Outside The Bronze.

" So what's life like for twenty something year old Cordelia, wait,... let me guess, glam parties, rich men, all in 300 hundred dollar shoes" Buffy snorts as her and Cordelia walk up to the Bronze.

" You'd be surprised" Cordy replies.

" What this deal anyway with you and these visions, and these powers that be guys" Buffy asks.

" The powers that be send my visions of people in trouble, they send me them so I can help them" Cordy answers.

" But how,..., you are just a regular girl, how can you stop what is after these people" Buffy says, confused.

Great, here's the hard parts I cant answer.

" What just because I not a vampire slayer with super powers I cant help people" Cordy snaps.

" No,...,I'm just saying, it just doesn't make sense, I mean the Cordelia I know now,..., you kind of run and hide from a spider, you go to the passing out territory when you have to face a vampire" Buffy states.

" Well things have changed, I'm not in high school anymore and I'm different to how I was back then" Cordy says.

Buffy looks over at Cordy, who seems so more strong and determined.

Suddenly a crash comes from inside the bronze.

" Doesn't mean I still don't get scared" Cordelia gasps as Buffy heads in front of Cordelia inside the bronze.

" Stay behind me" Buffy orders as they both step inside the deserted bronze.

" That's fine by me" Cordy replies.

" So what did you see in this vision of yours" Buffy asks.

" Just loads of vampires and people looking very scared, like they were being held hostage or something" Cordelia answers.

" Well it doesn't look like anyone's here-" Buffy states before she turns around and bumps into a familiar person.

" Angel" Buffy says, with a smile.

" Oh god" Cordelia mummers, looking at Angel, from the past.