Plot -This is set around early to middle of Season Three of Angel.

Cordelia and Angel are falling in love, when a vision hits her and she is suddenly sent back into the past by the powers that be and finds herself back at Sunnydale High in her past self.

Why has she been sent back here, how does she get back to the present and can she handle watching Buffy and Angel.

Cordy smiled at the dark haired champion in front of her.

" Angel, I'm fine really, I mean I'm a little sore but thats what you get when your training how to fight with a superhero vampire" Cordy smiles as they both walk up the stairs from the basement.

" But I never meant to hurt you,..., I wouldn't,..., its just" Angel starts to reply, concern in his voice.

" Its just you are like, a thousand times stronger than I am" Cordy grins as they start to walk behind the desk of the hotel lobby.

" Well, yeah that but,... I need to be as tough on you as possible, train you as much as I can,..., as I need the knowledge that you will always be safe " he smiles at her.

Cordy smiles back and they hold eye contact lovingly.

Is Fred right, Is Lorne right, am I right, am I falling in love with Angel.

Suddenly the front door opens and they both look around.

" We have takeout" Gunn shouts as he walks down the stairs with Fred, both of them holding take out bags.

" Me and Gunn couldn't decide on what y'all would like, I mean Gunn said Chinese and then I said maybe Thai cause I know that y'all like Thai as I remember we ate it before, but then I thought Chinese cause everybody like Chinese right, but then Thai..." Fred begins to ramble before Gunn cuts her off.

" We got Chinese" he grins as he puts the bags on the desk.

" Mmmmm im starving" Cordelia says as she starts taking the food out of the bags and onto the tables.

" Wheres Wes?" Gunn asks.

" In the office with his books" Cordelia replies and then shouts out towards the office,

" Wes, foods here".

Suddenly a familiar pain hits Cordys head and she squeezes her eyes shut in agony and holds onto her temple as a vision hits her.

" Ahhhhh," she screams as images starts flashes through her head.

She sees a familiar building, its the the Bronze, as in the Bronze in Sunnydale, there loads of people scared inside as well as vampires, lots of vampires and then everything goes black.

Suddenly Cordelia opens her eyes and look out in front of her.

What the...Where am I.

" Guys" she whispers as she looks around the room hoping to see Angel, Wesley, Gunn and Fred.

She looks back to the front of the room, its her old classroom at sunnydale high, and thats her old maths teacher from sunnydale high standing in front of a whiteboard, she looks around again , oh my god its that Xander.

She looks from desk to desk, Xander, Willow,... Buffy.

She looks down herself and sees that she is wearing a red summer dress.

I was wearing Jeans and a T-shirt like two seconds ago.

She moves her hands upwards her body, onto her face, her hair.

Oh my god my hair, my hair is long again like it was when I was in... Oh my god, Im back in High school.

To be continued ...