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Statue of Death



After the digidestined latest trek in Digi-City, a variety of events happened. Simply put, they freed slaves, they shut down a factory, Tentomon warp-digivolve, they killed Machinedramon, and they lost the refugees leader HiAndromon.

It was a day after the deletion of Digi-City. Tai, Sora, Izzy, Kari, their Digimon, and the refugees were looking sadly at two crosses. Kari decided to copy Mimi and erect a cross in honor of HiAndromon, and to the shock of others, Machinedramon.

"Why would you…?" Centarumon started, though Kari interrupted.

"It's because HiAndromon would want that" Kari simply replied, and no one discussed the subject farther.

"That reminds me" Izzy started "The night after the deletion of Digi-City, I had a dream"

"And how is that relevant?" Tai questioned.

"Because…just listen"


The Dream

In the dream I was in an area. There was a lake nearby and I saw a reflection of a Hagurumon. Except instead of red eyes, my eyes were black instead. Another Hagurumon came running up to me and they started arguing. I could only watch on what I was seeing. They were arguing about something about a crown, and about darkness in the Hagurumon I was heart. The red eyed Hagurumon ran away and the black eyed one went into the forest. This is where it's get interesting; a black light shine neared the Hagurumon. The light says that if the Hagurumon wants more power than he can handle, he should take his card. The Hagurumon than took the card and became covered in a black light. In his place stood Machinedramon.


"…and that's where the dream ends" Izzy finished to the stunned crowd.

"Izzy" Sora started "I think you saw the circumstances in where Machinedramon was created"

"I think I get it" Tai added "On how Machinedramon had a brother, and be created by darkness"

Izzy sighed "Let me guess the Dark Masters creation. The dark light found seven Digimon, gave them their sin card, and than they dark Digivolve to Mega level"

"That's a bit confusing" Kari muttered "What I don't get is why did Izzy have a dream?"

"If I had to take a guess" Motiomon started "Who defeated Machinedramon?"


"And that's why Izzy saw the vision" Motimon answered.

"If that's true, than Matt must have had a similar vision" Sora pointed out "It was Metalgarurumon who defeated Puppetmon"

"Yeah, but Matt needed to go to sleep first" Tai revealed "And since he's I don't know where, we can't exactly ask him"

"I wonder how they're doing" Koromon mused.


Server (a few days ago)

"Back at this place again" Joe muttered.

"Feels very nostalgic" TK added.

"Oh I hope I don't sweat so badly" Mimi pleaded.

"Well guys" Matt mused "Look like we're back at Server"

Patamon blinked "Déjà vu"

"What part of server is this anyway?" Tsunomon quizzed.

"If you look to your left, you'll see a familiar sight" Bukamon said, pointing at a Pyramid.

"Aren't those the pyramids where Datamon was trapped in?" Mimi pointed out.

"They were destroyed, remember?" Matt revealed "I don't think that was the only pyramid in Server"

"So should we go inside?" TK asked.

"Please don't" Joe pleaded "The last time we did, we face a psychotic robot!"

"Than why does it have the Crest of Sincerity on it?" Tanemon quizzed, pointing her head at the sign on the pyramid.

The West Digidestined team saw that she was right, and the Tear shape of the Crest of Sincerity was on the Pyramid's close door.

"So should we…?" Mimi started though her crest cut her off. A green light came from the crest and entered the door. The door opened up when it was hit by the light.

"Lady's first" Tsunomon gestered inside.


Metaletemon's Stage

"….AND THAT'S A WRAP!" Metaletemon declared to some Gazimons holding instrument.

The Gazimon sighed in relief as they put down the instruments.

The TV near the stage lit up, and Metaletemon saw another Gazimon in it.

"You better have a good reason for showing your mug, because I was in the middle of practice!"

"Didn't we just finish?" a Gazimon asked, getting a shrug in response.

"Sir Etemon…"

"That's METALetemon!"

"Metaletemon, the digidestined have arrived!"

"Oh for the love of…where did they go?"

"Inside a pyramid!"

"Can you be a little more specific?"

"The one we couldn't open! The one with the teardrop on it!"

"Oh" Metaletemon turned to Monochromon and shouted "YOU! Fire up the truck! Look like we're going on the classic Digi Hunt"


Dark Master's Hideout.

The four Dark Masters back at the hide out (Eaglemon, Metalseadramon, Piedmon, and Lilithmon) were watching the two way scene of Metaletemon and Machinedramon.

Eaglemon was grumbling something about "stupid monkey and tin can hogging all the chance to kill" and Metalseadramon was telling him to get over it.

"The Digidestined are now in two teams!" Piedmon declared "And that means double the Dark Masters"

"Let just hope our metallic buddy and little monkey can defeat them when they're in half" Lilithmon voiced.


Pyramid of Sincerity

"I hope we don't get lost" Joe muttered while they're inside the pyramid.

"It's a straight line!" Patamon exclaimed "We can't exactly get lost!"

"Yeah, but still"

The pyramid was as Patamon said, a straight line, the walls were decorated with the ancient DigiCode, and various detailed drawing of flowers.

"So how long do we need to walk?" Bukamon asked.

"Why do you care? You're on my shoulder!"

"Just asking"

"Judging on bright Mimi's crest is glowing" Matt noted "We're getting pretty close"

"So do you think this is the prophecy the light in Kari was talking about?" Mimi asked.

"That's the best guess"

Pretty soon the light died down when they entered a room. A statue of a Digimon was erected on an alter and on his pedestal was the crest of sincerity. The walls around the statues were blank and pointed upward signifying the center of the pyramid.

"I recognized that Digimon" Tsunomon said in awe.

Digimon Analyzer

Name: Anubismon

Level: Mega

Attribute: Vaccine

Type: Wizard

Tsunomon: The Digimon you now see before you is Anubismon. He's one of the ancient God Digimon and oversees deletion. But what's he doing here?

"So is he a good guy or a bad guy?" Joe asked observing the statue.

"Neutral" Patamon answered "He's the Digimon death god, and he decides whatever or not you can be reborn a Digiegg"

"How do you know that?"

Patamon look down sadly, causing Joe to remember what happened to Patamon on File Island.

"Oh sorry"

"It's okay, but I thought he was back in the digital afterlife"

"Well he has the Crest of Sincerity on him" Tanemon noted "Maybe you should get close Mimi"

"Alright, but I don't like the look of his face" and Mimi went close to the statue. A green beam of light covered Anubismon. The statue opened its mouth and recites a prophecy.

The Master or Pride is reborn again

And he took control of the great fan

His music control people strength

The final level is his length

He locked away the god of death

But he'll return with one's last breath

One child will be given a flower

The object that will give the child power

And out of the statues mouth, came a green flower that found itself in Mimi's palm.

"What is this flower?" TK asked.

"I think it's a lotus" Tanemon guessed "Though they're not supposed to be that color"

"So that was the prophecy that light thing was talking about" Matt mused.

"It was just as confusing as the on you dealt with" Tsunomon muttered.

"Speaking of which, I don't think the walls are completely empty" Joe pointed at the wall behind Anubismon's statue "Look!"

The digidestined saw behind the statues consisted of eight paintings. The painting all had the eight crest on them, though the one for the Crest of Courage and Friendship also had a picture of a Angewomon and Angemon respectively.

"What's this?" Bukamon spoke for everyone.

"And why does it have a picture of Angemon?" TK quizzed.

Matt rubbed his chin in thought, but the wall started glowing again. Two more Digimon appeared above the Crest of Knowledge and Sincerity.

Above the Crest of Knowledge was a cyborg like Digimon and above the Crest of Sincerity was Anubismon.

"I still don't get it" Patamon commented.

"Actually I do" Matt admitted "Which digimon allowed me and Tai to warp Digivolve?"

"Oh me and Gatomon" Patamon answered.

"So each picture represents the Digimon that allows the crest bearer to reach Mega" Joe guessed.

"So what you're saying, if I free Anubismon, he'll allow me to upgrade my digivice?" Mimi asked.

"That's the best guess"

"But how am I supposed to do that?"

Before the others can answer (or rather sputter) a voice cried out "HEY DIGIBRATS GET OUT OF HERE!"

"And look like our favorite wannabe is here" Bukamon dryly remarked.

The chosen children felt a rumble since Metaletemon was ramming the pyramid with a METAL PUNCH!

"Oh for the love of…" Matt started, holding out his digivice.

Digivolution Activate

Tsunomon Digivolve to…GABUMON

Tanemon Digivolve to…PALMON

Bukamon Digivolve to…GOMAMON

"So how do you suppose we get out of here?" TK asked.

"Used the back door?" Joe suggested.

"Joe we don't have time for this!" Matt scolded

"No I mean seriously!" Joe pointed at a door that says "Back Exit".

"Well that's awfully convenient" Mimi commented.

"Wait!" Gomamon exclaimed "It could be a trap!"

Metaletemon barraged the pyramid again.

"But the digi bible says to always trust signs!"

"Excuse me?"

"NEVER MIND! Just go!"


Outside of the Pyramid

"Lord Metaletemon!" a Gazimon exclaimed "Can we just go inside? I mean the digidestined still haven't came out yet"

"Can you see the pyramid?"

"Uh yeah"

"WELL SEE THAT THE DOOR IS CLOSED!" and Metaletemon's statement was true. It seems after the digidestined entered, the door closed without them noticing.

"Why don't you rock the place down?" the Monochromon asked.

"For a Monochromon, that's a pretty smart idea!" and Metaletemon started beating on his body.

"What are you…?"

"After my Dark Network fused with me, my body has become a living drum!"

"How does that make sense?" Gazimon questioned.

Metaletemon shrugged and started hitting his chest. This caused a sound wave to erupt from his body that hit the pyramid.


Inside the Pyramid

The digidestined felt the tremors, now more powerful than before, and quickly step up their pace in the pyramid.

"I don't recall the Pyramid being this big!" Joe exclaimed.

"This is the Digiworld" Matt reminded him "I don't think size is all that relevant"

"Wait!" TK exclaimed "I see a light!"

The four kids and Digimon saw the light and quickly went inside. And that was when the ceiling crumbles behind them.



"That was a close one" Gomamon sighed in relief.

"Any more time and we would've been pancakes!" Joe exclaimed.

"That's a feeling I can live without" TK revealed.

"But where are we?" Mimi asked.

"And look like another case of the nostalgia" Matt noted "Isn't this Piximon's place?"

The mountain that was Piximon's training area was right in front of them. Apparently a cave in the mountain allowed them to find this place.

Joe's knees wobbled "Oh god Déjà vu on having to climb this place"

"But what else can we do?" Patamon quizzed "There aren't any other area to go to"

"Says the one who can fly" Mimi murmured.

However, the moment Matt put his foot on the stairs, a alarm bell ring.

"What is that?!" Palmon asked.

"An alarm bell" Gabumon answered.

"I know that! But what does it mean?"

They got their answer when something jumped off from the top of the mountain. The thing landed behind them and when they turned around, they came face to face with a Sabre tooth like Digimon.


I guess here would be a good place to start. This is a bit of pointless cliffhanger since you know who the Digimon is. Anyway we're introduced to Anubismon or better yet his statue and learn the prophecy of Sincerity. Maybe on my Fanfic account I should write all the prophecies. I'm still a little peeved that my last chapter didn't get any review so PLEASE REVIEW!