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Danny sat on the edge of his bed, feeling more nervous than usual around Ethan. Learning that Ethan was not only a werewolf, but also part of an alpha pack that had a nasty habit of attacking people definitely qualified as a reason to ramp up his anxiety.

Ethan leaned against the wall. "So what now?" He asked.

"What am I supposed to say to all that?" Danny demanded. "I mean, I feel like I don't even know you anymore..."

Ethan dropped to his knees, taking Danny's hands in his. "You do know me, Danny," he said quietly. "I was a killer, dangerous. But then I met you and you... Tamed the wolf."

"Do you have any idea how cheesy that sounds?"

"It's true. I want you, Danny. I want us to be together."

Danny stared into his eyes, wanting to tell him to leave, but also wanting to pull him into a kiss. The latter won out. Danny grabbed the nape of his boyfriend's neck and kissed him fiercely, his tongue penetrating through Ethan's lips and into his mouth.

Ethan lifted Danny up with remarkable werewolf strength and tossed him on his back higher up on the bed. As they proceeded to make out, Danny diverted his attention just enough to kick off his shoes, letting them fall to the floor.

Ethan pressed his weight down against Danny's body, his hand sliding under Danny's shirt, clutching the boy's bare skin in his fingers.

Ethan sat up and took off his shirt. He then grabbed Danny's shirt and pulled it over his head. He fell forward onto Danny and began kissing his neck, then his bare shoulder, his chest, his stomach. He came down to Danny's jeans and unbuttoned them. He grabbed both the waistband of Danny's pants and his boxers and dragged them down his legs. He yanked Danny's pants off with such force that Danny's socks were pulled off in the process.

Ethan stared down at the boy lying before him, completely naked from head to toe. Ethan smiled in a self- satisfied way before taking off the rest of his own clothes.

Ethan grabbed Danny's balls, feeling the boy shudder excitably at his touch. Ethan's smile widened. "Like that, do you?"

"Uh... Duh!" Danny retorted.

Ethan opened his mouth , took Danny's penis gently in one hand, and began sucking it, the tip of his tongue licking the underside. Danny moaned beneath Ethan, his hands clutching the sheets.

Ethan released Danny's penis. He grabbed Danny's hips and, using his werewolf strength, flipped the other boy onto his stomach. Ethan grabbed Danny's butt cheeks and began massaging them, loosening them up. He then slowly inserted his own penis into Danny's anus. Danny moaned; apparently Ethan was rough even when he was gentle.

Ethan began thrusting into Danny, holding Danny's hips to keep him steady. Danny's moan grew louder and louder; Ethan was silently grateful the house was empty at the moment.

Ethan felt himself about to cum, and couldn't contain his own moan as it all poured into Danny's anus.

Ethan pulled himself out of Danny, falling on his back beside him. Danny painfully rolled over onto his side. Danny rested his head on Ethan's chest, his exhausted gasps warm on Ethan's skin.

"Wow... So much for taming the wolf," Danny commented.

Ethan shot him a cocky grin. "So how about round two?"

Danny smiled back. "You're on."