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The Merlin

It was only meant to be an easy jump, but not like this. He couldn't believe his technique could end like this. He was certain that he did it perfectly, since he had done this for nearly all his life. So, how is it possible that it could go wrong? Not only he had missed the jump but he had also ended up in an entirely different place. He could only see the endless sea of whiteness, no living thing, no dirt, no water and not even air. Nothing's there…no one. He was alone in the white plane and he didn't even know for how long he had stayed there alone thinking how it would be possible for him to end up here in nothingness. He can only think of one place where it could exist, either he was dead or he was dreaming. Another possible outcome would be also possible…perhaps he had ended up in a limbo?

Yes, it was very a peculiar sensation for Namikaze Naruto a.k.a the God of Flash, destroyer of the mighty Uchiha Madara, destroyer of the mighty beast known as Juubi(Ten-Tailed Beast) who terrorized the shinobi world. Juubi almost succeeded in destroying the whole shinobi world. But he sealed it into his own body. Because of that he was hailed as hero and he was given title as the strongest ninja of the world and a God.

Naruto couldn't believe that his space-time technique could go wrong. It was an accident. He was going to use his space-time jutsu to teleport to his created new dimension, but half way through it, he was pulled in a different direction and ended up in this new plane of nothingness. On top of that, he couldn't tell how he ended up here and where it was. It was very frustrating and he couldn't figure out what had gone wrong with his technique. He was a master user of Jiku-kan ninjutsu (Space-Time Technique) after all. Even Rikudou Sennin didn't have the mastery over space-time techniques.

He started thinking of his girlfriend Uchiha Hinako who almost died in his final battle. Had he not brought her soul back with his Gedo Rinne Tensei no jutsu (Outer Path Samsara Technique), she would have been forever lost from his grasp. His heart had almost stopped when he saw her die in front of him with a wound inflicted by that beast.

As the blonde stayed there contemplating his situation, there was another occupant in the plane who was watching the blonde's every movement very carefully. He knew the blonde couldn't sense him because he had no life energy in him. He stayed there for some time and seeing that the blonde was studying the place very carefully, he decided to grace his presence to the blonde.

"Hello there!", the man said from behind Naruto.

Naruto suddenly leaped onto his feet and turned around facing him with a very dangerous aura and disappeared into thin air and reappeared behind him holding a kunai in his throat.

The man's eyes widened seeing what the blonde did in just a fraction of a second. He looked down in the cold steel and slowly said

"Calm down, young fellow. I'm not an enemy".

Naruto pressed harder in his kunai and asked in a cold voice, "Who are you? What is this place?"

The man sighed and said, "I will explain everything to you if you remove your weapon young man."

Naruto seeing that the man was doing nothing lowered his weapon and came face to face with the man. What he saw surprised him greatly. Standing in front of him was a strange old man with a long beard falling in the ground dressing like some kind of priest. The man's eyes' had a strange twinkle and he was holding some kind of big staff.

The old man took a good look towards Naruto and sitting down on the floor and said smiling, "Now that it settled, let's introduce ourselves first. You should go first seeing that I'm an old man. Tell me about you."

Naruto watched him for a minute then sighed. He also sat down on his knees and said, "Ok…let's see…my name is Namikaze Naruto or Uzumaki Naruto whichever you prefer. I'm from Konohagakure no Sato (Hidden Leaf Village) and people like to refer me with some other stupid titles." He chuckled, "My dream has been already realized which is to create peace and tranquillity in the ninja world. I don't want to go into details about me."

Naruto grimaced thinking if he had given up too much information to the strange old man. But he composed himself and thought, 'Oh well…nothing can be done about it now.'

He looked at the old man and demanded, "Now it's your turn and you can start," looking around he said, "with this place."

The old man thought raising an eyebrow, 'Oh…!..He is some kind of a warrior I suppose. He is likely to be a very private person.'

He smiled to himself and said, "You are pretty young to even think about creating peace, but never mind. It's not my place to question other's dreams."

"Let's see…where should I start?.." he stroked his chin thinking and his eyes tinkled again. Then he said, "Ok…let's answer your question shall we?...yes you are in a place between life and death. We can say that this is the place where souls come when their bodies die and stay here for judgement. Then they pass on."

Naruto eyes widened, "What? Are you saying that I'm dead?" he asked looking around.

The old man brushed his hands and said, "Don't panic young man, you are not dead. You are merely here because I'm ordered to summon you here."

Naruto looked at him and asked confusedly, "Huh…?...you summoned me here? And what are you talking about?...who ordered you to summon me?"

The bearded man smirked and said, "One question at a time Naruto. To answer your question…yes I was ordered to summon you. Who by the way?", he questioned himself as if he didn't know. Then he answered, "By the real Gods of course. But I may be mistaken about that. Didn't know who will be end up summoned."

He looked at Naruto and said, "That's why I asked for introduction you know. I was ordered that I must summon the strongest warrior of the Universe who can help my world. Even if he is from a different parallel world, it would suffice..so I was told"

A stunned silence passed through the duo. Then Naruto slowly said, "Well you got one part right. I'm regarded as a God in my place because of my eyes but I didn't know that I have become the strongest warrior of the Universe. This is overwhelming."

"Then I was right to summon you after all." The old man exclaimed merrily. "But…the question is why you are summoned? Isn't it the question lingering in your mind?"

Naruto nodded.

The old man's eyes again twinkled and said, "To answer your question we must go to history by means first introducing myself to you. Well let's say in my world I'm known as what called the Merlin and I was the one who first discovered the world of modern magic. Do you know what magic is?"

Naruto shook his head indicating it no. Merlin just nodded in understanding and said, "Magic is a form of energy which we magical folks use to do many things. We use magic to do our regular work, to make our lives better. There are many magic spells and tricks that are used today."

Naruto listened attentively and slowly said, "Interesting!...so magic is like chakra for using various techniques.", he nodded.

Merlin looked confused, "I don't know what this chakra is but…magic could be like that if you think so. The world I am talking about is the planet Earth located in the Solar System, in the Milky Way galaxy. Perhaps you are confused eh?", he asked.

Naruto nodded, "I don't know any planet like that actually. Where I live, people don't even want to learn such things."

Merlin shook his head sideways and whispered, "Such primitive thoughts."

He thought, 'what am I talking about? Wizarding world is even more primitive if I recall.'

He paused and said, "Ok..to simply things, I shall not mention about the planet part. I only mention about the world's name if it's alright to you."

Naruto nodded and said, "It will be much helpful."

Merlin nodded and gave a 'V' sign with his fingers indicating number two, "There are two types of people lives in Earth. One is magical and other is non magical. Magical folks are known as Wizards and Witches and non magical people are known as Muggles. It must be almost two thousand years since I left the living world"

Naruto was surprised, "So you are telling me that I'm talking to a dead man?"

"Well not dead precisely...I went to Avalon and have stayed for nearly two thousand years. You see…The magic I preached was meant to bring peace and prosperity to the world, but as time went by, the world split apart in magical and non magical people and the world is now sleeping in darkness. You see magic can also be used to cause harm and as the magical people went deeper into the art, they started to become arrogant.", Merlin paused. He again started clearing his head,

"As time went by they started believing themselves as superior beings. It was apparent that even to do small thing like lifting a heavy log or even as to cut vegetables, they used magic. The non magical people didn't like that and it was at the time when Muggles were becoming religious.

The church decided that any unnatural activities done by any people are the spawn of Satan also known as son of Lucifer creator of demons. So magic practitioners were hailed evil and the process known as the 'Witch Hunt' began. By the time nearly twenty to forty thousand wizards and witches were burnt alive in the process." He sighed sorrowfully. Even though he sympathized with Muggles, he also had a small amount of grudge against them.

He said somewhat forcefully, "And many of them were pureblood. So the magical people started alienating themselves from Muggles and after few hundred years some purebloods who held grudges against Muggles declared war against them and the era of Dark Lords began. They started believing that other people and animals don't deserve to live and wizards should not meddle with the Muggles and the few who did without consenting were hailed as Muggle-lovers or blood traitors. They even went on to prevent education to children born in Muggle parent. Though in recent studies made in the Department of Mysteries concludes that there is no such thing as Muggle-born children. There will have been a witch or wizard somewhere in the family tree."

Naruto nodded in understanding since a similar situation was also present in the ninja world once. Like Uchiha clan's superior arrogance, Hyuuga clan's caged bird seal etc. etc. He could relate to that.

Merlin shook his head and said, "Sorry I got carried away. Ok..the question is why did I summon you?..right?..", Merlin took a breath and said, "..the answer is that we need your help to create peace in the wizarding world. At present, the wizarding world is fighting a war with an evil wizard who wants to control the whole world by terrorizing everyone. But why do we need you? To answer that let me tell you a little about history."

Naruto gestured telling him to continue. Merlin started, "Ok…nearly one thousand years ago, four powerful wizards and witches established a magical school to give education to the magical children. Children born with magic can't control their prowess, so they must learn how to control it. You see the four wizards and witches were the most gifted in magical abilities after me. They were praised as the best." Merlin smiled fondly remembering them.

He then said, "Their names were Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin. Godric Gryffindor was a man known as warrior with great courage and bravery. He was the only one who learnt Muggle style fighting. Helga Hufflepuff was a witch with great nobility. In fact she was known for her loyalty and friendship. Rowena Ravenclaw was the smartest witch of her time. She was well known of her knowledge over magic and she was a great strategist. And lastly and most commonly, Salazar Slytherin was known as a cunning and ambitious man."

Merlin again took a breath and said, "The school they established is known as the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and is one of the best wizarding school in history. They created four houses to sort out the students and to include which student possessed capability of which founder the most. The houses were named after their titles as Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Brave and courageous students were sorted into Gryffindor, loyal and who values in friendship were sorted into Hufflepuff, smart and witty students were sorted into Ravenclaw and cunning and ambitious students were sorted into Slytherin house."

He sighed and then said, "Then there comes the problem of the today's wizarding world's struggle. Nearly fifty years ago, a boy named Tom Marvolo Riddle came to Hogwarts to study magic. He was named after his Muggle father Tom Riddle and his mother was a witch. Her name was Merope Gaunt and she was a pureblood witch but fell in love with the muggle. So she slipped him with a love potion and became pregnant with his child."

He cupped his finger and said, "But when the Muggle realized that she had used him, he left her behind. The woman then gave birth to a child and gave him his father's name. The witch died after that. So, Tom Marvolo Riddle grew up in a Muggle orphanage without love and comfort of his parents. He was constantly bullied and picked on by other older children of the orphanage. So he grew bitter towards anyone he met. He even took two bullies to a cave outside London and badly tortured them. Since he was the son of a witch, so he definitely had magical abilities. So when he started showing accidental magic, other people started to bully him as they thought of him as a freak."

Naruto listened attentively as the old man described. Some of the things he had not understood but thought he will ask after the old man's explanation.

Merlin smiled slightly and took a deep breath and said, "You see, that boy had special abilities. He was able to talk with snakes. People who can talk to snakes are known as Parselmouth and Salazar Slytherin was also a Parselmouth."

Naruto interrupted, "Are you telling me that he was a descendent of Salazar Slytherin?"

Merlin just smirked, "Relax young man. I was going into that. Yes I think the Gaunt family had inherited most of Slytherin's blood. You see, most pureblood families intermarry among themselves and all of them are related to one another. So I can say that all pureblood families have inherited some of all the past leaders like Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Salazar Slytherin or even me. But no pureblood family have inherited Rowena Ravenclaw's blood. Her daughter hasn't got to marry before she died at the age of 16. So, definitely Tom Marvolo Riddle was a descendent of Slytherin. But I'm sidetracking from my story. So back to the story."

Naruto nodded, "Alright".

"So, when the child came of age means 11 years old, eligible for attending Hogwarts, he was invited by the current headmaster himself. Tom Riddle was a very sharp student and cunning. He was also very smart. He quickly became one of the brightest students of Hogwarts. But his heart had darkened so much from his childhood that he started practicing darkest of arts in the known history. He hated his father for abandoning his mother and eventually that hatred turned to all Muggles. He wanted to wipe out all Muggles from the world. So when he gained knowledge that he was a descendent of Salazar, he claimed himself as the 'Heir of Slytherin' since he can talk Parseltongue."

Merlin looked at Naruto as the young man listened to his story, he saw in his eyes confusion. He thought, 'I think the Potter family may also be a descendent of Salazar. The Gaunt and Potters are both from the line of Peverell after all.'

Naruto waved his hands in front of the old man, "Hello old man!..you still there?"

Merlin realising that he became a bit lost, said apologetically, "Oh..sorry dozed off a little bit….well where was I?...oh yes..you see Salazar Slytherin had made a secret chamber inside Hogwarts known as the 'Chamber of Secrets' and it held a beast or a big snake known as Basilisk. A Basilisk is a snake which has the power to kill a person if it looks directly into the beast's eyes. The venom in a Basilisk has the power to destroy many dark objects. When Tom Riddle found the chamber he let loose the beast inside it. The beast killed a Muggle-born girl. The school staff became frightened. But Tom Riddle framed another person and the event of the chamber died out. He even received awards for that but he was the culprit behind the murder."

Naruto gritted his teeth, "So, you are telling me that boy Tom Riddle became a very big villain or something?"

Merlin sighed, "Oh..yes. I'm getting into that. Tom Riddle gained knowledge about a very dark object or magic whatever you say known as Horcrux. A Horcrux is an object in which a part of the person's soul can be hidden. A person can tear his soul by murdering innocent people in cold blood. Tom Riddle didn't fear anything. He only feared death. So he sought out methods to become immortal and stumbled upon Horcruxes."

Naruto just sighed. What is it with the villains? Why are their goals the same? Immortality? Orochimaru was a prime example of that, and now this Tom Riddle in the wizardind world. He chuckled in irony.

Merlin noticed his chuckle and asked, "What did you find so amusing young man?"

The blonde laughed out loud, "It's funny that every enemy I have faced till now, they're always obsessed with immortality. Eternal life? What a joke!"

Merlin also smirked in amusement and responded, "Ah…yes! Immortality is some kind of obsession for most people. People always fear the unknown and for a living man death is a mystery. So people fear death. Alright back to the story….well after graduating from Hogwarts he took a job in a shop in the Knockturn alley and after that disappeared from the world. Nobody knew what happened to him. But I can say that he travelled the world and learned many dark arts. He also did rituals to become magically powerful. He even tried to apply for a post in Hogwarts but he was denied. After a few years, a self proclaimed Dark Lord rose calling himself Dark 'Lord Voldemort'. But the truth is… Tom Marvolo Riddle is Lord Voldemort."

'I thought as much' Naruto thought darkly. Merlin took his wand and started writing in air the name 'Tom Marvolo Riddle' and waved his wand rearranging the letters which read 'I am Lord Voldemort'.

"So Lord Voldemort gained followers from some purebloods who were resentful towards Muggles and Muggle-borns and they called themselves as Death Eaters. They started attacking Muggles and technically speaking Muggle-born wizards and witches and people started to fear them. The Dark Lord became famous and wrecked havoc in the wizarding world for some time. In the midst of war a prophecy was made. The exact wording of the prophecy I will tell you later but it involves a boy born in the end of July who has power to destroy the Dark Lord. A Death Eater heard the first wording of the prophecy and informed the Dark Lord. Voldemort became furious and vowed to kill the child that will grow up to be his equal."

Naruto took a deep breath and realized what was coming. He knew at some point he was going to know why he was summoned. He asked, "So that is why you summoned me? To help the child so that he can defeat Voldemort?"

Merlin just smiled and said, "No..not quite yet. You see, according to the prophecy, there would have been two boys that are born in July. One is Neville Longbottom and other is Harry James Potter. But Voldemort chose to go after the Potter boy. When the boy's parents realized that Voldemort was targeting their child they quickly went into hiding. But Voldemort found them and boy's father James Potter fought bravely to protect the mother and child. But he was no match for the Dark Lord and died. The boy's mother Lily Evans Potter who was a very gifted witch begged him not to kill Harry and instead begged him to kill her. So he killed her too. But her death became a catalyst to the blood protection she had cast on Harry. So when Voldemort turned to one year old baby Harry Potter and cast the killing curse, the curse rebounded on him ejecting his soul from the body and disappeared. Harry Potter survived the curse with only a lightning-bolt like scar on his forehead. Soon the boy became famous and people referred to him as 'The-Boy-Who-Lived'."

Naruto asked slightly, "So…is the boy still a child or he has grown up."

Merlin answered, "Yes…he has grown up. He will be 15 in coming July. But before we go on, you need to learn about the boy isn't it?...well after the event, the Headmaster of Hogwarts Albus Percival Wolfric Brian Dumbledore placed Harry to his mother's sister's house who was a muggle."

'Maybe she is a squib. Studies have been made to ensure blood relations and if we were to test it, we can easily find some witches or wizards in the Evans family tree I suppose and I wonder if Evans is even the real name of the family.' He mused.

Naruto chuckled seeing the old man in thoughts again. He just waved his hand and called, "Hey..old man." Merlin roused from his thoughts and apologized sheepishly,

"Ah..sorry…where was I? Ah..yes..due to blood protection of Lily, Dumbledore thought Harry would be protected from the Dark forces if he put him to his closest blood relative since he didn't believe that Voldemort has gone. And it was true…Voldemort didn't die that night because of the Horcruxes. Harry's aunt Petunia had been married to a man named Vernon Dursley and has a son named Dudley. They are the type of people who hated anything to do with magic. They thought magic is not natural and only a freak can have that kind of freakiness as they liked to believe. So young Harry grew up hated and isolated from the Wizarding world. He was regularly starved and he had to do everything in the house from cooking to cleaning. He was not allowed any friends and his cousin Dudley constantly beat him up for fun. So when he gained invitation to Hogwarts he was very surprised as he didn't know anything about the world. Life at Hogwarts for Harry Potter was pretty eventful until last year."

Merlin paused and gave Naruto time to grasp what he was saying and then continued, "Last year, Hogwarts held a tournament named as Triwizard Tournament and Harry was forced to compete in the tournament. The tournament had three tasks required for the competitors and at the last task Harry was taken away from there to a graveyard. There Harry was forced to watch his fellow competitor die by the hand of a Death Eater. Harry was forced to witness the ritual which brought back the Dark Lord again since Voldemort decided to add Harry's blood in his veins. There Harry and Voldemort duelled and due to power of the brother wands Harry escaped from there barely. So, do you understand now what I'm saying?"

Naruto was deep in thought and his Rinnegan activated and said, "So, I need to help him to defeat Voldemort right?"

Merlin nodded and said, "Yes…that's right. Due to the poor childhood Harry experienced, he grew up weak. He doesn't even know the prophecy. So he really doesn't stand a chance to the most powerful Dark Lord who has experience of fifty years. So do you want to help the boy?"

Naruto sighed and said, "Let me think about it okay?"

He thought, 'okay..this is weird. First I ended up in a limbo…then a strange old man telling me to save another world from a very big villain…what a twist of events. Actually my life has been always like this…saving people…even when I time travelled back to the past. What new adventure awaits me for the rest of my life?' he sighed again. 'he told me he summoned me here from the orders from the higher being. So that's means I will be stuck here for some time. Not bad Naruto. Always end up in this kind of situations. Does fate really hate me this much?...what would Neji say?' he chuckled slightly. 'this might be not a bad idea either. Seeing new worlds…hardly anyone got an opportunity to travel parallel dimensions….okay sure why not?"

He looked at the older man and asked, "If I would want to agree to your proposition, how many years would it take for me to return home?"

Merlin looked thoughtful, "I don't know. Until he defeats Voldemort, you will be stuck here for some time I guess. Unless, you have a method to make him strong..quickly."

Naruto smirked, "I have many tricks to train someone quickly…that won't be a problem. Okay..I'm in. What will I have to do?"

Merlin's eyes twinkled and smiled in please, "Excellent!...okay since you hardly know anything about the Wizarding world, I'll have to teach you. Here, time has no meaning. So you can learn anything you want."

Naruto's eyes widened in glee, "Really….nice!...can I do magic?"

Merlin smiled and said, "I don't know. We need to check that and if you can do magic…then it will be much more exciting. Isn't it? What do you say?"

The blond smirked and nodded. He asked, "So how will we know that I can do magic?"

"There are many tricks to know if you can do magic or not. But I want to check something. I want to check your core so that I can know if you have the potential to do magic or not. So stay still and I will check okay."

Naruto nodded. Merlin took his long staff murmured some words which Naruto didn't understand but looked nonetheless. The Merlin waved the staff over Naruto and immediately a huge shockwave of light erupted blinding the duo. The light was so bright that the even the Sun will hide his face in embarrassment. After sometime the light subdued and they focused. Naruto noticed over his head, some letters had started to show. He didn't recognize the letters but thought nothing of it. He was sure Merlin knew what they were. He looked at the old man and his eyes widened seeing his shocked face.

He asked immediately, "What?...what is it old man…?"

Merlin couldn't believe his eyes. This is completely out of his mind. He startled from the blonde's question and looked at the young man with overwhelmed eyes.

He answered, "How…is this possible?...you boy, are amazing."

Confused Naruto asked, "What?"

Merlin still in awe and explained, "Naruto…in magical world we classify wizards in many terms. You can classify them based on power level or battle prowess or even skill. The most common classification is like this.."

He waved his staff and wrote in mid air like he did to show him the anagram of Voldemort. Naruto watched fascinated. The wordings were like this.

1. Normal witches and wizards

2. Auror Class

3. Sorcerer

4. Grand Sorcerer

5. Warlock

6. Mage

7. Archmage

8. Grand High Archmage

9. Supreme Archmage

Merlin then looked at Naruto and said, "So accordingly, the Supreme Archmage is the most powerful wizard in the world. Still this classification may not be true in some cases. For example, a wizard who is very proficient in battle magic and martial magic can be classified as a Warlock. He may not be very powerful at all. It can also be used as a title to people who got achievements in their lifetime. After all Albus Dumbledore is the current Chief Warlock of Wizengamot."

"The difference in power in the Mage, Archmage and the Grand High Archmage class is not much. But Supreme Archmage class is the one class which never been achieved by any wizard in existence. There were only two wizards in the known history who were titled as Grand High Archmage. Lord Voldemort is a Grand Sorcerer level wizard and so is Albus Dumbledore. But..you..on the other hand have power level so great that you have surpassed the limit of even a Supreme Archmage by far greater scale. You have power level many times greater than the level of the highest level and it is still growing."

Looking at the numbers that were still increasing, Merlin couldn't believe his eyes. So Gods were right. He really had summoned the strongest warrior of the Universe. With that level of power, this young man has the power to create and destroy the whole universe.

Naruto stroked his chin in deep thought. He knew that if he really had the potential to use magic, he would be far more powerful than any other wizards. But to learn that he had power level so huge stopped him in tracks. Actually it was not so surprising for him, since he knew that he really was powerful, in fact, he was the strongest ninja of the elemental nations and even for Gods standards, he was the strongest warrior of the universe. He chuckled and said to the shocked old man,

"Well at least we know that I can do magic. So..what do you say old man?"

Myrddin Emyris or Merlin shook his head and replied frowning, "Easy for you to say, but I warn you that since you have power level so huge, you can't use a normal wand and you will have some trouble to cast simpler spells. Only two wands will be compatible enough for you. Either the Elder Wand or known as the Wand of Destiny or Deathstick and the other is the Wand of Chaos. The Elder Wand is in position of Albus Dumbledore and the Chaos Wand has been lost for a millennia."

Merlin paused for a minute to think. Naruto also looked thoughtful. 'this Albus Dumbledore must be a very manipulative old man. He even possesses a wand powerful enough for me.'

Merlin's eyes lit up startling Naruto. The old man smiled brightly and said, "Well, Naruto…I think we will make a staff for you. You see, long ago, wizards didn't use wands. They were so powerful that the wands of today would not work for them. So they used staffs instead since a staff can channel more magic than a wand and it can contain multiple cores. A wand can only hold maximum of two cores. But…", Merlin sighed and said, "since you will be going to wizarding world, you need a wand and so we need to think a way to make a very powerful wand similar to the Deathstick."

Naruto nodded and asked, "Why do we need to make a wand compatible with me? Why can't I suppress my powers so that normal wands can work for me?"

Merlin smirked intelligently and answered, "That's a good question. But unfortunately, a wand chooses the wizard. The wand must choose you as its owner. Even if you suppress your powers, the wand had to be able to channel your magic from your core. Since your core is so big, a normal wand will shatter even if you try to use a 'Lumos' spell."

"Well, we will come across it when the time comes. First I need to teach you something more important."

Naruto listened very carefully and asked confused, "Something?"

Merlin answered eyes twinkling, "A language Naruto."

Naruto looked surprised, "Really? I thought I perfectly understand you."

The old man just smiled and said, "That's because you are in a limbo. Here, language has no meaning. But once you go to the mortal world, you will become confused because of the different languages."

Naruto asked surprised, "Really?"

"Yes, of course. Your language is very similar to the Japanese language if I'm right. In our world, there is country named Japan and the people there use the same language you use. But we are not discussing about that. Since you are going to Britain, you will have to learn English which is the international language. So I shall teach English language to you and even other languages if you are interested. 'Latin' and 'French'..perhaps..after all..most of the name of used spells are from 'Latin'.."

Naruto mused from the words of the old man. The blond knew that the old man standing before him was a very smart man and very interesting. Learning new tricks and powers was always his something of an obsession. He always liked to train, so why not train in some different way and in the way even if he needed to learn a different language, then so be it. He loved learning new things and so an opportunity had presented itself to him to learn a completely new type of energy. So it was something of exciting. He already knew manipulation of various types of energies, such as chakra, natural energy, dark energy etc.

He just looked at the old man who was watching him in a calculating way. Naruto gave him his trademark goofy grin and declared in determination,

"Let's do this…!"

The wizarding world is going to get a great surprise. For Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto is coming to wreck havoc.

So, what do you guys think? Interesting enough?

(Where did the kunai come from? Oops..sorry, it's a limbo, so anything can be done)

Should I continue to write the fiction or not will depend solely on your reviews guys. If the story doesn't get much reviews, I will not continue it because there are several projects I already started working. Normally I would not write a Harry Potter story, but I got an idea why not combine my Naruto and Harry Potter world and make a story? I know there are several Naruto/Harry Potter crossover fics in this site, but none of them I found interesting. So I thought of a new way.

Updating will be slow. Since I had to abandon my story of Naruto because of the constant changes, I will be concentrating on it. Even though Naruto is very powerful, he will not take any active duty for destruction of Voldemort. I'm sorry if I've given away too much information already..but I concealed some of them.

The legend of the 'Wand of Chaos'..I made that up obviously. I will give the information about that wand later in the story.

The chapter is short. This is an experiment actually. If I get high enough reviews, I will write longer chapters. So that's it

We'll meet next time.

Bye Bye