he was heading to school and he grinned wide when he saw Jack's name.

Jack: Morning Hiccup!

Hiccup: Morning :)

Jack: God I can't wait for the schoolday to be over already

Hiccup: Me neither

Jack: Is it weird that I've really missed you, even though its only been like four days?

Hiccup: If it is then I'm a weirdo too

Jack: Awww, you missed me?

Hiccup: Well, yeah, obviously.

Jack: Gah! The next eight hours are going to be hell!

Hiccup: I know! I don't know if I'll be able to make it! If I die promise you'll take care of my cat.

Jack: Not funny Hiccup.

Hiccup: Come on, it was just a joke.

Jack: There is nothing remotely funny about the idea of you dieing. Maybe its crazy to say this after so little time but I don't know what I'd do if something happened to you.

Hiccup: That might be a little crazy, but its also incredibly sweet. And now you've got me blushing right before I go into school.

Jack: I'd say I'm sorry but you wouldn't believe me :P I'll see you in a few hours Hiccup *hugs* meet me after school at the little park three blocks north of the school, alright?

Hiccup: You ass :P *hugs* Yeah I know it, I'll meet you there.

Hiccup's conversation with Jack carried him all the way to school, making the walk take no time at all and leaving him grinning and bright red from more than the fall nip in the air as he walked into the building and headed to his locker. Jack was right about the day, the clock was moving so slow that Hiccup would have sworn it had gone backwards a couple times just to torment him. After lunch the minor amount of focus Hiccup had had was completely gone and he gave up with taking notes completely and instead alternated between staring at the clock and doodling absently on the blank page of his notebook. He would probably regret his distraction when he was working on his homework later, but there was nothing to be done about it. When the final bell for the day rang Hiccup said a quick goodbye to Astrid, grabbed the schoolbooks he would need for the homework that had been assigned, and then had to stop himself from flat out sprinting down the road to the park where he was meeting Jack.

As it turned out, it was good that he hadn't sprinted since when he arrived Jack was nowhere to be seen and he would have hated to use all that energy for nothing. He shot Jack a text letting him know he had arrived, and then sat down on one of the park benches to wait. After five minutes without a response he sent Jack another text, which also went unanswered. At nearly ten minutes he was starting to get a little irritated with just sitting here waiting. His irritation vanished when he saw a car pull up to the curb a few feet from him. Its windows were so darkly tinted that he couldn't see its driver, but there was no doubt in his mind that this car was Jack. The car was sleek, its dark blue frame curving gracefully forward and coming to the slightest point at the front of the car. It was a gorgeous car, and it probably cost more than Hiccup's entire house, including furniture. If Hiccup had any doubt this was the right car, it was banished a moment later when the passenger window rolled down and Jack looked out at him, grinning form ear to ear at the awed look on Hiccup's face.

"Jack?" Hiccup asked in disbelief, still ogling the car.

"So, what do you think of my baby?" Jack asked, gesturing to the car surrounding him.

"Its…insane," Hiccup finally decided on. Jack laughed.

"Well come on, get it!" Jack reached over and opened the door for Hiccup as he rolled up the window. Hiccup quickly stood, walked over to the car, and slid into the passenger seat. As soon as Hiccup was seated with the door closed Jack was pulling him into a kiss, which Hiccup let himself fully enjoy, remembering how impossible it was to see anything through the windows from the outside. "I missed you." Jack said with a grin when they finally broke apart.

"I missed you too." Hiccup mirrored Jack's grin.

"What do you say we get out of here huh?"

"Sounds good."

"Be sure you buckle up." Jack warned as he slowly pulled away from the curb, the car completely muffling any sound from outside.

"So this is your car?"

"Quite the beauty, isn't he?"

"I'll say, I'm still a bit taken back by it, although I can't say I'm all that surprised. How long have you had, uh, him?"

"Mom and dad gave him to me as a 16th birthday present with the understanding that if I get so much as a parking ticket I lose all car privileges until further notice."

"I guess they wouldn't want you to be tempted to do anything dumb in a car this nice."

"I'll have you know that I am a very responsible driver." Jack insisted, and Hiccup had to agree. Jack never looked away from the road and kept both his hands firmly on the wheel. He didn't speed or weave through traffic like Hiccup usually saw with sports cars and he always signaled and slowed down well in advance of any turn. By the time the reached Jack's house Hiccup had to admit that Jack may have been the single most careful driver that he had ever seen. "Its so nice to have a car again!" Jack practically sang as they pulled into the garage. "Look, I managed to get you all the way to my house without someone making an embarrassing comment or sexual innuendo at my expense." Hiccup laughed and nodded his agreement.

"I suppose that is a first, isn't it?"

"Plus we don't have to inconvenience one of my family and deal with them being around as soon as you get here." Jack pulled out his phone and smirked "Sorry I was late, I was getting the car from where I park it during school, and I just saw your texts since I don't touch my phone while I'm driving."

"Its alright, I just didn't know what was going on while I was waiting there."

"I was going to tell you, but I decided to let it be a surprise, and oh boy was it worth it!"

"You're an ass."

"If enjoying it when you make adorable faces makes me an ass, then guilty as charged." Jack's phone buzzed and he read it then tapped out a response. "I told my mom we were home and she said to help ourselves to any food, or ask the chef to make it. Her and my dad will be busy all night but she says they would enjoy doing another movie tomorrow if we're agreeable."

"Yeah that sounds fine we can- wait did you say chef?" Hiccup said before he would stop himself. Jack colored and looked away.

"Well, yeah. There's a whole staff on staff here. Wow that was redundant. What I mean is that there is a whole kitchen staff, and a cleaning crew and all that kind of stuff that maintain the house. The kitchen that you've seen is the 'family kitchen' its where we eat when we want to eat as a family and where we can do our own cooking if we want to, but there is also a full commercial kitchen that mostly gets used when mom or dad throw a banquet, but they're there if we need anything too."

"Wow, okay then."

"Is that going to be weird for you?" Jack's apprehension was clear on his face and in his voice.

"Huh? Oh no. Well I mean it is weird, but I'll just need a sec to digest it. So you have people that cook for you and clean your room and stuff?"

"Hah I wish, no none of the staff are actually allowed in any of our rooms, and mom insists that we keep them clean ourselves. She comes in every couple weeks to make sure that I'm keeping it clean and yells at me if I'm not. So no, the cleaning staff if just for the non-personal rooms in the house."

"Well at least you're that much of a normal kid." Hiccup teased as they finally arrived outside Jack's room.

"Hey I'm plenty normal!" Jack protested as he tossed his book bag on his desk.

"You're really not though," Hiccup said then, seeing the expression on Jack's face, quickly added "and I'm not talking about the giant house and rich parents thing. Not a lot of people would have done what you did for me."

"I assure you there are plenty of people who would have jumped at the chance to seduce you Hiccup." Jack smirked as Hiccup rolled his eyes and his entire head along with them for good measure.

"You know what I mean. Sure people probably would have called 911, but not many people would be concerned enough for a complete stranger that they'd check up on them in the hospital afterwords." Hiccup set his backpack down by Jack's. "And I think you're vastly overestimating the amount of people that would give me a second glance, much less try and 'seduce me' really I-" Hiccup was cut off as Jack grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around, not forcefully enough to hurt him but not about to let him turn away either. Cradling Hiccup's face between his hands Jack forced Hiccup to look him in the eyes.

"Hey, stop that."

"Its the t-"

"I said stop talking bad about yourself, because I don't take very kindly to people talking badly about things I care about. Okay?" Hiccup smiled at Jack, the now familiar warm feeling that he'd come to associate with Jack filling his chest.

"Alright." He agreed then added "That was pretty smooth."

"Wasn't it though?" Jack laughed as he pulled Hiccup to him for a kiss. It was a passionate kiss and Hiccup wasn't sure how long it was before Jack pulled away. "God I missed you so much." He said as he kissed his way down Hiccup's chin to his neck.

"I missed you too." Hiccup practically hissed as Jack nipped at his earlobe then returned to kissing his neck. Kissing back up Hiccup's neck and then his chin Jack locked their mouthes together again and slipped his hands under Hiccup's shirt, his cool hands running up and down the skin of Hiccup's back and leaving goosebumps in their wake. Hiccup's shirt rode up higher and higher as Jack continued to run his hands along his back until finally Jack broke their kiss just long enough to remove it and toss it on the floor. Hiccup hadn't realized just how much he had missed Jack until he had him in his arms again and he kissed him hungrily when suddenly he felt something soft but firm press against the back of his legs and he fell backwards onto Jack's bed with Jack right behind him, their fall barley causing either of them to miss a beat with their kiss.

With Jack lying on top of him Hiccup could tell that the other boy was just as excited as he was. As though reading his mind Jack's fingers migrated from his sides where they had been rubbing small circles to his jeans and firmly grabbed their button, but didn't go any farther. Jack froze their kiss but didn't pull away, clearly waiting for Hiccup to tell him if he should stop or keep going. Hiccup wrapped his arms around Jack's neck and pulled him closer for a deeper kiss, hoping his meaning was clear enough for Jack to understand. It was. In no time Jack had pulled his pants down to his ankles, using his foot when his hands could no longer reach without breaking their kiss something both of them were loath to do. His underwear soon joined his pants and Hiccup moaned into the kiss when Jack's cool hand wrapped around him.

Jack chuckled at Hiccup's whine when he pulled back from their kiss and began kissing his way down Hiccup's neck again, bringing out small gasps from Hiccup as he nipped and sucked at the soft skin. He didn't linger there to long, but instead of heading back towards Hiccup's mouth, Jack continued on the other direction. He stopped briefly to lavish some attention on Hiccup's nipples, earning a surprised gasp for his efforts before continuing on his way.

Hiccup continued to breath in heavy pants and sharp intakes of breath as Jack continues to kiss and nip his way down his body, his muddled brain not realizing Jack's clear final destination until he felt warm breath on his erection. "Jack?" He said with surprise, overtaken by a sudden sense of nervousness. He leaned forward a bit in order to look properly at Jack who was kneeling on the floor next to the bed, his mouth just above Hiccup's erection.

"Do you want me to stop?" Jack's voice shook slightly with his own nerves when he spoke. It was clear that he would stop if Hiccup asked him to. Hiccup might have told him as much too, if it hadn't been for the nervous quaver in his voice. Knowing that Jack was also nervous about what was about to happen, that Jack was feeling just a venerable and open as he was, was a comfort for Hiccup and it calmed his nerves enough to shake his head.

"Hell no." He added with a smirk after a seconds thought. Jack returned his smirk with one of his own that somehow managed to look both dirty and innocent at once. Hiccup was debating if he wanted to say something else witty but was only able to manage a gasp as Jack leaned forward and took him into his mouth.

Like most teenage boys, Hiccup had wondered for some time what it would be like getting a blow job, though he hadn't imagined he'd be having that question answered any time soon. His nighttime imaginings had given him the right general idea, but they could not do justice to what Jack was currently doing to him. The wetness was much less strange than he thought it would have been and rather than painful the occasional brush of a tooth against him sent a jolt of sensations through his body that made him gasp. Just when Hiccup was starting to be able to think clearly again the sensations surrounding him changed, becoming more constricted as Jack leaned down father until Hiccup felt Jack's nose press against his groin. Jack made several short bobs of his head that had Hiccup grabbing at the blanket. Hiccup's brain was brought back to attention by a gagging sound and then Jack pulled away completely and coughed several times.

"Are you ok?!" Hiccup practically yelled without realizing how loud he was speaking. Jack grinned and tried to laugh which ended up turning into a cough. When he caught his breath he responded, still grinning.

"Yeah I'm fine. I guess I'll need to work on that."

"I don't know, you seem to have a lot of natural talent." Hiccup teased.

"Really? Well then just imagine once I've had some practice." Before Hiccup could respond Jack had taken him back in his mouth and resumed his tender ministrations. Before too much longer Hiccup felt himself getting close to release.

"Jack," He moaned, bucking his hips slightly "Jack I'm-ah fuck-I'm gonna-fuck!" Hiccup bucked his legs again as the first wave of his orgasm hit him. Jack bobbed his head forward, taking Hiccup all the way into his mouth and stayed there until the last pulse of Hiccup's orgasm has passed then pulled slowly away letting Hiccup flop sticky and spent onto his stomach. Pushing himself forward Jack flopped down next to a panting Hiccup with an egregiously self satisfied smirk on his face.

"Where…did that…come from?" Hiccup panted. Jack shrugged.

"I don't really know, I didn't plan it or anything. I mean I've totally been wanting to try that but I wasn't planning on jumping you the moment you got here." Jack looked away a little guilty. "It was just the kissing was really hot and I had the thought and sorta just went with it."

"Well, I'm glad you did." Hiccup gave Jach a smirk of his own.

"So I take it you enjoyed yourself?" Jack asked, his self satisfied grin back in place.

"That seemed pretty self evident. Now" Hiccup said as he rolled over on top of Jack and slipped his hands under the hem of the blue hoodie "its your turn." Jack's grin was surprised as he looked up at Hiccup.

"You don't have to."

"I know, you're not the only one who's been thinking about trying it. Besides, I can't let you show me up can I?" Hiccup had removed Jack's hoodie and was working on the button on his pants. His nimble fingers made quick work of it and he slid Jack's pants down freeing Jack's erection to jump to attention and greet him. He raised an eyebrow at Jack "Going commando?" Jack just shrugged, his face and neck flushing pink.

"Its comfortable."

"If you say so." Hiccup didn't waste any more time with idle conversation. Positioning himself similar to how Jack had he slowly lowered his mouth down over Jack's erection. Jack was a bit thiner and a bit longer than he was and Hiccup's nose was still an inch or so away from Jack's groin when he felt Jack hitting the back of his throat, causing him to let out a contented sigh. Hiccup rolled his tongue around getting the taste of Jack. It tasted similar to the skin on Jack's neck or back, or anywhere else really, but it was different too. Hiccup wasn't quite sure how to describe it but he knew that he liked it, a thought that had him blushing in embarrassment. Hiccup bobbed his head up a down a couple times experimentally, taking to care to keep Jack from scraping against his teeth as much as he could, which earned him a contented humm. Taking that as encouragement and thinking back to the techniques he's seen during late nights alone on his computer Hiccup sucked in his lips when he pulled back the next time. Hiccup froze when Jack let out a loud moan then, trying not to grin, started moving faster and sucking harder. He was rewarded richly for his efforts as Jack gasped and moaned loud enough that Hiccup was grateful for the room's soundproofing. Fingers came down to knot themselves in Hiccup's hair as Jack's legs jerked underneath him and he bucked up into Hiccup's mouth nearly causing him to gag a couple times. With a final bob Hiccup heard Jack practically shout and felt his whole body tense up as he spilt over his tongue. The thick liquid tasted bitter and a little salty and vaguely minty.

Hiccup climbed back up to lay next to a heavily panting Jack and grinned. "So how was that?"

"Fuuuck Hiccup…" was all Jack managed between breaths.

"I was surprised with how loud you were but thinking about it now, I really shouldn't have been."

"What is that…supposed to mean?"

"Nothing. Just that I really should have guessed you'd be a screamer." Jack's mouth dropped open and he gapped at Hiccup. Hiccup knew he was blushing fiercely over what he'd just said, something that he might have thought but certainly would never say anywhere else, but there was something about being here with Jack that just made him feel safe and comfortable. "If you're going to sit there with your mouth open like that you might as well put it to good use." Despite how turned on all of Jack's moaning had gotten him, and the hard-on he was now sporting as a result, Hiccup had meant the comment as a joke.

Hiccup's grin as Jack raised his eyes turned into a shocked expression of his own at Jack's "If you insists." Before Hiccup could say a word Jack rolled over, positioned himself over Hiccup, and took him into his mouth for the second time. Any protests Hiccup might have been about to make vanished completely from his mind as Jack started to swirl his tongue and then he was completely at the bastard's mercy.

Several minutes later Hiccup lay panting and feeling way too exhausted considering it couldn't be later than four thirty in the afternoon. "You are a bastard." Hiccup's grin stole all the venom from the word as he looked up at Jack who was looking down at him with a look of admiration that made Hiccup feel slightly uncomfortable and decidedly unworthy.

"Is that any way to thank somebody for two amazing blowjobs?"

"Little full of yourself there aren't you? I don't think I ever mentioned the work amazing."

"You certainly did, not more than two minutes ago."

"Well I can hardly be held responsible for anything I say with my dick in your mouth can I?"

"Where has my innocent little Hiccup gone?" Jack opined, then grinned when Hiccup's cheeks colored. "Ah, there he is."

"Do you really miss the me that couldn't hold your hand without blushing and wanting to pull away?"

"Not in the slightest." Jack said seriously "You only make comments like that when you're happy, and I love seeing you happy."

"I don't know if its that I'm happy…" Hiccup contemplated, the backpedaled when he saw the hurt expression flash across Jack's face briefly. "No no no, I don't mean that I'm not happy, because I am. God Jack I think I'm happier right now then I've been in years, and not just because of the two amazing blowjobs. Being here, with you, away from everything else, away from school and my dad and everything, it makes me feel safe-like I don't have to worry about anything." Jack looked at Hiccup for a long moment then pulled him into a tight hug.

"You're not allowed to stay sweet stuff like that and get me all emotional, its cheating." Jack held Hiccup so long that he started to doze off to the sound of Jack's quiet, rhythmic breathing.

Hiccup woke to the world shifting around him with the exhaustion of their earlier activities gone and pushed himself into a sitting position. "Ah crap I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you but my arm was completely asleep." Jack rubbed the offending arm trying to encourage its circulation.

"Its fine, how long was I out?"

"Fifteen, maybe twenty minutes."

"Good thing you woke me up then, I don't want to spend any more of my time here asleep than I absolutely have to." Jack grinned and guided Hiccup's lips to his for a quick kiss.

"Well then, wanna play a game? I just picked up the new Final Fantasy."

"Sure, I can watch you play and point out all the times you mess up."

"Ha, sounds like a very boring time for you because I never mess up." Jack got up off the bed as he spoke and started toward his closet to retrieve them game. After a moment Hiccup tore his gaze away from the glorious sight that was a naked Jack Frost walking away from him and glanced at Jack's clothes lying on the floor near his bed, completely ignored, and then to his own and his mind went to war with itself.

Jack was clearly very comfortable in his body, Hiccup was not. Hiccup didn't think he had any reason to be self conscious in front of Jack, after all Jack clearly liked the sight of him, clearly liked the unsightly freckles that made Hiccup so self conscious and clearly didn't mind the bright pink lines going up and down his arm. Plus Jack would be disappointed if Hiccup came over to the couch with his clothes on. Sure he wouldn't show it because that was the way Jack was, but he would be. And again, there really was no reason for it, after all Hiccup had just given the boy a blowjob for christ's sake! The time for being self conscious and embarrassed was pretty well over. Except that he was still self conscious and embarrassed despite knowing how silly it was.

Hiccup shook his head to clear the cacophony of conflicting thoughts and tried to boil down the issue. Yes, he was feeling self conscious about being so casually naked around someone else, but he didn't want to be. Jack clearly trusted him, even if he was more comfortable then Hiccup was with being naked, and Hiccup trusted Jack and he wanted Jack to know that. He didn't want to force himself to do something for Jack's sake though. He knew that Jack wouldn't want him to do that and he wouldn't want to feel resentful towards Jack about it later on either. At the crux of it all, Hiccup knew he felt self conscious of being naked like this, but he also knew he didn't want to, and by his reckoning the best way to get over something was to do it. Taking a deep breath Hiccup stood, gave his clothes one last glance, and walked across the room to take a seat at the large couch in front of the screen that had flicked to life with a PS4 home screen.

Jack grinned at Hiccup as he reappeared carrying a controller and Hiccup smiled back sitting as casually as he could. Jack sat down right next to Hiccup his skin nice and cool where it brushed Hiccup's. "I've been looking forward to trying this for a few days now but I haven't had the time."


"Well, you know I've been practicing a lot. I usually practice two hours a day, but I've been pretty bad since I met you."

"Am I being a bad influence?" Hiccup's tone was joking, but he was honestly wondering if he should impose some kind of limit on how often Jack came around to make sure he kept up with his responsibilities; he didn't much like the idea.

"Hah, hardly. I'm just the one who's been neglecting it cause I have poor time management skills. Its not like I haven't practice in the last month, I've just been missing more days than I strictly should. That and my mom is less strict when you're around. I think she likes you." Jack's words made Hiccup feel all warm inside and he wanted to reciprocate the sentiment.

"My dad likes you too." Hiccup knew what he'd said was a mistake the moment the words left his lips and he was proven right immediately.

"Yeah, until he finds out who I really am, the he'd ban me from you're house and lock you in your room until you leave for college." Hiccup bit his lip as Jack closed his eyes and let out a sigh through his nose.

"I'm sorry. I-"

"I know Jack, its alright. I know that it bothers you what he thinks about people like you and-"

"People like me? Hiccup I could give a shit what your dad thanks about me, I couldn't care in the slightest whatever ignorant backasswards thing he thiks about me. What I care about if what it does to you and what he might do to you. Because you are a people like me Hiccup, in case you forgot." The anger and hurt in Jack's face was clear and Hiccup was torn between anger of his own and guilt. Because Jack would have hated his father for his views with or without Hiccup, but Hiccup knew that the reason Jack always got so angry about the topic was in fact because he cared about Hiccup. Worse though was that fact that Jack hadn't been hurt until Hiccup had stupidly said what he had said. Why did he always manage to put his foot in his mouth and say something that made him sound like the worst part of his father.

"I'm sorry Jack, I didn't mean to say that." Hiccup whispered, his voice thick.

"I know you didn't," Jack pulled Hiccup onto his lap and into a tight hug "I forgive you, and I'm sorry for what I said too."

"I forgive you too." Jack put his thumb under Hiccup's chin and Hiccup allowed his lips to be led to Jack's. They kissed for a long time, taking refuge in the intimacy and the closeness and letting it wash away the residual anger from their brief fight. They kissed until Hiccup felt something hard poking him on his right butt cheek. Pulling away Hiccup looked downward and then back up and Jack and raised an eyebrow.

"Ignore that, its got a mind of its own." Hiccup chuckled and slid off Jack's lap, taking a moment to appreciate Jack, and the erection that he was secretly proud to have caused, when something struck him and he froze, squinting at Jack's crotch.

"You dye your pubes?!"

"Well…yeah? It looks weird otherwise!" Jack replied half self conscious half bemused. "Wait you just noticed that?"

"Well…yeah. So?"' Hiccup echoed.

"So you were just half an inch away from them!"

"Well I was preoccupied at that point!"

"What's the big deal anyway?"

"Nothing I guess, I was just surprised. So like, why?"

"I told you, it looks weird otherwise. I got sick of shaving it every other day and the guys in the locker room were giving me shit about the curtains and the drapes so I just dyed it one day. Of course that first time it burned like hell cause I used normal dye. It looked good though so after that I looked into special crotch safe hair dye and the rest is history." Hiccup was very proud that he managed to keep himself from laughing through Jack's entire story. Not lest because he knew Jack had just as much right to mock him for having not noticed on the multiple occasions he had seen Jack naked. Besides, Jack was right it did look good, much better than it would have brown in any case Hiccup thought.

"Thank you for sharing." Hiccup said, almost managed to keep his voice level but failing at the very end.

"Screw you."

"I'm a little tired right now, maybe later." Jack just groaned and turned to the screen, finally starting up the game which they enjoyed for the next couple hours. Jack let Hiccup take over part of the way through until he got stuck on the first boss fight.

"Let me give it a try."

"No, I've got this bastard!"

"Hic that was your 6th try…"

"I'm going to get him this time!"

"Fine, but if not then you have to give me the controller so I can oneshot him for you."

"Fat chance!" Hiccup scoffed, but after several minutes his seventh try ended just the same as his previous six.

"Hah, my turn. Now watch me beat its ass in one go." Jack practically preened as he took the controller from a glaring Hiccup.

"I bet it murders you."

"Nope, first try guaranteed, just watch and see." Jack resumed the game and entered the fight with Hiccup sitting smugly next to him waiting for him to die. When Jack had gotten the boss down to 1/3rd its health bar while taking only minimal damage himself Hiccup began to get a little nervous. He glanced at Jack in time to see Jack shoot him a smug smirk before jerking his gaze back to the screen. Wanting to wipe that smirk off Jack's face Hiccup got a smirk of his own as he got a devious idea.

Ignoring the pointless nerves in his stomach Hiccup turned sideways and slid onto the floor, burying his face in Jack's groin before the other boy realized what was happening.

"Hey what are you-ah!" Jack gasped as Hiccup started sucking. Jack may have been soft but he didn't remain so for very long as Hiccup worked, drawing loud gasps and moans from Jack, right up until he heard the sound of the game pausing. As Jack slid lower onto the couch to give Hiccup easier access Hiccup pulled back and began to stand up as he reached for the controller in Jack's hand.

"Oh, are you giving up? I'll just take this back then." Jack glared at Hiccup to met his gaze with a challenging one of his own. Hiccup reached for the controller again but Jack jerked it out of his reach.

"Wait, no. I'm not giving up, what would make you think that."

"Oh good, I'd hate to think you were a quitter." Hiccup knelt back down so close to Jack that when he exhaled he heard a sharp intake of breath from Jack. Hiccup resumed his efforts as soon as he hard the sounds of the game resume and soon the sounds of shouts and runts from the speakers were interspersed by ones from Jack. Hiccup could tell Jack was getting close and he could still hear the sounds of combat from behind him. Desperate he redoubles his efforts. Jack shouted as his whole body tensed up and Hiccup tasted him spill across his tongue for the second time that night. Pulling back Hiccup looked up to see Jack's head thrown back as his thin chest rose and fell rapidly. Turning to the screen he saw with satisfaction that Jack had, in fact, died. "Awww too bad. Better luck next time." Hiccup said in the most innocently sweet voice he could muster. Raising his head back up Jack glared at him.

"You are suck a god damn cheater."

"Whaaaat? You were ahead of me from earlier and I thought it was the perfect time to pay you back. We're even now." Growling Jack lunged at Hiccup and started tickling him mercilessly. Somewhere in the ensuing struggle Hiccup ended up on the floor with Jack on top of him blowing into his belly like he was a baby, which made Hiccup laugh so hard he was almost crying. From there it wasn't long before Jack attention shifted from Hiccup's belly to the erection born of their earlier actives as Jack began reciprocating said activities.

"I don't thing…I've ever gotten off…so many times in one day…much less a few hours." Hiccup panted after Jack was done with him. "Then again I've never been naked in a room with my hot boyfriend for several hours before either." He said when he finally caught his breath.

"Happy to be of service. Plus now I'm ahead again, so you have an excuse the next time you need to cheat at a video game." Jack waggled his eyebrows and Hiccup slapped his arm weakly.

"I could get used to this." Hiccup said as he curled up onto Jack's lap, ignoring the other boys erection poking him insistently, and rested his head in the crook of Jack's neck. They stay like that for several minutes until the moment was ruined by Hiccup stomach which growled loudly.

"How about I call down to the kitchen and have them make something?" Jack suggested. Hiccup ignored how weird it was to have someone saying that while in their own home, and nodded.

"That would be good. Apparently sexual exploration works up quite the appitite." Hiccup laughed as Jack choked.

Jack walked over to his forgotten clothing to retrieve his phone and Hiccup joined him, grabbing his own from his pants. While Jack dialed Hiccup saw he had a massage from Astrid and a missed call from his father. Groaning he steeled himself and called his the redial option. The phone rang once before Stoick picked up.

"Hello? Hiccup?"

"Hey dad." Hiccup tried his best not to sound guilty. "Sorry I missed your call. I, uh, had my phone plugged in in Jack's room cause it was dieing and we were away from it so I didn't hear it." Hiccup lied.

"Ah. Well I take it you arrived at Jack's safely then?"

"Yeah dad I'm here safe and sound."

"Good, good. I hope you have a good time then. Behave yourself, don't be a bother to Jack's parents and be sure to thank them for having you over."

"I know dad I know. I know how to be a good guest."

"After seventeen years of teaching you'd better."

"I'm seventeen now dad, you couldn't have been teaching me since I was a baby."

"Of course I was! I-" Stoicks next words were drowned out when they mixed with Jack saying something.

"Hold on one second dad. What was that Jack?"

"I said, chicken, pasta, or burgers?"

"Ummm, pasta actually sounds really good right now."

"Pasta it is then."

"Sorry dad, Jack was just asking what I wanted for dinner. His parents are busy with work tonight so were sort of on our own for dinner." It was a complete lie at least.

"Really? Are you sure its alright you being there if they are so busy? I can always come pick you up if they need."

"Yeah dad I'm sure, Anna wouldn't have invited me if it wasn't. Besides, me and Jack are seventeen, its not like they need to make sure we don't stick out finger into electric outlets."

"I don't know, you never really grew out of the sticking your fingers into dangerous things phase, you just found bigger dangerous things."

"Geeze dad, I'm not going to cause trouble. I promise that if I'm going to electrocute myself I will have the manors to do it in my own."

"That's my boy." Stoick laughed." Very well, as I said be good and have fun. I will see you Sunday."

"See you then dad."

"Goodbye Hiccup, I love you."

"I love you too dad."

"What was that about?" Jack asked as Hiccup hung up the phone.

"He just wanted to make sure that I got here safe and to tell me to have a good time."

"Ah." Jack was quite for a moment before he spoke again. "I'm sorry I'm always so harsh towards him, I know he cares about you. Anybody who cares about your safety and happiness can't be all bad, at least not in my book." Hiccup smiled and hugged Jack.


"Dinner should be ready in about forty-five minutes." Jack said as they headed back to the couch.

"Ugh, so long! I'm going to waste away!"

"Oh come on Hiccup you like, just had a snack. I'm sure you'll be fine."Hiccup glared at Jack who returned his look with one that was far to proud of the joke he'd just made.

"Honestly I'm surprised there wasn't a 'I've got some meat you can snack on' comment at that, so I guess I should count myself lucky."

"Oh you should talk, I'm not the one who's been cracking the sex jokes all day Mr. Sudden-Dirty-Mind! I mean I usually am but you've been stealing all my thunder, I've got to take it where I can get it at this point."

"Well you've certainly been doing that haven't you?" Jack froze with his mouth open as he went back through what he had said and then just nodded in acceptance.

"I pitched that one right over the plate for you."

"You kinda did." Hiccup agreed.

"At least Aster wasn't here for that."

"Agreed. I mean mostly because were both sitting here naked and I'm sure we'd never hear the end of it."

"No we would not." Jack confirmed.

Jack went back to try again with the boss while Hiccup read Astrid's text.

Astrid: Hey, you wanna hang out this weekend some time? You can bring your boy toy with you.

Hiccup: Actually, Jack invited me over for the weekend so were hanging here. :/

Astrid: Wow, going to leave me for Jack again are you?

Hiccup: Well, I mean, I don't wanna be one of those people who ditches their friend for the boyfriend, and I do totally love you, but like, have you seen his ass?

Astrid: WOOOOOW OK that's where were going with this? Fine you whore, I'll find my own fun.

Hiccup: Its my body Astrid and I'll do whatever I want with it and you can't judge me.

Astrid: Wait, did you two really?

Hiccup: No! Well I mean kind of?

Astrid: THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN KIND OF?! YOU CAN NOT 'kind of' FUCK HICCUP, EITHER YOU DID OR YOU DIDN'T! You need to cut this kind of crap out right now! I swear you're going to be sitting on the boy's dick like 'oh well we sorta kinda did something'

Hiccup: GOD ASTRID STOP we didn't do any like actual sex stuff.

Astrid: So then you didn't put anything in anything else yet? :P

Hiccup: Well that's not true, strictly speaking.

Astrid: …Hiccup I swear to god, either tell me or don't but if you keep playing coy like this I will call Jack and asked him if he was the bottom or the top.

Hiccup: Don't you fucking dare! Although we haven't actually talked about that yet?

Astrid: That's it, I'm going to kill you.

Hiccup: He just gave me a blowjob.

Hiccup: And then I gave him one.

Astrid: OMG Hiccup!

Hiccup: And he gave me another one

Hiccup: And then I gave him another one

Astrid: Wait what?

Hiccup: And then he gave me another one.

Astrid: JESUS HICCUP YOU'VE BEEN THERE FOR ONE EVENING! You're going at it like a starving man on a gogurt.

Hiccup: Thank you for that wonderful image. You are an artist with your words. And its not my fault!

Astrid: I try my best. And how is it not your fault? I assume he didn't make you suck his dick, cause if he did he knows I'll kill him.

Hiccup: He's really hot.

Astrid: Oh my GOD Hiccup!

Astrid: Who are you and where is the real Hiccup?

Hiccup: Idk, maybe he got sucked out through my dick.

Hiccup: Seriously though, it is really weird. Like, super weird. But also amazing? Like I never in a million years thought that I would ever be doing this with someone, well, ever really, but certainly not before I left the house permanently. But I really like doing it now? Its legit amazing and not just because the sex is good (it is good though, boy's got some skills! [god I can't believe I just typed that]) but because its with him. Like, I feel really really comfortable with him, like I can be myself and not worry about anything. I've been naked basically since I got here and I was kinda nervous at first but I'm mostly over that now and I just. It doesn't feel like I'm me? But also like I'm finally me? Does that even make sense?

Astrid: Kinda? Like its so weird because its so different from what you would normally ever do but its also something that you've always wanted to do?

Hiccup: Yeah, thats a good way of saying it.

Astrid: Whatever the reason, I'm super glad to hear you talking like this Hiccup. I suppose I can forgive Jack for taking my best friend if he makes you so happy.

Hiccup: He really does. Like, I think I love him.

Astrid: Woah. Like, love love?

Hiccup: Like love love.

Astrid: Wow, thats intense. Isn't it kinda soon, you've been dating what, I month?"

Hiccup: Almost exactly actually, I just realized tomorrow will be one month. And I don't know? Like, I used to think that you had to know someone for years to know if you loved them or not. But now? Like I'm always thinking of him and he makes me feel warm and safe and welcomed whenever he's around, and it feels wrong when I don't see him every day, and I just. I don't even know?

Astrid: Well you certainly sound like a love struck teenager :P

Hiccup: Thanks, that's exactly what I was going for -.-

Astrid: Are you going to tell him?

Hiccup: I don't know? I want be sure before I do.

Astrid: That makes sense. Good luck figuring it out.

Hiccup: Thanks. I think our food is going to be done soon so I'll talk to you later.

Astrid: Talk to you later. I'd tell you to have fun, but since you apparently can't go an hour without going down on each-other that seems pretty much assured, so instead remember, deep breaths and watch your teeth! ;P

Hiccup: ..l..

Hiccup looked up to find Jack looking at him. "Everything okay?"

"Yeah, why do you ask?"

"You just had this super serious look on your face while you were texting, thats all."

"Oh, it was just Astrid. She wanted to hang out this weekend but I said I was busy here and then she asked what I was doing and so that turned into a whole thing with her giving me shit."

"Why Hiccup, I didn't think you the kind to kiss and tell!"

"I figure if I tell her the truth it keeps her from assuming way more and trying to figure it out for herself. Just saves everyone a lot of trouble."

"Fair enough, now-" Jack was interrupted by a knock at the door which opened a moment later to reveal Pitch walking in with two black boxes stacked one on top of the other.

"Hello Jack, Hiccup, I was heading to the record room and so I volunteered to bring these up to you." Pitch looked around the room and saw Jack's head poking up from behind the couch, facing him. "Where's Hiccup?"

"Oh, he's over here, he's just, uh, laying down, that's all." Hiccup raised a hand from where he was cowering behind the couch and waved.

"Hi Pitch."

"Is that our dinner?" Jack asked.

"Yes, here you-" Pitch said as he started walking toward the couch.

"Over there is fine, we'll get it in a minute." Jack gestured to his desk with his head. Pitch stopped and raised a quizzical eye at Jack and then surveyed the room. His gaze fell upon the discarded clothes, still lying by Jack's bed, and he turned around to face Jack again with an eyebrow raised incredulously.

"Really Jack, if you are going to try and be sneaky at least don't leave the clothing strewn about in plain view." Hiccup thought he might die as he lay there, his face burning. "I do hope you are at least being safe Jack I-"

"Oh my god get out!" Jack shouted and threw a pillow at Pitch.

"Well, is that any way to treat someone who has brought you food." Pitch said in a falsely offended voice as he placed the boxes on the desk and made for the door. As soon as it closed Jack jumped up, ran over to it, and locked it with a satisfying click.

"I am so sorry about that." Jack said as he came back to Hiccup who was still lying behind the couch, hiding. He pulled Hiccup, who was shaking slightly, into his arms. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine I just…for a second when door opened it was my dad." Hiccup said simply.

"I understand. But remember you're safe here, you don't have to hide. And the door is locked now so you don't have to worry." Hiccup nodded into Jack's shoulder and stayed there with Jack rubbing small circles on his back until his racing heart had finally calmed back down.

After that they retrieved their food and ate what Hiccup was pretty sure would qualify as a five-star dish of pasta while watching a random show on Netflix. After that Hiccup curled up next to Jack while he played the game for a couple more hours and then the two of them crawled into Jack's bed together. Lying there tucked into the crook of Jack's arm, with his skin pressed against Jack's and the soft beat of Jack's heart in his ear Hiccup thought he might have never been happier. Despite their little fight, and Pitch's terrifying interruption, today may just have been the best day of his life.

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