I'm just doing a quick run down of my own character Jordan-

Name- Jordan Mary Winchester

Height- 5"4

Weight- 120 lbs

Descriptions- short, pretty, slender, long waist length blonde hair and green eyes (spitting image of Mary)

Tattoos- anti-possesion (left hip) rose "in memory of John and Mary Winchester" (right shoulder blade) sinking ship (looks like this media/BMp_ left thigh)

Scaring- three slashes (right leg) from a hell hound

Relations- Sam and Dean Winchester (brothers) Bobby Singer (father figure) and CAASSTTIEELLL (love interest :3)

A/N- Hey guys so this is my first crack at writing a Supernatural fanfic, so be nice please? and review! Love to know what you think :') I don't own any of the charaters or the show supernatural blah blah etc. I only own my characters (Jordan) Okay thanking you -Char xo

I was woken by a start by a pickle hitting me on the end of the nose.

''Oh look she's awake'' my big brother Dean smirked, putting the top of his burger back on ''Morning sleeping beauty''

''I hate you'' I mumbled, pulling my hood over my eyes and attempting to force myself back to sleep, with no such luck.

''Come on Jordan, we're at the gas station'' Sam added slightly more kindly. I groaned inwardly, my neck was stiff from days trying to sleep in the back seat of the Impala, my eyes felt like sand paper and my head was pounding. Caffine. I needed caffine. I sat up slowly, Sam had shifted into the driver's seat and Dean was filling up on gas. I groaned and rested my head on Sam's shoulder.

''Tired?'' he chuckled kindly, I just nodded solemnly.

''I'm getting coffee, you want anything?'' he just shook his head, I shuffled to the door of the car and wandered across the parking lot to the scabby gas station store. I headed slowly into the bathrooms first. After down the squat-and-pee, I looked at my reflection, huge dark circles rimmed under my eyes, some from lack of sleep and some from smudged make up I never bothered to clean off. I guess it was the hunter package deal. I'd only been back on hunting since Jess died a little under a year ago. I attempted to scrub a little of it off. I wandered back into the store, pushing my hands inside my beaten up denim shorts, feeling my dad's knife pressed into my leg in my 15 hole doc martians.

After getting coffee and finding pie at the back of the store and getting some for Dean, headed back out to my brothers. Sam was sitting on the hood of the car, nose in a newspaper, probably looking for a job. Dean was leaning against the driver's door, looking through his many fake ID's. I held up the pie packet to him and his eyes lit up like a 5-year-old. I downed my coffee in minimal time, it burned the back of my throat in a good way.

''So have we got a case?''

2 years later

"I'm sorry Dean. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy'' Ruby said, for the short span I've not really liked her I heard a note of sympathy in her voice.

''This can't be it'' I whispered, Dean's hand gripped on my shoulder. I felt hot tears spill down my cheeks. I almost jumped from my skin at loud howl and the growling of a dog.

''Hellhound'' Dean said with no emotion.

''Where?'' Sam managed

''There'' I turned to look where Dean's eyes were glued but saw nothing. A bark cracked through the room, I felt Deans warm hand enclose around mine, he pulled me sharply into the next room, Sam and Ruby quick behind us. We slammed the doors shut with an ear-splitting noise, Sam and Dean frantically pouring dust on the doors and windows. Ruby and I plastered against the doors. The pounding suddenly stopped and we stood in silence.

''Give me the knife'' Ruby said, breaking the silence ''Maybe I can fight it off''

''What?'' I managed, the demon knife pressed into my ankle inside my shoe.

''Come on!'' Ruby said ''The dust won't last forever''

I paused for a second, looking at her. It's the first note of kindness she's ever shown to anyone but Sam. I leaned over and pulled the knife from my shoe and went to hand it to Ruby.

''Wait'' Dean said sharply, grabbing my elbow.

''You wanna die?'' Ruby said, almost flustered.

''Jordan that's not Ruby'' Dean said, aiming a gun at Ruby's head. She smirks and turns back to me, I suddenly feel a lurch somewhere below my ribs and I was thrown into the wall. The demon blade falling from my hand. I try to move but I don't seem to have control of my muscles. She threw Sam into the wall next to me. She then launched Dean into a table, pinning him without even moving. He grunted and looked up at her.

''How long you been in her?''

Ruby's face practically twists into a child like smile and it suddenly hits me, Lilith is wearing her.

''Not long'' she smirks, looking down at Ruby's body ''but I like it, it's all grown up and pretty''

''And where's Ruby?'' Sam grunted

''She was bad, so I sent her far, far away'' Lilith said, her eyes turning back from white as she tilts her head, her neck crunching as she did so.

''I should have seen it sooner'' Dean said, sounding thoroughly disgusted ''but all of you look-alike to me''

Lilith doesn't even look at him but she snaps her head towards Sam. She takes a couple small steps towards him.

''Hello Sam, I've wanted to meet you for a very long time'' She said, slamming her hand into his chin, forcing him to look at her. She then does something I really do not expect and she forces her lips to his, there's a sickening sizzling noise.

''Get off him'' I spit but she doesn't even look at me. Sam squirms under her grip.

''Right, so you have me'' Sam growled ''Let my brother go'' He stares her down, his eyes flashing in a way I rarely see.

''Silly goose'' Lilith laughs like a child ''You wanna bargain, you must have something I want. You don't.''

''So this is the big plan huh?'' Dean says ''Drag me to hell, kill my brother and sister. Then what? Become queen bitch?''

''I don't answer to puppy chow''

Dean is in clear pain on the table, trying to break her hold. I'm seething against the wall, attempting to break her grip and I feel like I'm breaking all my bones at once. Lilith just smiles to herself before wandering to the door, placing her hand on the handle. She smiles sickeningly at us all before her eyes settles on Dean.

''Sic 'em boy'' she exclaims, throwing open the door and breaking the line of dust. Both Sam and I snap our heads to Dean, who for the first time I've seen, looks completely terrified. Dean is suddenly pulled on to the floor by his leg, like a puppet on a string. Dean's scream fills the room as blood spurts from parts of his body. Sam and I watched, completely helpless as our brother was ripped to shreds.

''No!'' I begged completely uselessly ''Stop!'' Lilith looks at me ruthlessly then turns her head back to Dean. A small smile on her face. Sam and I continue to writhe and beg to no use.

Dean has stopped screaming but blood is pouring from his chest, he's not dead get. His breaths are coming out short and ragged.

''No'' I whispered

''Yes'' Lilith smirked

She held out her hand and a blindingly white light erupts from it. It builds up and I close my eyes, falling from the wall. She looks thoroughly confused as Sam stands up and walks towards Lilith.

''Back'' she spits

''I don't think so'' he says, he pulls his hand back. Lilith suddenly pulls out of Ruby's body and I look up at Sam, then at Dean. He isn't moving.

He's dead.

I claw my way across the floor to him, I think I've broken most of my ribs and I had landed on my ankle with a crunch. I can feel his arm blood on my knees and I don't have the tears left to break down. I just pull my hands to my face and start screaming my lungs into them. I can hear Sam sobbing next to me, I push the balls of my hands into my hands, trying to pretend this is all just a horrific dream.

''Dean...'' Sam says hopelessly from next to me.